: Riot doesn't care
I actually had a great fucking idea on how they could fix matchmaking; but obviously nk one is going to hear me so it's kinda dumb. Basically the system should look at players most recent games, rate their performance and then match them with players who have had a similar performance, let's say in the past 10/15 games. If you're going positive with 7+ cs/min and high team dmg and map presence, you should be matched with people who have the same statistics as you. That way if I fo well in my 10 ranked games I can be paired with other players and against other players of the same skill level and it will make it an actually balanced gamr. If someone feeds it won't mean they are bad it will mean they got outlaned. That also means that the cucks who go 0/10 in their last 10 games with 0.4 KDA get paired with players like thenselves and have a full on clown fiesta against similar enemies. {{summoner:13}}
: I'm convinced Riot balance team doesn't have a top lane main
Whenever I play top (secondary) I just lock Akali or Yas (Mostly Akali tho) and destroy any lane without much trouble. Only time I do lose lane is if enemy jungler camps top and also isn't an ass player. Cuz I have had instances where the jungler would camp me top, but they were so bad that I would usually just pick up a 1 for 0.

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