: Depends what you're playing, generally you should look to place wards at objectives and clear wards with your jungler Encourage your team to not all gather mid, which happens a lot. "Please don't all soak xp mid" even go to a sidelane alone and collect waves yourself. If your team gets caught as 4 playing aram... they deserve to lose tbh
I hear you,and I would do those if only they worked like that. I'm in low elo so no the jungler won't come clear wards with me and also if I play soraka or say annie/sona support how will I farm waves all by myself without becoming a target? Not to mention these champions' wave clear is bad. I don't mean to oppose you but I feel like these champions are better off doing something else than farming alone.
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: Advice to indecisive champion chooser?
I do that too,not everyone has to be a main of something. Keep rotating if you find that champion stale after a few games. In the end,if you don't have fun then why do you play this in the first place? So just keep doing what you're doing.

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