: what is adding "69/420/xX---Xx" to what you have not GOOD enough for you!?!?!?
: It does though...
you can have a korean/japanese name in their servers ofc. but in other regions, you can't choose different letters, they'll be unidentified and unaccepted by the system.
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: "the old PERFECTLY BALANCED malzahar that counters assasins and gets easily countered as well" http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/ftpuploads/bloguploads/laughing-gifs-foolish-human.gif You mean the infamous one-shot Malz? The one that kills you while you can't do anything? Or the one that got a free push machine for casting spells. Seems balanced.
Thing is, you took all malza weaknesses and just embraced the *one shot* excuse forgetting Malza didnt have his current passive which makes him the strongest supp atm . Back then, any good alistar could easily knock you back the moment you ult a carry or an assassin, and what happened to {{item:3139}} ?? why do people take this item for granted? Any adc can QSS the ult and lifesteal the hell outta his bar and melt malza.
: the problem is that riot is unwilling to do anything that would "force" a meta onto players (like forcing mages to buy mage items) which i can understand arguments both for and against but whether you agree with their decision or not, unfortunately this keeps them unable to balance the game at all really
They could at least keep few items for certain classes Why can they do it for {{item:3085}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} 3 items only but not for critical items like Lethality for example?
Rioter Comments
Styles (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shaykh al Jabal,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=pzTvkfpU,comment-id=003700000004,timestamp=2017-02-23T07:41:30.065+0000) > > Yeah, sorry Meddler but you people obviously don't know what you're doing anymore. > _**Lethality was never weak to begin with and you just used Talon as an excuse to buff them.**_ > > _**Wasn't Rengar, Kha, Jayce and all the rest AD caster doing well before the buffs? Wasn't Talon considered Weak? **_ > Do the math and figure out which of the latter feels not right. but instead of fixing Talon's issues you've decided it's more fun to break the game for couple of patches by breaking Lethality. > > and NOW you consider Talon strong? This. Instead of taking the SIMPLE route and buffing Talon directly, and slowly dialing up lethality if it wasn't enough. They decide to overbuff lethality. Does the PBE not exist to prevent drastic, complicating changes like this? What is the balance team doing? Are they not taking PBE data seriously? Seems not because they let the abomination of rework-Rengar pass somehow. I don't understand the logic they had when they decided to buff lethality when they already had OP ad casters like Jayce, Rengar, and K6 rampaging around. I legit can only come to the conclusion that they just simply play favorites sometimes. Blows my mind.
Meddler won't even reply cause he already knows whatsup. and tbh the PBE is nothing more than a showroom. All my posts about QoL Talon buffs were in vain. When people cry about Lethality , the first comes to mind to Riot is Talon and hist short ass range of his Q, narrow W that lost half of it's slow seconds (1 sec) and only applies on second return, useless E that allows you not to engage on anyone but just hope u survive with that low MS *nimble roamer my ass*, and reduced AOE damage. Then they want you to autoattack after applying all of the latter bullshit just to deal somewhat decent damage that is easily countered by shields and heals, THAT if you ever reached the carry or the *poor* mage with his perma MS buffs from their items {{item:3285}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3504}} and their janna support healing + pushing you away and 2k shielding them or being ulted by Lulu, AND let's not forget they can negate all of your damage in a single button {{item:3157}} and this so can lose you many games because of 1 teamfight then those mages trash talk about Edge of night while being ungrateful they have zhonyas.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be doing a pass on nerfs to Jayce, Talon, Rengar, Quinn, Varus once we've seen what impact the 7.4 changes (and Edge of Night hotfix) have on them. Our prediction is they'll still be too strong, hence we're testing nerfs, but it's possible we pull back on something if 7.4 hits them harder than expected.
Yeah, sorry Meddler but you people obviously don't know what you're doing anymore. Lethality was never weak to begin with and you just used Talon as an excuse to buff them. Wasn't Rengar, Kha, Jayce and all the rest AD caster doing well before the buffs? Wasn't Talon considered Weak? Do the math and figure out which of the latter feels not right. but instead of fixing Talon's issues you've decided it's more fun to break the game for couple of patches by breaking Lethality. and NOW you consider Talon strong? at least he's got counter matchups unlike other champs that still do better with Lethality and 1shot the whole team with 1 spell. You'd rather take the hard and complicated way instead of just reverting Lethality to where is was and fix some Talon issues. Send my salutes to the balance team.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=pzTvkfpU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-22T18:02:55.449+0000) > > * Talon - Nerfs to passive damage levels 1-11 and Q. Looking to reduce his power against other melee lanes especially where those effects are disproportionately powerful (much easier to access) i am surprised that you nerf talon against melees but leave a lot of champions stronger against melees like quinn for instance /shrug
Riot: *Talon feels on the weak side* -----> buffs Lethality. Every other non-assassin champ abuses Lethality ------> community rages ----> 3 Spell nerf to Talon early game and leaves the shit out of everyone else unaffected. *oh no we won't touch Gayce and Laila sin cause they're frequently played in the most boring LCS games and worlds* But when it comes to fixing Talon's clunkiness, bugs, and lack of spell coordination, Short Q range, and unnecessary disabling of his abilites while jumping, nope fuk Talon keep Gayce and mamafortune better assassins.
Velgam (NA)
: Builds have never been this various before
Only Talon and Zed have the right to make full use of that build since they're ASSASSIN's items which were reworked and created for ASSASSIN champions. I don't see any Melee assassin building Ruran's? phantom dancer? I.E? *except rengar*. So yeah, the problem here is not the items, it's the variety of classes abusing them and Riot giving more attention for ranged ADCs and casters more than the Assassins who are being blamed all the time. You see, ADCs got a safe checkpoint to get back to, but when you nerf the items what will happen to AD assassins? there you go your answer about variety.
: Many of these changes you propose are outlandish and don't fit into coding, don't fit into the game itself, "simple." Just because you're a Talon main doesn't mean you know what is best for him, or know what may be going on it development.
So I can E and flash, E and R, but it would be hard for them to allow me to E and Q is that what you're saying?
GoatPope (NA)
: > 2) Talon's E sometimes bugs and flips in backward direction. > sometimes It happens to me and results in me dying to the enemy cause of a bug I cant control. It's hard to convince people this bug even exists for some reason. It happens to me at least once a day. You are in melee range of the wall, press e with your cursor on the other side of the wall, you jump up in the air then glitch out and fall on the same side of the wall you started. And no, it's not a wall with a thickness greater than the max e jump distance. Its easiest to reproduce on turrets and inhibitors, but can happen on any normally valid wall to jump over. People try to chalk it up to user error but it's REALLY a bug issue.
I'm sure it happens mostly on any circular terrain like towers/inhibitors/ chicken camp wall.
Ibn La Ahad (EUNE)
: if only a Rioter could read this post.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shaykh al Jabal,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p5x3isj4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-16T20:02:40.295+0000) > > I'm not talking about a straight jump where you jump to your left or your right, I'm talking about a somewhat wall backflip jump. something like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnJjxtVKQxg It's probably the exact same thing still. I honestly think it would be better if Talon didn't attempt a jump at all if the route was too large to jump.
: In regards to #2, this is not a bug, but the fact that the wall you are attempting to go over is likely larger than 800 units, so you end up seeking out a shorter route upon trying. This typically defaults to you landing slightly to the left or right.
I'm not talking about a straight jump where you jump to your left or your right, I'm talking about a somewhat wall backflip jump. something like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnJjxtVKQxg
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: Talon is Currently Able to Cast R Mid-Q
Yeah I been testing Talon. and the reason why you can use R mid Q is because you can use R mid-air-anything. You can E and R mid air so you're less noticeable but m.ost people don't even do that trick and think his whole kit becomes unusable midair. But as a Talon main I don't think Talon is broken nor very strong at all, but definitely not Weak. There are many other champs that can better utilize Lethality buffs in faster combos for faster kills and laning{{champion:133}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:11}} *yea trust me Lethality Yi works* {{champion:92}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:21}} , but the problem with people is how frustrating it is to play vs Talon and how uncaughtable he can be sometimes, many never bothered to learn his kit as well but they'd rather rant to compensate for their lack of knowledge.
Frius (EUNE)
: youmu /duskblade /edge melee only. should be to not be abused
Yeah tell that to Rito chan. They talk about wanting diversity of builds and picks, but whenever something gets buffed/nerfed you see almost every class building the same items. a month ago adc > crits. now lethality, whats the purpose of assassins anymore if adcs can 1shot and assassins have a delayed burst
463 (NA)
: haha you should see me deal Zyra damage on Lulu with just auto attacks + Lethality runes.
SynGaren (NA)
: wait until you meet a full lethality {{champion:62}} who wins lane gets level 11 and proceeds to literally insta-gib your entire team with one ult.
I already know dude lol, I'm a wu main but hey , meanwhile talon "lets wait till i land my 3 spell passive then land an autoattack, THEN i can deal dmg"
9kPluzZ (NA)
: How so?
Where's his theme as a sneaky assassin who's either waiting on a higher ground watching you or *jumping*at you for the kill? Nope better give him a splash where he's nonsneakily approaching you from the ground. Genius artist
: I mean... he is a melee assassin who jumps at / on you. It seems fitting I guess. Seems to embody his 'In your face' Kill style.
*jumps* on you. Yeah it almost looks like dragonslayer pantheon. Why? Cause its the same artist. It's so bad I'm reconsidering not buying the skin anymore.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Bloodmoon Talon's Splashart
What a disappointing splash This is the result of a bored *artist*.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: boards complain endlessly about assassins like {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} assassins are nerfed. boards: you made assassins weak!!! WTF!!
The funny thing is kat and lbl are even stronger now.
HollowMimic (EUNE)
: And apply his passive faster; good idea (y)
Or just apply the slow from first activation
nep2une (NA)
: Duh? They are complete trash.
I wouldn't consider Kat or Lbl though, well at least kat, she's broken af but people will always give you the "requires skills to play her", meanwhile Talon
Xevestos (EUW)
: He isn't wrong, he realy is strong but dare u if u make a mistake. But yh, giving him some options would be super nice.
I have over 700k MP with talon, and yeah, he's garbage right now, you for sure can enjoy 1shotting any champ at lvl 3 (prebuying defensive items) but after lvl 10 you're pathetic, slow, hardly/cant reach the target and thats when bruisers/ mages can 1shot you while being tanky, and adcs crit you while getting their freelo shields from BT/support and heals.
: I already suggested this some time ago actually. It's very important for assassins to not lose options mid combo or else it risks making the player feel as if they're fighting the game and not the opposing player. W should be usable mid Q or E Q should cancel E E shouldn't cancel R
You see, Riot doesn't care about Talon, they giving us the argument of "weak lethality" thats why he's weak. assume they buffed lethality, wouldnt that buff any other AD champ that would use them? wouldnt that keep talon in the same spot compared to rengar/kha/zed for example? so i dont think any of those QoL logical fixes will ever be applied tbh.
: I would really like to be able to R and E and still be invisible... i dont see a reason why not, it would be so much easier for ganks and shit..(not that it isnt already easy though)
No it's not easy, compared to many other champs talon's MS has been reduced, and he feels like a different champ , adding to that when spotted midair any champ got time to reach, for example, vayne can E you for a stun, etc. and tbh it would be a huge buff to keep his stealth while jumping, but isnt that what assassins do in most games/shows/anime.. fight in air as well?
: Honestly Talon doesn't need a buff, in Diamond he has a super high win rate, low elo players just aren't able to pull him off.
LOL. so youre one of those who just throw lines without any proof Honestly, Urgot doesn't need a buff, in Diamon he has super high win rate. low elo players just aren't able to pull him off.
Rioter Comments
: Well they did state that they want to buff Lethality and there are official buffs for him on the PBE that are VERY likely to go live next patch. I think he'll be okay again very soon, it's not like Riot doesn't know that he's underperforming right now and it's not like they're not doing anything against it.
Lethality buff , yea , lets rebuff lethality adc (mf/lucian) in the name of talons sake. tell me, why most champs do good with the reworked item but talons doesnt? riot is just trolling the community and theyre falling for it
: Outside of his blink being changed to a leap (so he now gets fucked by {{champion:45}}), I find new Talon to be way stronger due to his passive. You have to play to his passive, that's where over 50% of his damage is. Just to give you an idea of how strong it is. {{champion:122}} 5 stack bleed = 135 (+150% bonus AD) physical damage over 5 seconds {{champion:91}} passive bleed = 160 (+200% bonus AD) physical damage over 2 seconds (can be proc'd twice over the duration of Darius' bleed after level 6) My preferred combo is WQAA > RQAA which = 320 (+400% bonus AD) passive physical damage over 4 seconds. You're welcome. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
you must be one of those. feel bad for you just bec youre giving me numbers. i wont even get started with this guy's numbers {{champion:64}} cause i know you must be bad with excuses.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=bladee0,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JZzbfkzX,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-03T09:57:20.667+0000) > > Thanks for destroying my main {{champion:91}} Sorry, I can't hear you over the rust bucket. {{champion:82}}
Rioter Comments
: Sure, and let Darius's passive stop healing
Healing vs Lifesteal, both are different. ADCs are much dependent on lifesteal for survival. Assassins are supposed to counter ADCs , but not at the current meta.
Rioter Comments
: Lol not a good idea... You could ban {{item:3031}} or {{item:3165}} and just ruin both ADC's and Mages' day. Or you could ban {{item:2049}} and make both support useless. or you could ban {{item:3157}} and then champions like Zed will reign supreme. Some champions rely heavily on items, some champions require you to build certain items against them, some items are basically role specific, etc. It is how certain champions are balanced or kept in check, if they were banned it would be pure chaos.
adcs and mages. u didnt even mention assassins. clearly there's a preference in this game for certain roles lol
: Many items are mandatory for many Champs, or are mandatory against certain Champs. Going and removing {{item:3157}} and {{item:3031}}, for example, makes it harder for Carries to have survivability or damage output. It sounds cool on paper, but it's a terrible idea. We don't, and won't, have nearly enough items to ever start this sort of thing...and if you really want it, go and make a Custom Game with "don't use this item(s)" as part of the rules.
thats the point. many champs are considered broken cause of certain items. I think its fair to counter champs with certain items. this makes the game more creative and fun tbh
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I'd ban {{item:1042}} and {{item:1052}} Just to see ADC's and mages freak out
was talking about full items rather than sub. lol
Rioter Comments
: Karma has finally come and i now laugh and laugh and laugh.
You wanna talk about the hardest Role? *Assassins* yes, a role, whether in midlane or in the jungle. you talk about support being hard when adcs are literally borken with their supports feeling free to grab many items of choice which provide tons of utility: movement speed, heavy damage shields, healing, slowing the enemy, removing crowd control, etc yeah i dont think its a hard job to perform well in a support AFTER playing more than 10 games with a certain champs. but for the assassins? lol, playing 100 and you're still out of the meta.
Rioter Comments
: You think it could help if his W return got faster as he levels?
Totally, would make his assassination faster lategame
: It tells me that Talon is fine and that you need to stop whining and asking for buffs on a champion that you're already having success on. Your Talon stats are better across the board now than they were last season. The fact that you're asking for buffs is appalling.
Lets assume I have mastered talon, and can do good with him now, what will happen to my win ratio after playing more 300 games? and when i get out of gold again and reach high plat? and what about the other talon mains who cant find success in the rework. its about a mass of opinions and experience, not just one
: Because he doesn't. The stats we have tell us that Talon has a huge learning curve and that your winrate skyrockets with experience, among the best in the game. Hell, you yourself have a 56% winrate on Talon and you're asking for buffs. Get real.
I had 56% win ratio in 320+ games last season in this season i have like 50-60 games and im barely 56% win ratio, doesnt it tell anything?
: I prefer that to autowinning every lane by clicking on the enemy, yes. Learn how to play new Talon, and you'll do a lot better. Keep playing him like old Talon and you'll suffer. Talon's passive is too strong to allow it to be reliably procced during the laning phase. That unreliability is the price you pay for how much damage that insane passive does.
someone doesnt know what the hell he's talking about. its been few months since assasssins rework, tell me, why there are many assassins proved to be viable and successful and very strong, and talon didnt? when we gonna stop with the "learning curve" argument and accept he needs buffs?
Shaydrox (EUW)
: He's weak but this won't fix him. I like his combo and ability oriented playstyle, having 1 or 2 autoattacks at most to finish off targets is great. Main issue with him is his Qs low range. He might be mobile, but there are some scenarios where you cannot use walls as much as you'd like, in those scenario's he isn't just bad: he's essentially worthless. You might as well walk away because you cannot even get to an ADC unless you try blowing your ult first (which will result in you getting solokilled by the adc as your W is too slow). His Q range just needs an extra 50, other than that he might need ratio buffs on his W/bleed lategame as his damage falls off a bit too hard lategame making him useless.
the only thing i request to change more than anything else is remove the delay on his W that would perfectly make him viable without buffing any damage onhim.
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