Salron88 (EUW)
: does heimerdinger have any weakneses that melee champs can abuse toplane?
Its mostly just focusing down the turrets. If you early focus on taking out his turrets, he will run out of charges for them, and he is limited by level and skill how fast they recharge, that is mostly all there is for early game. Late game you just have to dodge or flash his stun. If he ults super tower, move out, possibly to prevent him escape after the duration ends.
Vezeuse (NA)
: > So apparently the only game mode that it is ok NOT to troll in is ranked. So who's going to break it to him?
: So fiora's pick rate DOUBLED this patch...
> She is supposed to be a difficult champion to play.... Since when?
CurS1VE (NA)
: Can we have a "I'm Drunk Queue/Option"?
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Why you should always build GA and Lifesteal on an ADC
GA to me is relatively useless in soloq, very situational, I would recomend {{item:3143}} instead, or {{item:3157}} when you really need that extra not being oneshoted protection, i would take either of those over GA. Or something i have been doing often lately is {{item:3047}} /{{item:3111}} +{{item:3071}} , it works quite nice, as mostly you are always missing a bit of health, rather than more resists, and cleaver gives good utility for kiting aswell, works great in specific matchups. Other than that {{item:3072}} +{{item:3046}} works really nice too when you are covered.
Ranked aram would be awesome, but it should still be RNG champs, that is what makes aram great in the first place, you remove the RNG, then you just have regular run it down mid games, that is often played in rift anyways.
: I mean, let’s be real here. Assassins have three lethality items that they always build every game just like ad carries. They don’t even get the luxury of being able to stack the same item like ad carries do with infinity edge. Are you seriously telling me we should be able to have a 4 item full ad max crit build? I mean I personally would be delighted, but you can’t seriously tell me that you think that that could even be remotely balanced. I do, however, agree on the magic resist front. The reason there is no armor item tooled to assassins is the same reason there isn’t a magic resist item tooled to burst mages. Burst damage is already countered by flat health and resists. Adding more of a counter would make them useless.
: Problem is, if ADCs get too much protection from Assassins, then only mages will be able to deal with them.
Saying that mages and assasins are only ways to deal with adc is not really how it works. Half the bruisers nowadays can almost solo carry games when fed. Not to mention yasuo windwall etc... And hard cc pretty much counter anything squishy, lots of champions can counter adcs. Also vs assasin item for adcs would be a trade off. Just like buying ninja + randuin or whatever is a tradeoff, you buy defense but have less damage, its simple as that, something that is not required in games where you have say lulu support, then if there is lot of assasins you only need ninjas at best. And especially in games there is 3 assasins each side running around the map, and my pyke support is completely absent since minute 10, there is nothing for me to do, as even a slightly fed assasin, i would be out of position sitting under my turret, and late in such matchups is the same, since i have nobody caring to protect me, or to group up in way to protect me, since assasins always wants to take picks instead of group, and i cant really itemize. Its simple as that. I just want items when i have idiot team comp so i can atleast do something rather than afk.
: More Options for +AD/Crit Items, and Health/MR/Armor
I agree, itemization vs assasins on adcs is a joke, there isnt even champion picks bot to counter assasins, that is not on adcs, except maybe kaisa, but her being so broken, they will probably nerf her soon, and if I pick something weird offmeta bot that would maybe help when i see 3 assasins locked, everyone just flames me entire game instead of playing, god forbid you pick anything botlane that isnt jinx or kaisa nowadays, your support will take cs, and its instant x10 report cause u also have to report yourself. And the worst part is when you get a support like brand/pyke that cant protect you from assasins, as soon as one of those enemy assasins are fed, you might aswell go afk, unless your team has harder carries. Its almost a joke how little there is to actually even be able to itemize against them, and like always in league, every other game there is 2-3 assasins often on both teams, and often your team doesnt know what to do globally to win, and i cant really do much about it either since people cant listen to pings god forbid or how to play early vs assasins, because feeding them is ussally the tactic they go for, and then flame the 0 dmg adc for losing the game. I went a bit offtopic here :) but yeah, one thing that would definitely separate yi/yasou buffs is to make ranged only items, if there is melee only items, there is no reason why there shouldnt be ranged only.
: > [{quoted}](name=SmashinBob,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WThKAHEt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-18T22:43:08.351+0000) > > I would rather say other adcs needs buffs, there is barely any playable adcs atm. Caitlyn, xayah, Kai'sa, vayne, draven and jhin They are all playable and you can find success with them. Adcs are fine the meta isn't heavy poke, bruisers and assassins of course adcs aren't that strong. It's that jinx or vayne or Kai'sa have godlike late game but their early game isn't weak enough.
That is barely a lineup compared to other roles, also draven u have to be otp, jhin no, the only adc that is actually overpowered would be kaisa imo. Also I mained jinx last season and season before that, she is absolutely the same, there was 0 buffs on her the last 2 years. To be honest the only reason she is meta is because they didnt gut her like the rest and she fits fine in current meta, where she can clear up squishies and stay out of range of bruisers, since tanks and control mages are obsolete, there isnt much except all those assasin picks every game to worry about.
: No wonder new players have such a terrible experience [Flaws in Matchmaking]
Well silver is not really bad place for new players, or gold either if they had prior experience with other mobas.
: Isn't jinx out of line?
I would rather say other adcs needs buffs, there is barely any playable adcs atm.
: Wukong is trash
Dont see wukong very often, but when i do in soloQ he ussually does quite well, I am not sure that he needs buffs, i think there is just more popular and broken champs atm.
: RNG number generators and game modes?
I would absolutely love aram ranked!
Bevdog101 (OCE)
: Hard ADC's to play. I want to challenge myself
: > [{quoted}](name=concert clown,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NcyYFg5E,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-09-15T14:55:30.567+0000) > > Sure, I want to know. Name another support that can do that. {{champion:497}}, basically every single tank support,{{champion:37}} .
Its not just the healing or his death, its the fact he heals back to almost full health and has unparallel disengage on top of that. I mean I know when fighting him in lane, he is never low health at any point in the lane(atleast a good pyke isnt), every time he fcks up, he goes invis and heals up to full health. Rakan is engage/disengage cc, but he is not a oneshot assasin on top of that, nor is he very tanky, and he cant really heal his whole health bar in 2 seconds, or even close to that. Sona is not even comparable to pyke, they literally dont share anything in common. I dont see how would you compare either of them to pyke who is cc/tank/one shot assasin(if ahead)/has reset on kill/heals/+bonus gold to team/hook. I can fully understand why people are upset with the champ, you are apparently the only one that doesnt see it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sky Cardis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NPBwhwEB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-15T16:07:34.225+0000) > > Support and Jungle get blamed the most (unsure which is more), then ADC, then top, then Mid. > > I tend to just ignore them. imo Support has to make enormous macro mistakes to deserve the blame, when its usually ADC being bad at their role. Im talking Yuumi not managing mana or curving her Qs, not detaching, not auto attacking Sorakas autoing minions 24/7 Drafting Ashe etc. Borderline inting/trolling levels of bad plays
nah man, you can get autofill supps that will throw the lane, adc will still be blamed.
Juice (EUNE)
: Tanks require zero skill and are against the basic fundamentals of the game. You can go 0-5 and still be useful, making all the work your enemy did negligible since you will be relevant no matter what. Do not expect to carry with tanks, as they are low risk low reward type of playstyle and that's what they are right now. Plenty of tanks have healthy and good win rates. Tanks are boring to play and play against for 99% of the community.
Just because you can tank a lot does not mean it requires no skill to play. You are the kind of person who will say adcs just right click. And assasins just roll face over keyboard.
datfatguy (OCE)
: I just feel like Zed doesn't take a lot of skill to play anymore
Well it takes a while and its hard to learn zed, but just like any champion, its not really that hard to play when you learn and main him. I hate when people include skill level of champion as something important, after xxx no of games most mains can easily play with no brain involved. A simple counter example is annie, easy champion, but not played because requires very little "skill level" so nerfed into the ground and past silver you will never see her picked, makes no sense, the amount of time required to learn a champion shouldnt reflect its strenghts/weakness imo.
: Autofill is ruining the game and skewing win rate stats
I feel like most games are lost due to autofills/afk/1st time playing champ in ranked/hard troll or randomly tilted player starting flame wars instead of playing, rather than anything else like player skill level, esspecially when you are not a solo carry champion/role, u can pretty much do nothing. Also the new autofill select, sometimes bumps mains out of their position, because people dont select secondary as whatever so they steal main role of someone creating 2 autofills for no reason. You might aswell fill whatever instead of forcing double autofill, that is what bothers me tbh.
Glîtchy (NA)
: What champ makes you salty like no other and why?
: A polite question for the balance team.
Tbh i dont know why yuumi is so good, i almost never lose a lane vs yuumi, and i hate having her as suppport. And I see rarely some yuumis actually playing around her passive, but most of them just never actually even bother to exit and autoattack, even in early all ins, they just sit inside of you and then flame you for dying afterwards. Tbh if she gets nerfed to unplayable i would love it.
: Dear Riot. Please, don't kill Sylas
> Sylas is one of the most fun champions you've ever released That is mostly because he was broken as fck as all new champs are, not so much fun when they remove the learning wheels, deal with it.
: Kai can either be an early game assassin or a late game hypercarry, not both
She is quite strong both early and late, true. But hey just get on the train and play the broken champs, as everyone does anyway.
: Why Are People In Ranked So Toxic?
Ranked is literally a flame fest every game. That will never change.
: Why are some people still acting like assassins are OK right now?
high skillcaped champions, that made me laugh, so you are saying other roles require no skill? There are some simple assasins to play out there, on top of that, champions arent hard to play when u invest a 100 games into them, its mostly just the learning curve that is hard.
: Riot might as well just delete them from the game, they have no purpose anymore... * Do they prevent you from getting tower dived? (X) * Do they deal any damage? (X) * Do they die within 7 minute mark? (✓) * Do they only steal your minion gold? (✓) xd
Towers reported, x10.
: thanks for rageblade true damage vayne
Vayne really isnt even that strong mate.
Solargeo (NA)
: My Thoughts on the Meta.
True damage maybe needs a bit of nerf, but its not the problem, just the overall damage is, literally half the games are just assasin in every role.
Eedat (NA)
: legit 46% winrate and was nerfed yesterday lul
Global winrate as a statistic barely means anything, you should really check out the winrate of actual main fizz players.
Purgë (EUW)
: so IE now costs 3200 while other zeal items reveted while keeping the adc buffs? ha
Not sure what world are you living in but crit adcs are in the crapper for a while now.
Nhifu (NA)
: Possible fix for players going past 10 deaths, or reported for feeding
Going past 10 deaths is not really preventable by watching replays, sometimes you get cheesed early or whatever and then just get snowballed, its the way the game works at times. I mean look at big streamer names out there in challenger or dia they go 0-10 as anyone else.
: I honestly wish Mobi boots didn't exist, they're such a noob trap item
Noob trap? Mobi boots are op for roaming, junglers and supports.
: Yi 48% win rate 37% ban rate
You shouldnt really look at a global winrate, yi is a very popular champion to pick. If you want to actually know a champion winrate go check its main players, not global winrate because a lot of people will jump onto broken champions even if they dont know how to play him properly: For instace this guy with 79% winrate in challenger or this guy with 73% winrate And thats why u have the ban rate
: I mean, GA is an AD/Armor item now. It even gives you a revive.
GA is useless really, too long cd on passive and you cant decide when to use, its not even comparable to zhonya. I never buy on adc, sometimes I pick up on some assasins/fighters, but otherwise its pretty bad.
: your only f**king marksman buff is toward varus
I liked varus before where he could build burst and poke with Q, now not so much. Its sad ezreal is only poke option for adcs.
: Not really. Just taking 5% crit off all zeal items and slightly lowering the cost would help a lot. You dont feel like shit for buying double zeal and wasting gold.
Yeah but being forced into 2 attack speed items for full crit, there should be other options, and stormrazor is meant as a 1st item to crit build anyways.
Vulfi (NA)
: Final Stopwatch item for supports
Would also like to see something usefull for adcs that builds out of stopwatch, nobody is building GA.
: Camille second E
Use the force.
: Evelynn Counter Play Tips
I have studied your points for a while and it really helped out, now i feel like i can easily counter any evelynn. Thanks for this great article!
Rayet (EUNE)
: What's the point of Stormrazor? A crit item without crit chance, doesn't interact with IE, and only delays your build. The only way you can get 100% crit chance is with IE and two zeal items, but what if you play Sivir/Ashe and you want another build?
Rioter Comments
: Kayn Transformation Conundrum
I have a single thing to improve that, just remove the whole ranged/melee thing, it makes no sense, what if you are going for rhaast but the enemy team is fully ranged, it adds 4 minutes waiting for a seriously weird gameplay design that doesnt make much sense.
: This "meta" is boring
>now I can throw bananas all day long {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: For A War Machine You Sure Do Have To Play Like A Bitch
Dont worry, he is quite likely to be broken for quite a while after release.
Yenn (NA)
: Random 'lol no meta' picks are actually ruining ranked, something needs to be done
I kinda like it, botlane always had a limited champ pool compared to other lanes, and i would be insta flamed and reported for picking anything offmeta before. Now its actually nice, i can pick weird stuff that works and nobody flames or trolls me.
N63 (NA)
: Kai'sa needs a slight nerf.
New champs are always OP for a while, its was pretty much the same with every new release/rework.
Anatera (NA)
: Stop saying "just reduce damage" is the solution to everything.
N63 (NA)
: Can we change Ashe's Passive?
You know the other part of her passive clearly state you do more damage based on your crit chance.
: > [{quoted}](name=EasyLaneGG,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Il78a1N7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-23T18:07:14.625+0000) > > wrong. they both are. one is a root and the other is a stun
They are both Roots, or snares if u will. Morg only has stun on R
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