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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
Regarding "Diana is Akali 2.0". Diana is not Akali 2.0. Even though their kits look similar in terms of effect their pattern is completely different. Akali is more of a sticky assassin while Diana is more like in-and-out bruiser. I have more then 100 games on Diana. The only real issue with Diana is that her passive contradicts her abilities. Her passive requires her to do consistent damage while her abilities is more of a burst. She cannot build semi-tank like Darius or Renekton and her sustain comes only from W which has a pretty long cooldown. Her passive is good early-mid game and for splitpushing but when it comes to teamfights it becomes very situational. She is pretty squishy and gets bursted down easily. At the same time she doesn't have assassin-like escape tool (e.g. Akali shroud).
: You know Huhi is playing very well right ? Yeah, he had a bad game but thank goodness 1 game doesn't mean GG from these teams. He's very aggressive maybe not against the best Western mid for the past 4 years or so but he's still playing his part on the team and honestly without Huhi I doubt CLG would be where they are now.
He's bad. Period. :D He may be better then you and me. He may be better then some midlaners but he drags CLG down.
: "Biggest disappointment of 2017" And you use that sole game to be the benefactor of your reasoning. I'm sorry but in a Spring where you had Seraph and Ninja on top of many other disgraceful performances out of players without adept-ability in other champions (Keith), how is _this game_ the 2017 disappointment for you?! Unless you just came out of a hole and decided to watch TSM vs CLG and make a judgment off of that, then how do you claim this emphatically?
> And you use that sole game to be the benefactor of your reasoning. No.
: your Blind, Huhi is actually playing very well, as for your ''passive'' remark alot of this comes down to coaches and the way they want the lanes to play out, Huhi may want to play aggressive but is shackled, we dont know.
Only if you compare him to yourself.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheEdgeOfDestiny,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tETriALA,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2017-06-17T19:49:58.949+0000) > > Yeh. They definitely did smth with key drops. > Looks like they changed key drops to new honor system but haven't implemented it fully. Y'know I thought they decreased the key drops so that more people would get the key fragments in the event. (also after posting this, I got a key fragment)
They said that they made key drops evenly spread across month. Not like previously - a lot in the beginning and nothing at the end. The thing is - I haven't gotten any key fragmets for quite some time and it's 2/3 of month.
: I'm actually tempted to get the key fragment just because its been 35 wins/ 5 days since I've gotten my last key fragment.
Yeh. They definitely did smth with key drops. Looks like they changed key drops to new honor system but haven't implemented it fully.
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: Was that play amazing or what. i mean the pin point ult and then the Journey for the kill.
Is this a question or a statement?
: Gotta think teams are going to ban this from CLG/Aphromoo, a champion that came out a year ago?, 2 years ? Has been his 2nd most champion played in his whole career 2013 Spring-2017 Summer and it's his 2nd most played ? It's time to ban it NA or is TSM at the helm for every team's pick ban ? Going to think teams will ban out APhromoo's Bard, Braum, Alistar, Thresh etc especially if you're C9/P1/DIG and knowing your're either 0-2, 0-1 or 1-0 with a hour to your name with the 10th place last split team and CLG who was considered middle tier to some are now 2-0 out of 18 already beating 2 of the 3 top teams from last split.
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Doozku (NA)
: Riot needs to communicate more with Champion Mains when it comes to big Reworks, Nerfs, or Buffs
I totally agree with you
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Except Graves' cigar returned. But if a "hooker" returns, I guess the term would be "regular" [customer].
: i dont see what's wrong with calling them hookers?
It's illegal in many countries so they will be removed from game like Grave's cigar.
: Could call them Trappers. Same thing in essence, but sounds more intimidating.
Trappers are the best one. Though it has some hunting, nature and tribal associations.
: "Introducing the Catchers"... will there be pitchers?! Whoever proposed this name is a troll :)
There was a nice idea in similar thread. "Shacklers" Doesn't sound really appealing. But has great associations.
Ralanr (NA)
: Counter argument: deliberately naming a type of champion can make it easier to look for the kind of champion you want to play. Yes the tragedy of mid laners becoming supports sucks, but I don't blame the class system for that. I blame champion designs.
Yeh. Like Bard and Thresh. Basically the same. Or Ivern and Blitzcrank. Almost the same champion and playstyle.
: Got out my thesaurus and found a few i like better than Catcher: Restrainer, Restrictor, or Shackler I like Restrictor.
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Ralanr (NA)
: Frankly, I think catcher is a dumb name.
: It's different. Amumu's playstyle doesn't rely on getting that catch, it's his followup that defines him. Them it's the catch; if it isn't a catch it usually ends in them in big trouble or doing nothing until the catch ability is back up.
Sly Riot put Thresh picture in article. So anyone reading "catchers" going to think: "Oh, yeh. That's Thresh. He throws hooks and catches stuff. Sounds reasonable." But look at whole roster: Bard Blitzcrank Ivern Morgana Rakan Thresh Zyra Also. Really? Catchers? They intend to rename supports because it sounds unappealing and they name a subclass "catchers".
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: Is it ok to be a yasuo main if you aren't toxic? I try to not be but I still get so much hate just for playing this guy
It's because Yasuo's cannot play normally. They either feed, tilt and feed more or go afk or they 1v5 easy.
: Alright, here's the plan. Blue team bans Yasuo and Red team bans Lee Sin every game
What for? I preferably ban Annie. She's 100 times more annoying then Yasuo.
Volphieus (EUNE)
: I don't care if you believe me or not. Stupidity doesn't diminish with age.
It depends. If you were originally smart. Otherwise there is nothing to diminish.
Volphieus (EUNE)
: > Riot, don't listen to kids. Younger people (...) You would be surprised how many of them aren't kids or younger people, but adults.
Just don't say that whoever downvoted my previous post and didn't say a word are adults. :D I won't believe you.
Volphieus (EUNE)
: > Riot, don't listen to kids. Younger people (...) You would be surprised how many of them aren't kids or younger people, but adults.
That too emotional and cannot argument. Age doesn't matter. You may be as smart as a schoolboy at 30.
xWaters (NA)
: The way 10 bans is executed is trash.
Riot, don't listen to kids. Younger people usually cannot wrap their head around more complex things due to lack of knowledge or life experience (e.g. social - how people work). In this instance they cannot calculate real probability of situations when both teams ban same champion and don't take into consideration that there are 66% more bans (comparing to previous quantity). Additionally there are different players that have specific champion they don't like to play against (e.g. Annie for me but everyone bans Yasuo). And that this is different across elos. And many other things. This is definitely not smth that you need to worry about. This post is purely emotional without argumenting why such implementation is bad. P.S.: xWaters, this system is actually more fair because you cannot base your decision on enemy bans. I mean previous system was a bit unfair to those that had first bans.
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: My Shop: Expectations vs. Reality
It actually chosen weird stuff for me personally. Trydamere skin (with 70% off) considering I don't play him (played like a 5 games a few months ago and that's all). Also most discounts were lesser then monthly sales discount (40% to 20%). :D
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: Where do we find the Your shop?
It should be available here in EUNE now (says it should be available 9PM CEST and it's almost 11PM CEST already). Looks like smth went wrong during launch.
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: If Riot actually implement voice chat
: just use mumble or discord if you're premade. otherwise i would bet most people would be exactly like in this video lol
Or skype. Or... It's not the lack of possibility - it's a matter of convenience.
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: Oh God.... please don't buff Lethality
Oh God.... please don't make dumb posts. Lethality is worse version of flat armor pen.
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: how were you "Not abused by iverns"? is he not played in your elo or something because that sounds impossible
:D There weren't good Iverns in my games.
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: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
Honestly - looks interesting. Weird part is abundance of magic damage. So are Kindred a hybrid now? Or they are not reliant on abilities as a damage source? Why such decision? To prevent armor-pen builds?
: ok? Lulu is not Ashe's guardian. its {{champion:111}}
I mean from the video. :D Look at SwordArt actions. _Naut is just a frontline tank that plugs entrance to river._
MysterQ (NA)
: i like the name support, but I guess I have fallen into the trap of not wanting change. Guardian sounds too grand.
Riot wants to change name "support" to smth more appealing because common players see support as a secondary passive fill in role that doesn't affect game. Associations. So they came up with ideas for new names that sound horrific and out of place. Like "Specialist".
: I'd prefer WARDen
: This is what they are called in SMITE, but all the supports are actually tanks. (like real tanks, often the toughest guy on the team) The name does not really fit enchanters or mage support or even champions like {{champion:89}}, because they don't really stand in the way of the enemy like you would expect from the name "Guardian" because they are too squishy or more interested in killing the enemy then being the stalwart defender.
I don't believe you. Say that Lulu is not Ashe's guardian.
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