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: Can we just get rid of Shen?
Shen is easy to counter. Just watch some vids.
: I mean. Its not needed so we can even remove it. It has no purpose in gameplay.
WTF. Watched the video. Yeah. Riot is officially shit for allowing that to happen.
: Remove anon pinging
I mean. Its not needed so we can even remove it. It has no purpose in gameplay.
stoyo8 (NA)
: being autofilled jungle is miserable
Jungle is fucked so even if you are experienced it doesn't matter. A better pick wins. Not a better player.
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: Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.
I wonder if Riot knows that people would play more games if the game was fun. It feels wrong playing this game. Like a waste of time.
: Fuck Jungle
Jungle should get buffed or changed but Riot is too shit to do it. The game is garbage because of that. Literally can't carry people when I start red go for blue and its already 0/4. Jungle feels worthless. Even with 20 kills its hard to carry. If I go 20 kills on mid I get a free game. Wtf is League of Legends 2019. Garbage. This game is totally garbage.
: what is wrong with the game ?
Riot is shit dude. It was like this for years. S5 is when something went horribly wrong.
: you're fucked, go play normals until the midseason patch.
I thought about this and about leaving the game for another months but I would really want to learn something about this meta. This meta seems really inconsistant for me and I want to learn something that would make it more consistant.
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1Nebula1 (NA)
They listen so much that Shaco have gotten a skin when we wanted him to be fixed :) He is in tier 5 and all his skills are useless and weird and buged. Duskblade literally does more dmg than all my skills combined. Its my best ability.
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: Opinion: "fun to play against" is the most bullshit term to ever exist
"fair to play against" is the same but I can agree on "counterplay". But actually not many champions have counterplay now. They are specifically made to not have a counterplay, that is why they have so many dashes. Normally a champion with many dashes had a skillshot that they had to hit in order to kill like Ahri, but then it changed and we have Kayn and Irelia and Akali and other champions that cannot be countered. They can only be overpowered and focused. For me its fun to play against Zed, because if he ults me there is a minigame and I have to dodge his shurikens. With Ahri I have to dodge her charm. With Swain I have to dodge his pull. But with Kayn ... I have to kill him. There is on skillshot that he has and its too fast to dodge and too easy to hit. These champions are created to sit on top of you are not even give you a chance. And if you somehow outplay Kayn then he has his ult.
: Cool... then let's also make it so that projectiles pierce through minions.
Why not? If you cannot dodge something, you are just trash like me xd Actually most projectiles go through minions anyways. Like, some projectiles with cc don't go through, but they are minority. But I think it would make this game too skill based. However, minion block is a bad idea so if they think that it is necessary, then at least make it like minion block from S4. It was barely noticible. Now you can get stuck on thin air. 2 minions can gangbang you. The thing is minions block got worse over time and should at least be fixed.
: {{champion:29}} is literally 45% winrate jungler that gets fucked by everybody in this meta. Assassins counter him, tanks counter him, mages counter him. All you have to do is not lose composure and stay calm, then you will probably win vs him. Twitch without Lulu is only good at cheesy ganks and is not even good in late game, when he should be op. Then you have Twitch with Lulu, that is quite strong, but still can be beaten if he isn't good at micro management. I can win 60+% matches on Twitch in gold elo but it is hard in plat. I can do a lot more in plat with Shaco, who is garbage atm so I think that Twitch is even worse than garbage right now. Also in jungle if I take Hecarim, Vi or any meta champion I can play better than on my otp champion, Shaco. Fuck I hate Riot games. I tried so hard to learn those champions and they fucked both of them.
Also take Jax vs Twitch. Twitch loses EVERY fight vs Jax after lvl 2. He just cannot win. If Jax is top, then Twitch literally risks by ganking him because he can get destroyed if doesn't manage to perfectly keep distance and wait out Jaxes e or q. This match-up is fucking ridiculous.
: X champion doesn't belong in Y lane
{{champion:29}} is literally 45% winrate jungler that gets fucked by everybody in this meta. Assassins counter him, tanks counter him, mages counter him. All you have to do is not lose composure and stay calm, then you will probably win vs him. Twitch without Lulu is only good at cheesy ganks and is not even good in late game, when he should be op. Then you have Twitch with Lulu, that is quite strong, but still can be beaten if he isn't good at micro management. I can win 60+% matches on Twitch in gold elo but it is hard in plat. I can do a lot more in plat with Shaco, who is garbage atm so I think that Twitch is even worse than garbage right now. Also in jungle if I take Hecarim, Vi or any meta champion I can play better than on my otp champion, Shaco. Fuck I hate Riot games. I tried so hard to learn those champions and they fucked both of them.
verxion (NA)
The real enemy is autofill. You get 3 support mains on your team then you will 100% lose. You usually get adc main on mid lane, support main on adc, mid main on top lane, top laner in jungle and jungler on support and then try to fucking win. Even if you get your lane, your team is full of random people on autofilled positions. That is why matches are of low quality. Nobody knows what they are doing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TnEbRYjw,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-17T14:54:42.870+0000) > > Remove minion block please. Nobody has ever said "I am glad that those minions blocked me" xd No, but they have said, "I am glad that those minions blocked my opponent."
Yeah xd My words when that happens: "I missed all my abilities, I am so glad that those minions blocked my opponent" xd Yes, I am garbage xxd
: They steal my farm too : / bunch of little inting trolls if you ask me
They steal farm and don't even buy items ... fricking feckers xd
: i called a minion on bot laine jerry number one i always get sad when i see jerry number one die :/
I enjoy this mass genocide game sometimes xd I the bad guy in this story because when somebody else kills them I get violent. I wanted to kill them. That is some psycho mentality xd
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TnEbRYjw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-17T14:57:24.157+0000) > > They are like cats, just assholes. Oi, they die for our sins. Don't you dare compare them to those furballs. They are more like dogs. Always loyal, but they sometimes make you trip.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Minions just don't want anyone to steal their glory.
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: Hey, Riot, the fuck can I do to win games?
Anyways, I am out of this game. Don't know if will return. Probably yes. But I won't be playing for at least 2-3 patches.
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: a lot did, this forum and the game had a lot of kayles going to jungle because they though that her laning in nonexistence and they would just perma farm until late game. qiyana might be like kayle, not in term of hard scaling but in term of simply not needing to hard win lane you can easily get some level and start roaming at some point, also 40% winrate for a new champ is perfectly fine in fact that should be the win rate of most new champ not like the new morde who is setting at some nonsense winrate atm. any way as i said, give her some time before jumping guns, i know you want her to be ap so badly but that should not make you judge everything about a champion in one day in pbe. she will need at least 1 week in live servers to show her true face. p.s : use spaces a few times please , its hard to read wall of tests. p.s 2 : she does hav ap ratio so gun blade wont be the worst item :P, oh and she is AD because we did not have an AD solo laner for a while.
We have 50 solo laners mid and 50 top. I don't think we need another one xd I use walls of texts because I became lazy. Every time I get downvoted and then it turns out that I was right so I really do not care. You are right that it is too soon to judge her but I can have my own opinion about her at least. My opinion is that atm she is better in jungle than in lane. In the future it might flip but I will play her in jungle and maybe even main her there. Obviously if I still remain a player of League (I am playing like 1 match a day, that is how much this season makes me want to die). It is just an opinion but I still don't know why people still refuse to see a valid point here. When you look at her kit, doesn't it scream "play me in jungle"? Those dashes and utility from elements are nice for ganks. Also, have you seen her clear? Its better than most tier 3 champions. With her gankability she should be at least tier 2. Also, really hard to lose 1v1 after you get duskblade. She gets strong after that item. Shit gets crazy. Damage output is like that of rengar. That is how fast you kill people on her with that item. Fun actually. Plus there is oversaturation on solo lanes, but in jungle people desperatelly search for new picks, because champion pool there is so boring. That is why she might get picked there.
: no you do need time to get where she is supposed to be in this game. a lot said kayle can only jungle and look at us now playing her only in top lane, feeling is not something to count on alone and we all should give her time to know her lane.
Who said that Kayle can only jungle? Her ganks are bad. She would never be a jungler. Qiyana is different, her kit is made for jungle, but she is suppoused to be a laner. I guess she can do both, but she is too weak for laning at the moment. She would need a hot fix or a buff later, because for now I see her only as a 40+% champ. Not as weak as Yuumi was when she came out, but Qiyana's early is just too weak for laning, her mid game too strong and late game also kinda falls off. For now that works well for jungle. While laning she should have lower winrate than 50%, around 40-41% - 43% max. In jungle that might be higher. However if she gets buffed she will probably be buffed for laning and then the story is different. If only she was AP, I would build Gunblade on her and she would be good in both laning and jungling at the same time, but for some reason she is AD xd
: shit in lane = cant really lane. besides she just got out and you already jumping the guns in a day of pbe.
Shit is lane doesn't mean that xd Crocodile doesn't mean an Aligator xd Fizz is shit in lane as well, but can oneshot anybody if hits ult, before that can be abused all the time, with poke from skills and aa. She is just the same. Can be easily abused in lane and won't be able to retaliate. Don't really need more time to say that. It is visible on first glance and you can feel it when you play her.
Velasan (NA)
: Hi! I am not for or against either side of this argument, however, I do jungle a lot! So, what I want to know are things like, what runes did you take and what was your build to make it work?
For now I tried electrocute, that thing with lethality, 2nd tier is whatever, then ravenous hunter, coz she needs sustain. Then 2nd rune choice is precision or sorcery, i took precision because I wanted more attack speed and damage, so that my clear is a little bit faster. Also, probably fleet footwork can work on her too, if u go bruser. I think she might be a good bruser if built correctly because her cooldowns are short. She is a flexible champion, so not only jng and mid, but also top and for her, but only if meta supports her in those lanes. For now she might not be viable on top, because she won't win with tanks, nor brusers, her early game is too trash. But after duskblade she can basically oneshot squishies.
: to quote a few posts you made in that thread: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tiXPlh6z,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-10T03:03:20.829+0000) > > Have you seen her abilities? How is she good in lane? Her kit is garbage for laning but if we look at her in jungle then she might be viable. > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tiXPlh6z,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-10T02:56:21.183+0000) > > They might think that she is a laner, but .... have you seen her kit? Its a jungler and a good one. She will be fun to play there. If ad, with tiamat, if ap with a jungle item. I don't think her kit is even remotelly ok for laning. And it would be good to break a stereotype of arrogant ad assassins by having an arrogant ap assassin, but whatever. > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tiXPlh6z,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-10T02:53:22.577+0000) > > She is a jungler. That is why everybody thinks that she is a junger. She cannot be a laner without waveclear and sustain, just like you said. She has mobility, damage, ranged cc. She is perfect for jungle. Also her abilities are good for ganks and for clearing jungle camps but not for killing minions. You literally said yourself all the reasons why she cannot be a laner. Even if she is pushed to be a laner, she will end up in jungle. She is literally perfect for jungle and I already have an idea for a clear path for her. so yeah, no.... thats exactly what you tried to argue. the farthest you said to her sololaning would be riot pushing her toplane as you said.
I didn't say that she isn't a laner, I argue that she is shit in lane. Everybody can destroy her in early game. Then she buys a Duskblade like every ad assassin ever and becomes a champion. In jungle she should work, if not now, then in the future. Her kit is too good to not push her towards jungle. Also she would be nice on top lane, yes, but maybe after some time, because I don't know which rune would be the best and if this meta supports her in there. On mid she might have a hard time at the start, because she is too weak. There is no match-up that she is winning. Maybe after she buys duskblade she can handle mid, but before that her poke and resistances are too low.
: i checked the thread , you argued what is her main role and said she is shit in lane and will be jungler. theres a huge different between a jungler and a can jungle champion {{champion:517}} is a solo laner who can jungle *also he is what you want, an ap jungler. {{champion:141}} is a jungler , he might be in a solo lane once in a blue moon , but his main role is jungle what you argued there about her is if she is a jungler or solo laner , not if she is able to jungle or not.
She is shit in lane but I didn't say that she isn't a laner. Just that she is shit in lane and that is true. She can get clapped in early by ... anybody. And then she buys duskblade like any other ad assassin and can play the game. Because Duckblade is apprently a champion's best ability. She not only can jungle, but will jungle. If not now, then in the future. Her kit is just too good.
: She's not a good jungler. {{item:3077}} is a good jungler. Any melee can take it and clear.
: He made a post a few days ago and actually tried to argue that she wont be a midlane.
Didn't argue that she won't be a midlane. She will. But she will also be a jungler. And a top tier. However hard to learn so I don't know how many people will pick her up. For what I saw she has a good clear and her sustain is ok with correct runes. Her ganking potential for some reason is only ok, not as strong as I thought, because her ult is hard to use fully. Also she might be a perfect snowball champion, so I might try her but I would prefer to stick to what is mine, coz it works. I can get to diamond only with one champion and I am too lazy to go for masters (and bad) xd I am wondering if with this many characters in the game she will even get enough playrate to be relevant, because people don't care about her as much as about previous champions. They actually don't want her because she is "toxic". Maybe they are right. I kinda like her, but she is too hard. Would take more than several matches to even learn basics.
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CD8 (NA)
: Anyone else find it odd that Qiyana is AD?
I was saying that too, but people here are toxic and downvoted xd
: Let me know when you get out of low elo playing it, if it is so easy. Should be funny to see your match history after the attempt, at least. > Stats like that prove nothing. Proves nobody plays it. Not even a single one-trick to give it some inflated stats. > waveclear and so on can be easily manipulated through items and runes. It cant be, to any significant degree. Also not relevant. > HAHAHAHA. Yea sure. Like runes don't exist and jungle item can't be built. Also you have smite. The other jungler can build those as well, you know. They still come out ahead in clear speed and sustain. That sort of tactic hinges on the other team having a trash jungler, which is completely luck-based and only viable in low ELO.
: Completely understandable. Many times you end up with some filled support who either didn't speak up in lobby or wasn't allowed to trade roles with anyone. But I do my best as a support. I generally perform well win or lose. And it doesn't bother me so much that the ADC doesn't do well early because I know that, given the chance, they have the potential to win the game. But I can't always get them there on my own. Because supporting a bad ADC makes me feel like I'm down half a player. But I also know that if the ADC can get a little attention from the team, some outside help, it improves the team's overall chances of winning. It's not guaranteed mind you, but it's better than nothing. I get that you big plays snowball carry mains want to take on the universe on your own. And I get that you fondly remember your big plays and that you want to recreate those experiences. But you don't have to. You don't have to place the weight of 4 others on your shoulders. Please, give your allies a chance to show you what they can do. And then, as a jungle, decide for yourself who is and is not worth your attention. You get a support/ADC who flames you and/or spam pings you. Or a bot lane who ignores you when you do show to get them ahead. Then yeah, absolutely fucking ignore them. And that goes for any lane. And if all 3 lanes are doing it. Well, that's when you just check out and mentally prepare yourself for the next one. Try and FF and, if not, go through the motions of looking like you're playing because you're on a team that wants to play the blame game and not the actual game itself and they just aren't worth the investment.
> Please, give your allies a chance to show you what they can do. And then, as a jungle, decide for yourself who is and is not worth your attention. It is not that I don't do that, its just, when I do it my winrate goes down because its not a good thing to depend on somebody's else decision making when you know that you are the better player. I can look at the situation at bot lane and if its gankable and the risk of enemy jungler meddling with things is low then I might go there and do my job. Basically, the fastest way to gain elo is by snowballing out of control by playing around yourself. If I get many kills I will win, even if my team is bad. I will not stop playing if they ping me. I don't care. If I want to carry and win matches and boost my account then I do that. And a way to do that with 80+% winrate is by taking all the kill and farm for myself. I might tax my laners even. Spawn herald before 14 min to take plates gold. I might even ks. This is how people get high winrates in any elo, because the only consistant player in a team is me. And the only consistant player in your team are you. People are too kind and think that they shouldn't steal things, while its the best way to get ahead and carry. There are also ways to boost elo with support. Unfortunatelly I don't know them. I have heard about some support players in high elo that were using some kind of strategy to get incredibly high winrates, but I wasn't interested. Also I know that its a meme at this point but when you don't care about your team feeding and you are giving 100% even if the match is 100% lost, then you will be winning more and you will sometimes enjoy it. You play your game and your team plays theirs. Don't let it bother you. If there is a way to win it, you just need to find it or keep the match long enough for enemy to throw (because they always do, even in high elo).
: when a b+ win gives you more points than a s+ defeat
Well. Maybe its because defeat doesn't give you any points xd
: Talon is played jungle so much that has.. no winrate stat for it, because nobody plays it. LoLAnalytics has.. nothing. Big surprise.
Yet you can grab him now and it will work out well. There is an AP Shaco jng main in master, while Ap Shaco in jungle is garbage. Stats like that prove nothing. Also sustain, waveclear and so on can be easily manipulated through items and runes. If her kit was bad for jungle, it would be a problem, but its great.
: > She cannot be a ~~laner~~ jungler without waveclear and sustain
HAHAHAHA. Yea sure. Like runes don't exist and jungle item can't be built. Also you have smite.
Sukishoo (NA)
: saw that coming lel. Tiamat doesn't not make an effective early game cause you have to build up to it. Shaco was made for jungle and is great at it, his boxes do most of the work if you know how to use him.
In her case even jungle item alone will be good enough. The only obstacle is sustain, which can be supported by runes.
Galiö (NA)
: So like... talon is a jungler too then right?
He was played in jungle. Yes. You can try him. He is not bad in jng. The same goes to Zed. Its not like you can't get some sustain from runes and clear with some items and still oneshot people like many champions do.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >AD champion in jungle Sorry buy she's a Solo laner. She has no way to effectively clear jungle fast enough to make her even viable there.
Yes she has. Tiamat and runes and jungle items exist. Even Anivia and Katarina can effectively clear jungle. Shaco is a jungler and his clear sucks. The same for many other champions. There is always a way to play some champion in jng and make that champion clear effectively. And her kit is almost like designed to be a jungler.
: We don't need more ap champions after the amount we just got.
We do in jng. We don't in mid and support.
: Being flamed by High Elo players because of rank.
By saying "uninstall" they basically care for your health xd That is the best advice anybody can get about this game. "Git gud" is a good motivator. It surely helped me. "You are shit" is like saying "you are a human being". It states the obvious. You are not allowed to enjoy the game because Riot made normal games as competitive as ranked. Blame them for that. Normals aren't even fun or worth playing anymore. I agree with you, they should be all about fun and doing stupid ape-like shit but in fact they are not. Riot failed at distinguishing normals as a "fun mode" and when players don't have fun, they treat normal games as a sport or a show off. OR people are just assholes. All of them. And you are playing a MOBA, so you will interact with other players. Which are people. Which are assholes.
: She is a bad jungler. The thing you say are her supposed strong points in jungle only further valuate her weakness. She relies heavily on mobility and setup and combined with ranged CC, it means she needs to get ahead FAR if she ever jungles. Bad clear means slow jungle progress which means slacking ganks. Lack of sustain means you need to back a lot which means slow clear which means slacking ganks, again. Point is, if she can't clear the jungle she's not good in it because she is going to fall behind on ganking so much you might as well AFK duel gromp for 10 minutes in. Junglers that can't clear are bad junglers. Period.
> Junglers that can't clear are bad junglers In this meta? Not before the nerfs? I mean, we literally don't even farm. And I don't think that her clear is worse than Shaco's. She will get a tiamat as well and be ok. Or maybe she will just need a jng item. Who knows. I can't see her being worse than Katarina jungle and I had perfect cs with her. Period. Also sustain ... like, many junglers don't have that and relay on jng item and runes for that. Did you just forget that runes exist?
Galiö (NA)
: They 5 times now. She is an AD solo lane assassin. That's why I was teasing with the Zed comment... who is also an AD solo lane assassin... but she is prob closer to Talon with the poke and dash mechanics.
What they say is always bullshit. Didn't you play for a long time? I did as well. They are almost never right about their champions and then they push them to the position that they want them to be in. She will be a jungler. Then they will try to push her top lane. Don't know if that will work, but they do it everytime with every champion. Just look at her Q. Its a fucking aoe. Her E can get her through walls to another camp. Her w can be utilized better in jungle. Her R is generic but still useful for ganks. Her ganks are easy to pull off. The only thing to watch for is her clear, which can be polished. I mean, i can pull off Katarina jungle, so why not her. I can win with Anivia jng in platinum, first try. Qiyana's abilities look so fun for jungle, that I can't even see her not being there.
: {{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:23}} all kinda get away with that tbh.
Not with going ap and ad at the same time. Well, maybe a bit, but not as a viable option.
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