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Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
Every time you get 3 or more honors from your teammates the whole lobby can see this little "leaf" popping up next to your name. I thought of a cool way that remindes the old system - We could see the numbers of honors (Teamwork - 257, Friendly - 136 and so on). Maybe a nice way to move on with this is having a little sapling on your profile and every time you get that leaf in the end of screen game- a leaf will be added to your sapling. This way is also a solution for all those who ask to see how many honors a player got. Basically the bigger your tree is, the more honorable you are! Overall the honor system looks wonderful guys and my greatest hopes are that the community will be nicer to each other, great job guys! Would love to hear a reply about my idea :3

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