: You hate people who complain on the boards, then you go onto the boards to complain about people complaining on the boards....hmm...
Please don't strawman my argument, I never said I hated people complaining, I even welcomed criticism because it's an integral part of any evolving medium of entertainment. I've specified that my issue here is people never being content with any changes that come this game's way, and expressing their vitriol over the most trivial things ad nauseum.
: Tbh, aatrox rework is the only rework I have had a problem with
He's been held and captivity and watched his race be slain, he's a fiery god of war and destruction. You may understandably prefer his older voice in general, but it did not at all fit his character.
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Chermorg (NA)
: This is why I despise the surrender vote. Players who want to finish a completely winnable game are forced to quit because some people can't follow the "Never Give Up" part of the Summoner's Code.
The surrender vote is understandable in a game like league, because of how long games could potentially last. In a game like Heroes of the Storm, for instance, I strongly believe there should never be a surrender vote, because the longest game you'd ever play is around 25 minutes, and the game has so many integrated come back mechanics that its a miracle if there isn't at least one lead swing in a game. Concerning the bit about giving up, however, I don't think that's referring to surrender votes as much as it is to people who get fed up with the game and start to active afk or int or spam ff.
: Pyke's ult is actually the dumbest thing ever
Leave it to the lol community to complain about how OP something is before it even comes out.
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Coopa123 (EUW)
: > out of no volition of my own It's your responsibility no matter what
> [{quoted}](name=Coopa123,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dVxWsJ9e,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-16T15:56:43.732+0000) > > It's your responsibility no matter what Of course, it is, I never denied that hence why I didn't ask for a revert, just wanted to clarify that I didn't get leaver buster out of ragequitting or something of the like.
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: Can we all just agree on that Yasuo's kit is extremely toxic and the most unfun to play against?
Yes, he's incredibly oppressive and unfun to play against, here's how I deal with him (In top lane at least): 1-Pick Vi top 2-Hit your e through minions to pop his passive shield 3- Don't miss your q, should be easy if you're half decent. 4-Win.
: still live, might be an option you have in your menu to turn it off. like for the star guardian event to remove the announcer. However if i am a betting man, and i am, I think they will remove it, next patch or the patch after, cause they don't want to set a precedent, resulting in a lot of stuff needed to be kept in game. Like letting people have star guardian still on if they want.
: I dig the new announcer
: New announcer is terribad
iiRebs (NA)
: I love the new Phreak announcer pack... Will this stay in the game? If not, is there some way it can
Dont know why people are downvoting you, I absolutely hope they let us keep it somehow.
: Phreak's voice is making it hard for me to tilt when my aillies dies
: Rengar is Overly tuned for low elo
That applies to way more than Rengar though, any burst assassin with stealth has the same issue in low elo, you cant expect all of them to be changed because people dont want to learn how to play against them.
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: I dont think the person is talking about banning the item altogether.. I believe they meant that the ability would basically remove the items stats from the champ for however long the ult lasts. Like if a champ has a IE..then for 10 seconds all the stats the champ got from IE is removed from their damage. I dont think it should exist but at least thats what I think they mean.
Well then thats just a terrible Ult then its basically a stat remover for a few seconds rather than having any actual gameplay altering affect.
: Remove this Yasuo ult turret safety ffs
They could nerf/buff him in which to make his ult tp him behind the target, that way he's always in turret range if they are, and is more easily caught out in team fights, but it increases his 1v1 chase potential and blocks out escape routes, sounds good to me.
: Anyone else very satisfied with autofill?
I have no issue with being auto-filled, I hate playing support but it happens so infrequently that I really don't mind a game or 2 over the course of 20. my concern comes up when people get auto-filled, have no clue how to play support, and end up feeding the enemy adc, which ruins YOUR game despite auto-fill not touching you.
Poske (EUNE)
: Can we have an ability which bans items from enemy champions?
Having a champ who's kit is designed to remove from the game rather than add to it is plain bad design, plus its absolutely broken as a concept. Enemy Jinx? Ban Runaan's, Win game. Terrible Idea imo.
GodCarry (NA)
: Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket
This is honestly disgusting, a victim of constant harrasment defending themselves is NOT an offense. Its also hilarious how the comments criticizing you are ignoring all forms of context and justifying their ridiculous arguments off single phrases. Yes you were on thin ice, but that doesnt mean not taking shit from others while keeping your cool is something deserving of ANY punishment, regardless of previous ones. You are the first person Ive seen complain about a perma ban that I feel has been wrongfully convicted, bless you man, wish I was able to actually help.
Chermorg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GodCarry,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=T7Hz2AEc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-13T00:19:19.539+0000) > > I'll continue to debunk this again and again since you and a minority in this community continue to assume things you don't know to be true (hence the majority's cries for context in our chat logs). > > I told my support "youre a moron // for trash talking someone // for wanting to focus on the game // and for having a bad game // youre just toxic,." because this player was harassing me while I was trying my best to win the game. Don't pretend for one second that I was flaming this person. You called them a moron. It doesn't matter **why** you did it. You insulted them. > I asked the enemy top "you delusional?" because he was repeatedly calling me a flamer when I had barely said anything in all chat and certainly had not been toxic in all chat. You, again, were being insulting. > My team was harassing me for 30 minutes, they were toxic, and yes I pointed that out to them so they would realize their behavior. It doesn't matter. You can mute them and report them. You cannot harass/insult them back. I'll admit that you didn't give up the entire game. However, the behavior you exhibited is indicative of a negative "giving up" attitude. > My game behavior was perfectly acceptable. My chat behavior was as positive as it could be in a toxic game environment, and certainly not negative. I did not say my behavior was any of the above, I simply said that those things are now considered punishable and negative, which they are under the support team's guidebook for justifying bans. Your game behavior is not what's in question here. Your chat behavior was not acceptable. If you were in a toxic environment, you can mute and move on. You are expected to control yourself and not insult and harass others. > Get off your high horse and stop trying to find hidden meaning in the things I've said. I've been straight forward in explaining myself multiple times, but these things should not need explaining. You can read the chat logs from an unbiased perspective and you will understand it exactly the way I'm explaining it. I am reading it from an unbiased perspective. I have never played a game with you that I can remember. I have no real "horse in the race" so to speak. I couldn't care less whether *you as a person* are banned or not. I do, however, care that you were given **repeated** warnings this behavior is not okay, and you chose to continue furthering negativity for others in your games. To end, I am going to warn you that you are not going to be unbanned just because you keep making posts and getting a large number of views/votes through what has a slight air of impropriety about it. I am not saying you are necessarily doing anything wrong, but keep in mind that votes/views are not going to get you unbanned, and "false votes" from friends/alternate accounts aren't going to get you unbanned either.
You heard that folks, to hell with context!
: Anyone 'good' enough to help a totally random person out like this would also correctly identify him as an arrogant asshole that got justly wrecked. That leaves alt, friend, or shill. I would defend a cause like this, except he even gives proof of his own repeated and highly toxic behavior. Not a smart or nice person, and not someone who needs defence.
You are honestly being idiotic, just because people dont agree with your messed up conclusions you assume theyre bots? How low can you get.
: Why am I rerolling skin shards into skins for champions I don't own?
: You're saying Mundo doesn't have counterplay? You're hilarious
Other than the grievous wounds bit that I've already refuted, what late game counterplay would you advise for Mundo then?
: Good. His ult now works as intended, to actually heal him. Can't believe we're talking about Mundo as if he needs a nerf.
I love how vehemently you're willing to defend a champ that clearly has issues. Yes, the point of his ult is healing him, it has always healed him, just because that's what it's intended to do doesn't mean there shouldn't be limitations on its power level. The point of zed's ult is to delete squishies, so should we now eliminate all counterplay options against it and have carried stunned for 3 seconds and zed immune while its active? Counterplay must ALWAYS be a factor, and what counterplay existed against Mundo is now negated as grievious wounds just makes the healing equal to how much it used to be pre-nerf, which is still a massive amount. Mundo doesn't need a nerf, he needs a full-blown rework, he does nothing to be a tank other than having stats. All he's good for is diving carries and permaslowing them while the enemy team is stuck poking him. A tank needs to have cc, displacement, on occasions even utility, a character that has none of those things and is just a ball of stats with a slow that has essentially zero late game counterplay is no longer a justified play model in league.
Trame (EUW)
: Can we get an option to remove/hide a mastery?
I mean, why not right? It's not like mastery points are a reliable measure of skill, and so long as they can be viewed through third party websites that present peoples elo/match history/ yadda I don't see a change like this being a problem.
Risen29 (NA)
: Orrn's unstoppable nerf was so unnecessary
He's still fun af, and I love the guy but it did detract quite a bit from the fantasy of his kit, hope they consider re-adding it in the next patch cycle if enough players ask for it.
GodCarry (NA)
: I truly believe I was wrongfully banned. Please tell me what you think.
It's saddening really, all you did was stand up for yourself and kept your cool throughout, even with a 14-day ban prior it's really unfair that "the slightest offense" includes you trying to deflect unjustified flame and using a completely innocent insult and a level-headed argument to do so. Riot should revert this and should look further into what actually warrants punishment as I'm assuming the people you played with got off Scott free.
: {{item:3033}} {{item:3033}}
what's sad is that if you apply grievous wounds to him now he heals as much as his old ult, which is pretty ridiculous, there's no longer a clear way to deal with the guy without just killing the rest of his team first and slowly tickling him to death with five people while hoping to god he doesn't kill your carry before he finally keels over, he badly needs a rework now more than ever.
Vacus (NA)
: Garrosh was a whiny little shit who got mad when he couldn't cry his way into victory in combat. Calling him the true warchief is an insult to everyone else who has ever deserved that role, including Blackhand and Doomhammer.
> [{quoted}](name=Vacus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Hv31ZNsM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-10T21:57:58.706+0000) > > Garrosh was a whiny little shit who got mad when he couldn't cry his way into victory in combat. > > Calling him the true warchief is an insult to everyone else who has ever deserved that role, including Blackhand and Doomhammer. I personally agree but its still contentious, thats besides the point though, he was indeed a brutal fighter and his role as a utility tank did not do the fantasy of playing him justice.
: There is a leak stating that he is supposed to be an assassin in the support role, building lethality and dealing alot of damage. His ult is an execute with great damage (think Darius ult), if he scores a kill that way then he doubles the gold reward and then equally shares the gold with everyone who assisted in the kill. So maybe it isn't that he relies on his carry, but he kills himself and then shares the gold with his carry, meaning that _he_ does the dirty work and feeding his add that way.
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Hv31ZNsM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-10T21:45:00.557+0000) > > There is a leak stating that he is supposed to be an assassin in the support role, building lethality and dealing alot of damage. > > His ult is an execute with great damage (think Darius ult), if he scores a kill that way then he doubles the gold reward and then equally shares the gold with everyone who assisted in the kill. > > So maybe it isn't that he relies on his carry, but he kills himself and then shares the gold with his carry, meaning that _he_ does the dirty work and feeding his add that way. That sounds like a fantastic idea, very unique too, hope they implement it in that manner.
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Chermorg (NA)
: AFKs are punished by LeaverBuster and only in *very* rare cases of perpetual and repetitive AFK behaviors can it result in a ban. For most cases, the player is punished for the time they wasted of their team by being placed in a Low Priority Queue. The LeaverBuster system does not send notification *ever* when a player is punished for AFK. The notification is sent only for cases of toxicity or trolling that are punished by the various parts of the Instant Feedback System.
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: Don't ping me for taking smite mid.
: Remove Challenging Smite and Chilling Smite
Most of the junglers mid potential is based off smite alterations so try not to make such absent-minded statements as to removing them entirely, gutting junglers in the process, anyway the reason its balanced is: It consumes an entire item slot Its only really that good in early-mid to mid game A jungler choosing to use this on a champion means that their ability to secure monster objectives is on cd it neither has the slow of exhaust and only "ignites" if the person is actively attacking you, making it effectively melee range. Why are you asking for a staple to be removed because you dun goofed and decided it'd be a good idea to duel a fighter that had it in mid game?
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Ðestrø (NA)
: Junglers Should Disconnect
I've mained jungle for a while now, and you're absolutely right in it being an abusive relationship. It is so easy to blame a jungler for anything. Got ganked? Jungler wasn't here. Lost a duel in lane? Jungle wasn't here. Lost lane in general? Jungle only ganked me twice instead of twenty times. Just 2 games ago I went 13/2 with Vi and I still managed to get a torrent of abuse from a 1/8 singed who promptly decided it was my fault he's losing to a Jayce 3 levels above him that he's trying to solo engage on. I can't bring myself to d/c personally but often times there's so little else a jungle can do to not feel like shit eating cc bot serving horrendous halfwits after a game. I empathize.
: Can we have Kindred make a come back
shes v balanced rn, she's not reliant on stacks at all, that just to get carry status, and an intelligent kindred will know how to use stack marking to go where the enemy jungler currently isn't. She's sitting at 50% win rate right now and any buffs I feel will just cause people to cry out for nerfs once she gets annoyingly strong again.
: [Kindred] Make epic monsters ALWAYS give a passive stack
Even as someone who hates dealing with kindreds marks, that's not a bad idea.
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: Give a free skin when you reach mastery lvl 7
A good pro-consumer idea imo, and I doubt itll single handedly empty Riots coffers, my issue with it though that its a "random" skin. So if I dumped just as much time and BE into getting rank 7 as the next guy, and he gets DJ Sona while I get Woad Ashe, that feels a bit unfair.
: ***
"Adjust an ability because people are stupid, instead of expecting them to learn"
: ***
How are they in a terrible state? Pretty balanced atm with a 50%+ win rate according to Champion.gg
: Can we revert Kindred back to their original kit?
Honestly, I feel like I like this change, she no longer feels dependant on her stacks to be relevant, they're just a bonus, and as a structure, her kit isn't all that different from the old one. She passed through a phase where she was terrible, but, while she's not in meta now, she's (they're?) sitting at a solid 50+% win rate atm.
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