: Welp Im a Swain main no more.
There is no Swain. Swain retired. It looks like spaghetti code struck once again and somehow the new champion appears as Swain in game. We need to come up with a new name for him. What are your suggestions? I suggest Bob.
l MrD l (NA)
: Can we stop banning Swain? :<
There is no Swain. Swain retired. On the other hand the new champion you are talking about needs a new name... I suggest - Bob. On Topic: Yes, ppl should stop banning Bob, he is not even that strong.
: For a game like this, the originality would be inherent... examples: - AO was the last truly skill based system... it STILL has a few million followers over just that, and it's almost 20 years old. - Invention System | the Inventor classes would be able to make both unique items, and at higher tiers build machinery. - Mix of Sword/Sorcery and Tech. This is unique. - Classless leveling system... which is hard for game designers to understand is extremely popular. (Most games are cookie cutter versions of Everquest)
Classless systems are almost impossible to balance in MMO, thats why game designers avoid them.
Skelenth (EUW)
: Something Something Future VGUs
More {{champion:19}}, less {{champion:3}}. Simple.
: Honestly, Tyrant Swain (And Swain in General) makes me really hyped for Mordekaiser's VGU
"You think you do but you don't." Trust me, having your main removed from the game sucks. At first you dont realize this, blinded by all the hype and great visuals. But then, one day, when your excitation for this new/reworked champion fades away it will hit you like a truck - there is no going back. You will never be able to play your favourite pile of pixels again. The champion you loved is gone. I went through all this and it is the main reason my interest in League is almost gone now.
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CatSith (NA)
: The comics were basically just an introduction of how they released Varus from his tomb and ended up trapped within in him.
An introduction that we will be left out with for next 2-3 years.
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Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group B
Went with Aurelion in this one but we all know how this will end. There can be only one true king {{champion:44}}.
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: Knowing Bethesda, they'd sue and make Riot hand deliver each player a copy of Morrowind and still refuse to begin developing TES6
> [{quoted}](name=Overly Tilted,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Ezm9k1BA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-12T13:01:53.389+0000) > > Knowing Bethesda, they&#x27;d sue and make Riot hand deliver each player a copy of ~~Morrowind~~ Skyrim > > and ~~still refuse to begin developing TES6~~ make Skyrim playable inside of lol clinet
: Idea: small button near abilities to revert the last ability-level change you made
Use Ctrl + Q/W/E/R to level up your abilities. It should make it easier to pick right one.
: He's just so awesome :3 His whole kit is built around keeping your teammates from killing themselves PLUS he's a tank who can soak up damage and provide extra armor to squishuies so that they too can be tankier... or he can use it on an engager/tanky engager/tank to keep them in it even longer so that the other team takes longer to chunk them down! THEN when you think that that person you're protecting might die YOU PRESS R and your whole team can become invulnerable :D A good Taric ult will win games! Also, the damage and cdr provided from his passive (which you neglected) means that he can provide damage when it counts and can spam q more often in team fights. Q has an awful heal... yes BUT combined with windspeakers you're really only using it to give a sustained amount of AOE DEFENSE STATS!! I guess what I'm saying is that, he may not fit into the specific boxes but in his own little nest in-between where he has the diversity to excel in anyone if played properly :)
He can, in some magical way, keep his "worthless" and "brainless" teammates "from wood" alive??????!!!!!!!!!! He should be played in 90% od games :D.
: 2.5 seconds of complete damage immunity for your entire team, nothing else he has beyond that should be even remotely close to the best, otherwise he's overpowered le epic rework of course
Le epic indeed, ~70% of power budget packed into aoe stun and damage immunity ult that u cant even measure in any way.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Any plans for Taric? His play rate is very low even with changes to items that favor him and his gameplay is rather uninteractive (glorified stunbot).
: Could taric recieve some minor buffs
I'd love to see his Q changed into something more interesting. My idea: Upon activation of his Q he heals all allies around him (and bastion) for small amount and his next autoattack is empowered dealing his passive damage (+ small ratio) in a single blow in small area (area size scaling with armor :D). If Taric hits an enemy champion he once again heals all allies around him (and bastion). It'd make him more interesting in lane as it'd ecourage him to trade with enemy but you can still use it to heal if you have no target to hit.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
Any plans on making {{champion:44}}'s gameplay more interesting? Right now he sits on very low playrate and i think it's due to his role of a glorified stunbot. Maybe something to make his Q actually useful ability?
: Sunfire Cape now scales with 0.25 AP per tick
: Alright thanks for the input, I only started playing MMORPG's about 5 or so years ago. Are there any ones (that are still up) that you feel would provide good inspiration?
Vanilla wow was quite close with the feeling that everything, from lvl 1 to 60, was part of the game, unlike todays mmo philosophy - "true game starts at max lvl". It was harsh and rewarded exploration. You can still try it on private servers. There was a game somewhat popular in several countries of Europe and Brazil back in 2000 - 2007 called Tibia (i know, the name is strange - long story short, developers were unaware of this word meaning, they selected the name bc it souded cool to them. Germans...). Back then this game was looked down by many bc of it's ugly 2,5D graphics. But imo this game was great. Nothing was instanced, every player on server was able to meet every other player. At the beginning your map was all black and it only reviled areas as u explored them. It was possible to meet hight lvl monsters on very low lvl if were unlucky and get one shoted by them. It was even possible to lure those high lvl monsters to low lvl exp zones. Upon dying u lost your exp or even entire lvls and u dropped items from your bags and sometimes your armor or weapon, so killing other players was one way to get rich, on the other side there was bounty system to punish player killers. Big cities often got raided by mobs and only safe areas were temple and deposit. Not sure if its bad thing or good but back then there were almost no quests compared to modern mmos, it was one big grind fest but when you ecountered finally a quest it was usually long, required a group and was very rewarding. One fun fact - u were forced to "talk" with npcs. There were no menu but insted npcs reacted to key world like "hi", "trade", "sell", "bye". Here is a trailer from 2016 if someone is interested (its free). https://youtu.be/OpAaLT_PTCU
: How would you like to explore the League universe?
I would love to explore the Runetterra in a mmorpg. Big, old-style, hardcore mmorpg. Without this modern "you are the choosen one, just like 14774624 other players" bullshit. I want to see all those places and hear stories about legendary champion and maybe, just maybe, meet them in game world and fight under them. I want to explore this world as a simple adventurer, soldier of Noxus/Demacia, curious Vastaya, crafty Yordle or shady Zaunite. I want to see how it is to live in this world, how hard it is to survive on sands of Shurima, how dangerous are streets of Blightwater, how toxic is the air in lower parts of Zaun. I dont want to be another god, ascendant, aspect of Targon or Noxian general, just a simple guy free in this world to join whatever faction i want and fight/trade/spy for them. Thats it. As a side note. Champions should not be just npcs. They should be controlled by GMs and lead main events in the game. Man it souds like a lot of work. MMOs are the hardest types of games to make and are even harder to make right but when they are made right they feel soo damn good to play.
: How would you like to explore the League universe?
Damn i posted the same thing second time sry.
: If you had to rework your own main.. How would you do it?
{{champion:44}} passive is now single strike, armor ratio up, cd reduction x2, no attack speed. Q now empowers his next auto attack dealing damage based on Taric's max hp + passive damage in small aoe (area scales with armor like {{item:3025}} ). When it deals damage Taric heals all nearby allied champions. (bastioned ally also generates this aoe heal). No charges system. Heal is stronger if u hit a champion. Now you need to go in like a man you are and not stay behind your Ezreal like a little girl. Done. If tweaked correctly it shoud allow Taric to both jungle and solo top and should make his botlane laning phase more interactive bc his new q rewards you for aggressive playstyle (I hate that Riot made him just heal/shield/stun bot).
: Let's talk about Tarics rework
I mained both old Taric and the new one and reached plat last season by playing only him so let me share my thoughts. Taric's rework was nether good or bad, imo they shifted to much of his identity both lore-wise and gameplay-wise. I wont go into details about his lore here but its shame he got shoved into Targon "because yes" and left there without actual connections to anyone. As for his gameplay side, he went from unique playstyle of frontline enchanter-juggernaut with auras (slow but powerful both in lane and teamfights) to somewhat tankier Janna (shield/heal stunbot that is doing his job from afar). Riot states that he is now enchaner/warden subbclass and thats a problem - as a defensive enchanter he is much weaker than someone like Janna and as a warden he is beaten by Braum. I feel like with his rework Riot tried to create as fair kit as possible - everything is delayed and telegraphed - in game that is filled with mobility and unfair moves... It also forces Riot to balance him around his best case scenario (no matter how unlikely it is) - 5man ult, 5man stun, 5man heal - so he will never again be strong on his own. As for his new ult... I hate this spell. Yes, its powerful and can turn teamfight upside down but also takes alot of his powerbudget and often ends like "fire and pray for best result" because your own team can run away from it :D and in high elo none will waste a cooldown if Taric's ult is up. His mana costs are very high and he has **T H E W O R S T** mana regen at lvl 1 in entire game (its more that 2 times less than other enchanters). His tankyness went down and it feels like Riot left his armor scaling as a cruel joke because he cant even build enough armor with current meta support items. So yeah thats it... I guess i will still main him and pray for a better day :D.
: Taric's mana problems
He got the worst amount of mp5 at lvl 1 in entire game. His regen at lvl 1 is over 2 times weaker than that of most enchanters. He also have the best mp5 per level gain in entire game. I feel like this is due to his older than old prereworked prerework passive that rewarded him with small amount of mana for dmg dealt. You can look up numbers on lol wiki. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions%27_mana_regeneration
: Lulu has a 70% banrate
Actually Lulu is really unfun to play against wherever she emerges, be it solo lane or bot. Also currently she is really strong in duo with Kog'Maw. I dont think that she is OP stat-wise but Riot should address her oppresive playstyle.
: Why I'm feeling this is not a Tank Class update..
"We increased armor (while lowering the health for balance) on tank items so we need to recompensate for this to our ad champions. With those changes ad champions will see no difference in killing tanks and they will kill unarmoured targets and turrets even faster. Also we like to shit on mages." - Rito Gems 2017
Skorch (NA)
: REAL Supports Champions are damn strong.
I'd love to buy {{item:3109}} on {{champion:44}} but I only have one item slot left... {{item:3401}}{{item:2045}}{{item:3009}}{{item:3190}}{{item:3107}}. Riot plis gibe us warding boots with some nice movement speed (_Support Only_).
Mogarl (NA)
: A couple champions I'm dissapointed that they got no interactions from Xayah or Rakan
Im disappointed there is no Rakan's interaction for {{champion:44}}. Meh, Targon is probably more isolated than Shadow Isles if we go by connections. Correct me if Im wrong but from all its "demigods" only Taric has any connections to the rest of the Runeterra. I feel bad for him to be shoved there. Was it really that hard to come up with some badass lore for "paladin order" in Demacia? Come on, Noxus is using undeads and black magic in thier army - having somekind of a "paladin order" to fight those things would make a lot of sense.
: Legions of Morde mains? We got like two or three well known Mordekaiser mains here but that's it. But yeah, the class reworks have a pretty bad track record of actually fixing stuff. That's why they've been reducing the number of reworks, we only get THREE tank reworks this time around.
So this time they have no risk of making any of those THREE half decent by accident :).
: There has not been a single class update that fixed more problems than it created
There should be also something about "reworking" old champions into new with the same name and new balance problems. Anyway 10/10.
Almighty (EUNE)
: How to fix Lee Sin's ward hop.
> ... manage that Energy of his, just like the other Energy using champions. Like who? Management of energy is the same fairy tale as management of cooldowns for manaless champions. (except for {{champion:98}}, for him it's sad reallity) Anyway good idea.
: So basically tanks are OP, and everyone else is terrible?
Tanks damage and {{item:3068}} + {{item:3025}} combo damage is also reduced by 30%, yes they are tanky but they deal almost no damage.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I'm not playing a 90-minute match where i have to wait 25 seconds for an Ezreal E...
Ezreal's E at rank 5 with 0 cdr is 13s... 13 * 1.3 = 16.9 and he can reduce it every Q by 1.5s. At last do some math before posting.
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Hige (NA)
: This is what I mean by blue accents
Now lets do something about his derp face and he will almost look like a distant cousin of Galio. Still not Galio but at last closer.
: Guys remember when new sion was revealed ?
Those were two different groups of ppl. First group were ppl who enjoyed old Sion. For them on that day Sion was killed. Second group were ppl who never played Sion or never enjoyed playing him. They just wanted new tank champion.
: I'm getting really worried about Evelynn's Visual Update
U will get something named Evelynn. Thats it.
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: This community makes no sense at all
Quick and dirty solution - make few additional accounts and after posting something "lick your own balls" (upvote yourself few times). It should move your thread into "hot" tab so more ppl will see it. If its already "upvoted idea" they are more likely to upvote it even more or at last argue with it. Either way this little push should be enough to keep your thread active and "hot" for some time. Before you downvote me into oblivion - I dont approve this, its dirty and cheap way. It only shows how flawed current voting system is.
: To be honest I would enjoy old versions of the game more then any kind of Urf.
Vanilla LoL legacy servers? Oh wait, its not this game.
Iron Wu (NA)
: time to try this and abuse soloQ muhahaha
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 24
Maybe "Runic Bastion"? It was a name of great defensive item and it fits well. Other ideas: "Blessing of the Mountain" "Earth's Embrace" "Rune of the Guardian" "Warden's Gift"
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
Taric - I still main him but there is something not right with this rework both in terms of gameplay and lore. Gameplay-wise old Taric was the closest thing we had to juggernaut-support and this playstyle was destroyed in his rework. Also his new ult is just booring and takes ~70% of his power budget. In terms of lore he was moved to Targon and did nothig there. He have no connections to other aspects, aurelion sol or Targon's story. But the worst thing is that he talks more about stars and mountain than gems.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 16
What about off-tanks and off-meta builds? Wouldn't adding new, defensive stat enhancing, tank item(s) fix the problem? Something ilke IE or Rabbadon but for tanks. Lets say we reduce all defensive stats on items by 20%. Then there is new, starting tank item (bye bye DShield we won't miss you) that increases your base and bonus armor/mr/hp by 10%. At lvl 9+ you can upgrade it into 15% version and at 16 lvl into 25% + some passive agains damage type of your choice. Idea here is that at early lvls there would be almost no change for tanks, mid-game would be slightly weaker and in late game tanks would be stronger with some crazy defense against chosen damage type. Ofc those items would need some additonal stats + number tuning but this way you could build champion X full tank if you want. On top of that it gives easy way to buff or nerf different stages of tank gameplay. This idea also indirectly buffs resolve mastery tree bc those items would gain tones of value from specing into it.
Ralanr (NA)
: Is there anyone with ranged autos in the game mode?
Yes, {{champion:103}}. Because of reasons... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Skorch (NA)
: Can we get a battle mage?
Kind Sir you should specify that you are looking for someone whose main theme is "The Battle Mage" and not someone who just "plays" like one. It's also worth noting that "battle mage" is very loose theme, it can mean many different thing - "mage who specialise in battle magic", "mage who loves to battle", "mage who can win entire battles by himself", "mage trained for battle"... the list goes on. Probably proper theme you are looking for is "The Spellsword" - a character that combines both arcane/elemental magic, some kind of (enchanted) armor and a weapon. While characters stated by others fit into "mage/warrior" achetype none of them is "spellsword" in its core. E.g. one could say that {{champion:44}} fits into this theme - "he uses melee weapon and magic hur dur..." - but he is more of "a star/gem battle cleric" in his core (he was "a gem paladin" before his rework but now both Garen and Leona fit paladin theme better than he).
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