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: But... meeps don't deal less damage... am I being an idiot or something or is the damage still the same? Each individual meep deals the same and sometimes more damage than before. Edit: If I have 3 meeps that deal 250 damage each, thats 250 per attack. If I have 6 meeps that deal 260 damage each, thats 260 per attack. More meeps AND stronger meeps.
I assume you didn't read changes. Everything is changed. Not only max quantity. Including damage per meep.
: Wat? Unless I am mistaken, Meep recharge time has not changed.
What don't you understand? -attacking will be less damaging in short period of time -he will have more meeps available over period of time but not as many as you think (unless you build AS Bard) -having more meeps with lesser damage will shift ability towards on-hit effects (slow, aoe) rather then damage
: I'm 100% okay with new champions being disabled in ranked for a short time
: No, they actually stronger. More meeps and all of them are stronger than currently. It's pretty good, but relies on you collecting a ton of chimes to make use of and relies on late game scaling, which is harder to do than you think currently where games are very short. Basically, Bard MIGHT JUST BE the new Late Game Support. Kind of like how Vayne is THE Late Game ADC and Veigar is THE Late Game Mage.
Not that. You count max number of meeps and not meeps-per-second. What effectively will happen: Bard going to have less damage outright but more on-hit effects and possibly more sustained damage.
: or remove autofill....because unlike people who lie about i really cant support, like i play aggressively so putting me a passive role is bad, i tend to feed then i get reported all because i'm bad at supporting. i can but it would be like a 4v5.
Support isn't a passive role. It's misconception.
Sukishoo (NA)
: If it is a Legendary skin then it should be: Legendary Sin XD
Wow! You're amazing! :D This is interesting on so many levels.
: Lee Saw
He now kinda Lee Saw. He should be Lee Able To See Again or smth. :)
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Ograes (EUNE)
: Didnt get removed autofill protection and it just happened to me. **However, why is the queue timer reset?** I've just spent 5-6 mins of useless gametime and I like to get that reimbursed. Let remake victims get the queue time they had when joined.
Maybe it's bugged. I'm pretty sure it was "autofill protected" when I queued because I checked it. Also I got secondary role in remade game. But when I queued after remake it was "autofill activated".
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Lolomao (NA)
: Salty laner who hated when jg was afk farming up their sated
Well yes. Who needs useless player that doesn't apply pressure? Actually Riot stated that this was the main reason Devourer was removed. Why are you even surprised?!
: I'd ask riot to bring devourer back, but then they would gut the crap out of it and make us all cry. Rest in peace sated.
It seems you didn't get afk-farming junglers in your team.
: I don't know how intrusive this would get, but there should be familiars in the shop you could buy for ip/rp where stuff like ghost dog, or a mini gromp could follow you around all game.
I think it will be bad for clarity. More objects/particles on screen. But... it would be fun if they ran away in fight. Or fought their own fight and were winning or loosing depending on how his player doing. :) Also there will be a vision problem gameplay-wise. E.g. you hidden in brush but your familiar didn't go close enough and enemy spotted it. Or it may leave a tail for enemy to follow you (devourer's ghost dog followed champion).
iKn1ghT (NA)
: True feelsbadman
It's because you never had afk-farming Yi in your team. :)
Asudurga (NA)
: Let us never forget...
Let us never forget AFK farming junglers. Good riddance.
: It's because it's coded as a surrender and also there's a message in chat saying what it is. From what I have seen there has been 0 confusion with what a remake is
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Lavaniel (NA)
: don't notice these things until you build a costume from the ground up!
Gj with using cars on the background to put an accent on machine thematic. :)
: I got A rank for: not dying to the enemy a single time giving all the kills to the adc, only securing one he couldn't carrying the entire game together with my adc (top, mid and jungle lost their lanes, so, we carried in team fights and sieging) and....... for having a PERFECT GAME, I got an A. fuck that shit bots game only from now on
Many people did the same as you but better.
: To All The People Saying S Ranks Are Too Hard To Get
They are not. I seen people getting S-ranks even on feeding team.
Lavaniel (NA)
: My PROJECT: Ashe cosplay!
I didn't know Ashe is an unicorn.
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: Whatever
At least you have the last word in this conversation. Win win. :D
: First off, I'd like proof that you know how they work. Second, literally everything requires muscles. Breathing requires muscles, walking requires muscles, holding back the bowstring requires muscles. Being able to fire so many arrows at such a rate would still require muscle.
You're misled. I'm not your teacher to teach you. I'm not your parents to be interested in educating you. Btw. Hearth and hand are muscles. Do you feel your hearth tyring?
: except that it KINDA is how it works irl. Too bad I don't know what exactly muscle contraction works(electrostatic force? something something calcium/sodium/potassium ions, biologists help pls), I also didn't include wind speed, and things like that.
Smth. Smth. You don't actually understand it I see.
: Okay so some physics context and basics: - force/mass = acceleration - increase of force increases acceleration, which increases velocity over time. - as acceleration increases velocity, opposing force from friction pushes back, creating a 'terminal velocity' depending on acceleration rather than speeding up eternally. This occurs when the friction's force is equal to the force applied by muscles, gravity, etc (equilibrium) - In other words, highest velocity is proportional to force and friction. Some biology: - mass increases as muscle increases, but this matters less than the strength it gives. There are ways to increase or decrease mass without strength change, but that's not relevant. - force is increased as strength of the muscle increases, or the amount of energy used and how efficiently it's used More muscle and/or energy => more strength => more force => more acceleration => higher velocity => more speed This can be demonstrated by a person incapable of stopping his arms or pushing them down, lifting a very heavy weight. If he pushes upwards against the weight of the object, and the object suddenly disappears, his arms are going to suddenly spring up very very quickly Of course which of the many muscles being used matters, but the main point is that she needs *some form* of muscle that is stronger.
: Wondering the same!!!! You guys also using the updated client?
: Do you have any idea what you are talking about?
: You don't understand how archery works. You have to continuously span 100lb of force over and over. Some tribes use to do tests of strength by seeing who could span a bow the most times, whomever did was the most manly.
It has nothing to do with archery. Google sprinter muscles versus marathon runner muscles for example. Again. You don't understand the topic you are talking about. Don't worry. It happens. Especially when you're young enough or uneducated. I have a feeling it's first. :)
: I mean, everything requires muscle movement. being able to move quickly still requires having the muscle mass to move quickly without growing tired quickly.
You don't understand what muscles are, how they built and how they work. Btw. Powerlifters have specific fighting style because they are super slow. But have big mass.
: Impulse - mv Kinetic energy - (mv^2)/2 Muscle creates force, but even though larger muscle exerts more force it has more mass Hence, there's logarythmic graph on muscle acceleration vs mass(also depends on genes and whatnot) Acceleration gives the hand speed, and... that gives the hand impulse, which again is nullified because your hand will most likely change direction when starting tensing the bow(varus Q) And then muscle will be used to tense the bow, and at the maximum muscle force is equal to bow tension feedback force. That creates potential energy (kx^2)/2 on the bow, which in the end is converted into arrow's kinetic energy.
You just wrote a lot of smart words that are actually compiled into complete nonsense.
: Actually, archery is a tiring activity, just from being physical activity. It requires a lot of energy, and to be able to do that so many times in such a short time frame means she'd need a physical build to maintain that firing rate.
It's not about fatigue. It's about types of muscles and physiology.
: How about you provide an argument then?
You magically replied to a deleted post. See my comment below. The one with numbers.
1. Guy in the video is half-assed historian. Not a physicist. Women occupied different social niche in medieval times. So reasons they weren't wielding swords may vary. 2. Swordsman are melee. I don't know if you ever fought with anyone but mass actually matters very much. This is why sports have different weight categories. Women are lighter as a rule. Well if they are not medieval aristocracy or merchant wife. Then she could weight like two men. :D 3. You need far more strength to hold sword (since it's heavier then bow) not to mention fighting with it. Fatigue. Muscular mass. Btw as a rule men are stronger then women due to how we were evolving. 4. And in regards to physics. Moving sword mass requires more force then pulling bow string just due to its weight and distance. You don't have to be a professor to know that. If I'm not mistaken work and forces are learned in 7th grade in school. P.S.: History is not exact science. It's just assumptions that may or may not be proven. And assumptions of a random guy in video in internet isn't actually a good argument by itself. There is thing with theories and proof called falsification (may be called differently in English). Basically any assumption is just an assumption if it can be falsified.
: Ashe should be more muscular than Tryndamere
Most of the things in this game is fictional...
: > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=d26I2IIQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-08T18:49:37.548+0000) > > Ashe looses 750 arrows a minute at 2.5 AS(5 shots per volley x 2.5 times per second x 60 seconds) > > By comparison an AK-47 fires 600 rounds per minute. > > An M16A1 fires 700-800 rounds per minute. > > Damn girl. Outpacing modern tech with that workout, that is 5x more reps than Trynd gets on his right arm. > > "I only need one shot ... per 0.08 seconds." > {{champion:22}} Let us assume you are correct, this would mean Ashe uses momentum to shoot her arrows. This means she has a body built for endruance and not strength. Think of it as like doing a Push-up; Let's say you're doing 1.5 push-ups a second and so that means 90 a minute. At this rate, a person doing this many push-ups isn't necessarily strong but is simply using momentum to move at this rate to their advantage. As his endurance fades in his muscles, the speed dies down, and their ability to continue dies down with it. This isn't to say Ashe isn't strong, but it's probably most from momentum, assuming she is that dexterous.
We don't know anything about Runeterra human anatomy. It may be that they have different metabolism and things like lactic acid is not produced.
: Swinging 40lb sword vs spanning 100lb draw weight bow.
You missed some physics lessons in school.
: Not really the most important muscles for archery is the back muscles
Don't even try. :D Judging by the number of upvotes/downvotes of op and some comments local visitors are not familiar with anatomy or sports.
: It takes more strength to move muscles at a higher velocity. Speed IS muscle, or at least more usage of energy. Impulse is completely unrelated, she's doing a repetitive motion, not reacting to anything.
No. It doesn't work this way. And don't make yourself look stupid arguing on topic you're not familiar with.
: Ashe should be more muscular than Tryndamere
You don't understand how muscles work. Ahse actually doesn't need mass - she needs speed. It's like comparing jiu-jitsu to heavy lifting. First one is speed and impulse. Second one is mass and force.
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AceGeo (NA)
: He's already cancer enough. We don't need more to salt the wounds.
You're taking it too seriously. I think it's pretty funny and fits skin really good. One thing is whether Riot sees farting or farting reference as suitable feature for skin.
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