Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
What about the icons? Any link regarding the icons?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
Why can't I see what Honor Level other people have? I would really like to know what my friends are like when I am not playing with them :P
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: Your profile border should display the highest ranked rating that you're currently are placed in. This means that your profile should show a Gold Border, if we were using the examples from your OP. I hope this helps!
Thanks! Same for normal games, am I right?
: *Lew* is correct. You'll receive unique ranked rewards for the ranked modes that you participate in. The border in loading screen will change, depending on what mode you're queueing for. So for your example, you'd see a Silver border next season when you played Solo/Duo Ranked matches and the Gold border when you queue up for Ranked Flex 5v5. Check out our [**Ranked FAQ**]( for more information on how the system works. If you have any other questions, let me know.
But what about the profile border?
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