Antenora (EUW)
: It's considered an auto attack.
Are you sure? League Wiki says that bounced attacks don't apply on-hit effects (like autos do) but there's nothing that they are still considered an autos
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Pimora (NA)
: It was teased like a 2 months ago, get an ice pack and cool off my doggie. - Pim :)
Last season we got new champ almost every 2 months, I know now Riot focused more on reworks but it still fells like a long time
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: ~New Star Guardian Concepts~ by @EraiViolett
Did you make it? Do you have artstation account or something else where I can see you work, because these are awesome!
: Read the event page. It has all of the information there.
Could you please enlighten me? I dont see it
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: Camille despite being older
Kythers (NA)
He just got new skin. Give others a chance too
ThePikol (EUNE)
: So rather than release Karthus emote they make a Jinx one that show the same thing? Why?
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: Riot, you have no excuse for defending Daniel Z Klein now.
Why don't you make a post on lol reddit about this? More people would see it there than here on Boards
: Post in this thread and I'll try my best compare you to an animal
: [Community Activity] League Champs FUSED! Make your requests here! FREE AND FUN!
: Be careful what you wish for, if they code/recode it as a "projectile", windwall will probably end up blocking it {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Oh yeah, ok nevermind then, I rather have it disappear. Case closed
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: 20 bans next season please
Yasuo would still be double banned
4eva (EUW)
: ***
: What's the balance philosophy behind not being able to flash out of hyper mobile Leblanc's Chain?
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4FdqcVPz,comment-id=00040002,timestamp=2018-08-24T09:29:23.931+0000) > > I think these are good example of character breaking > > > > > > But they're so good
> But they're so good I know! I love character breaking emotes
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IAFo2EaV,comment-id=00020004,timestamp=2018-08-24T05:58:30.404+0000) > > She had 3. now it's 6 what was the third one again?
> what was the third one again? I was thinking about this one, but now I see it wasn't released. My bad then
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Jinx is really popular and actually the champion with the most stable player base as it seems. Riot showed us a while ago that people always keep playing her, doesn't matter if she is weak or strong right now, people just love her as a character. So yeah, it's probably because Jinx just sells extremely well. __________ About breaking character: don't most emotes follow the personality of a champion? I think it works better that way, because we will always associate specific expressions and emotions with specific champions. Can you give me some examples in the current emotes who actually don't fit or even break the character of a champion?
I think these are good example of character breaking
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: Meanwhile let's give Jinx 3 more emotes. It's not like she already had 2.
> [{quoted}](name=pandaBANDIDO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IAFo2EaV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-23T22:18:31.069+0000) > > Meanwhile let's give Jinx 3 more emotes. It's not like she already had 2. She had 3. now it's 6
: Are you just not allowed to auto attack akali when she's in her W now?
Yeah, she "outplayed" me by that when I was Kindred. Of course I couldn't E her. Wolf is too slow to react and attack an my every auto was cancelled when she entered shroud
: Don't cancel autos?
Daoist (NA)
: Azir's Staff 3D model by Daoist
As a fellow 3D artist I say it looks great :)
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
I don't know which is my favourite but I know which I like the least. {{champion:203}} Lab's Homeguard run is horrible to watch. I know you aimed for, making her run on 4 legs (3, because one hand is holding bow), but it doesn't look good. And a lot of Kindred mains agree. She looks like a gorilla and I feel like her animation speed doesn't match her running speed
: The BONUS Armor Penetration doesn't affect squishies if not for effects from items/runes and the buff is exactly aimed at hurting tanks.
So he kills squishies and then gets buff to kill tanks. Still too much for me for one champ to be able to do so much damage to everyone. Either make him kill one or the other
: Because he is supposed to stick on the enemies caught after that and force him in a risky situation if he wants to exploit this. It might come new to you but usually Yasuo ult doesn't do that much damage and CCs Yasuo infront of the enemy (which is presumably close to the enemy team as a whole).
So want to tell me that Yasuo, champ who deal a lot of damage, needs 15s after at least his 3rd Q,R combo to kill enemies? He kill them much quicker, unless you are fighting tank. no need for a buff to last that long.
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: Bard is going to be nerfed so hard next patch...
Buff Bard? I doubt it. He's not one of the golden childs of Riot
Hμghes (EUW)
: Welcome to League of Bugs. Have you seen the recent Synapse Videos? Every is lagging out cause of Connection Issues. Unless Rito fixes their Servers there's nothing you can do
But I don't remember that happening before. So I can hope Riot will fix it?
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: I miss when the scoreboard used to sort itself correctly instead of always putting you on top
I have no idea why they changed it. I look at it to compare myself to my lane opponent or my laner with his opponent. It's so annoying I have to change everyone's position every game. Seriously, having yourself on top would only be good it scoreboard have some information about yourself that you have to check quickly, but it doesn't. Everything there is you can find on UI
: Poll: Who do you honor?
So basicly: My jungler screwed up my mid and then was camping mid, neglecting other lanes. My mid is hard losing after one death and can't come back even when camped by his jungler, doesn't roam. My top is winning hard yet can't transfer this to other lanes, focusing only on top and losing after a while. My bot have good synergy but can't use wards or hard push all the time even when enemy jungler was there few times and they get killed every time. Nobody deserve a honor there
: But... to begin he didn't need any nerf. The buff on pbe is hella stupid, sure... but is okay atm (mean fair).
Well, he already has pretty high banrate in soloQ, he was picked and banned few times on LCK recently, so maybe he does need a nerf. Not in a damage area but somewhere else. People don't ban him beacuse of dmg but because of how frustrating he is to play against
: it'll change pro... wasn't perma there
That actually a good thing. If Yas will have high win/ban rate maybe Riot will nerf him
: Fizz ultimate application should deal 1 damage
Yes, it I don't know if it already doeas but then it for sure would trigger tower aggro before the bite happen
: Which one do you like more?
Fan looks more like Project than mecha. Riot's mecha fits the mecha theme better
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: Which would be a nerf to low Elo Yas mains and a buff to high Elo. That's actually a good idea
Yeah, it would help with skill expression, knowing when to ult, when you would be in turret range, but if you get it right you get more damage from buffed R
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: We kept it.
But for real this time or like you promised to keep Evelynn's line "It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels"? [This is where Rioter said she will still have it](
wildfox99 (EUW)
: i think nullifying orb/triumph + bone plating would become a bit too mandatory,maybe don't allow the runes of the same branch (first,second,third) of different trees
Well, if someone would like to go all these 3 runes they will sacrifice some offence options, right? And who am I to stop them
: Bone plating + Stopwatch ehhhh.
So more options in runes. Both defence and offence. I'm all for it
: i mean... {{champion:30}} with predator, ultimate hunter, celerity, and cosmic insight would be a nightmare to deal with...
So basicly Karthus focused on his R. He probably would sacrifice some other stats going that way but I would be ok with it. He's not in a best spot right now
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