: None of them. "easy" is a pretty sour way to end a game, but issuing a harsh punishment for such a petty thing would be too much imo. Leavers/afk: Life just sometimes gets in the way or your ISP has issues. Repeatedly leaving games is already being punished, no need to make people afraid of leaving even a single game. Spamming surrenders is just one little box at the edge of your screen. Giving up and flaming are two separate issues and are already being punished. Low points on champion: If people often play champions they are unfamiliar with that will be reflected in their mmr. So even if they play an unfamiliar champion, your chances of winning shouldn't suffer too much. Additionally, some players don't like playing normals. Those players would be locked into their current champion pool. Ignoring Nexus: Who didn't want to drag out the game 20 more seconds to get two more kills or revel in the feeling of victory a little longer? As long as you don't keep the enemy team trapped in their fountain for multiple minutes that shouldn't be punishable. "non-int" feeders: Knowing when to fight and when not is just a skill you get better at, also being reflected in your mmr. You wouldn't ban people for missing farm or getting hit by skillshots, so why punish bad positioning/picking fights you'll likely lose?
> [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PxeUJX5B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T10:42:30.720+0000) > Leavers/afk: Life just sometimes gets in the way or your ISP has issues. Repeatedly leaving games is already being punished, no need to make people afraid of leaving even a single game. > > Ignoring Nexus: Who didn't want to drag out the game 20 more seconds to get two more kills or revel in the feeling of victory a little longer? As long as you don't keep the enemy team trapped in their fountain for multiple minutes that shouldn't be punishable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just tried to see how much i need to leave from normals to get something. Well. After 10 match in 3 hours you know what i got. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I'm not even sure, if there is an actual punishment, but if there is, then it's low as HELL. As my post told i wouldn't give instant big ban either. My first would be a single hour. Practically a warning, and some time to look into your stuff, if it wasn't intentional. Also try a custom game, or vs ai so you can see, if it works. I wouldn't affect these either so you can test it. Yeah or might lose a winning game, because of it.
: Time to start makes changes for few champions
The difference between Leona, and Nautilus is the way their survival works. Nautilus currently got much better. The reason is the general tank nerf which made the magic resist, and armor pretty much worthless above a quite small value, and health less effective. It doesn't matter anymore if you got 130 armor, or 330. Same thing with Rammus. His survival is one of the lowest among the tanks, because it works with stacking armor+magic res. Leona jump through minions means, that she can engagee at pretty much any time. Naut's stop on minions means, that a single minion is enough to use as "shield" against his engage. So for that Leona is better at engaging, but Nautilus got better survival, and damage on it's own. Leona's damage is nearly the same, but ONLY if ALL 3 passive abused. If a single one of them fails due stacking, then Nautilus deals more damage. Lux's problem is the low cost on Q. Landing her Q is easy kill with many champ, and the cost is so low, that she can try it non-stop. Same goes for Morgana, Tresh hook, Blitz hook, Naut hook, Leona jump, and several other. You miss 10 times? Who cares you can try it 30 times more before out of mana. What i would do with these. 1. Rework the armor, and magic resistance so stacking them might worth it. Like make it linear from 0 to 400. At 400 it would be capped at 90% damage reduction, and below that it goes linearly. This would make armor, and magic resistance stackers much more survival, and those who don't much easier to kill. No more unkillable Aatrox with 100 armor. 2. Rooting effect should go up with rank. Morgana Q start on 1 second, and with ranks goes up to 3. Lux Q similar. Zyra root too. Instead of full time on rank1 making it OP as hell in early, and cheap as fuck for later usage. It's one hell of a pressure, that enemy uses it non-stop, and if it hits only once you are DEAD. 3. Any hook, and charge, that can be combined with quick CC, and easy kill should have large mana cost. You shouldn't get the luxury of 30 tries before out of mana. Make it 5. 4. Midlaners should remain midlaners. Give them less base stat, and better ratios. Xerath, and Vel'Koz can DESTROY enemy botlane, and gives HUGE pressure with their non-stop poking. Pretty much dodge all the time, and if you fail a few, then you are good as dead. On my 3. play with Xerath i got S- rank, and DESTROYED enemy botlane. You dodged 30 times? Who cares my passive let me use it INFINITE more times. 4.1 Or make enchanters easier to defend their carry, and themselves from poke. Give Janna, and Lulu refound on their shield while it absorbs. Janna shield also should have less cooldown so no time when enemy can poke, but Janna can't shield. Healer's should not pay 3 times the mana cost of the same damage. Soraka should have her Q heal at least similar to these poker champs' damage, and match their range. Maybe give her bigger mana cost as a compensation. Right now going for Soraka Q is risky as hell against most of these as their CC combo can melt Soraka real fast, if it hits only once.
: Should a seperate stat be created for support abilities
The current problem is the fact, that most supports are not designated supports. Beside Yuumi, and Soraka any support can go to any lane, and beside Leona, Janna, Braum, Taric, and Lulu all of them work on peak efficiency. Leona can't use her passive alone. Janna gives AD with her shield. That AD worths more on an ADC. Lulu shield gives her passive. That passive is best used with champion, that has big attack speed. Braum's passive is stacked by teammates. Stacking alone is less efficient. Taric's W gives the rest of his abilities more efficiency, but it requires an ally. On the other hand with the serious cost reduction, and base strength the poker champions are equipped with they can go to support easily. Tanks also can go support easier, because tank items are nerfed under the metro, and tank champions got better survival on their own. There are 3 solution for this, if we want to solve it. 1. Remove the gold difference somehow. Such as making gold spread between players on last hit. In return botlane would get more minions, and gold items would be removed. This would allow any champion to go support. 2. Make supports more designated to their role. Reduce base values for most champions, and increase ratios instead. While do the opposite for supports so they make up for the lack of extra gold. 3. Give more support designated items. Better warding stone that allows more wards to be placed, and carried, cheaper teammate helping items, but without stacks to each other. Such as a lesser Iron Solary, Mikael with, and Redemption less stats, and the active, but for much less gold so you can build easier. In lategame you could still upgrade them to full items.
: Which "problem" would you adjust first as developer?
I would chose the leavers. Not instant permaban, but at least one hour on first, and one day probation, then one day ban with two day probation, then 2 day ban with 4 day, and so on up to 16 days ban, and 32 days probation. After that it would be permanent.
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nichooo (NA)
: Toxic in Normals?
Sadly sometimes happen. You know there are 3 types of players. 1. Normal only players. To these guys ranked doesn't exist, and expect everyone to give their absolute best, and be skilled with everything on normals. 2. Ranked only players. To these guys normals don't exist, and they do everything on ranked. Such as trying out new champ, switching roles, or trying out something they saw on challenger LCS player for the first time. 3. Players with minimal intelligence at least. These players understand, that normal is not neccessarily about the win, and that on ranked you should do your absolute best. They are USUALLY(not always) weak on normals, because they don't do their best build/champ though. Sadly these are the rarest kind.
gun20 (EUW)
: problem is team is so dumb they never go first they just wait they destroy us or going alone to die. all games i should be the one go do something but now even that is impossible cuz if i jump i will die instantly and their adc still live and win the game. assassins point is kill adc to make your team win game or push dumb team to come fight but now i can't kill adc and no one go first how i should do something as a assassin :(
The support's job is often to protect the ADC against the assassins. As assassin you have 2 jobs. If you go 1v5, then entire team will protect that ADC. 1. In teamfight kill important target, but don't go in first as you unlikely to oneshot a good player. 2. Catch out solo guys. If an enemy squishy guy goes solo, then it's free kill for you. Go get it. Also would it be better the opposite? Let's buff up the assassins so they can oneshot any non-tank enemy. Even if it's protected by support. It would practically erase the ADC as role.
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pAETVmlM,comment-id=0006000200000000,timestamp=2019-06-25T14:56:03.499+0000) > > Old players might get it from the old times. There used to be no ward items, and wards were bought as consumable like potions. Also no limits on how much you place, and were able to keep 5 ward on a slot. I even had a "tactic", that went surprisingly well with Janna. > > 2 gold item, boots, and 15 ward. I warded everything. We even saw, if they went to toilet. I could say, that our map control was damn near to perfect, and as Janna i was able to escape like 99% of the time. But that doesn't explain on "only supports ward" since anybody can buy that consumable. I started in mid season 4, holy shit i can imagine the map lit up like a Christmas tree though.
Pretty much was that. Back in the day support could carry even less, than now on it's own, but the responsibility of warding was heavy. I called that "wardmaster Janna", because my help in teamfight was quite low, but the ability to see literary everything had it's own reward. Though brainless team still failed to abuse it. Sometimes i miss those days, but then i remember how little i was able to help in the teamfights compared to later times. Everyone could buy ward, but othe people only did, if they had to during lane phase. Once midgame kicked in everyone used all their gold for their own, and supports were the ones who went out warding. It was the "meta" which was removed by the new system. Limited number of wards first, then by removing wards as consumable alltogether. On the other hand jungler had a harder time. Only a few jungler were able to jump outside ward range, and only with ult. If someone beaten his lane, then he was able to ward it constantly, or even vision ward it constantly against Eve, and Twitch. Also there was no exploding herbs so one less route for common junglers. Today a good jungler can gank any lane except bot at all times, if pushed. He just need to find the right route.
Aladoron (EUW)
: IDK what do you mean by low elo, but this is clearly the case until mid dia :D Very nice summary!
Never been on that high, but it's concerning. I was hoping it gets better in plat once i reach that.
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Power Mac,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pAETVmlM,comment-id=00060002,timestamp=2019-06-25T14:41:43.837+0000) > > Nah, as a main support, what I keep getting told is "You're the support, you ward". And no, it doesn't work in the end. I don't even know where they get this type of idea...
Old players might get it from the old times. There used to be no ward items, and wards were bought as consumable like potions. Also no limits on how much you place, and were able to keep 5 ward on a slot. I even had a "tactic", that went surprisingly well with Janna. 2 gold item, boots, and 15 ward. I warded everything. We even saw, if they went to toilet. I could say, that our map control was damn near to perfect, and as Janna i was able to escape like 99% of the time.
: Imagine not posting this in memes and games
Because this is not a meme, or joke. This is the sad truth.
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: You forgot a rule: never use wards. Wards are toxic and should be reportable for using them. Anyway, this reminded me of a match I had where I was playing Amumu Jungle and in minute like 5 (Idk, but it was early af) I ganked my top laner and killed the enemy Darius. He went "gg" and afk-ed right after. Yeah...1 gank = rage quit. I don't know if I should track the dude and give him a bitch slap and educate the fucker or laugh at his stupidity.
Made the edit. Thanks for the reminder.
: Need advice on what to do as adc
ALWAYS prepick your best ADC. Chances are that support will go synergy, if not, then try to give good ADC yourself, if not experienced enough yet, then go with your best. Even if you win early game, if you bring unexperienced ADC it will cost your teamfights. There are 3 support types. Tanky-CC such as Leona, Alistar, Tresh, Blitz etc.. These guys live for engage, and you MUST follow up. So always pay attention to them, and be ready to engage at all times. If countered with Morgana, or Braum, or Ezreal, then try to play safe, and be prepared for HELL. Poker such as Brand, Fiddle, Vel'Koz, Zyra etc.. These guys are all about poking the sht out of the enemy, but their trade will unlikely worth it unless you do the same. Best if you bring Ezreal, Caitlyn, or Sivir along. If countered, then stick to turret, and farm/poke from there. Protector such as Lulu, Janna, Soraka, Yuumi.. These girls are about keeping you alive at all times. DO NOT all in until level6. But remember, that pretty much any trade is auto win, if the support is good. Poke when you can, but if health goes down quickly, then disengage. Also if playing against all-in enemy, then disengage instantly until 6 unless you are very confident to beat the enemy. Best if you bring something with big damage. Your survival will be the job of your support, and not yours. Varrus, Jinx, Vayne are great ones. Current top ADCs: {{champion:81}} Easy to survive with, because of the free flash, but difficult to deal real good damage. Surviving the game is not enough. You need to deal damage, and that takes some practice. Still he is one of the stronger ones with big versatility. He can poke the hell out of the enemy, can easily disengage to be healed, and can give nice all-in on the CC-ed enemy. {{champion:67}} Probably the hardest ADC in the entire game since. Ever. But a good Vayne wins lategame. Period. There is no counterplay, no counterbuild, no counter champion for lategame. {{champion:119}} Not exactly easy, but a good Draven wins botlane with any support against any enemy. And a fed Draven will win the game easily as well. He still needs skill though.
: Pls nerf Tahm kench
If it were up to me, then i would nerf Tham's base values, and increase it's ratios. Right now the problem is, that it has extreme base values, and with it easily ruins toplane. However his ratios are weak. Once teamfight state reached Tham's efficiency goes down faster, than stones in water. He has no good damage, nor extreme CC. All he has is big survival which can be countered by simply ignoring him. Just kill his teammates, and when he stands 4v1 you can slaughter him still.
GawaPowa (NA)
: Akali should be buffed
She is quite strong still. Sure there are some champs that counters her, but everything has counters. Right now assassin type characters are generally good, and Akali even has a nice bit of survival with her invisibility.
gun20 (EUW)
: assassins are bad
Any champ has counters. As assassin your CDs are quite low. Sure a Zhonya can save your target, but it has bigger CD, than your ult, and most Assassin has escape mechanic after combo. Playing against good support can be problematic, but there is a secret. Don't initiate the teamfight. Assassins are not frontliners. Once Lulu used up her CD to buff the ADC you are free to destroy it. If there is a Soraka in enemy team, then focus her. No excuses. If she is present, then she must die FIRST.
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: My Experiences Traveling Through Gold/Silver (Smurf)
The basic rules. If you win no matter how hard, or easy write "gg ez" at the end. You won't get punished for it ever, and enemy will be outraged. If you win lane, then losing the game is not your fault no matter what. If your teammate is soft losing the lane, then DON'T YOU DARE to help him. If soft lose turns into hard lose, then start flaming, if enemy start roam, then flame, if teammate dies to gank, then flame, if teammate lose turret, then flame. Botlane stat is always combined. And no matter how good/bad the carry, or support they go together. Even if one afks out for babyrage the other is to blame as well. If you lose even just slightly, then spam surr. after 15. You are free to quit for whatever reason you have. Such as denied penta, being ganked more by enemy than team, or simply having a bad moment. You need to go afk at least 25 times in a month to get real punishment. Use it!
: Mord ult should be dodgable,
You can see it, and "dodge" it with any untargetable/invisibility effect.
: How good is varus at the moment
Not exceptional in any way. No big escape without ult, and nor extreme attack damage. Counterbuild possible. For strong ADC there are some other options. {{champion:67}} Probably the hardest, but also the strongest ADC. Has the luxury of attacking anyone. You can have infinite armor, and health she still kills you with true damage fairly fast. {{champion:81}} With the modification his damage is quite good, and he has superior mobility, and great early poke. A good Ezreal pretty much unkillable while he melts your face. {{champion:119}} His superior damage makes him easy early win, and easier farm. Even if you counter him he can farm perfectly under turret from LEVEL ONE. But countering him is not exactly simple, because all basic attack trades are easy win for him.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Zilean is the most versatile champion in the game!
His AP ratios on damage is not exceptional. He is pretty good, but i wouldn't call him OP. Pretty much any champ with quick jump, or untargetable counters him 1v1. {{champion:84}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:38}} (after 6){{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:497}} (while ally is around){{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:350}} (while ally is around){{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} With this many champion, that can easily outplay him i wouldn't call him "op"
: Thing I cant stand about silver elo
Best thing is when teammate plays the push+die card. Like how i'm supposed to gank them? Dive full health enemy? Or sit around for that 10 minutes until they get killed+pushed? These guys literary spends 90% of the time running back to lane, or standing at enemy turret. Then at the end. "But i won my lane." Dude even challengers lose their lane sometimes. But the difference is, that they won't give kills, and able to comeback.
: shit thread. If a champion is made or killed by just one item he's problematic. His ult shouldn't steal any stats at all, create simply an arena, and if the other person dies then he steals stats. QSS should also not free people from ult.
The secondary problem is the CC. While ulted by Morde you can't do anything. As AOE champ, or Support you are pretty much screwed. Also lots of champion can be drastically reduced with a single item. {{item:3157}} pretty much counters all assassins. Heal reduction items are nearly halves {{champion:16}} {{item:3140}} Is great agains Morde, Malza, and any team with heavy CC.
GigglesO (NA)
: So I have permission to complain about the ridiculous amounts of damage in this game as I'm playing {{champion:516}} and building straight tank and still dying in less than 3 seconds.
Pretty much. I played as Rammus several times, and despite being pure tank. I still die in less than 5 seconds after engage.
: is there an anti-{{champion:223}} item? im still looking... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Tahm is strong early, but worthless late. His ratios are so low, that his damage will be pretty much worthless. All the team has to do is ignore him, and kill him as last in 1 vs many. In early i'm not sure how to hard counter it, but picking a ranged allows at least under-turret farm. Teemo works pretty well once Liandry done. % damage hurts him badly, and he can't stack while blinded, and can't outrun Teemo. Especially not when there is a minefield before him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vsdKYAvw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-24T19:18:51.500+0000) > > Pretty much. Unless youre a support, you have build options available. If you are a support, generally difficult as you lack the gold and item availability. Supports have so many active build options that are so cheap... Unless your support is buying the wrong stuff such as finishing their tier 3 support item early and going for expensive boots over mobis... it's literally a cake walk to get counterplay as a support. Yeah morellos is out of the way... but your adc gets to buy a grevious wounds for 800 g... why would u ever need to buy it for yourself as a support? And if you're a tank support then actually throw that out the window because bramble vest is extremely cheap. Supports not being able to get strong items is fake news. The old rank 1 challenger support literally would roam and steal kills just so he could reach his items faster because support items are so good and they have so many options. Even building tanky as an enchanter support is viable... like I don't get what you mean, but support isn't some non carry role anymore... they literally buffed support so many times into a carry role. People who act like it isn't clearly don't play it at high elos lol.
As support main i can assure you, that Support can't carry alone. Sure a good support means a hell of a difference, but will not win the game without at least one good teammate. Poker supports need the ADC to poke as well. Otherwise their trading will end up badly. Assuming the enemy is not an idiot. Tank supports need the ADC to ract the engage. Otherwise they just end up 2v1. Not engaging will lose the lane against poker, and protector support. Fast agains poker, and slow against protector. Protector support needs a teammate they can work with in teamfight. Someone worth protecting. That person is not neccessarily the ADC. Better give everything to a fed Yi, than a worthless Jihn as Lulu. As for building. They still got less gold. It's pretty much the weakness of the poker supports. If they fail to get some kills/assist early, then the lack of gold makes them worthless until late. I remember non-fed support Lux putting out whole combo on ADC, and dealt like 40% damage. Took like 3 seconds for him to get it back from lifesteal. As tank building QSS isn't much problem since mr. is good anyway. As protector building QSS means delaying other important items. Though their lack of items is not that critical.
: I was wondering how support would work. How about tanks? Can tanks reasonably build QSS for mord?
They get gold from special gold items, but still less, than others. Most support are designed with strong base values, but low ratios. This makes them quite useful even without any items, but in lategame they suffer greatly by the lack of ratios. Tanks can build QSS, but not really need it. They best used with carry, that can protect itself, because they have difficult times protecting the carry. On the other hand they can survive quite well. More problem is for protective, and poker supports. They have harder time surviving Morde, and the lowered gold gives them hard time building QSS. For poker it means pretty much total erasement of their damage until lategame. Protective supports has better survival, but they are meant to protect the carry. Something they can't do from Morde ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hethalean,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vsdKYAvw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-24T19:25:25.061+0000) > > I was wondering how support would work. > > How about tanks? Can tanks reasonably build QSS for mord? Build mikaels...
It's the cheapest item in the game anyway. You can build it before first team fight occurs, and since the healing part of it was erased it's the best item available. By the way unlike QSS that one doesn't remove Morde ult on self usage.
Onerios (EUW)
: Kind of depends on what else is going on. Ulting the support when it's a structured fight and the teams look something like lulu+vayne+XYX and your mord+zed+ABC is often going to be the right call, mord can't reasonably deal with vayne with or without lulu around but taking lulu out the picture can let zed get a much easier assassination run off. The vayne is still going to buy the qss to avoid a "my team just lost the 4v4 while I was forced to 1v1 mord" situation as well, which makes zed's life even easier as it delays things like GA. Or if it's a damage support like vel'koz or brand, ulting them before they can aoe dump gives you an easy target to kill and prevents them from having an impact on the fight.
Ulting Soraka will pretty much erase her for that time. Even her ult doesn't heal others from there, and W can't be used on self anyway. Not to mention, that supports go with less gold, than most champions. So building them a QSS takes longer, and has greater impact on the rest on the items. On the other hand defender supports like Lulu, or Soraka should not be in frontline making Morde harder time trying to ult them.
: Riot why are you putting newly level 30 players in their ranked promos in our ranked games?
I don't know where newly lvl30 placement starts now, but around a year, or two ago when i moved to eune from west i started from bronze 2, or 1 after placement. In like 2, or 3 weeks i climbed to gold 3. I had like 80%+ winrate. I know smurfing is bad, but i wasn't sure if i stay around so i rather made new account, than transfer. However during the placement it was surprisingly difficult. My best guess, that it was with gold players which is truly unacceptable. Newly 30 should start at iron 4, and then play like if it were new season. Gaining lots of point for winning, and lose nothing until placement is done.
Kelg (NA)
: As a 1.2 million mastery Morde main, there is only one thing the rework needs to be perfect
Well it's something Riot can turn into profit. If nothing else, then this should be enough reason to make it.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Kombinator,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g19VFoAh,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-21T07:14:19.551+0000) > > Not really. Remake only works, if someone is not there from start. There is no way to tell, that the game is already lost at that point. Unless you face against a known super smurf guy, but that's unlikely. > > However if we let a player make other players lose less, then it's an exploit to help out friends. Like you see, that game is lost so your premade quickly goes afk so you lose less LP. With it he makes your ranking easier. If you're premade with someone who AFKs/DCs, your LP loss is not mitigated. 200 IQ. Problem solved.
> [{quoted}](name=Phreaktastic,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g19VFoAh,comment-id=0000000000000002,timestamp=2019-06-21T16:54:53.993+0000) > > If you're premade with someone who AFKs/DCs, your LP loss is not mitigated. 200 IQ. Problem solved. Still people can play the "good guy", and save everyone else from the loss. Premade or not.
Ornn (OCE)
: Deserving of massive nerfs please
The only thing that can stop a late Yi is some heavy CC. Since he is fast as hell, and goes untargetable often you need CC without skillshots, or with large AOE, and it has to be fast, and long enough, and you need 2 in case, if he buys QSS. Not many champion has non-skillshot CC. {{champion:32}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:33}} Beside the fact, that these are a quite small number of champion. YOU NEED TWO. The best nerf could be, if we increase his Q CD, or make it a minimum CD to it. The primary problem about killing Yi is that he goes into Q like every 2 second. 14-(14*0,4)=8,4 Each basic attack reduces it by 1 second. With 2.5 attack speed this cooldown goes away in 2,4 seconds.
: new champ? help me build them!
Passive: toss-around. Basic attack knock the enemy a bit back, and teleports {new champ} close to the target. If target champion hit wall, then takes extra damage, if hits enemy champion, then both take extra damage. (3 second cooldown) Q-Rock pillar. Summons a pillar in a short distance, that act as a wall. Reactivating makes the pillar gone. W-Jump through. Melee range ability. {new champ} Jumps through the enemy, and instantly lands a basic attack. E-Sand trap. Creates a trap on target location, if enemy goes into it, then it gets slowed down, if can't leave the trap in 2 second, then also get stunned for 1 second. R-Serious punches. Reduce passive's cooldown to 0, and increase AD, and sets max. attack speed to 1,5. Any further attack speed multiplies AD. Special synergy with champions, that can create walls as {new champion} can use them to it's passive.
: Speed - The Forgotten Problem...
Yeah another thing about snowballing is the low cost on many poke stuff. Back in the day Blitz's pull 110 mana. Morgana Q also did like 25% on early levels, and Cait couldn't use Q non-stop. Now every new/reworked champ is low cost, or super high regen. You missed Blitz grab 4 times? Who cares you can try 10 times more before oom. You missed Morgana Q 5 times. Here have 30 more tries. If you hit once, then easy kill. In some cases i can literary lose games by all enemy bringing long range stuff, tha pokes the hell out of us, and keep distance with their 999 speed, CC, and free flashes.
: Kayn has very high mana regen, but high mana costs. What it the reason behind this?
He's an Assassin. His job is to DELETE an enemy, then move on. Short, but strong damage, then required to rest a bit. Sure if he fed as hell, then he can stay around more, but in general he is not meant to keep fighting for long.
: Just had a 4 man surrender at 20 minutes, over a 1 kill lead on the enemy team.
My record was when enemy took first blood at sometime super early, then my ADC "we lost gg", and he went afk until the end.
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: S {{champion:75}} T {{champion:75}} A {{champion:75}} C {{champion:75}} K {{champion:75}} S
Reminds me the video. Old Nasus stays on lane thinking about the enemy, then sets the "stack timer" on his staff to 20 minutes. Enemy Yorick arrives. Stack timer set to 15 minutes instead.
: Matchmaking or balance is so bad...
Back in the day each game were a 1 hour plan. 10-20 minute qeue, champion banning, picking, loading time, and 40-50 minute game. Today most games are over within 30 minute. In my experience around half of the ranked games are super unbalanced. Meaning, that one team DESTROYS the other team in 25 minute, or less. The thing is, that these matches could be better by simply switching 2 guy from the 2 team. Not even more player required.
: > [{quoted}](name=KnKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g19VFoAh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-21T00:26:53.690+0000) > > Inc "But players will just abuse the mechanic" people. > > Do understand that ANY mechanic in any game can be abused in a way a developer did not intend. I've had so many ideas downvoted because "it'll be abused!" Remake is abused, still in the game and not being touched by Riot.
> [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g19VFoAh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-21T02:37:09.758+0000) > > I've had so many ideas downvoted because "it'll be abused!" > > Remake is abused, still in the game and not being touched by Riot. Not really. Remake only works, if someone is not there from start. There is no way to tell, that the game is already lost at that point. Unless you face against a known super smurf guy, but that's unlikely. However if we let a player make other players lose less, then it's an exploit to help out friends. Like you see, that game is lost so your premade quickly goes afk so you lose less LP. With it he makes your ranking easier.
: > [{quoted}](name=TobiasyThA,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ije2aR94,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2019-06-19T00:51:20.079+0000) > > Who said you couldn't leave? You have all rights to leave, then you get banned. Your responsibility, your punishment. > You've seen a league game before, some are pleasant some aren't. That's how league is. If you didn't want to play this game then don't play it, it's pretty simple. im sorry buddy but this is a video game I don't think you understand that because riot sure don't if you think afk is sooo toxic you probably shouodnt be playing it and btw you cant get banned for afk you simply get a wait timer that's not a ban
> [{quoted}](name=Grouchy Poro,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ije2aR94,comment-id=000400010000,timestamp=2019-06-20T05:17:56.434+0000) > > im sorry buddy but this is a video game I don't think you understand that because riot sure don't if you think afk is sooo toxic you probably shouodnt be playing it and btw you cant get banned for afk you simply get a wait timer that's not a ban Yes, but many people play ranked for the rank, and leaving ruins their game, and ranks. Normals are truly for enjoyment, and fun, but ranked is a much more serious matter for most people. If you go afk, and team loses, then they lose progress to their rank.
: True, I can understand that being a problem. What if they made it like Shen's W? The game forces him to put a point into just his [Q] or his [E] only at level 1. That mignt be a better fit than what I suggested at first. ^^;;
It used to work that way. You couldn't put your first point on Zilean's W before the rework.
: can yuumis heal actually be changed to a charge up like tarics?
Not really. The current system gives her some tactical possibility. Like use one charge to maintain health, and use the other as emergency, or keep both for emergency, or use both for maintain, or switch between these tactics. Taric's way is actually a really bad one for mana usage, and efficiency. His heal does not increase with ranks only the maximum charges he can stack. His effective heal/s. is same with rank2 as rank5 after first heal, if he spams it. If he uses it only as every second, then still rank4 is enough for full efficiency. On the other hand it burns mana like HELL. Yuumi is one of the champs, that extremely hard to balance without rework. Her untargetable state gives her the power to buy 0 defense, and thus get tons of AP by lategame. Give her good ratios, and she becomes a true monster. Give her bad ones, and she will be worthless. On the other hand her early game still dependent on her base numbers. Make those small enough, and her early game is a nightmare. Make them too strong, and she will become early "i win" button.
: I Think I Finally Understand What it takes to Climb
> [{quoted}](name=Chocolate Frost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OmKBtPoY,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-19T00:55:01.229+0000) > The allies you have in every match are hardly more capable than a super minion and they are all super aggressive and want kills above all else even at the cost of winning. Yea i experienced this a few times. Enemy nexus is attackable, and we are there, but instead of quickly destroying it let's attack the enemies on start, or run into nexus turret to dive.
: 300+ consecutive games banning Zed - Heres a few things I've learned.
I didn't found him that bad. There are several counterplay, and as support he can be reduced to 0. Lulu ult+shield+poly makes him pretty much worthless. Soraka silence aura makes him worthless. Janna ult+shield counters whole combo. Good alistar, blitz, tresh, and even leona can break his combo. Leona can even keep him in place for easy kill. Though these require some serious skill, and reflex to work. Sure if he is super fed, then you can't do anything. But that's true to most champions. An ultrafed Morde currently able to destroy entire team 5v1. Something Zed can't, because of cooldowns.
: pretty sure balancing champs is much easier than riot seems to make out.
And i guarantee, that it isn't. If it were, then other similar games could do it, but they rarely can, and those, that can don't release new sides to play with multiple times a year. With current numbers creating near perfect balance would take a few years of adjusting without any rework, or new champion release. Also they aren't really bound to it. The system let everyone take anything, and give ban chances. Something seriously strong? Ban it, or play it. And probably most important part is the profit. Release new super OP champ, and lots of people who don't have blue will buy for RP. Many of them chose it to be new main, and more likely buy skins. Same with reworks. It makes old champion popular as hell, and more people might buy skin to their new "main". Yuumi for example isn't exactly in the super op category, but it's a damn rare kind. There are exactly 2 protector champ in the game with her added, that has no AD synergy in some form. {{champion:40}} Shield gives AD. Making her best used with heavy ad ratio champ. {{champion:117}} Shield gives magic damage/attack. Making her best used with high attack speed champ. {{champion:16}} She is the other protector, that has no AD synergy. It doesn't matter who is strong in the team to win the teamfight she can protect it at full capacity.
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: Can we finally punish afkers and rage quiters?
On normals the leaver buster should be enough. I mean if game is so bad, that he doesn't enjoy it, then don't play it. It is unlikely to win a game like that anyway. I would however give the option to FF, if someone is gone for 3 minutes regardless of how long the game gone so far. On ranked there should be strong punishment. 1. afk.: 3 hours ranked ban. Anyone can have problems once in a while. 14 day probation. The 3 hours is more like a warning to check your stuff before you return. 2. 14 day ranked ban, 30 day probation. 3. 30 day ranked ban, 60 day probation. Punishment doesn't go up further. There is no point above a certain point, because the subject just create new account.
: Soooo, just a second gameplay forum? Also, Riot attempted a forum in which posts were strictly limited to positive criticism and feedback regarding the game. It failed.
Not positive criticsm, and feedback. I would prefer "constructive". Instead of saying, that this champion is *hit like some politican. You say, that this champion has these problems, and you have these ideas to fix it. Also gameplay is very wide. It includes the summoner spells, options, script usage, "runes", masteries, bans, roles, map, and of course champions. By your logic there should be only 2 boards: League of Legends, and offtopic. Because all current boards can be put under one or another.
: The fact that there is a locked in meta for botlane is the problem.
There are some instawinner non-meta botlanes. Though they suffer from the same problem as the poker supports. Support items don't give enough gold, and without extra gold from kills/assist these champions become worthless after 6. {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} You go close to bush, and DELETED. After 6 a Lulu, or Soraka easy counters it. Simply they are stronger without items, than Kha, or Rengar without items. {{champion:80}} {{champion:5}} After lvl2 these guys deletes you, if you get "close" to them. Again after 6 one of them, or both will be too weak to do anything. {{champion:157}} his kit specifically counters pretty much any adc. Jump through the minion vawe in near instant, deal tons of damage, and put windwall for easy escape, and superior damage reduction. The primary problem is balancing the supports. Give them too much gold, and any champ become viable. Give them too little, and then you need to design specific champions for them with heavy base values, and low ratios. If i were do it: Gold items removed. Gold shared with friendly champions upon last hit. Supports might try last hitting as well. New item: ward stone: simply gives wards. Cost 400 gives 3 ward stack, and upgrade placable wards to 4. Can be upgraded 5 times. Each upgrade cost 400 gold, and gives 2 extra ward, and 1 more placable ward. In the end it would give 13 ward, and can place 8 ward at a time. Old supports gain less base values, but more ratios. For example Soraka W would go from 80 to 150, but AP ratio would be 80% instead of 60. However the extra gold would let her build more AP, and get emergency stuff faster. With the ward stone some support with great movement/good escape would try to ward across the map, and keep vision instead of direct help in most of the time. While others could simply focusing on getting more heal/damage. Or make it a middle ground with a less rank warding stone, and other items.
: Its that time of the year again
Sonic Rammus. Mr. T-mo. Pool party {{champion:121}}
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