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: If they were wanting to balance this game one of the best thing they could do would be is completely remove runes. As you say it adds to manh variables into the game
i totally forgot about the runes ...(sike, i was bored to write about it) yea , pretty much the new runes are the worst thing to modern day gaming ...
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: nobody cares xd. Just totally sucks regular urf isnt out where you see the exact same 15 champs every game haha! so much better
yea yea .. the same shit everytime "15 champs" lol nub , people play those champs because they like them ... plus i was playing all the champions in URF like most of people.. only few people played the same champis again and again
: Wits doesn't give ap... Mages don't want to build it because they'll get melted by anything when they auto for more than 0.5 seconds. Only special cases like {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} and {{champion:96}} want to buy it because they have the stats and the steroids in their kits to make it worth buying. EDIT: I forgot to say that I think it should go in both Magic penetration AND in the Attack speed categories due to it's nature
as a teemo main , i build it for fun when i have 150 kills ahead of everyone kappa
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: They need to make it purely mastery point based and get rid of the s requirements because they're so hit or miss (imo). Get them crazy easy spree games, impossible to get I'm others. It is "mastery" after all. 300k for 8 doesn't seem like enough. Personally, I'd make it something like 1m for 8 since it would probably be the last tier, and I'd want it to be really grand.
there are more numbers after 8 ... 9 10.. then they can give special names ... like "Master Mastery" "Proffesional" etc.. 150k points for each mastery should be okay...IF they make more than 1 mastery... plus 1 million mastery points are impossible to hit without winning at least 10 games a day... a number of games not everyone plays..
: What's your ideal game length?
45 minutes... MAX 50... having games ending before 30 it's just rubbish... you don't even get to complete full build
Mita3003 (EUNE)
: It lools cool but i hope riot are done with mastery on champions. It doesnt show you that you are good with the champ and most people just use it to spam mastery level 7
it's a cosmetic actually... like skins , emotes, ward skins etc.. it a motive for people not to troll and try to get something for being good at the game
: Can we bring back zephyr
true :/ i really miss this item as well
Sceizer (EUW)
: Sounds cool where can I play it
you can't . it was removed some years ago because idiots were boosting accounts there to level 30 and were selling them :/
: New Summmoner spells (Ideas)
temporarily disables towers ? because towers aren't useless enough lol
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: God, it's been a while since I heard that name.
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: git gud dude.
nice meme you got there , you borrow from 2014?
: Or both.
hm..thats a nice conspirancy theory there
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: Riot August is designing champions again
oh cool !! lets see the next monster he is going to create
Echo3s (NA)
: Shen Nerfed?
Shen is pretty good actually.. and thank's god he got a nerf ... when u go to diamond-challenger he is a common champion ...
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: Someone unfamiliar with League looking at your nickname would say Teemo is a pretty nice guy who created the emergency phone line in the US
knowledge is power my friend
: Petition for Ultimate skins to get free Emotes that come with them.
and... suddenly the ultimate skins will cost 450 RP more ... but they will come with 2 emotes !
Mimr (EUW)
: Because humans are genetically programmed to copy the behaviour of whoever they look up to.
no... if that was real , everyone watching crime series , would be a serial killer ... or a super cop
: its more like vice versa. challengers copy bronze tactics and find out that they work. tweak the items and make a guide.
if broze tactics worked , they wouldn't be bronze .. lul
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: But if I want to go anivia top with {{item:3508}} and {{item:3085}}, than don't judge me.
: Mastery 8 Banner
4 S+ ? carrying hard gives you A- now days.. good luck getting S+ x4
: And our lord and saviour malzahar is nerfed.
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Cunky (NA)
: My top 5 favorite burst assassins
it has to be MF... harder burst than syndra with 20 balls R
: You have Teemo in your name and are complaining about other champions being cancer, alright.
i main teemo , that's why he is on my name.... and heart
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: Remove Grievous Wounds From Morellonomicon and Make A New AP Item With It
: Tell that to Faker.
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: Oh boy... Riot are adding voice chat to League *giggle*
GigglesO (NA)
: So I'm pretty sure the new HP bars is a gimmick...
tone down the damage? there are 1000 sources of damage in the game... riot won't even bother trying
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: Lisha Mad at Imaqtpie?
okay.... who cares?
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