: Oh so assassins need reaction time,
*cough* {{champion:67}} {{champion:119}}
Sunibee (NA)
: The Absolute most annoying part of Shaco and Teemo
Those are old champs with outdated mechanics. They are on the VGU candidate line.
: Where is it, Rito?
Hopefully they can delay it as much as possible.
: Mastery score is lit.
Having no shame showing you have {{champion:238}} and {{champion:157}} as your highest mastery points.
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: Who would win?
Like itemization matters in 2k17 lul
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: Yeah it works great. Especially if they do not have lifesteal and I have {{item:3076}} and/or {{item:3047}} to boot. Plus, why are you expecting any tank to out damage and out trade an ADC? That is like asking the ADC to out trade and out damage a burst assassin like Zed or Kat. Can it happen? Yeah. Does it happen often? No.
One game I saw a {{champion:36}} with {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} getting killed in like 3 seconds just by AAs. I'm fine as long as stuff like that doesn't happen.
: 20% reduction to incoming AA crit damage and 15% attack speed reduction is a joke in a post about anti-ADC?
Have you ever actually seen it in-game? It doesn't do jack sh*t against an adc with more than 1 item.
: {{item:3143}} will decently stop an ADC for a good while. Also, now ADCs are very weak to magic damage.
: About These Mystery Mini Icons
you can only get the icons in the pic
  Rioter Comments
: Runes Reforged Path Summaries
I heard that Deathfire Touch users are getting compensation for the loss. Is that true?
WÉ 957 (NA)
: I dont know how you define fresh. The game is pretty much exactly the same thing as S1. You pretty much grind soloq to perfect one role so you can get to master. This is What I do every single season. It doesnt matter how many champion or items they release or rework. At the end, It all comes down to grinding until you get good. The principle and foundation of this game are always the same. They will never change. League is so focus on micro. There isnt much you can do besides improve your micro. League is not dying but it is decreasing pretty fast.
So what you suggest is that they delete LoL and make a new game that works completely differently? Since the game is the same as it was S1 the player base will keep growing the same pace no matter if you get bored of it or not.
Necrozard (EUW)
: It's a theory until it's confirmed {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Necrozard (EUW)
: {{item:3348}} **Great theory** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} *~From Necrit's discord server*
It's not just a theory. It's confirmed.
: Will Swain keep hs raven joke?
I think that he's talking to the summoner. Now that the lore team tries to pretend like they no longer exist I doubt.
: "Just dodge the hook"
The best players in the world propably can predict good hooks better than some bronzes or silvers.
: You should always feed in ARAM.
: When you're carrying as Xayah but their Voli finishes thornmail
Rioter Comments
: Is it suppost to be like that? A lot of pro players, even some of the best have given up on picking tanks in top lane (huni, one of the best top laners in the world), becouse they are underpowerd..
He's level 21. I doubt he knows what he's talking about.
: Tanks are alright as they are we dont need to give them uneeded buffs. EDIT: I forgot to add. Isnt the point of having a tank is to... Well tank damage? Why are we giving tanks more damage? Tanks are meant to tank not do damage.
I don't know if you played at that time yet but tank items got huge and unnecessary nerfs in mid-season. Plus crit items got buffed. Second point. Tanks are not tanks anymore. Now you either want to keep your adc alive {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} or deal damage as much as possible until you get killed with a couple of AAs by the enemy adc. The current meta heavily favors the first option so it would be refreshing if tanks could be a little more independent again.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: @Reav3 can you please give update on VGU list?
I like how you intentionally ignored {{champion:82}} and {{champion:20}} because you know Rito hates them.
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Ralanr (NA)
: What you order vs what you get (not mine: from 9gag)
: yet is the most contested support pick at the pro level, really cannot buff him because of coordinated play making him so incredibly valuable when 1 kill can literally be gg mid game
: {{item:3193}} + {{item:3190}}
''we wanted to give more options to tank items and fun situational actives''
Almighty (EUNE)
: You put all my main supports in the "Not so Meta" class. But, honestly, i never want my babies to get mainstream. Because that usually results in a heavy nerf and a rework. Also, i tried Yasuo support once. He was not the "new Janna" i thought he was going to be. _**Almighty.**_
pls stop with that cringy signature already
: Trying to chase down that final target for the penta
DJ Sona (EUW)
: The one and only Support Tier list
Why is {{champion:78}} in there with the others that are actually legit? How is {{champion:21}} ''old school''? She was being played a couple of games in worlds because she countered Zyra. It was not that long ago. Why is {{champion:223}} meta? He's like one of the worst supports currently and is never seen. {{champion:90}} is legit. sorry but I just had to
: Oh how I wish {{champion:223}} was meta.
Such a great champion sitting at trash tier.
Wuq (NA)
: (Champion Concept) Sha'Gutor, the One Who Devours
: "Zhonya's was nerfed because it gave too much in terms of both offensive and defensive power"
{{item:3157}} is a core item for some champions like {{champion:99}}
: i spent 3 weeks to get gold 5 from silver 4 with taric support in taiwan server
: When Your Main Is Perma-Banned But Finally Get To Play Him Again
: Mumu q on jungle monsters
How can you main Amumu for a year without getting bored?
: Just ban Draven and Cait and voila your having fun again
Then Vayne comes out of nowhere with her %max hp true damage auto attacks and 1-shots you.
: Boy i sure like how this game is centered around adcs
I agree... but there is already enough complain posts about Draven. Too much circlejerk already.
: The feeling is worse when your playing yasuo....
: Gameplay boards right now
Why would anyone want to buff ADC?
: Wrong section, this needs to be under gameplay.
: lol but im serious i want another bad asss kid champion
Yes, I get it. You said that 6 times :^)
Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: Petition to change 'Tanks' to 'Crowd Controllers'
Hmm... why am I getting downvoted? Isn't "tanks are not tanky anymore" the popular circlejerk anymore?
Loza (NA)
: Anyone feel as if AD assassins are useless?
Riot JUST SAID that AD assassin items are being worked on. Maybe read the gameplay thoughts before coming here to shitpost?
Rioter Comments
Boards seriously need to set up an age restriction.
: Haha, I get it. PD + DD are broken and make squishies feel like bruisers. Add the other two items and they're basically tanks. Haha, good one, OP. In all seriousness some tanks are still good. {{champion:79}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:154}} Are all super good. It's a shame that most of them need damage reduction to be good. Zac is the exception to that, though. He just deals crazy amounts of damage, has great sustain, and a revive passive. Haha, good one, devs.
The only reason {{champion:154}} is good right now is because of his massive cc giving him a lot of team fight potential. His damage is bad if you build him tank and he has trouble 1v1ing even a support. His abilities take so much hp that the blob sustain is nothing until late game when you get {{item:3065}} . The revive passive is useless most of the time. I'm not saying he's not op currently but his kit is not as overloaded as people make it sound like.
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