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: If this is the look of the Targonians (The Celestial Ones), I'd play them as a champ!
Dets (NA)
: Hourglass into a Summoner Spell / G.A adaptative
Here's a better idea:remove them both so you cant have a nu-uh button on command inb4:{{champion:238}} is broken said the man without a brain
: A friend of mine said it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm only level 17
leveling bots,they get accounts to level 30 then the accounts are sold to smurfs so they can stomp low elo
saltran (EUW)
: He got a hotfix buff when crit was nuked in less than 24h, this means that he will get nerfs if crit is buffed back right...right ?
> [{quoted}](name=saltran,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YYeJbdKo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-22T20:00:43.709+0000) > > He got a hotfix buff when crit was nuked in less than 24h, this means that he will get nerfs if crit is buffed back right...right ? Bronzario sells skins like hot cakes so don't bet on him ever getting nerfed so that maybe he cant go 0/10,afk farm a little till he can get {{item:3031}} then steamroll anything short of 700 armor malphite with 6 gorilion true damage on hit
: When you're doing good mid lane, but then the enemies 10/0 Renekton pops up to gank you
then you panic face roll and wonder where he went {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:518}}
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Bulletproof Car,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vwEe632G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-15T03:50:25.859+0000) > > not realy the globalists and socialits are devolving the world Why are downvoting him?Hes right
: The biggest problem with League.
the comparisons are bad,but the argument is good
Kyunsei (EUW)
: I dare you, I say I DARE YOU Riot games, to tell me matchmaking isn't skewed to reach a 50% WR
you must be new here,we'v known it is for a long time its a scum sucking strat to reduce the risk of "churn" aka players quiting the game beacouse some retards thinks anyone could get bored of winning
: Or they could add every gamemode they released to the custom games rules.
Okuma (EUNE)
: the fact that they had to make the game "less" fun by adding the random element to it just to stop the gamemode from reducing leagues overall playerbase is so annoying. why on earth won't they just release URF as a permanent mode for those who'd like to play a fast paced version of league (yes nexus blitz is a thing, but still..)
beacouse people wont play so much ranked anymore,or if it goes away and then they play rank and see how shit the base game is people may quit
nelogis (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AvantelWings,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ff89vE5L,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-07T06:30:28.076+0000) > > Because it's only a few games with a closed population and isn't going to result in dramatic drop offs in general game population? Pfff Nothing that season 8 already hasn't done Also I don't really understand how an additional, non-obligatory gamemode can lead to a dramatic drop off in population. Unless well, people play it, realize "hey this is fun" then go back to normal league where an Irelia with 3 full items + boots in min 17 runs you over (while missing every skillshot of course, including the ult) because she got all 5 platings and FB turret + 2 kills, then realize "hey this is shit" and leave for good. In which case, is really URF the problem here?
> [{quoted}](name=nelogis,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ff89vE5L,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-12-07T11:43:52.599+0000) > > Pfff > Nothing that season 8 already hasn't done > > Also I don't really understand how an additional, non-obligatory gamemode can lead to a dramatic drop off in population. > > Unless well, people play it, realize "hey this is fun" then go back to normal league where an Irelia with 3 full items + boots in min 17 runs you over (while missing every skillshot of course, including the ult) because she got all 5 platings and FB turret + 2 kills, then realize "hey this is shit" and leave for good. > > In which case, is really URF the problem here? you just explained why urf is barely up
: > [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mYxokdX0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-07T03:39:50.356+0000) > > if people cared enough to learn to play against him they wouldnt have him banned and then again if people cared enough a vast majority wouldnt be silver-bronze Many flaws in your argmuent here. Yasuo's ban rate is 45% in plat +, so it's not only low elo players who ban him. So if you're telling me, players are willing to take the effort to reach diamond, learn complex game mechanics and still ban yasuo because "they dont want to learn how to play against him", lol. The way leagues ranking system works, bronze/silver will always be in majority. Even if every league player suddenly becomes 10x better than they were before, they will remain in the same rank. Your rank is also based of how other people play, not only how you play. This is why servers like KR are harder to climb in than say a tiny server like OCE. Because the average skill level of KR players is higher, so KR silver is different from OCE silver. Even though the rank is the same. Also It's not about learning to play against him, Yasuo's issues go wayy beyond that. His windwall and mobility hard counter certain champs, no matter what, some champs simply get shat on by yasuo. Of course you can just say "get ur jungler to camp you" or something along those lines. But thats not really viable counterplay, you cannot control the actions of your jungler. Yasuo is frustrating to play verses, even if you know how to play against him, and win, he forces an unfun playstyle that NOBODY wants to deal with. So you can downplay the hate on yasuo as much as you want, but there are statistics supporting the fact that hes simply an unfun champion to play against.
dont forget that no matter wat,even ih he got destroyed early to the point fo being 0/10 once he finishes {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} he'l start dealing stupid amounts of damage and ofc if the enemy team is smart they will stall for him
: How greedy are you guys ?
get ready for a pride and and accomplishment edition skin and a pass for every event.
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: guess who won?
>playing any adc that's not lucian or kaysa >playing adc's at all i'l say team 2 since no one was trolling
: > [{quoted}](name=PigDaddy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hoM3yRUu,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-04T20:51:22.068+0000) > > I bet you cry when thrash is picked up if you care about irelia becoming a troll pick,that thing is the most annoying sack of shit in this game second only to healsluts. > THE RESETS(at least on e) HAVE TO GO Everyone is claiming she can be fixed, Irelia becoming a trollpick is not fixing her. That is why i said this champion is not fixable. Her design makes her either OP or garbage because she has 0 counterplay.
id rather have a champion be unplayable garbage than tanking more than literal tanks while dealing more damage than assassins and dashing from target to target non-stop while having NU-UH button on w in case someone ever cc-s her
: The Aatrox skin wasn't what I expected from Prestige skins
I fucking called it,every event will come with a pass and a pReSTigE(cash grab) edition "prestige skins show dedication to your champion and the game so we want you to work hard and spend harder for them so you can have a sense of pride and accomplishment" Does this sound familiar to anyone?
: > [{quoted}](name=PigDaddy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gXdWJv8M,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-27T23:32:45.429+0000) > > riot games everione > champ is broken cuz rune made him broken > nerfs champion It was same for {{champion:122}} when Courage of the Colosus made him strong and they nerfed his passive and inner Q dmg
watch tanks and bruisers get nerfed again beacosue MUH 5 AMOR and MUH 5 HP PER LEVEL
Dynikus (NA)
: I don't think he'd really need any compensation buffs, just straight nerfs. He's so far ahead of other adcs currently, it's silly.
The only nerf he needs is for his passive to no longer lower e cooldown or to not apply stacks of press the attack B00M he is balanced again
: Any plans to fix the hell that is Low Diamond?
But how will the poor "people" that buy boosts get the border and icon to brag while feedin in low plat maintain they'r rank if they have to play the game?
: Jax is OFFICIALLY getting nerfed.
riot games everione champ is broken cuz rune made him broken nerfs champion
: Why are the Eclipse Leona icons so expensive?
Better yet,dont buy shit untill rito makes good on they'r promise to lower damage
wolf jade (EUNE)
: {{item:1054}}
unless it gets falt dmg reduction from abilities as well it wont do shit vs mages,is it that hard to crank it up to 20 dmg reduced from basic attacks and abilities so people that dont want to be harrased for 15+ minutes whyle farming under tower,beacouse lets be for real wat jungler gangs top if other lanes have even a 0.00000000000000e+6gorilion.01 of resulting in a kill or turret plate. Crugs should just be removed and top made the new camp the whole lane has no other use than split pushing 24/7 to fuck with the opponents.
: It's been months Riot, why the actual fuck hasn't Irelia received a nerf yet????
Akumu (NA)
: This entire Preseason is a massive failure.
Dude chill its pre season rito will fix it when the season starts Dude chill,the season just started mid season patch will fix it Dude chill worlds patch will fix it Dude we cant change stuff too much before worlds but they'l fix it in pre season Go back to the top
: A new broken build rising.
ran into this shit too,but im 10 steps ahead i figure out the only way to play top now is to pick {{champion:6}} whit either unsealed spellbook or dark harvest and secondary boneplate and overgrowth or shield bash
: How do I prevent a losing streak?
You cant,the matchmaking algorithm is made to keep you as close as possible to 50% win rate witch means some matches come rigged you either get matched with teammates of a lower mmr than yours or higher and not difference of 30-50 im talking in the hundreds since rito thinks that is you win/loose too much you will "churn"(industry term for stop playing).
: move this to memes & games
how can it be a meme if its real? Damage is high as fuck yet some animals manage to loose lane to tanks then sudenly game is dead cuz they cant oenshot the 500 arnour malphite
: It's only me or neeko and kennen as a too similar job.
Neeko is just a mistake all toghether,lb passive on w,huge aoe high damage ult that also stuns,a better lux root on her e that lasts up to 4 seconds if you are the 3rd champ hit,AND A MOTHERFUCKING 3 HIT PASSIVE SO SHE HAS SUSTAIN AND BURST DAMAGE BEACOUSE WHY THE FUCK WOULD SHE HAVE ANY OTHER COUNTHER THAN PICK {{champion:122}}/{{champion:24}}/{{champion:6}}/{{champion:114}} and beat the shit out of her or pick {{champion:45}}/{{champion:121}}/{{champion:91}} and kill her before she can react. Neeko is a aborted {{champion:7}} reworck and proof that rito gives no shits about older champs like {{champion:82}},hes been screaming for a reworck or {{champion:42}} this fucker that needed a visual update from day 1.
: Guys,relax,it's preseason,they always fix their mistakes on preseason time!
Relax,its just the start of the season Relax,mid season patch will fix it Relax,words patch will fix it Well worlds is here so we cant change shit now Relax its only preseason <--you are here Return to the top
: Tanks 2 op plz buff assassins
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mack9112 (NA)
: Personally the additional resistances added into the game have allowed me to survive all ins that previously I would have died. Heck akalis winrate is 43% 5 WHOLE ARMOUR
: Pretty sure Riot has just made the game worse with this new patch, it didn't do anything to fix shit
: Ok wow. Damage is up? After all the complaints?
Guys,riot already fixed it its us that fell for noob traps like "tanks" or "sustain dps" or "literally anything that cant burst a full mr galio/armor malphite from 100 to 0 in one ability" Just play assasins/burst mages n00bs lmao and dont forget the only rune that's worth useing right now unless you are a poopie head aka Dark harvest
: Riot - Your World's Pass Survey - I want to reiterate: The grind was awful.
nelogis (EUW)
and riot still does not get it that no one wants to play vs her cuz TrUsTelT LMAO
: To Riot Skin, Mission and Marketing teams, Please No More Event Pass for Winter Event
AW for fucks sake please dont buy the cash grab edition or we will see this crap again,normal skin just like chroma packs they will milk it dry with every skin release will come 10 more chromas and a prestige edition with 10 chromas of its own that will require you to own the normal skin to buy prestige editions mark my fucking words.
Leto GT (EUW)
: Full gameplay of Neeko, abilities, etc (during playtest apparently).
its a fucking mess in terms of design and a new pick-ban in ranked,so just trow her in the pile with the others **THE PILE**:{{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:555}}
Scryble (NA)
: Can we talk about Neeko?
: PLEASE remove duo queue
either this or give us voice coms
: We're all excited for the game changes next season
i can already see it "Yhea you guys really made CT very sad by permabanning akali so now she cant be banned anymore."
yamacchi (NA)
: I didn't enjoy this season, nor the previous reason for a few reasons: * Riot is turning more towards professional play, meaning that they're only really nerfing/buffing stuff to get more views. * Power creep has been a problem this entire season. * Anything without mobility is completely shot in the dark now. * The League economy is ruined due to first tower gold and potential 1200 gold shut downs. * The introduction to rift herald was a mistake because teams who are on the losing side can barely come back anymore. The reason for this is because the team who uses it, gets gold per turret and has more map pressure, which also means easier dragons and barons, enemy jungle vision, etc. * It takes them months for them to address problematic champions. * Runes reforged was a fucking disaster in balance, and still is. * Jungle got overly nerfed due to the gold funneling problem and exp per camp problem. * Skuttle changes were a terrible decision. Only the jungler who had lanes that have lane priority are safe to get it. * Ignite still does too much damage, and TP is still nerfed to the ground. Etc.
the bounty system is by far the stupidest thing in league,who thought that punishing people for being good was a good idea?
: That's the point of a lead, to snowball a bigger lead. If the assassin pushes their lead into the rest of the map, they've done their job.
and the point of late game hypercarryes is to kill everithing late game,both are unfun but at least the the second takes a whyle before it starts destroying everithing whyle assassins need jsut a 500g lead to start bursting everithing
Reav3 (NA)
: While this Champ was designed by SolCrushed, CertainlyT is indeed working on a new Champ, but that's very far off
cant you just put certainlyT on a computer and force him to play 10-20 matches against champions he designs and only if does not suffer a stress induces aneurysm does the champion get releases?
: new season hasnt started yet. renaming it to cardboard 7 is still an option. just saying.
Thrash can 4 Just uninstall 6 We know you ain't getting out 3 Just buy a boost already 5
: Gut him already. Champion has lost all the counterplay and weaknesses that kept him bearable. Now they complete trinity force and faceroll the game for free LP. And disregard Hashinshin this time when he inevitably bitches about it.
Hi,jax has counterplay you just have to look for it,what is his counter play you ask?Fuck if we cant build armour,cant build mr,cant outsustain him and his ult destroys any chance to burst him,700 range 4 sec cooldown gapcloser,aoe stun,aa resets all with virtualy 0 mana cost,kite proof,chase proof buuuuuuuuuuuuuut hashinshin said he's blanced so git gud n00b LMAO XD
: hiding behind turrets waiting for a hyper carry to mindlessly murder the enemy team is not strategy
neither is assassins steamrolling everything when they get 2 kill
: I get that sick Thresh plays are the coolest part of watching League played by pros...
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