: Xin Zhao Gameplay Update - To the Arena!
Hey @Riot Xenogenic Long time Xin player/main here (since season 1'ish). Been hoping servers but this is me on EUNE currently. http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Tazokh I would like to thank you so much for bring Xin to the rework table =D. Really do. He has been my favorite for a long time and I always get the occasional "oh wow no skill champ" haha, so I am looking forward to this gameplay update. I have several concerns and feedback being a pretty decent Xin main. 1. Passive: Will Xin still retain the armor debuff on last attacked target? That passive was/is crucial with dealing with super tanks along with the botrk build path. 2.W: - I really like the change to the W and look forward to it. From what it sounds like, is it similar to a Rengar - Q ?? - I hope there is no movement pause when he casts it. - Also will it be longer than the E dash range? - if so, is it possible for W-E-Q - Would you consider having the slow on the first part of the W? as E already has a small aoe slow. 3.E: - I use my E very carefully when playing Xin, I try to either wait for enemy flash or save it for a hasty exit if things go sour. - The attack speed steroid now granted to the E pretty much is a intentional force to use E at the start of a gank to get the attack speed buff off. - Will it still have AP ratio? I occasionally go Rageblade on Xin. I would get the stacks and then E for more dmg. 4.R: - A much needed change. But will the Arena zone follow Xin ? - Sometimes I will try to flash and get behind the enemy backline and R knockback a priority/out of position target into my team. This was the only thing I felt needed proper timing/understand and a bit of skill . I hope this is possible, but with the zone created it will incite Xin players to stay in?? On a Fun note - I have always questioned Xin's R. like theoretically how does his spear knock back people. If anything if he cast at their feet, they would be knocked up. lol. Perhaps the spear would go 360 and knock people to the side till they are all lined up. haha that would be fun. Then you could direct which direction you want them to line up to. It feels like these changes will make Xin quite strong and competitive pick, almost as strong as when he was launched(hextech gunblade days). I hope so xD But on the other hand I feel he will still pretty much be the same(dash-knockback-knockup), where will the skill expression come in to play? W? From my perspective, Xin shines super early game, and loses leverage as lanes collapse and team fights begin. Then after that he usually is best at forcing a split push or playing suicidal. He is quite strong in 1 v 1 with his passive. But careful understanding and switching of priority targets as the game progresses is key for Xin. Xin also has massive diversity in build paths from going decently tanky build> to utility xin build to >full out mental dmg build. So I hope he can carry on with his diversity, but with the changes will Xin also get a small stats check? Vi has always been my Xin 2.0 . Do you reckon Xin will be able to compete with Vi? kk thanks, sorry long post, Taz
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