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: I can't even get into the loading screen after champ select now. I already made a post on this though.
Mine does go into loading screen and as soon as I am about to get into game at 100% it just freezes
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: Attempting to Reconnect
Almost same issue... I am in champ select and then the game goes into loading screen... but I don't because the loading screen basically doesn't load, yeah basically the same issue as you but instead, I cannot get back into game even if I restart my computer. Also people remake and that is so fustrating. Riot please fix this because I can't even play the game.
: Hi Meddler. Just want to congrats u on awesome work on Aatrox,although he should have just a lil bit lowered numbers. But in terms of rework,u nailed it. Are u looking to push Wukong towards assasins,or bruisers? Assassin wukong will be nightmare,he will either be to strong and frustrating to play against,or to weak.So please take care about this one. Any upcoming Mordekaiser changes and Warwick? They're kinda in buggy state. I also want to talk about Nasus.For D1-D2 players and higher he is unplayable,yet in lower elo he is OP. Can we shift a little power from him in his late game(even Late Game is not his strenght in high elo due of kitting+insane damage currently,but this is not case in lower elos)and give him little more strenght towards laning phase? Like nerfing his E damage,especially armor pen %.And giving him a little bit more health regen or just simply health and base stats(Dont give him +3ad,give him +3armor+3magic resist,and a lil bit better scaling in terms of deffensive. This way Nasus can "survive" lane and not being called troll pick in D2+ games,and on other side in lower elos where game lasts longer he wont be insane due of possibility to just ignore 40% of armor with his E and be insanely strong. Hope you can look a lil bit around it.Thanks.
More Nasus base stat buffs?!?! Are you serious? He is already cancerous as hell in 1v1 and in lane... he needs a nerf... In high elo he can get kited but defenatly not in 1v1 because his W is a free exhaust... if not better. Imo he needs A W nerf and base stats nerf so he can be dealt in lane, because honeslty if you cant kill him in the early 2 levels, he is just gonna play safe and farm until he can beat the crap out of you. He is NOT weak in the high elo because you can tell from his win rate which is from 50% to 52%. Also he gets so many free stats anyways like free lifesteal and free damage on his Q and free armor pen like why not nerd worthy?? He doesnt even build damage and can still one shot the enemy adc with enough stacks. Besides Nasus, Darius defiantly needs a nerf... his lane is just too good and his snowball potential also, he doesnt even fall off late game and kiting (also includes nasus) can be countered from one specific item which whenever I build I can't get kited and that is righteous glory. Darius has too much damage for how tanky he is and can easily splitpush, teamfight or 3v1 enemies. This meta full of juggernauts needs a shift, players don't find it at all fun to face meat shields that do crap amounts of damage... unlike tanks.
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