: Can Ornn get his first skin yet?
Sure thing! Here have a Mecha Ornn.
Barcid (NA)
: Hey cool, hextech crate! I wonder what I'll get!
Hey at least you didn't get two emotes in a row like this lucky guy {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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: RIP Ao Shin
{{item:3070}} You will be missed Ao Shin {{item:3070}}
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: Nautilus' Q shows anchor before TU
Same with Gragas Q btw :D
: [Completed!] Mystery Skins for Good Behavior are still coming!
I didn't get my gift and I qualify for one.Did I miss something.
: He needs a better intro I think. You give dragon that badass, crawling on the wall deal... then baron just pops up, *boop!* It's bland. Just saying.
Actually it's diffrent now.He crawls in holes aroun his pit then jumps out it's pretty awesome.
: How about if it's only the first time? Since everybody knows it spawns at 15 minutes anyway. Well, most people.
Yeah the first time roar would be best.
TrueMid (NA)
: yeah if it was only the first time it would be a nice immersion factor. Easy to, just find the glitch with amumu's laugh and put that on baron roar(jk about that).
Looks like some people still remember it lol
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