Kingdor (NA)
: The only other apps I have running are discord and google chrome, neither of which has presented an issue before. This is also isolated to the actual game, in all other apps, the keyboard functions as normally (even in the launcher it works normally, its just an in game issue.) I also went and disabled sticky keys (worst thing ever besides auto updates) and it still is an issue. I also ran the repair tool, and reinstalled the game again after completely factory resetting my system. Im starting to wonder if its related to a recent windows 10 update cause that is the only thing that has changed for my system in the last month which is when the issue started.
What about all the "gaming" features (game bar, game dvr etc.) in the windows settings? Have you tried disabling those?
Kingdor (NA)
: I have already tried both since they have been suggested in the other threads about this issue, sadly, none of that has worked. I really wish they would find a way to fix this that works for everyone rather than like 1/5 people.
Are you sure you don't have any apps running in the background that could be causing this? Also, does this happen in other games too? If you are running windows 10 make sure sticky keys are disabled as well.
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Kingdor (NA)
: Camera lock bug
1. Try assigning the "Space" key to "Select Self" in the settings instead of "Center Camera on Champion" 2. If that doesn't work open the Practice Tool and after the loading screen minimize the game and delete "PersistedSettings.json" along with "game.cfg". Afterwards, exit the PT and get into another custom/PT game and try assigning your custom keybindings again.
Lapis (OCE)
: Is Teemo still the cool character to hate? Or has Yuumi replaced him?
The Teemo hate is just a meme now --similar to the "better nerf Irelia" meme. He used to be broken back when he was first released as he could literally fill the entire map with shrooms. But after his rework the hate became just a meme.
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: i bought Pengu featherknight but I cannot use him in-game?
You should have gotten an egg in your HC inventory. Have you checked there?
: It's a split season rewards you can get by playing Ranked queue.
Okay, I found it. Thanks. I haven't played ranked in while - that's why I couldn't find it.
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: I dont know how to fix my game resolution. please help me
Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config" and delete "game.cfg" and "PersistedSettings.json".
: can someone explain to me
It's the border around your icon that shows up in premade lobbies and in your profile. As you climb up the ranked ladder it gets upgraded to reflect your current rank/tier.
Nelviex (NA)
: Best melee high attack speed based champ?
: Cannot Play Due to d3dx9_39.dll is missing. Tried All previous fixes posted.
Have you tried installing this version of DX9? This is the one I always use and I've never had any issues.
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Thotem (EUW)
: Philippines: Play on JP or OCE server?
Make a shortcut like this and the language will switch to English regardless of what server you are on:
: I just started playing over watch
I've had OW for almost 2 years now and I've never actually played it. Go figure. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Ieafboom (NA)
: In your opinion, who is the worst champ in the game to firstpick?
: Using Keyboard with 2 fingers
If you suffer from any disabilities that prevent from using your ring and pinky fingers normally you can get a mouse that has more buttons on the side and bind your abilities to those buttons. After that, you'll just have to get used to it. Now, if all of your fingers function perfectly you should acclimate yourself to using all 5 of them. Most players have 4 of their fingers placed on the QWER keys and their thumb on spacebar. It might be also worth investing on a cheap keyboard with protruding keys; it can help.
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: Armor Pene
Yes, If you buy both, but it's not worth it. 10% more APen + 45 AD isn't worth spending 2800 gold.
Cräfty (EUW)
: New Pantheon: Riot, why the damage immunity on his new E?
I doesn't block projectiles and it only makes him immune to damage that's coming from the direction he's facing. So, I don't think it's that strong. Definitely better than a point and click stun.
: Are there any alternate Rune Setups for Morde?
Hail of Blades and Glacial Augment are good on him as well, but they are not as strong in the late game as Conqueror.
Breant (NA)
: Is this laptop ok for LoL/TFT
Outdated hardware. For your budget these are much better alternatives:
: Change this "support" shit
The problem is not actually the damage that they deal but the fact that they can get 45% CDR with 2 items ({{item:3311}} +{{item:3285}} + Transcendence + Cosmic Insight). And as if that weren't enough, they seem to have an endless pool of mana as well. I remember back in S6 when I used to play mostly mages, I'd always go OoM after casting ~5 abilities in the early game. Now, they can just keep spamming their abilities indefinitely cause they get 600 mana from their core item and, on top of that, they also have Manaflow Band.
: But wait, can I do all different regions?
Yes, you can use any of these: > cs_CZ de_DE el_GR en_AU en_GB en_US es_AR es_ES es_MX fr_FR hu_HU it_IT ja_JP ko_KR pl_PL pt_BR ro_RO ru_RU tr_TR Beware that there was a bug that caused the game to crash when someone in the game had a team pass when you used the Japanese locale. I don't know if it was fixed. It doesn't affect TFT though.
: Ok so I did it but i didnt wrk. Idk why.
Are sure you put it in the correct textbox? It should look like this:
: > [{quoted}](name=ShirarezaruEiyuu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=OExX4grr,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-27T20:30:06.472+0000) > > Community: There's too much damage in the game right now. Everyone's getting one-shot, tank items don't seem to help much... > > Rito Games: **mOrE dAmAgE iT iS tHeN** I recall when Riot said there was too much damage in the game and it was making the game too bursty, so they buffed the towers and removed Deathfire Grasp, nerfed Gunfire spellblade (I might have said the wrong name, I'm so disinterested in league now) nerfed electrocute. Then the next season they're like we're adding damage again, added thunderlords decree buffed the item that builds out of two amplifying tomes and other shet. I miss spellvamp too man. The most op build before new summoners rift was 10 hpot start garen you'd get a 4 level advantage with his passive and 10 hpots they would be forced to back 2-3 times even though they'd buy 3-5 pots and get cloth armor etc it was disgusting. So riot removed 10 hpots and set max pots to 5, then a few seasons later removed sustain such as spellvamp, that ap tome that gave spellvamp, removed runes, and changed masteries renaming it as runes basically.
Don't forget about the vision nerfs too. Remember the old times, when you could buy as many green wards as you wanted? It seems they've been trying to clamp down on vision items for the past few seasons. I really liked Runes Reforged when they first came out. Sure, Electrocute used to do more damage and Stopwatch was also broken AF, but at least we had much better defense options. You could go with Inspiration + Resolve and have over 300 HP at the beginning of the game. Later they nerfed/removed all those defense oriented runes and replaced them with Bone Plating, which I don't like a tad bit. Oh, and let's not forget about Conqueror and how many champions it broke too.
Xamar (NA)
: Never would I have thought
Congrats! It is a great feeling, indeed. I'm pretty sure you can even reach diamond if you avoid getting tilted. I made it all the way to D4 in flex Q last month --only by queuing solo-- and I've only been playing this game for 3 seasons. I'm almost certain that you are more experienced than I am so it shouldn't be that hard.
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: getting called an inter trying to learn a champ
Just ignore them and carry on --that's my motto. I also report everyone who flames in normals. In ranked I tend to cut them some slack cause I know how tilting ranked can be sometimes, but if you flame in normals you're just an idiot and you deserve every report you get.
: Changing regions
Right-click on your League shortcut, click "Properties" and in the "Target" box add "--locale=ko_KR" (without the quotes) in the end (right after "....\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe""). You can also duplicate your shortcut and change "ko_KR" to "en_US". Every time you launch the game using that shortcut it will switch back to English.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Nice! I tried it with a razor hex. Inverted the clicks just fine for standard Windows browsing etc but it's went back to left and right keybindings when I opend leauge. Had no luck with synapse as well. Been a few months from when I tried So my info may be out of date. The default windows mouse command is what i believe won't work. So I believe it May require 3rd party programs. What program does crosshairs use and can it be downloaded? I am on a phone and wont be able to test or search till later tonight. If we can give the op. a working fix that would be dope imo.
Yeah, the "Swap mouse option" in Windows doesn't work in League. I had to create two actions: one to remap the LMB to the RMB and one to remap the RMB to the LMB. Corsair has its own software, which I don't think is compatible with off-brand mice. It's called "iCue" if you wanna look it up. Have you tried remapping your mouse buttons in Synapse by the way?
Kai Guy (NA)
: That wont work, least on windows 10. Test it in practice tool if ya don't believe me.
I just tried it on my Corsair Harpoon and it worked without any issues. I have windows 10.
Welch99 (NA)
: Any way To use left mouse instead of right mouse
What mouse do you have? If it has it's own software you should be able to change your RMB to LMB and vice versa. Check under "Actions"/"Macros".
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: Why are we limited to certain languages depending on region?
> after Riot removed the ability to change locale You can still change the language by appending " --locale=xx_XX" at the end of your LoL's shortcut target path. For instance, if you want to change your language to Korean, it should look like this: > "X:\\......\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe" --locale=ko_KR You can even create a new shortcut with a different locale for the language that you want. When you launch the client using that shortcut it will switch to that locale. Beware that there's a bug which causes the game to crash if you change your locale to "ja_JP"(Japanese) when someone in either team has a team pass. This bug affects all game modes except TFT.
: How to get korean font in-game
Custom patches don't work anymore I'm afraid. They changed it so the game evaluates all its files upon launch. If you want the Korean font you'll have to change the language to Korean. That's the only way right now.
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: I have 16 keys and no chests cause I only really play one champ.


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