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: The new champion is pretty metal, but here she is! Introducing...
...introducing Vayne 2.0 :) Bewwwwbs! But marks on her face look childishly cheesy.
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: no, it's called a centered splash asset designed specifically for the champ select
Other splashes don't have this blur "design". I tried to reproduce it. And I can assure you - it is simply upscaled from splash.
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: This is the best change Riot has made in years.
Akali Q is a bit harsh. Ability itself isn't much of a poke.
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Hasagi OTP (EUNE)
: in the new client they're somewhere deep hidden cant seem to find them after 30mins of searching trough every folder i could find. but i have a fix for you just google the champs splash art and you'll find them.
It's not the same. In client resources you have everything in good quality and standardized. For example I developed an app some time ago. I simply added ingame resources. Now I have to waste a lot of time googling it and postprocessing in image editors. As I understood they put it into archive. It wouldn't be an issue but by what I read it seems that archive is encrypted.
CrabDust (NA)
: What resolution are you running?
Hi, 1920x1080 I think it was fixed in 8.1. I can see levels normally again. Thanks.
: Have your eyes checked out at a doctor and get glasses. Playing computer games with uncorrected myopia is rather bad for your eyes.
1. It's not the point. 2. You know that in some cases glasses is not a solution and can enhance miopia?!
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426287 (NA)
: Remove champion shards from hextech chests
Yeh right. Did you know that champ shard droprate (cummulative for all tiers) is 40%? Think about that. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zglZBrgg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-26T18:56:57.883+0000) > Then about 100 for each game that went about 30 minutes, most of mine used to, particularly under the ardent meta. > > So with 3 games won i´d earn 450 per day, for a 3150 per week, and 9450 for 3 weeks. > > Of course, assuming that i lost 1 game, which is fair, i´d earn 60-80, or maybe i just played 2 games. > > So say i´d earn about 350 instead, then i´d earn 2450 a week and 7350 for 3 weeks. > > Can't use 7.21 ip gains, they were bugged to give more ip. Need to use 7.20 or before ip gains to calculate and compare. For example, a PvP Treeline 25 min game on 7.21 was giving baseline 97ip instead of the normal 64ip A 34 minute win on PvP SR was giving 120ip instead of 97ip. A 36 minute loss on PvP SR was giving 86ip instead of 66ip. Here's the formula from the Wiki: Wins: Approximately 18 IP + 2.312 IP per minute. Losses: Approximately 16 IP + 1.405 IP per minute. source: > How is this new system better or even just "slightly" worse than the old one? If people play a lot, it's worse. If they play less than x amount of games per day, it's better. Depends on the game-mode they played before preseason, but a point of intersection can be mathed out. > > I feel massively scammed :( I'll be honest: after calculating everything and accounting for the gains through purchasing mystery champ shards and the permanent BE price reduction of 40% on champs when you use a shard to upgrade them, I'm really glad they switched to BE. Orange Essence is a separate topic, and I'm glad I followed my gut and disenchanted what I could before the switch.
> I'll be honest: after calculating everything and accounting for the gains through purchasing mystery champ shards and the permanent BE price reduction of 40% on champs when you use a shard to upgrade them, I'm really glad they switched to BE. > What is the chance of getting juicy shard you want? From my experience: -low cost champs tend to drop more (simply because 810-900 BE value) - these are champs that I already own or not interested -looks like newer 6300 champs have even lower drop rate then let's say Aatrox or Thresh So basically there is no 40% discount. I was ok with Hectech crafting being a casino. I hate that they made gameplay feature a casino.
: The amount of BE you receive should at no point be based on luck. There should at least be a minimal threshold of gaining at least 800BE per level though more fair would be 1k.
> [{quoted}](name=RainbowIcee,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zglZBrgg,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-11-27T00:26:24.719+0000) > > The amount of BE you receive should at no point be based on luck. There should at least be a minimal threshold of gaining at least 800BE per level though more fair would be 1k. There are three reasonable issues: 1. In pre-release they shown an example with calculating averages and stated that you won't get lower threshold - they lied 2. I'm pretty confident that drop rate of bigger value (and 6300 champ shards as a result) is lower that is why people keep getting 800-900 BE value from capsules 3. There is no bad luck protection - it would be somewhat ok to have different drop rates for different values but there should be some kind of bad luck protection
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Jamaree (NA)
: I believe they are adding BE after first wins of the day, but fair enough.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lEQ4a2ku,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-24T09:03:03.335+0000) > > I believe they are adding BE after first wins of the day, but fair enough. 1. They added as much BE as they substracted XP. 2. They will give an amount of BE in levelup capsules but will give less shards. In the end they just took from one pocket and put it into another. :(
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Ahris (NA)
: Why are tanks allowed to be so tanky while doing so much damage?
Maybe he simply got fed. Btw. Rene is not a tank and Taric has innate steroid.
: "Never surrender! We got this!"
Sometimes less skilled or more emotional players don't understand how can they win. While someone other knows better. P.S.: I'm not referring to situations where matchmaking fkued up and every lane got stomped.
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: [RESOLVED] 11/21 Patching Issues
Looks like it started working.
: Syndra is becoming Mordekaiser 2.0
There was another one funny during worlds when Bjergsen ulted someone - half of spheres went into target and another half into another enemy.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Confessions of a League Whale: A Blue Essence Rant
Same here. It's the issue of anyone that played league for at least a year or two. Riot doesn't give high cost champs often looks like they disenchant for max value BE. And it seems that newish (Kayn, Rakan, etc) champs don't drop at all. It feels super unsatisfying to open levelup capsules.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheEdgeOfDestiny,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nAk7zwQT,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2017-11-15T21:25:15.987+0000) > > WHYYYYYYYY? > Why changing something that is not broken?! > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Same reason they changed runes/masteries, ruined IP by making its gains feel like shit, and made the last wave of SG skins borders be locked behind a large paywall
IP was a bit broken. There was a situation where people accumulated immense amounts of IP and were asking to do something with it. New system gives almost the same amount of BE/IP. And you don't have to buy expensive runes. Though getting random shards feels bad. Esp 6300 champs drop is low. Esp new champs don't appear in drops.
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: Proof of the summoner icon frame on the profiles MUST BE CHANGED!
Round icons are not bad. Profile icons are cropped bad. Looks like they were processed by robot/automatic script as round ingame skin icons. See screenshot. Round icon in top right corner is ok. Round icon in profile is cropped badly.
Xavanic (NA)
: Dirty change riot
WHYYYYYYYY? Why changing something that is not broken?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Hey ToxicShaco, I see that you're actually only level 21. I've got good news for ya. We redesigned the 1–30 leveling curve specifically to give out more BE overall, and [we even published the EXACT numbers to prove it]( Once you check out the post, you'll see charts that show you exactly how much BE each level up to 30 will give out, along with estimates of how many games it'll take you to get there. We also showed in that post how we also made leveling 1–30 faster in the new system. So the change actually is a win-win for you. We're going to spread the information in this post a lot more widely so more folks like you can see for themselves how the new system is better. Sorry about the confusion!
There are some issues with new system though. 1. There is no consistent progression and getting "bad" stuff feels unsatisfying. E.g. I got two packs of low cost champs twice in a row. Moreover I got stuff that I wasn't interested in (champs that I already own or champs from non preferred roles). 2. It would be nice to have drops logic changed a bit - currently it leans toward dropping more shards. People that been playing league for a couple of years have a lot of champs and most likely all low cost ones. Getting a bunch of shards for champs that you own feels bad. Maybe changing drops to 6300 + old champs and lowering disenchant rate will solve this. 3. Looks like capsules don't drop newish champions. Partially because they tend to drop more champs. 4. Random drops from hextech chests seems good. Random drops from ingame progression system seems bad. How about something like this: when you open level up capsule you get a fixed amount of BE and you allowed to choose a champion shard from a wide variety of champions (e.g. 30). This can be played in current UI in following way. When you open capsule you get blue essence and a champion chest. Champion chest contains a large amount of randomly selected champions. By clicking on champion you can unlock it with blue essence with a discount. Somewhat like events crafting works. It's not a perfect solution and can be done in a better way but getting random stuff that you're not interested in feels really bad.
: Blue essence became luck drop with same champion prices
P.P.S.: I can understand where it's going with more champion shards in one capsule. To give more variety and chance to get the one player actually wants. But couldn't you do another way - to satisfy those who own older champions and want some of new ones in their roster? Something like high/mid-cost champion + cheap one in same capsule?
: @Mortdog: You either lied or were misinformed (BE Values)
But wait. There is more. You could get any champion but now champion capsules seem to drop only old champions. :D Surprize.
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: The emotes of an empty crown. That idol you posted is of Ganesha, a Hindu deity.
It looks more like a mumified fetus.
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Eedat (NA)
: PSA: Do NOT buy lootboxes with RP
Requirements for BE and OE also went down. :D
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: The new rewards suck.
New system also looks unfair for those who play too little. E.g. once a day after work. But tbh - you don't need to spend IP on runes and wont end up stockpiling blue essence if you played for a couple of years.
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