: You don't get an instant perma even for saying "kys"...What actually happened?
My botlane was trolling with rengar adc and the support stole the jungler's farm. And I got triggered because I was playing against 2 adcs on mid.
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: X for doubt You can never get insta perma banned for toxicity. There is always at least 1 punishment before that (14 day ban) The punishment system goes like this: 10 game chat restriction -> 25 game chat restriction -> 14 day ban -> perma ban If you're completely 100% sure that you've never had a 14 day ban before on your account, i recommend you to contact riot support
Yes I am sure and I am waiting for a response email.
: Being permanently banned on the first punishment, even for zero-tolerance phrases such as "kys," is not normal. I'm not accusing you of anything here - but did you make any threats of violence, dox anyone, or do anything else pretty egregious? Were you perhaps punished for using third-party software, which is an instant permanent ban when detected? You should contact Riot support for clarification.
I sent them an email and I am still waiting for a reply. I havent been making threats or using 3rd party software.
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