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ThrastMetal (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snowman Arc,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=alRHnVvy,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-24T15:05:29.076+0000) > > Can't tell if trolling, but if you are not, then my answer to you is no. > > For two reasons. One, not taking Flash, especially on champion with no mobility spells, won't get you anywhere above Gold. Two, Garen is a champion that is easy to carry with at Bronze or Silver, but starting Gold and higher, you will be having a lot of trouble, not only carrying a game, even having a decent laning phase. > > Garen is just noob trap. He is a champion whose abilities are directly damage related, and has almost 0 CC (just a slience) and 0 mobility. This means that he 1) does a lot of damage 2) becomes extremely tanky, but that's about it. What this essentially means is that if you fight Garen in his strong points, he will destroy you. If you fight him at his weak points, he is just trash, and the higher you climb, the more people will fight you when it favors them, and the thing is, there is nothing you can really do about it. > > What I mean by strong and weak points? Well, I'll explain. > > Garen, as I said above, is a champion who lacks mobility and CC and only deals damage in melee distance and gets tanky. This means that if you poke him from a distance, he can't do anything. If you dash away when he tries to engage on you, he can't reach you. If you CC him, he can't escape. These are his weak points and this is how enemies will take advantage of you. Picking Gnar, Olaf are good examples of easily exploiting his weaknesses, or simple picking champions who outscale him like Jax will do the trick and people in higher elo know this. > > In lower elo, people are stupid, though, which is why Garen works well there. People will just try to fight you all the time under any circumstances and just try to jump on you. That's where Garen is strong. Since he needs to be in melee distance to deal damage and he can't reach the enemy, this is all he wants; an enemy going melee distance FOR HIM. Since he has way too much damage to compensate the lack of CC and mobility, he will then just outdamage and kill you. > > Tl;dr. Garen is noob friendly and a noob trap. Easy to get out of Bronze and maybe Silver, but anything above that will make you hate your games as Garen. Imagine being in a teamfight and the enemy having an Ashe and a Janna. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE. You do not know what you are talking about , never post again.
Why the fuck do you respond in a 2 year old comment? Also, I know what I'm talking about, but you wouldn't know, since you are probably silver at best.
Baval (NA)
: ok cool, so whos stronger, 3/0/0 Nasus who wants late game, or 3/0/1 Yi who doesnt? Who gets the "stronger" vote?
> [{quoted}](name=Baval,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KA5EFOBc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T23:07:39.044+0000) > > ok cool, so whos stronger, 3/0/0 Nasus who wants late game, or 3/0/1 Yi who doesnt? Who gets the "stronger" vote? I guess that in this game, we can clearly see who is the strongest. I know it's hard to implement something like this, but there can always be parameters like damage dealt to champions, total damage dealt, damage to towers, proximity to enemies, objectives, warding, csing, KDA etc.
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: Anymore? im pretty sure its always been like this lol
I started in mid season 5. It wasn't always like this. People would actually seem like they were trying to win. Now, everyone just does dumb stuff.
: I have to admit, while I'm enjoying actually making progress towards diamond/challenger for the first time, getting there right now is more of a long hike than it is a climb. Climbs involve struggle and are only as long as it takes for a person to get to the top. Hikes are just long no matter what. The soloQ ladder is now just a hike, where you'll get there eventually, don't worry - there's sub-50% WR people in challenger right now (LOL) - it's just a matter of time and general competence.
: >true damage is counted as “fixed damage” rather than “ignoring resistance damage” for some reason. I'm confused on what you mean by this
Fixed damage is "I press this, and I will deal X damage, regardless" Ignoring resistances is "I press this and I will deal damage as if the enemy had 0 armor and MR". The difference between the two is that the first option cannot be changed by any means. It will deal any damage it says. The second situation, the damage can change if the dealer of the damage gets their damage output reduced somehow (Exhaust, Sona's empowered W I think etc). For example, if we lived in the second situation, then a 200 true damage Ignite would deal 200 damage on normal situations, but if you get a damage debuff by let's say 10%, then it would deal 180. The resistances of the enemy would play no part in this. Another neat point I'd like to point out is that there are cases where X champion takes reduced damage, like Alistar's R. He would also take less damage from true damage, since that buff he gets is independent of armor/MR. Honestly, I'm not sure if this is the correct way to go, because then some champions might become unkillable, and others will be extremely weak. There will have to be a lot of rebalancing, and I don't think anyone wants to go through another long series of patches, or even an entire season, trying to balance these things out.
koshkyra (NA)
: Exhaust is dead
They honestly need to just bring back the attack speed slow and if I remember correctly, the armor / MR shred.
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: What do players from earlier seasons think is currently wrong with the game?
I started in season 5, and to me, the biggest problem with the game now, but since then as well, is that players are not getting punished nearly enough for their actions (inting, flaming, afking), and that the matchmaking / divisions are completely fucked up. The difference in skill in the exact same division is massive between players. I don't really mind the gameplay. Sure, some champions I like are not so strong right now, like Viktor, but I can always play something different. What infuriates me the most, and is the reason why I only play 3-4 games a week now, is that I just do not enjoy the game from a community perspective (too much flaming and trolling) and from a matchmaking standpoint (most games are stomps, because there are always weak players on one side).
Uniia (EUNE)
: Ornn is back to seeing pro play while performing horribly in soloQ.
Ornn is just a gold generating bot for his team at this point (or the enemy team, if you are a bad player). I never really played much Ornn, but I liked the more fighting style with the shield before he got "reworked". You had clear timings when you could go in and when you could be abused. Now, you just try to waveclear with clunky AAs, you can't really duel anyone who has any resemblance of damage, and at late game, you are just an ult bot, just like Malphite.
nelogis (EUW)
: Top lane feels shit to play because the lane is changing
People seem to confuse the style of champion compared to the lane they are supposed to be played at. The only differences between top and mid lane are: 1) Shorter time to get to mid lane from base, therefore champions with stronger waveclear can return without dropping cs, alongside other benefits, so generally mages have a better time there. 2) Mid is also a shorter lane, which means that when fighting / skirmishing, you can sacrifice a bit of mobility because you can get to the safety of your tower more quickly. At the same time, you need stronger burst damage to avoid your opponent running away to their tower. 3) Top lane is harder to gank, therefore the chances of being into an isolated 1v1 are higher, therefore you need champions who are stronger there as a 1v1 champion, or someone who can at least drop any lane priority and not affect the rest of the map that much, in favor of late game power or utility.
: I mean, I know this behaviour is upsetting and all, but the system does not punish right away. If he keeps doing it I'm sure actions will be taken. I, by the way, have just finished a game where our Mundo was calling our Zed a dog. Not just once. Every time he died (he died 15 times but wasn't inting--- he was only having a bad day) Mundo went, "THIS ZED IS A REAL DOG" (I quoted word-by-word). I believe a chat restriction could be in order, but then it doesn't fall upon me to judge the situation. Don't care about it. The person has to live with himself, but you'll probably never see him again. I think it's enough punishment if someone has to live being on such lowermost behaviour probably all the time.
I don't see how a correct punishment system where it detects things and punishes appropriately fails to punish the behavior in my example. Calling someone a dog is derrogative, but it's not a big deal. Death wishes though is a whole different thing. All I understand is that Riot's punishment system is a joke. To me, it should be instantly perma ban status to someone who acts that way.
: >And no, muting that player doesn't help. You shouldn't have to resort to muting just to not read what such a player says. Why not ? Why it doesn't help ?
It's like saying you should avoid going to areas where gun violence is allowed, instead of banning guns or something.
: Something seriously needs done about the artificial elo wall known as promos
I never understood the 50/50 chance of both teams winning rule of matchmaking. If I'm smurfing and on a winstreak, does that mean that I will get a 10% winrate player on my team? League's matchmaking system is just horrible. The other day, there was a level 30 support on the enemy team in a gold 2 game. Singed support with Lethal Tempo, needless to say we won at 15 minutes. How the fuck is this fair matchmaking?
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: 0 respect whoever spamming GGEZ
Really, people have become so extremely sensitive. Someone said that an easy game (a game where you got stomped) was actually easy. BIG DEAL. Truth hurts. It's not even something offensive, like name-calling or cursing. Jeez, grow up, people. I'm now saying I do this, but if an enemy says ggez when the game was easy, then I'm like yeah, it was lol. Also, what about the GGs at the end of a game, when the game was not "good"? Isn't that BMing? What if there is an AFK on either team? Is that a GG? Nope, but people still say it. If you believe that ggez is BMing and reportable and doesn't warrant respect, then saying GG is BMing as well in most games, since MOST GAMES ARE NOT "GOOD", competitive etc.
: POLL: Positional ranked yay or nay?
Riot royally fucked up in season 6 when they introduced flex queue as the only option. Ever since then, accounts have been boosted to extreme lengths. I haven't seen so much discrepancy in ranks vs actual skill when they whole thing started taking effect in season 7, and of course, it keeps on going until this season. Until this is fixed and players actually go to their actual divisions, it doesn't matter what ranking system we have, because the fundamental is wrong. I had friends that I boosted from bronze to gold, I did that to like 10 people. Imagine how many people were actually boosting like me, unintentionally, of course, we were just playing all together and how many people are in gold now that were hardstuck bronze for seasons on end. Really, think about it. Bronze players playing in gold elo and a small percentage of them will get good teammates and go even higher. Bronze players in mid+ gold! If that's not indication enough on how fucked up the divisions are, I don't know what is. Riot can try to introduce many different fancy shit to try and make it the greatest thing ever, but again, they won't accept how much they fucked up the game with s6 flex queue shenanigans.
: I once went 0/18 as ADC in a PvP match that lasted for 50 minutes. I was trying really hard to be useful to my team, but the enemy consistently focused me. I'm glad I wasn't banned for being bad at the game.
If that happens in a normal game, it's ok. You can be a first timer etc. If this happens in a ranked game, then it's not ok, because if you are a first timer, you shouldn't be playing ranked.
: if someone goes past 0/15 it should flag their account
I'd say change this to 0/10. I can see how someone can go 0/5 based on snowball, but after a point, you need to realize that you should just stay at your second tower. Going 0/10 or more should be penalized.
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Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snowman Arc,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t9wbeh68,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-26T21:54:52.041+0000) > > You literally stated that he was 3 levels up with a rank 3 ulti. Viktor is supposed to be strong late game, so it shouldn't be surprising that he deals that much damage once he reaches his later stages of power. Also, his damage takes 6 seconds to tick, which you seem to completely ignore. Also, lol NALCS. If you're actually going to argue that viktor was "the most balanced champion in the game" and that he _should_ be able to kill someone with literally nothing but his ult, then there's no point in continuing this discussion. That was also only 2 ticks of his ult, so 4 seconds, not 6.
It's his ULTIMATE ability. ULTIMATE, as in what it's supposed to be his BEST. Of course, if it's ranked at its highest level, it should be able to kill someone. Syndra can also do that, Veigar as well, probably even Lux with her passive and so on. I don't see why you find it so strange that an enemy without any magic resistance died to a close-to-maximum-potential high lategame damage champion.
: Why play Veigar when you can play something that actually has lane priority or scales better into the late game like Kassadin.
I mean, I don't really know the power of Veigar, but I assumed that in soloQ he can be decent with his E and his R.
: I hardly ever am bothered by bm but today it felt personal
Well, your win rate is low on Anivia, but you haven't played that many games, so it doesn't mean that much. I remember last season have an ASol on my team with 300 games and a 40% win rate. That is something I did make fun of, especially since he fed his enemy laner and cost us the game.
: People play like they have a mental disability in norms. No. Just no.
Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snowman Arc,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t9wbeh68,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-26T21:09:26.471+0000) > > How exactly does an AD stay inside his R for that long? Rylai's was op back then, not Viktor's R. Huhi _did_ have a 3 level advantage and thus a rank 3 ult, but he missed all of his abilities aside from his ult. viktor had {{item:3116}} {{item:3198}} {{item:1026}} {{item:1056}} {{item:3158}} and an abyssal scepter Rylai's was too strong back then, but viktor was straight broken. This was in I think 6.13? a few patches after this: >Duration reduced to 6 seconds from 7. Initial base damage reduced to 100 / 175 / 250 from 150 / 250 / 350. Initial damage AP ratio reduced to 50% AP from 55% AP. Tick base damage increased to 150 / 250 / 350 from 15 / 30 / 45. Tick damage AP ratio increased to 60% AP from 10% AP. Tick interval increased to 2 seconds from 0.5. Total damage increased to 550 / 925 / 1300 (+ 230% AP) from 360 / 670 / 980 (+ 195% AP). vs his current ult, which does 910 (+ 223% AP) at rank 3.
You literally stated that he was 3 levels up with a rank 3 ulti. Viktor is supposed to be strong late game, so it shouldn't be surprising that he deals that much damage once he reaches his later stages of power. Also, his damage takes 6 seconds to tick, which you seem to completely ignore. Also, lol NALCS.
Dynikus (NA)
: >I started playing Viktor at season 6, with decent win rates with him every season, nearing 70%, because I was good at a champion who was good in the hands of an experienced player, and not as good in others. The champion was by no means broken, it was one of the most balanced champions in the game Viktor was very, very far from "the most balanced champion in the game" in season 6. Season 6 was when you could literally press R and kill an adc without even being that far ahead. He was absolutely broken back then.
How exactly does an AD stay inside his R for that long? Rylai's was op back then, not Viktor's R.
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: > [{quoted}](name=huhndog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AVk0peBh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T15:21:36.605+0000) > > My issues been bot lane. They feed a double kill in the first 5 and flame me for not ganking when the enemy Lucian is 7/0. After that they just troll and keep running down mid saying in all chat "GG better jungler wins". Its infuriating Try ganking top lane. In my experience I sit under tower. SAFELY. Then at 11 mins their mid roams top with jungle dives me. Or they take herald. Or both. Whilst my mid and bot suck and feed. As does my jungle. /Matchmaking
Oh, don't forget how they then say "report top", when the only thing you could do is sit under tower and die, or go back to the fountain and wait for them to leave and miss out on gold, xp and towers.
: I get I a low rank because I was gone 18 months buuuuuut, Teamwork as a whole is terrible. I do better in blinds 90% of the time now. I think you should gave to go against advance bots and do certain key things while wining to get into ranked. Wont happen but hey whatev.
: Look at the bright side: Your opponents aren't trying to win Ranked, either. {{champion:142}}
What do you know, it seems like my opponents always try to win and always tryhard and pick their main champions, while my team first times things.
: I peaked Silver 2 last season... I've been stuck in Bronze 2. :/ I get that they added Iron and that might cause a shift but com'on. I was almost Gold if I could have pushed myself to play ADC a little more(even if the role was dog shit). You're telling me I have to slog through Bronze again? And these games are depressing and frustrating. I admit the ones I played last night aren't stellar but I played some over the weekend where I honestly don't know what I could have done better. At this point, I'm just tilted and disheartened and severely frustrated. I didn't *want* to be back in Bronze again. I fought so hard the last two seasons to *not* be bronze because climbing out of it in Season 7 was a nightmare; it placed me B5 in season 7 after going 8/2 in my placements. Bronze *5*. Like look at these games I've lost: 15/5 16/9 16/9 9/7 15/9 Like holy shit, the only common occurrence between all of these games are that my mid, top, and Jungle open up a free soup kitchen. People keep talking about its better bot lane wins. That must mean that I'm dog shit at botlane then.
You do realize that your csing is horrible, and if you did cs better, you could have probably won most of these games, right?
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BigFBear (EUW)
: People picking off-meta Junglers? OMG! How dare they!!
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: If you were plat 5 and went on a losing streak, your MMR probably dropped to high gold. Then you got bumped up to plat 4 at preseason, which would be the root cause of low LP gains?
I was Plat 3 60LP mid season, then I dropped to Plat 5 cos lol losing streaks. Then yeah, I got boosted to Plat 4 from the new system. Is there any article that explains what happens with the new ranking system and if that's the reason for my low LP gains?
: Because it's preseason and Riot just redid the entire fucking ranked system.
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WøOxer (EUW)
: That yi skin is uber shit, how that skin even passed to live.
> [{quoted}](name=WøOxer,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EKeaAWAI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-13T14:07:03.785+0000) > > That yi skin is uber shit, how that skin even passed to live. Watch yo mouth, boi.
Speeedy (NA)
: building armor/mr really delays your power spike though if its before the 4th item. You usually aren't even starting the 4th item till about 25 minutes assuming you have good cs and kills. @25 min with 5 kills and 5 assists and 200 cs you have about 9.7k gold which is {{item:1055}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} {{item:1037}} {{item:1038}} with 550 gold in the bank. Where in the first 25 min are you going to even sacrifice to go defensive? The game is pretty much decided at this point. I won't mind going defensive but I need to have a larger impact in the first part of the game if I am going to be equal in power or slightly ahead to everyone late game. That is the problem with going crit right now. Crit adc need an option to get to late game more reliably by some sort of item buff like gold cost reduced on zeal items maybe? An IE change maybe? If the average game is going to last 30 minutes and you aren't even online at 25 minutes building only damage some sort of buff is required for them.
They are generally talking about defensive items as 5th or 6th item. Most ADCs don't need extra damage after their 3rd item anyway. I almost always build GA as a 4th item because I know that if I win that fight because of my GA, then it's probably a Baron, inhib and snowball into winning the entire game. My typical build on Sivir is Stormrazor, RFC, IE and then GA. Lifesteal doesn't make much difference these days, and Whisper items are not really required since there aren't many tanks around. As my last item, I will usually get that Whisper or the Lifesteal, and then I will swap my Stormrazor for a purely defensive item like Randuin's / Malmortius or a stopwatch. Of course, all these are situational. There are games where I'm in zero threat and I know I can stay safe without any defensive items so I can just go glass cannon and wreck everyone. If I'm forced into defensive options, I always have GA, Randuin's etc though.
Gramps69 (NA)
: Why don't we remove {{item:3095}} ?
I didn't like Stormrazor at first, I considered it a waste of money, until i start to try it and let me tell you, it's necessary in most ADCs. It gives everything you need to get into mid game and be relevant. Good AD for strong AAs, attack speed to compliment it, good first hit to help with the poke and the MS boost to be able to kite a bit. Also good to waveclear with the stats it grants and works well with a second item RFC.
: Buffing ADC's damage isn't the solution
Kalista's AD is given to her from level 1 instead of level 3 from her W. Nothing to see there. Caitlyn's extra damage on Q is just used for champions, not waveclear and she needed the extra damage. Her R increased range was also necessary. Corki is a joke. He needs so much more than just 15 damage on his R
: If you could delete one champion from the game, who would it be?
I know it's a popular champion, but I would delete Yasuo. There are other champions out there who are WAY MORE TOXIC. Kassadin, Singed, most invisible champions, Zoe, Vayne, Veigar etc. I don't have a problem playing vs Yasuos, I don't really play him either, but the few times I have, I kinda enjoyed his kit. BUT my choice comes more from a ideological standpoint. I just hate how players put Yasuo on such a pedestal, where he is very high in picks/bans for no real reason. Most Yasuo players are bad players who just perma lose their lanes, and the few who actually get a lead are either trash later because they don't know how to play and throw games and are toxic, or they just become unstoppable and the enemy team should just ff. I've seen exceptional players AND bad players on other champions, but they don't tilt as hard, nor do they throw as hard and on such a consistent basis that Yasuo players do. If the champion didn't exist, there would be other champions being played.
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: ... Yes. No. I'm not joking. YES. Listen to low ELO. Because they are by and large the MAJORITY of your player base. If they're not enjoying how the game is, they leave. And when they LEAVE, the game doesn't make money, and when the game doesn't make money, THIS HAPPENS.
You can't try to balance the game on low elo though. If Riot wants to make money, then they sure should make the game buyable and then they will listen to their bronze and silver players. Instead, the game is free, so Riot wants to make this game RIGHT. This means that balancing needs to be made around players who know how to play the game correctly. The classic argument is that Garen is op in bronze and shit in Diamond+. Why? That's because Garen is very easily countered by a lot of things if people know HOW TO do so. In bronze, people don't, which is why Garen seems op. Should we nerf Garen? No way.
: slowing down the gpm would barely change anything, you would still be oneshot once people got their items, only now people reach powerspikes earlier. scarra is one person and im pretty sure he only hates the current state is because hes hardstuck diamond for the first time in probably forever
I don't agree with your gpm statement, but I agree on Scarra. Guy was never a good player compared to other pro players and he only hates the meta because he is extremely hardstuck diamond and because other soloQ players, even in high Diamond or low Masters have surpassed his skill level. The guy is smart, knows the game, but sucks when he plays the game. Knowledge will only get you so far, and when knowledge is in abundance out there, expect people to outdo you when you reach a certain skill level where mechanics also play a vital part.
: You can't expect matchmaking to find 10 players who take the game seriously when no one takes the game seriously during pre-season.
I can expect Riot to penalize players who do not take Ranked games seriously. If people wanna mess around and troll, they can play normal games.
: What is the story behind your summoner name?
My original name was ArcTrickster. I got it back in 2009 when I watched a friend play some game (can't remember what it was), and it had a character of a type called "Arcane Trickster". Since I could only use 12 letters in the game I was playing, I had to cut down Arcane to Arc, which is also short of Archer, and Range was my favorite combat style at the time. So my name became ArcTrickster. I had this name for like 5 years, and people got to know me with that name, calling me "Arc". That game eventually released titles to accompany your name, and also released skins. There was a "the Trickster" title, and then there was a snowman head skin. So, I changed my in-game appearance to have a snowman head and then I thought of the idea to change my name to Snowman Arc "the Trickster", which sounded so much cooler. I had the name Snowman, I was a snowman in-game and also still had the Arc - Trickster part. When I came over to League, I tried to go as ArcTrickster, but my young cousin at the time was fanboying me a lot, so he had taken that name for himself, so I had to use Snowman Arc. Been playing league for three years now and I still use Snowman Arc.
: Best part about Worlds this year
Well, Koreans are still the best, because Korean players play in Chinese teams and won. TheShy, Rookie for example are Koreans and they were the MVPs.
Krupaz (NA)
: Smite mid
You can take enemy raptors. Also, I know it might be annoying for the jungler, but they can also do some other camp. It's all about pacing. If your jungler can do another camp instead of raptors, while you do raptors, you, as a team, essentially do 2 camps instead of one. I'd take that strat any day, since it helps a lot to outpace the enemy.
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