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Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Statikk, I think everyone here agrees that Vel'Koz does not need to be touched. He has a very defining kit,he is perfectly balanced, he does require some skill to play, and he offers great counterplay on both ends of the spectrum. Vel'Koz was my first main and still is, so if you had to mess around with anything, the passive is the way to go. Also, it might just be me, but I think his W does a little too much damage, because if you land both shots, you already have true damage from the passive. I think some mages you should touch on are Veigar, as he is in a really wierd spot right now, same with Fiddlesticks. Some other options are Gragas, Karthus, Annie, Kennen, and Lissandra. Now bow down to the Vel'God {{champion:161}}
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