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Swain Dog (EUNE)
: ***
Presses R and runs it down to enemy team.
: Option of ranked queue with every persons chat disabled?
: When master yi rework?
Right now, they are reworking fiddle and voli. And btw, yi doesnt need big rework. He is fine as he is.
: Why is gold such a hard area to find good supports?
lol idk, i guess you are just not appreciating the good ones you get, while always noticing the bad ones.
: Nerf Feddlesticks plz
dude, fiddle is garbage right now.
: Here's your awesome matchmaking system RIOT!
lmao, i dont know how people encounred so many trolls. Like toxic players sure, 1 in 2 games or so, but inters/ leavers almost never apear in my games.
Copyright exists. If you want naruto play shen or zed.
ChenGong (EUW)
: faking a leash?
Most people dont know anything about jungle pathing, so it doesnt change much in lower ranks, but if you dont get punished, theres no reason to not do so.
: Most of the players are brain dead
"MOst OF tHe plAYErS ARe BRAiN dEAD" - hardstuck silver
XxStanCexX (EUNE)
Dude, you solved the problem yourself already. Just mute your team if they start flaming and thats it. If you dont go overboard with replying riot cant ban you, and if you do- well, just mute them again.
: Fun builds for me to try
Thanks {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} everyone !
: any champ?
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Rikisorsa (EUW)
: Which role is mechanically easiest, and why?
i would say supp and top. i personally believe my mechanics arent good and i like healing people so im maining supp myself, and top got alot of tanks that arent very hard to pickup
Ashadeep (NA)
: Lack Luster Inspiration Tree For Runes
very unhealthy for the game, either super broken, 1 in 100 chance to work or complete trash
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