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Demonraid (EUW)
: funny than explain me why they removed the refer a friend stuff , because that didnt hurt anyone aswell
That's like two different things. The one was a mistake and the other was a feature to bring in more players... How is this comparable?
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
Lol, I read the comments and I'm like we deserve to be treated like this. Rioters are humans too, mistakes are made, some are easy to fix some are not. I see all these "please refund me money" or "it's unfair, blah blah". Speaking by numbers, 100 even couple of thousand of people among the millions of players playing LoL is not even the 1%, so what you guys ask, is for Riot to allocate human resources, set back any scheduled event, skin release, champ/vgu so *you* can get your vengeance. So that *you* can satisfy your inflated ego. FOR A FREAKING MEAGER PUNY TINY LITTLE 1%! Damn. No wonder this community is at such state. Everyone's looking up on their own assholes. @Riot : Couldn't it be possible for these accounts the chances of getting a skin reduced for great amount?Like the chance of getting a skin be reduced to a mere 0.1% or sth and each capsule opened count towards the capsules each player bought 'illegally'. -No revert needed, No refund needed, They were just lucky... but... " Karma always catches up to you " {{champion:43}}
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: Overwatch also has a 40-60 dollar price tag whereas League is free, along with most other popular online games. Not arguing for/against it but OW's loot box system also really annoys me. That's a different argument though.
Yes, Agreed. But even so, most veterans (including me) affected by these changes also have spent A LOT more than the Overwatch buy tag. Just cause something is free to play doesn't mean it should cash grab everything, most importantly Gameplay aspects, like Champions locking them behind hours of grinding and in the end getting a random 'shard'.
: It works for Overwatch because those games are short
+ Overwatch has all of the Champions - Heroes (whatever they are called) unlocked. Unlike League. + Overwatch gives you freely depending on luck fully unlocked skins and stuff. It's not completely fair to compare on game with another. But Riot seems to have been following certain trends over the years. Shorter games, as part of the increasing number of new fast paced MOBAs, huge snowball (a la DOTA 2), and now ~~Loot boxes~~ that are locked behind a leveling wall with no other means of getting them. What's next? Paid expansion packs and DLCs?
Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
But Hey! Conqueror of League! ....... #kappa
Wesley (NA)
: Discovering URF movement speed Jhin and breathing in the atmosphere
> [{quoted}](name=Wesley,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NGvXGbal,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-07T23:15:56.728+0000) > > Discovering URF movement speed Jhin and breathing in the atmosphere > > {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Malphite, Voice of the Mountain
Good one! Really cool, keeps his thematic integrity as is and his gameplay somewhat intact. He is going to destroy melee champions though. Knock back, aoe damage arround him, ms boost, a sion++ ult, and to top it all off tons of armor through his passive. My suggestion would be that his passive would be more like (12.5%/25% HP/37.5%/50%) at levels 1/6/11/16. Besides these small details and number changes it really is a really cool rework. thumbs up
AhmCha (NA)
: After living through five of these, I think I can safely say that class updates don't work
Amen to that. Class Updates are gameplay disasters. They push eventual VGUs even further while replacing them with gimmicks both gameplay and visually. Now I'm not demoting the work of riot's artists on said reworks since they fulfill their part (amazing splash arts and in game visuals (love the new maokai's hand)). But yeah, since the juggernaught rework in late season 5 every class rework has been a total disaster (with my personal favourite being assassin rework, kata and talon being my favourites so far).
: Can't even believe how childish this game has become (Harassed post game)
Oh look! Another toxic waste that riot won't punish...
: Does Riot owe you anything for $ spent on in-game purchases after a permaban?
Just like every other online service, "your account" isn't yours but in possession of the website. Facebook does this, twitter does this and so does riot. So basically each time you spend money on an online service you are basically "donating" to the service because you liked their product, skins and extra steps are a bonus.
agbudar (NA)
: Rammus and Malphite are in much greater need then Sejuani or zac for such a mid season rework
I think a rioter discussed this somewhen between preseason 7 and release of camille or sth. He said that rammus, malphite and many more champions like them require much more work both visually and gameplay wise that a simple roster upgrade would eventually postpone their full vgu.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
I don't know what to think of these changes. In paper they seem like a pretty solid solution, take some power of the turrets throw some spell interactions, some buffs here and there and done. But I don't think it will work. Passive. Hate it from a thematic standpoint. The live passive is perfect of thematic coherence, he is an engineer and fixes things. New passive he is an engineer and runs faster (???). Gameplay wise this passive is only useful early on, getting faster to lane, easily dodging attacks etc, but in teamfights it has literally no use. Also this was the only way of him providing some sort of sustain to his turrets and its gone and we already know that turrets die to minion farts. Q:Pretty much what others have already said. 50s for an empowered attack for the same damage and projectile speed as live is meh. While spell interaction is cool, I don't think that current turrets can live long enough for you to charge them. And we are back to turret sustain. W+E: straightforward buffs no comment here. R+E : maybe kind of overloaded. I mean a teamwide stun, with 350+90%AP is kind of a lot, but since it's only number changes I'll let it slide. Suggestion Passive: Whenever Heimer hits a champion with one of his W,E his turrets gain a temporarily health regen boost. the others stay the same passive was the only one that really bothered me :P (Out of the norm suggestion)Q: "Burnout state", when heimer puts down a turret the turret is disabled. But upon charging using his abilities the turret enables. Charge level 33%: Turret enables for 3 minutes. Charge level 64%: Turrets' attacks become the blue lazer thing they throw for 5 seconds. Charge level 100%: Turrets gain a health regen buff, increase in range and throw a random small lux like lazer randomly. Lasts for 10 seconds. R+W instantly charges to 33% all nearby turrets.
: Some Ways to Deal With Ivern
That passive of his holds a huge power budget behind it. So If they want to keep it unique and not resort to reworking it they must find a way to put a wall on it. He can access his passive way too easily, and smite is covering part of it's weakness. My suggestion would be to increase the health cost when applying his passive on the enemy jungle early on or add a cooldown timer of some sorts to enemy camps or sth like this.
: 10 bans on the horizon, lets bid farewell to Lee Sin and Yasuo
Then rito buffs/reworks another one and that other one becomes an annoying piece of crap, so we are forced to ban that champ instead along with all the other cancers so we would need more bans, but more bans aint happening so we are stuck with +1 cancerous champ.
deir (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Lux ult does 0 damage to vayne
That part of the map, the start of the river in the middle lane is really REALLY weird. I have shot tons of skillshots that were supposed to hit the enemy but didn't. My theory is that the camera is doing some weird shit. To you it seems like you have hit it but if you watch it in top down view then it isn't. But, I have encountered another lux bug, though super rare, sometimes when enemies stay completely still, they won't take damage from lux's ult. I have only come across it once or twice, but it exists.
Voluug13 (NA)
: That is just attacking the simptom... the real problem is that every mage that gets failworked/nerfworked gets shoved into supp role, because they get outclasses in mid. Malz, Zyra, Brand, all of them were failworked and promtly shoved into botlane because they lost so much raw damage they cant do anything in midlane.
: Why does it feel like AP champs just keep getting screwed by every item change...
I don't actually care about MR increase. Because finally mage supports will start to fade and people wont cry that mages are 2 0p 4 m3
: When youre the support and youre team is slowly falling into anarchy
: Wrong forum and if a mechanic like this were ever implemented into the game, I would quit...only for good this time. I don't care how bad your ADC is, people are not yours to enslave and control.
Tahm kench, Bard and kalista would like to have a word with you.
Xozi (NA)
: A list of things I dont get.
The amount of keys you can get is fixed. It's 3-4 *keys* (not key fragments) per month given to you randomly through the month(you still have to win in order to get a key ofc).
: I'm scared but excited. I used to be a Morgana mid main (it works), and really every part of her kit felt so core to her. Hopefully it'll be interesting rather than terrifying to see what they do with her.
The only thing that I don't "like" is her w. With that I mean that it can get so much more interesting than a puddle of damaging vomit.
: {{champion:122}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3009}}
{{champion:86}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3085}}
: I know that Drek was the first game's villain. The second was Captain Qwark, the protopet, and Thugs4less. But which one is Doctor Nefarious from?
Dr Nefarious is the main villain in Rachet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal. Truly a masterpiece of a game.
: Knights vow is insanely overpowered for ta cost. I literally biuld it on any tank champion I play. Giving damage reduction to one of my carries, and getting healing from there damage is crazy good when ahead. I think it is ignored, becuase locket and redemption are even stronger I guess, but do not insult {{item:3109}}, love that item.
II buy it as well when I play tanks, but I never take it as a core item. It's really cool but I dunno, other items outshine it greatly.
: What do you call it when he becomes an evil overlord? Nefar-ius.
: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
I have a question. If a player gets reported consistently of weird picks he gets his 1st lock. He unlocks the same goes again because people don't understand his way of play, then does he get locked or not? What I mean is, do the previous locks prevent new ones from happening if said player is genuinely trying a new play style? And another. Do these locks disqualify you from various in game rewards like honors and hextech?
Ralanr (NA)
: Galio's magic shield is way too light of a color. Needs to be darker.
WAIT A MINUTE.... Is it a magic shield? Huh! I thought it was a regular shield. No wonder I died all these times thinking it was bugged...
: If Jhin gets a legendary skin, could he count above 4?
April fools joke where he has fives instead of 4s ( Such heresy )
: Do not buff lux
This buff is just plainly unnecessary. She already has a low CD ult, and she mostly builds cooldown. So giving her MORE free cooldown reduction is asking for trouble. She is ok the way she is right now. If riot wants to buff her so much, buff her e insane mana cost instead.
: Boot Enchantments + Item Concepts
Crystal of the most fabulous Gems +30 Armor +250 Health +350 Mana UNIQUE Passive: Shield/heal Power increased by 20% Unique Active: Select an area in which a crystal grows for a couple of seconds. The crystal can be destroyed during that time. After that the crystal matures and shines granting mana regen to allies, if the crystal isn't destroyed in 3.5 seconds the crystal explodes taunting allies and enemies alike to it's center for 0.5 secs and provides vision for 7 seconds. (Cooldown: 90 seconds)
I just wait the moment zilean is going to be played in the LCS, and is gonna be pick or ban, because "hurr durr 0p U1t n3rfff"
: Damage Creep is a myth; however, there is a glaring problem with damage in this game..
Not entirely true. Damage creep is not a myth . Before Pre-season 6 the average AD an ADC would get in game would be ~300 with full glass cannon build. Now a full glass cannon ADC has around 500 or more AD, critical chance, cooldown reduction, and/or lethality. AP champions have a little bit more AP than before (since AP hasn't seen any new items and the buffs to the existing items were utility based for the most part), but their mana regen has been buffed and so did their cooldown reduction and riot nerfed a lot of magic resist items . To top it all of, riot introduced keystone masteries and buffed damage amplification masteries while constantly nerfing defense items. Shorter games are the effect of Damage creep, towers fall quicker because champions do more damage to them. But I agree with you. Snowballing in Season 6 and Season 7 is huuuuuuuuge, and this adds to damage creep, tanks melting before touching their front line, and towers dying with a fart.
ToolooT (NA)
: Karthus is fun to play but has by far the most counters and it's ridiculous...
Maybe his W could apply grounded debuff? And for compansation increase its cooldown or/and reduce its range?
: On the topic of changing color schemes after VGU's
Dunno 'bout you, but when I see morde this pops in my mind. sidenote: I really wish his laugh to be huehuehuehuehuehue. Or a new skin in which every VO is replaced with huehue. Huertekaiser.
Reav3 (NA)
: Urgot is going to be so bad ass :) Don't get me started on Eve
: Mhm. Agreed. That said if everyone was viable it wasn't a tank meta. The problem is people like to circle jerk against one class "x is toxic whenever strong!" And ignore their bias. It was not fun before adjustments when Shyvana could 1v5 with two tank items, she was just as Toxic when strong as Vayne or Caitlyn. Doesn't mean the entire marksman class can be left in the gutter.
It's basically a never ending cycle. You nerf x class, y becomes dominant, nerf y, z becomes dominant. The game is balanced so that each and every class is countered by another, x<y<z<x, etc but people fail to understand that. So riot nerfs everything over and over and over again. Riot be strong, break the cycle, buff nexus (huehuehuehuehue)
: This is actually super amusing because 1- I didn't specify ranked, I said summoner rift, read pvp summoner rift, doesn't matter the format, people don't want to interact with you, period. 2- You realise this is a counter argument to your own post and the OP right? If you play ranked to win, then you should be happy to have a nunu smite on your team since he is winning more than he is losing and therefore, having fun or chilling is secondary since I quote "you don't play ranked games to chill".
: Balance Zyra around mid
I would rerework her to a battle-mage controller. Pass Everytime she casts a spell 1-1--2-3(1-6-11-16) plants are spawned randomly within the range of last casted spell. Cooldown 20 seconds (affected by cooldown). Cant have more than 3 spitters and 3 pokers(dont know what they are called D: ). These plants are specified to the spell from which they spawned (Q spawns spitters, E spawns pokers, W doesn't spawn). Plant health is back to fixed 3(each time a plant is damaged by a champion a small portion of the damage received is transferred to zyra 18%-1% (1-18lvl) ) When in close range of plants they get extra effects.(melee range) Spitters do a small splash damage, spitters do a whip attack and increased damage Medium range (Azir soldier range) They are normal If zyra is far away from her plants her plants die quicker and have less health(3->2) Q is now a circle with less range than now. After cast there are 3 parts of damage each by a 1 second window. After 0.5 seconds, the first damage wave is cast, then the second and then the third, each time the base damage is increased by 50%. If all three are hit, the enemy is poisoned for 2% HP over 1 second. (20-60 damage per hit + 50% AP) W is the same but when cast directly on top of an existing plant that plant is buffed, increasing its rate of fire (10%-60%) E can now hit a fixed amount of enemy champions (1-5) snare duration lowered to 1.25 s . R stays the same (or if you want a crazy idea, she can now cast on herself and transform her into a medium range spitter. She throws stuff and it hurts.) -___- With these changes I think she will get back to mid rather than support. It wont necessarily destroy support zyra, but she must get into very close range to keep her plants from withering away, and thus be vulnerable to harrass. Her Plants now require planning before hands rather than stupid rng, and will probably be the mastery point of zyra. In q my thoughts are since zyra is thought of riot as a sustained damage mage this q fits more into the gameplay riot wants for her. I always thought W was crucial to her kit but also the most useless one since it only gave hidden power. I think that this change can actually feel rewarding rather than feeling useless when you burned your combo. Her E I think is one of the core reasons zyra support has actually been viable so long. It is a very reliable fast moving projectile that applies snare. It's not that ground breaking as I write it to be but yeah. It is really powerful in the right hands.
: those are good questions, but if the player support said i won't be banned i don't see what else i need, i'll just explain adc darius as much as i can thanks to people's advises
Back in the late season 5 - pre-season 6, I was dried out off the game and so I started thinking bizarre strategies that could work but were also fun. And came up with ziggs support, cass supp (infinite spellthiefs stacking, and ganking deny ftw), adc lulu,etc. I only played these with friends since I know people would get triggered just by looking at cass. So here we are season 7 and mages supports are a thing because of X pro player "thought about it". My point is, no matter how good you are in an off meta strategy if X pro player doesn't pick it, it is considered garbage. And that is unfortunately a mentality shared by riot as well, since the only thing they have been doing for the past years has been to push champions to fulfill a specific "niche". (I'm not questioning balance here, its obviously easier to balance a one trick pony than a jack of all trades) But yeah... This is Riot we are talking about, "Take another skin and don't ask too much"
: I asked Riot Game if i could Break the Meta, Here is the Reply
What I dont understand is that even if you explain your strategy to other players, they will simply not agree to it. So even if you give the best fucking reasoning why X strategy works, have proof and stuff, people will always (or at least 90% of the time) not agree with you, because faker didn't do it in any game he has played, because the META says otherwise, because they have never played like this before, etc. So if we explain the strategy and pick it does it mean that we are ban proof? Even if people didn't agree to it? Wouldn't that be deemed as negative behaviour? And If that is true then do we really have the ability to play off META since everything your team disagrees is deemed negative?
: PSA: If the jungler ganks and is getting a for-sure kill....
I will probably die for ccing the enemy so that he doesn't get away.
: I just remembered the main reason this snowball meta never seems to end.
Just give two wards to the warding trinket at start, and slightly increase the cooldown of early levels.
TheMinez (NA)
: I still remember when {{item:3003}} looked like a diseased chunk of flesh / Really bad pimple.
I really loved that icon :( It looked like an eye stuck in a staff. It was mysterious. Remember the old statikk? Two fingers kaboom? Ah good ol' nostalgia.
: Is it just me or does it feel like "outplay" no longer applies to this game?
There is no outplay. There is just pressing buttons faster simulator 2017. You press buttons first? You win. Tactical and strategic game my ass.
: Could we see more of these Aatrox-tier reworks?
I played morde and I enjoyed him. He needs a bit of love here and there (hello ms) but overall I enjoyed playing with him (you can call me masochist if you like). Udyr and kog I haven't played them mostly because there are simply better alternatives. But nid. MY GOD. She is so unfun to play right now. Maybe its just me. Maybe Im bad with her. Maybe I cant fcking do shit with her. But she is unfun. Pop a passive and jump in for the kill or death. Rinse and repeat.
dominusx (EUNE)
: is it me or is the new client slow af?
It's clunky af. But it seems to be doing OK for the most part. Then there are times that it just freezes drops its FPS to 1-5 and literally blocks you from picking. Rito : One step forward, 10 backwards TM .
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