: So about Eve...
Exactly the same as I feel about Eve.I horribly miss the old times when I could play as a tanky dps and have more fun than current "press 2 buttons and get a kill".
: RP not being added to my account after completed purchase
Seems to be alright now.Tried to buy some and got them added straight away.
: RP not being added to my account after completed purchase
By the way, should've mentioned that purchase history within the client doesn't show that I've bought RP, but tbh I can't remember if it should do that in the 1st place.
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: Who else is excited to play Leagues Auto Chess?
I laughed at it at 1st, now I'm really looking forward to it.I find both Dota AC and mobile version really fun,
: >She really deserves same level of gutting as {{champion:28}} in Season 2, and I will never change my mind until it happens. Hold on. Lux isn't a hard to balance champ you just need a couple of number nerfs on her and she'll be fine Yes she needs to be nerfed but dont overreact jesus
Well you're right.Maybe I'm just way too upset about her rn :D
: > [{quoted}](name=superacakey,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TZ1aJaiL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-12T15:41:50.310+0000) > > "Bitching about Lux post #203957", but I really want to throw my thoughts about this from my head. > > > (unless we are talking about , Rest in Peace, you didin't deserve getting gutted that badly) ? she deserved every single nerf haha
While true, damage on her was massive and shroud was just pure bs, it's the amount of time it took to learn her (kinda like Riven does, despite everything is being said about her now) that made it undeserved for Akali to hit rock bottom.
: As well as Q and R's hitboxes not matching their visual indicators at all, especially with certain skins (*cough*Steel Legion *cough*).
Honestly, I feel like (or maybe it's just in my head) it's like that on all of them.Skins with new effects just make it even worse.
Terozu (NA)
: Werent you one of the people who insulted me when I called for lux nerfs like 2 months ago?
Nope, and I would never do that.You see, I probably hate her as much as you do :D
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Myrlian (NA)
: Ranked ARAM (How to make it work.)
Would be interesting.But I believe it wouldn't really work just like ranked Dominion (R.I.P) that Riot wanted to make at some point.
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