: Responding to different sections in line: > [{quoted}](name=Tormentula,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MQob4lFt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-27T20:15:43.571+0000) > ugh I really don't like that change at all... Sorry about that. It's a bit expected that the change is contentious and won't fit all jungle playstyles. The aim of making junglers interact with each other has been debated at great length. On the one hand, not all of the JvJ interactions feel particularly rich (you get to that below in more length). On the other, encouraging more PvP and success based on how you play around other champions seems like a big win to me. Right now that PvP primarily comes at the cost of heavily modifying the lane phase of one or a few laners. The hope here is that the JvJ interaction has some nuance and tension that is closer to the champ v. champ interactions in lane than it is to a PvE experience. And at the same time, laners get to have more meaningful match-ups against each other because the path to success of 'camp one lane' isn't always optimal. > Its going to feel super snowbally/coinflippy with that scuttle crab, meaning you can't plan ahead on what pathing you'll take because you may or may not be getting scuttle level 2. Not to mention first to get scuttle (which again, is going to depend on which camp start you coinflip to) is going to give one player a lead that the other player won't have the resources to catch up with (like another scuttle to go for..). I like to gameplan at loading screen on which lane I'd be better off assisting, and with this change its instead going to be planning around "ok if i somehow manage to get this scuttle then I can outpressure their jg... if". This also makes invading like the level 2 wolves cheese all the more toxic and uncounterable as that basically gives them a camp, your flash, and their scuttle pretty much free early levels. Planning ahead point: We are asking you to somewhat reevaluate your plans/pathing as the game goes on. That's an intended benefit of the system that will cause some friction. Being able to plan out your first five minutes of pathing in the loading screen leads to a rather stale gameplay experience. Not trivializing your point, as it's probably the main negative point of feedback I've received throughout testing this: jungle players highly value setting up a plan for the game in advance. Then we kind of modify our formula based on our success and eventually get to a few standard game plans that work. This skill test is going to be diminished, hopefully in favor of skill tests of reactive planning and how to interact with or avoid the enemy jungler, as you see fit. > IMO you shouldn't do the random 1 scuttle on the map, that just limits playstyles and makes things was more complicated. Keep both scuttles with the change, IMO that's fine, but contesting one RNG scuttle (or even non-rng) just seems unhealthy and unfun and less skill expressive and more "what champ gets this fastest" into the slipperly slope of "nerf early junglers but wait tanks are faster clearers, w.e we'll leave them alone!" We're probably just going to have to agree to disagree on this point. I don't find the contesting over early Scuttle less fun and skill expressive than the current jungle meta. It certainly creates some swings because there's a battle over resources. Think that's more interesting than eking out a small creep lead due to slightly more optimal pathing. > If you wanted to fix the jungle, you should've just mass nerfed a lot of junglers to be strong/weak depending on what their clear strengths are. Example: Is WW an early game champ? I don't know.. he ganks better than all early junglers, he power spikes mid game better then them, he face tanks and still chunks everybody late game.. and he has the healthiest clear in the game to the point of not needing to start pots. I think its fine if a champ for early ganking is early gankiing.. but right now it feels like a lot of champs that play for late game are monsters early game with how healthy and fast they clear, which was previously a weakness of theirs. My original iterations looked kind of like this: I slowed down and made a lot of junglers less healthy early on. There were some benefits: laners felt less pressure. The downside was a lot of junglers returned to PvE as much as possible. So my aim shifted from dramatically slowing them down to instead reducing some of their early spike strength compared to laners and giving them outlets to interact with the other jungler. Then let them grow a lead or deficit more relevant and related to their counterpart. On the Warwick point: he's pretty solidly an early game jungler. He's arguably been overtuned for awhile so he maintains that strength later into the game than he probably should. The constant pressure from junglers isn't really specific to just a handful of junglers, though: it's a pretty standard strategy from most. > I liked when early game junglers camped and their weakness was falling behind later but if they got ahead they could carry the early game for a team advantage... now tanks do that but better, more reliably, and faster without falling off. So basically this is an unchanged problem with these changes and overall the jungle role gets shittier to play. The hope is that early game junglers can flex their muscles in a fashion that's not camping a lane. > ..Or do the simple "delay first camp spawn" instead of this scuttle rework.. or make camps actually respawn faster so there's something else for us to do beside sit in one lane and hope taxing keeps us early game junglers from falling off a building while their tank just naturally has double our pressure and double our CS I don't want to encourage farm-to-six junglers, which I fear faster respawn timers would do. More downtime early game for a jungler sounds pretty painful. Well, rather, can say it is since we tested versions like that. As per the tank pressure I don't have anything too meaningful to contribute. I disagree on how skewed in their favor this current system/balance is. > Oh and how will this work: {{champion:203}} Riot Wrekz is working on some small QoL work for her. We'll be paying close attention to her and other outliers to see if they need additional assistance.
You want to deprive junglers of the ability to plan their game from early, lets say thats often the case and its harming the game play(its arguable, but its a change you can make). Is one objective which is so random the right choice? It looks like playing a dice and whoever gets the right number wins. Its also benefiting junglers who dominate early game, do they really need that extra advantage? Imo, to meet the goal you want, it would be better to bring additional variables to the table, like monsters spawning on random locations etc, but not one sole advantage. Even now junglers need to decide between farm or gank, because both bring pros and cons.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Essentially im glad to see changes in the jungle as its my main role, but the changes i see worry me. The randomness of Scuttler is worrying, because it will give an unfair advantage to whoever is lucky to have his path suited for it. It also provides an edge for junglers who are stronger early game, i mean, they dont need even more power? The changes on experience seem bad on first read, because even now junglers are usually put in front of the choice, to farm or gank. If they gank, they often loose on exp, if they farm, they fail to provide game pressure. Now they'll have to farm pretty hard to stay relevant and still, my guess is, it will be hard to compete with laners regarding exp, to be fit for ganking? And lets not forget, it is(was) possible to have a spare time, once you make a full clear, when no monsters are up on your part and you are forced with the decision, to gank, or to invade. So now(once changes are up), not only you wont have enough monsters to fill your time, but you'll also be behind/making it harder to gank. The only positive change seem to be regarding Runic and mages itemization in general. It seem that the recent changes on AP items didnt help it. It most likely wont affect positively AP junglers that are already part of the meta(its 2 or 3 really), because they most likely dont have mana problems.
Talon12 (OCE)
: You can report them for pre and post game... you just need to say in the additional notes that the offence took place in pre and/or post game chat. And you can select the greifing report, just take note of what they did and what time they did the things they did and put those in the additional notes too.
i do that, but are you sure its actually possible to check and justify my blames? It seems to me that such players go undisturbed and are encouraged by that fact
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: Why i'm not happy with going as a Tank Support anymore
thats not entirely true. If you look carefully at the AP items, they've been nerfed constantly for quite some time. {{item:3001}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3157}} all of them changed from core to low AP niche items and APCs are forced to buy old AP niche items simply because they offer more stats such as {{item:3151}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3027}} . Those used to be situational items, but now they are among the most expensive and with most AP. At the same time support items also got quite cheap and not providing much stats, but supports dont require much stats for scaling.
: Aatrox is awful
what i hate is see the argument he has toxic kit thats why we cant balance him. Well many champions have toxic kits already, but instead of being second hand champ, they are being the nightmare of the game. Yasuo, Vayne, Ekko and many more. All of them have some "toxicity" involved, but instead of getting some nerfs and go where they belong, with high pick/ban/win rate they are left untouched
Saianna (EUNE)
: I have solution! Build AD! As stupid as it might sound, the more of off-meta AD mages are played, Riot will HAVE to do something about it. They could either nerf AD, buff AP or nerf mages. And we sure know Riot will 100% avoid nerfing AD.. So they either buff AP items or nerf Mages... Chances are 1 to 99. But I believe it's worth it. Better to go with a bang, than become ~~ADCs personal slave~~ a support.
You will be amazed how well an AD build on certain APC's can work. Ive been trying that approach in some fun modes like One for All and few times i ended up doing a great amount of damage, even toping the charts and performing very well. They dont scale with AD, but they usually have a long range of AA, stuns, mobility, zoning spells and other utility which helps alot. Nerfing AP items some more might really make AD a real choice ;P
6Sfool (NA)
: There's nothing wrong with having niche items. Do you want every ap champ to have the same 4 core items for every game? I don't think that would make it more fun. If anything, the MYMU made ap itemization a lot more fun, and the recent tweaks now balance some outliers. I don't agree with how they're making rylai's a generally inefficient item, and how void staff and abyssal now share a similar anti-tank niche, but I think for the most part AP itemization is a lot more interesting than tank or ad itemization.
dont get me wrong, i like diversity and "niche" items support it because they let you adjust better to the given situation, but with nerfing so many items and make them niche(aka useful only in certain situation) you end up choosing between 10 niche items, but your champ can really sale with only 2-3 of them, or the given game require that much, the remaining are just unworthy. In the end you refrain from purchasing the low stats utility items which your champ do not like and you are forced to buy the more expensive items, simply because they have more stats, but the fun thing is they are also niche and again, you dont even scale that much of their utility, you buy them just because they havent been nerfed with the others. {{item:3003}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3115}} those are all niche items, or atleast meant to be. Respectively for mana scaling, hybrid life leech, tank counter-play, more burst, healing reduction & mana, on-hit AP scaling etc. All niche, but now you will buy them regardless if you make use of the high mana, healing reduction, the tank counter-play or god know, you buy them because they give more of the stats you strive for and are not restricted to certain niche(not yet). Even supports earned more diversity. They choose between 6 gold income items, 4 warding items and 20 more niche, healing, tank and whatnot items. Look at ADC's. They choose between few AS+crit items, several life steal items, few ways to increase mana sustain, you can gain cdr cap with ease and various ways, there is few types of penetration, few magic resistance items. Thats diversity. When you get to choose the stats you want, with slight variation to the niche passives, why AP are forced to choose only between niche items regardless of there stats preferences. They want penetration, AP, CDR, mana sustain, but why they are forced to buy healing reduction, 2k mana and other utility which they didnt even mean to use
Rioter Comments
: One for All would be so much better if we could choose our champs
tbh i like the "randomness" and to have that environment to play a champ i usually wont, plus choosing your champion preemptive will take ages to match the exact players. Having 3 people premade to run should be ok. The main problem with one for all is the players community, which is not grown enough for such a game mode. Feeding, trolling, afk, dodge if you dont see the champ you want. YOU QUEUE A MODE WHERE CHANCE TO PLAY THE CHAMP YOU WANT IS SUPER SLIM AND THE CHANCE TO PLAY CHAMP YOU DONT LIKE IS SUPER HIGH YET YOU COMPLAIN AND BEHAVE NEGATIVE. I really dont get it? Why the fuck you queue on the first placе. 80% of the games i play are champs which i dont like and why? Because if its not Yasuo. Jhin, or Lee, ppl dodge. Im fine playing with like 80% of the LoL champs, but people dodge all of them. I had situations where i jump between 5-6 champion select screens before game finally starts and guess what, im playing again either Yasuo or Lee. Like half the games i played were with those two...
: What should I do when Olaf pops ult and ghost?
depends, are you fed trynda? If so kill him are you ADC and you split from your team? then you deserve to die
: Shoutout to Jungle Mains
he he, that happens if you go with support mindset in the jungle. Truth is you cant help everyone and gotta decide and focus where you can have the most success and contribute the best for a win. Indeed you can become very paranoid about getting counter-jungled, but with time and experience you develop prevention tactics and its not a problem anymore
Zerenza (NA)
: Well here's the thing, the change to lethality wasn't for ranged champions it was for bruiser's and assassins what want flat penetration. The changes given to Youmu's and Duskblade were specifically so that ranged champs no longer abuse armor pen builds, which they did for let's see 3 months? Then it turns out they didn't even fix the problem, because many ranged champs still buy and still abuse the items, then not only did they fail at stopping ranged champs from building them but also completely nerfed Youmu's by removing a stat from it just for the sole purpose of ranged champs liking it to much. All they had to do to stop the ranged abuse of Duskblade and Youmu's was make it melee only which is what the items are intended for anyway.
thats what i wrote, they changed the items so ranged champs dont scale so good with them. You can call it "abuse", but imo it was just a different approach on how to play adc and i liked that diversity, now most the players seems to not like it, just like you, or the ones who dislike it are just more vocal(just like you). The fact ranged champs still find some use of those items is not a problem, if they were op before, now they are not and its just nice to have other optiosn to build from the standard. I dont understand what the big fuss is about
Zerenza (NA)
: Why aren't more items Melee only.
i still didnt find a valid reason in your post why there should be more melee only items. I liked that ranged champs and adcs in particular had a diversity in the items pool and could pick of various options, anyway many players were vocal and disliked that and Riot heard them and changed that. Now items with flat pene, aka Lehtality are made so ranged champs can make a little use of them and can find much more appealing item choices. They proved they can make items balanced towards one or another class(in the case range/melee) by solely playing with the item stats and not exclusively restricting it with certain tag. I dont understand whats the problem of ranged champs have the defensive options of hp item like sterak or item like the new edge of night. If they are truly op on ranged champs, then they can simply play around with stats so they are less beneficial for ranged champs, e.g. make sterak shield more scaling on extra hp etc.
: Why is Lee Sin allowed to do so much damage?
i can often be surprised how much burst he is capable to do, similar to an assassin, yet he is far from the typical assassin weaknesses.
: Lethality Graph with Items
imo what Riot wanted to do was to turn flat penetration into assassin extremely stat and discourage ADC's from using it. Ofc this is especially rooted in the items changes. They did well with that they wanted to do and they pleased the vocal players who didnt like that ADC's can go out of the standard build and have a different option of stacking flat penetration, often disregarding other typical for them stats like crit and AS. Now assassins have that armor penetration stat which isnt op early game and can scale and not turn them useless in late game, while ADCs will find little use in the redesigned lethalithy items.
: Does Mikael's Crucible's passive stack with Redemption's passive?
The heal/shield passive from different items stack, since they are not named. If you use 2 Mikaels, they wont stack, if you use 2 different items with the same name passive they wont stack, e.g. unique passive- spellblade
: Season 7 and Lee can still flash during kick but I can't
what do you mean, you are knocked/under CC, while he isnt
: Sorry you felt it was to long, but I am glad you took the time to respond. Maybe I shouldn't have included all my proposed item changes. Also, technically, AP Assassins outnumber AD ones: AD Assassins: Kha'Zix, Rengar, Talon, and Zed. You could put Shaco here too, but currently he's better played as AP. AP Assassins: Ahri, Akali, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, Leblanc, Nidalee, and current Shaco. You could even put Evelynn here, since that's how she's intended to be played.
hmm, when you say it, its quite strange, i always picture an assassin which relies on physical damage. Anyway idk if all those are listed as assassins, but nidalee, ahri and kass doesnt answer my own view for an assassin. Ahri is just too wide range to be listed as an assassin, she might work well as PK, but she is more of a mage type. Kass is too fighter oriented to be an assassin, he is just not as squishy to be an assassin, we can say the same for Nida, which also has a wide range and taking a melee form makes her quite durable. With such a wide understanding of the assassin class, we could aswell include AD lee, J4, Noc, Panth, Riven and many others. However that was not the main point of the discussion.
Zerenza (NA)
: Ha, hahahaha that's funny an ADC would only go CoC as a troll choice, it's not THAT good. Most of the supports that take it should take it, such as Thresh, Blitz, Braum, Alistar and Nautilus, it's overall better for them than Bond of Stone since they can just always stay up front and take the hits instead of having to worry about taking bond of stone for their squishy af ADC. It's still OP AF don't get me wrong but its no where near as good as your making it out to be, i haven't seen a lux, morgana or fking zyra take it, they definitely could though but they don't. It needs a nerf but don't make it out to be the go to mastery for anything with a stun.
ive seen shaco, nasus and terribly amount of other champions to take it, which should have 99 reasons to take another keystone. Yes maybe they just bad players...but its a fact. Supports shouldnt neglect their keystone for CoC, it literally makes that keystone totally useless, after all its meant for that type of supports.
Danjeng (NA)
: CoC is purposely strong, so more people pick it, and therefore balance team has more data. It will be brought down when the new season starts.
problem is, its too strong, any champion who can proc it pick it, even supports, even champions that dont scale with it, just because they can use it. I mean come on, even adc with stun would go for it, now when Fervor is no more for adcs
: Let's talk about Twitch
i think his key feature is his ultimate, that one trick which turns him into monster for a few seconds. What i dont like is how much he is stripped of everything else, especially lately. No mobility, cc, base ability damage, etc. At least he could use stealth to escape from gank, but this is no more. They took away even this option. He is prolly the most item reliant champion in the game and one with weak early and even late game, because his late game comes when he get enough items and if the enemy is fed, "enough" items can mean full build. He only works great vs lower skilled opponents where he can get fed and obliterate them. Against equally skilled opponent, or even a bit worse, he has hard time because its so easy to counter him in many ways, actually all you need to do is counter his ultimate, by either disengage, cc him, knock him away, exhaust, Yasuo wall, etc, etc, etc, the rest of the time he is just a shadow walking behind his team. He is provided with a great gank tool, his Q, but how to use it when he is so crippled, he can barely solo anyone for his super squishiness. If he has any chance to solo, its if he is fed and ahead with levels, which is hard, close to impossible in regular environment. He is kidna very similar to Evelynn, in this department, since she is also kinda crippled cause of her stealth, but she is still alot more assassin and fighter oriented, while he is a squishy marksmen, who is likely to be behind with levels
: AP Assassin Itemization
Sorry, your post is too long and i cba read to its core. I agree AP itemization, especially regardless assassins is very limited, altho AP assassins are few in general and assassins are more viewed as AD based. What pulled my attention with the preseason changes is they put emphasis on flat armor penetration(lethality) and did some nice stuff there, but at the same time they destroy stacking flat magic penetration(abyssal nerf).
: Honoring players, after game
i feel you, the urge of reporting someone is huge while giving a honor can often be forgotten and generally neglected, it would be nice if the system gets revamped
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Why don't we combine the only two rotating gamemodes people like?
no matter how liked a mode is, it gets boring sooner or later for its fast paced and unbalanced game where only a few playstyles are favored. Thats why having a large number of fun modes rotating keep the interest
: I don't understand this game and it's logic.
not your fault, its the game and when those "behemoths" get super fed you cant really do much as support
RexSaur (NA)
: So CoC is supposed to be a late game team fight mastery
i knew this mastery is too op the moment i read its description, idk how anyone in his mind would allow such thing to be introduced in the game in its current state.
: What if Aatrox's W was a lifesteal Aura?
If you talk about friendly targets beneficial aura, riot made sure to take away most aura in the game. I really dont know the reason, but working against what they did so far sounds unlikely. Giving Aatrox a support niche is also working in the wrong direction. He has certain weaknesses, or strengths which are kept under suppression in order to keep him balanced(currently keeping him weak) and i dont see how such change can fix anything
Kewlipo (NA)
: I Never Die
CoC is way too op, it was obvious from beta, idk how can they introduce something like that and keep it in live for so long. Even supports go for it, while there clearly is a support oriented mastery in the same bracket
: cant deal with ranged top laners at all, tanks, or hard cc. he's a situational "play against a lower health/low mobility melee" champ
idk, he is one of the few top laners i can play and he feels very intuitive to play and has large range of tools- CC, mobility, health sustain, damage, awesome ult, no energy use. He can practically own any champ using his ultimate. He can be built both offensive or defensive to work better against different champs and situations
: Let's Have A Real Talk About Support & The Meta Game.
for off-meta strategy to work, it takes a team of players and not just a single person. This is whats wrongly misunderstood by majority of players. They see support Miss Fortune on LCS scene and they think, ok if the pro players say it works, then it works. No it doesnt. It works because the pro players are extremely skilled team which with combined effort can bring a surprising method of play work. Thats what pisses me off. Ppl follow examples like lambs, without looking behind the background reasons of how and why something work or dont. They are deprived of personal opinion. Their opinion is an echo of what they heard or seen by pro players, which in many cases is wrongly misinterpret.
JoroA (EUW)
: Rengar with 60% ban rate and rising
he is the new Zed. Provokes players to play a certain way, build certain items and players just hate being forced out of their regular playstyle
: I can't be the only one noticing this!
the first thing that caught my eye years ago when i got introduced to LoL was how many of the concepts look very similar to already existing from other titles. Namely it was advertised as a dota follow up and similarities with dota champions were exhibit. To this day i tend to see LoL concepts lack ownership and be more universal.
: What do you think is the most Balanced Champion in the Game?
{{champion:58}} He is actually quite strong imo, i just dont understand why he has this low pick rate
: Riot removed the pink tint from Evelynn but didn't do it properly and actually made her worse.
it clearly shows how unprofessional Riot can be. We are talking about a core change in the invisibility mechanics, namely camouflage and who is the champion which used this mechanic this whole time? Evelynn. And what she gets? Terrible treatment. A total lack of competence how the changes will affect her, the one and only camouflage champion all those years.
: Played a game against a plat player.
this also works the other way around. As a plat player, playing in the lowest brackets reminded me how much worse players there are and the games i was complaining about are perfect compared to how bad it can be
: You guys took the health, the HP regen, and the aura from Locket.
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N Pelosi (NA)
: What we are in an X meta really means.
what would a support meta look like: We see support champs like Karma and Lulu being often picked in solo lanes like mid and top, or even jungle. Op support items, like the old Solari, being often pick for non support champs to earn early and cheap benefits
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be removing the screen tint while camouflaged for Evelynn, hopefully in the next patch (timing's tight to get the change in before the patch locks though). Screen tints can be useful for calling attention to specific state changes, so in a lot of cases they're valuable to reinforce when a champion is/isn't invisible or camouflaged. Given that's such a core part of Eve's play though, something the player's considering constantly, would agree that's not necessary here.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IEz0iY4O,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-11-14T23:35:45.918+0000) > > We'll be removing the screen tint while camouflaged for Evelynn, hopefully in the next patch (timing's tight to get the change in before the patch locks though). > > Screen tints can be useful for calling attention to specific state changes, so in a lot of cases they're valuable to reinforce when a champion is/isn't invisible or camouflaged. Given that's such a core part of Eve's play though, something the player's considering constantly, would agree that's not necessary here. come on, this topic doesnt even have a solid support and its already taken in consideration and even actions. Simply add a toggle on the options menu, so anyone who dont like it can turn it off, but i dont see a reason why Evelynn players will be deprived of this nice new feature. I main and play Eve for few seasons now and i dont find it irritating. Its actually much better to get your screen colored for a while instead of constantly watch the passive cd and your champion textures.
Ralanr (NA)
: What champion gets 3500 health at level 18 without stacking much HP?
first your topic for argue is very low. I wanted to point out the tanky champs which this keystone is aimed for can easily pull 3500 HP, without going out of their usual build path. The first example that comes to mind is Irelia, pick Triforce, Deadman and Spirit Visage and you reach that amount. It really depends on how you translate "stacking much hp". In the current case stacking much hp would mean intentionally focusing on HP build, combining items like Warmog and Sterak with the ones above. You could very well reach 4-5k HP and make the shield even more formidable.
Penns (EUW)
: I thought it was a pretty good keystone... then I realized it was "per enemy", and not even per enemy hit by the CC, just per nearby enemy... So, imo, yeah. Especially with 4 sec duration and no decaying.
its equivalent to Evelynn ultimate's shield, even stronger.
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Mimy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sylvant,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MNYAX99W,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-05T18:32:33.805+0000) > > yes but when you get in combat you become useless. Low heal, bad self reg etc Low heal between just windpeakers and ardent its not low... Yes I still build ardent as health soraka And you regen like nuts... What crazy world you be from?
while the topic title was aimed at Warmog, which i find many better item options to replace, the real thing that pisses me off is to see Soraka's stacking health and the build of Solari plus Ruby stone i gave as an example was used by a player that i played with recently, which is totally gimping the champion. Even if you decide to use Warmog for that health battery strategy whats the point of stacking even more health. There are so much better stats to look for like CDR and other healing increase effect, as well as armor and resistance, which raise your effective health and the effect of Q healing, not to mention much valued item abilities etc.
Mimy (NA)
: Its the Regan. If you get warmogs heart you get a TON of regen so long as you don't get hit it or enter combat you can nonstop heal your team and not lose any health.
yes but when you get in combat you become useless. Low heal, bad self reg etc
Rioter Comments
: We know about this problem, my apologies for the inconvenience! We are working on fixing this right now. Thanks for testing the alpha!
i was not aware the regular game client is in alpha state :S
0perator (NA)
: Attack move on cursor non-functional for some champions [gameplay]
my attack move options and few others got disabled just a while ago without reason, they were working few hours ago when i last played
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