: Nerf shield stacking
Make it choose between the higher value of: 90% of the strongest shield + 33% of the other shields 100% of the strongest shield
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Keotian (NA)
: Flex queue does NOT equal "practice mode".
I am sorry but, competitive integrity in ranked comes before what you and your friends want. We asked for solo queue because it got so bad that getting gold, plat or diamond did not mean anything because you could easily and legally boost your friends. In addition, we solo players did not want to face premades. People like Tyler1 suffered especially because of this; other high elo players started to snipe him and just camp bot endlessely. In what way is that fair? So, sorry but until you get to a decent rank in flex (hopefully), you will see the trolls disappearing. BTW: I will assume that you have at least 2 friends (otherwise you would be going duoq), and that you are all tryharding so that means 3 of your 5 players are tryharding. That means that 2 out of the 5 people in your team max can be trolls. And 5 out of the 5 people in your team max can be trolls. So that means you have a 2.5x higher chance of having a troll on your team than the enemy. So start playing more so you will ont only escape the trolls (because logically you should be climbing if you just play enough).
HunterRan (EUW)
: Need someone to help me get out of bronze 2
i have an euw smurf, we can play the next game ^^ name: hi im shaduvs


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