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He might be annoying but so there are many annoying chanpions in the game but do you really think heimer top is strong!? I mean don't you think that if he was so OP everyone would play him in the LCS toplane. Heimer is generally strong only if: 1. The person who is playing against it doesn't know what to do. 2. The person playing heimer is just really good with him. If the two things are mixed together heim will just reck his enemy. A lot of the power of heim comes from how unexpected his damage can be because no one respects his burst potential. Besides playing against him top is extremely rare. Not many people play him. And for the thing you said about "morde has more bugs than heim" as a heim main and a morde player I can tell you that heims current bugs are far more gamechanging than morde's bugs are.
: Are you absolutely sure heimer turrets applied rylais before this patch? I know zyra plants do, but I love heimer and I didn't think they did before either?
As a diamond heimerdinger main/otp I can ASSURE you that turrets applied rylais slow before the patch. They didn't proc liandries but they applied the slow from rylais. And now they don't :( I hope they will fix this. The only thing I hate about heim is how his bugs directly affect his gameplay potential. They genuinely nerf him. Unlike many other champs that have mostly visual bugs, heim has lots of bugs that if they were fixed it would buff him by a lot.
: Your heimerdinger ''buffs'' broke the champion and makes him unplayable.
I really hope they will fix them ASAP. The lowering of the E duration is a huge nerf to him. You have to be very close to your opponent so the turrets can hit their laser beans.


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