Andevar (NA)
: Hopefully Riot finally notices these bugs. They’ve been allowed to exist for far too long. Sadly, most likely Riot will not notice this like the last hundred reports written about Talon’s bugs and they’ll continue to exist for another 2 seasons or more. But let’s hope.
Yeah.. it's crazy how a company this big, with so many employers, simply refuses to fix bugs that ruin their players' experience.
DJisKxng (NA)
: If you tap E on a terrain he’d grunt before he even performs the animation
: Just press Q once, bug solved
It's not that simple. You unconsciously double-press your keys more than you think, believe me.
Kenneky (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TH3RM4L,realm=EUNE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=rEL9hRpH,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-20T18:49:13.817+0000) > > What if I told you that the melee Q bug has been in the game since patch 8.9 and the passive bug has always been in the game ever since he got reworked in season 6.. That's a darn shame... I am aware he got reworked back then, but never expected to have those glitches from that much longer, that's just insane. One of the reason I hate his ultimate glitch is because I have the Enduring sword skin (and also the SSW skin) and the delay ruins the blade animation. I did encounter other glitches tho, If you get cc while jumping over a wall, you start walking inside the wall, not sure If that is an actual glitch...
Sometimes the animation doesn't play and he walks through the wall instead, yes. You can reproduce it every time by jumping over a wall right after you Q'd someone.
Kenneky (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TH3RM4L,realm=EUNE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=rEL9hRpH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-20T16:50:48.766+0000) > > That bug has been in the game ever since they recoded his ult to work with Sylas. What really? I started playing him constantly 2 months ago, never playing him before Sylas was released. Can't believe it's been like that for much longer, I hate that glitch so much.
What if I told you that the melee Q bug has been in the game since patch 8.9 and the passive bug has always been in the game ever since he got reworked in season 6..
Kenneky (EUW)
: I really hate the ultimate glitch, even tho It's only visual, it's really annoying. That glitch have been for a while now - several patches. For the rest, never encountered them myself...
That bug has been in the game ever since they recoded his ult to work with Sylas.
Rioter Comments
: Damage Text Changes
I feel like the current purple fits magic damage way better than blue.
: Caitlyn's abilities look far too magic-y now. If you were to look just at the particle animation I wouldn't be able to tell it was a sniper bullet from a gun. Please tone it down and make it look more physical and practical.
I thought the same thing for Jax. The guy hits you with a simple lamp, yet he produces mystic-ish sparkle effects while doing so. And his E looks like he's about to release a magic shockwave of damage, but he actually just physically hits everyone around him.
: you are pressing the button twice before it goes on cd not after and as talons ult text says "each time the blades move, shadow assault deals physical damage to enemies **hit by atleast one blade**" that doesnt seem to match up with what you're saying
His Q is not inteded to work like that and it should be fixed. I don't know how delusional you must be to think that it's okay for it to be like this. As for the second one, the enemies don't have to be hit by at least one blade visually, the hitbox is a circle around Talon and the blades are irrelevant, which is why enemies get hit by Talon's first R cast even if they are between the blades. If what you said was true, the dummy shouldn't be hit in the first video at all, but it does get hit TWICE, unless Talon runs away. And there is no "angle" thing, no matter which direction or how far the blades go, they should damage the enemy, because it is within 550 units of Talon's ult. This thing is nothing but inconsistency.
: using q again is another command and you can see that the blades arent touching the dummy and dont go through it on the return this isnt a bug you just think its a bug because it didnt use to happen to you because they were actually inside the blades when you ulted instead of in-between 2 of them
Casting an ability that is on cooldown shouldn't cancel the autoattack. It makes absolutely no sense. Imagine having your ability canceled just because you pressed it twice. It doesn't matter if the enemy is between two blades or inside one, the hitbox is circular, not invididual for each blade. If they are within 550 units of Talon, they are considered in range for damage and hit by his blades.
: the first one isnt a bug its just the angle of the blades when your far away makes it so the blades miss which can be seen in the video and im pretty sure that the second one is just you putting in another command that overrides the automatic aa after his q so in a way not a bug unless it didnt work like that in the past
It shouldn't work like that. The blade is basically inside the dummy, why would it not take damage when it goes out of it? This bug didn't exist before Talon's rework. As for the second bug, no, I didn't input any other command; I just pressed Q twice.
: I don't understand the first bug , can you explain more?
Uhh, isn't the video clear enough? I think it's pretty obvious. - Talon ults and his blades damage the enemy. - Talon runs away. - Talon's ult expires and his blades go back to him, but they don't damage the enemy again. Notice how in the first example Talon's ult deals 785 total damage and applies 2 stacks (both parts hit). But in the second example where he runs away, the first part deals 371 damage applying 1 passive stack and the second part doesn't hit Target Dummy at all.
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: Compare the range, it should be equal to varus Read the third paragraph. Also keep in mind that the indicator is about 75 units off, since they didn't bother changing it.
: And its scope is 445 instead of 575, which is more serious.
If by scope you mean indicator, yes. It is smaller than the actual range. But I don't think that it's more serious, since people should be using quick cast anyway.
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: Just for curiosity, where did you read he should auto AA after melee Q.
I don't have to read it anywhere. Talon always autoattacked his target after melee Q, but for some reason it doesn't work anymore if you click Q more than once.
: OK repost it, but not daily. Once a week should be ok for 2 reason: 1. It's annoying to see same post everyday 2. They can be deleted for spam
I said **every patch**, which means **once two weeks**. It would be meaningless to post it more often than that.
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: Hey! Character inking in our game is finicky, and we don't have a ton of control over it. It's all or nothing, we can't select or deselect bits and pieces of the model that we'd like it to cover, unfortunately. To 'fix' something like this - it's more of a workaround - you'd need to turn off character inking entirely. Other skins, like Dawnbringer Riven, also suffer from this: It's certainly a known issue on our end, but not something that would be a quick fix.
Hey, thanks for your response. It's unfortunate that it's not easily fixable, but I'll just hope that you guys will eventually find a way to do it.
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TálØnly (EUW)
: Revert Talon Q changes
Agreed, I miss 5/10 kills because my auto doesn't go off when it should. I just stay there like a dumbass doing nothing.
Eggbread (NA)
: If Anything Is Done About Yasuo...
" Talon's ultimate arguably does less " Wrong. Talon's ult does 40 more damage than Yasuo's ult.


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