: > [{quoted}](name=TanjiroKamado5,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=j7rU3Ajt,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-30T05:22:37.564+0000) > > I mostly called people morons and idiots but nothing super serious, but yeah its still toxic. I called one of the kids in my first grade class a moron once for no real reason. I still feel kind of bad. I remember disliking him for some reason, but I don't remember why.
when i was maybe 8 i had to sitt next to an unicorn freak and she once got so mad at me because i thought that unicorns were scary and because i liked green instead of pink. (i guess she thought i wasn't _girly_ enough) well she was quite weird.
: Got banned for this, it's golden comedy time
It kinda feels like that there always is someone like this guy in game. You know the guy who is like bronze 3 {{champion:157}} and instead of helping the team he just flames it. Like pure toxic even though he also is bad( not saying that i'm good btw). I remember when i played lux {{champion:99}} mid and and it was my last promo game to gold. There was a {{champion:267}} Nami top and {{champion:122}} Darius support, first i thought that they would swap so i didn't really care, but then right when the game started Nami says: OH I SEE THAT IT'S YOUR PROMO LUX TOO BAD THAT I'M PLAYING NAMI TOP AND AM ADDICTED TO PERMA BANS and then Darius literally just laughs, like this "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" but you know what, i didn't flame on them because of that, even though that is pure trolling, 'cause flaming and being toxic wont make me win. Instead i just muted them and did my best and actually ended up winning :)){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Suggestion: You can not play a champ in ranked without X-Mastery in that champ
Well i think it should be something like that because first time you play a champ you maybe don't even know what the abilitys do ( first time i played lux i didn't even know how to make the e deal any damage without waiting 5 seconds and i thought that lux was leona and now i'm a little lux main 270k and level 7 but like i always hit my q e and then miss my ult so riot shouldn't allow me to play her in ranked xDDD) Sorry if anyone gets eyecancer because of all the "and's"
: "I play *insert off-meta champ in an off meta lane here* because I don't need the meta to win against gold scrubs! Trust me, I diamond on main account." *Feeds ass off* "Whatever, I wasn't really trying anyway, this is just a smurf account, ggez, report jg no ganks."
Naaah they are just toxic and thing that they are so good because they are silver smurfs, Then go feed, reporting everyone on their team, flame when someone goes 2/3 and saying exactly what everyone should do like this "OMFG STAY AT THE FUCKING BASE R%%%%%S" then he or she ( or whatever) goes to the jg and farm and flame even more because "FUCKING R%%%%%ED TEAM SO FUCKING REPORTED" Welcome to the silver hell... Guess what champ they are playing too ( {{champion:157}} ) ( sorry if you got eyecancer because of this)
Sukishoo (NA)
: I want that as an official skin now!
we all want it to be real but riot got a law that says: if it´s not mf, lux or ezreal it´s never gonna get a skin- ever
: I drew this IE Jhin build meme :D Enjoy
the fiora build is better though FULL LIFESTEAL THE BLOODTHIRSTER X 6 {{sticker:fiora-cool}} only the fiora haters get it
: I come from the future, and I am here to say that all skins up from the 1000th to the 4444th wil be Lux, Vayne, and Ezreal skins.
you forgot miss fortune and teemo


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