: That would at best increase draws, summoners other than azir have a unique trait where if their summon (one or more) survive the fight they still do damage. Brand ult does not do that, so if everyone dies and brand ult kills all the enemies, you draw, other wise you lose (which BTW its hard to guarantee a kill on the last unit since you need 2 units to bounce and keep doing damage). Honestly I don't care either way about that. If I am able to take care of the summons I probably won, if not they did. It only seems to come up for me in the earliest stages of the game (pre wolves draft). After that point the fights tend to get quite a bit shorter in general.
Yes, this would get more draws and I think it should be that way. It would not extend the fights by more than a few seconds and it would not make the whole match longer either since if I am not mistaken TFT treats draw as lose for both sides. From my perspective, it doesn't feel well when a player wins just because the game decided that it doesn't need to wait for the spells to do their thing. And it is not a rare occasion when this happens. I see about 2 spells not killing its target per match and that is only on my board. How many times does it happen over the match across all players? All that is damage that prevents a player from another round to find the pieces he needed to turn the match around. And it's not about Brand. It is about delayed damage in general. Even if you did not allow the Brand ult jump after his team has died the difference would still be big.
: at what point did either of us mention olaf?
I mentioned it right now. If you are scared that level 3 Brand would be OP if the spell did damage all its damage then I want you to consider that level 3 Olaf is also a possibility in the game. Olaf is very strong and is capable to kill the whole enemy team by himself if he has time to ult. If level 3 Olaf is ok to be like that then level 3 Brand would be ok as well if his spell kills people after all team units die.
: level 3 brand double casts ult.. bounces one time and the round ends, leaving all the others guys remaining stuff totally in kill range for the spell but is pointless because no damage is dealt after the fact.. i do feel like redbuff and morello's should also persist until they time out just incase they get 1 extra unit killed reducing the damage you take
Well, I agree that 20/40 guaranteed bounces with Brand's ult are too much but that is one champion to be balanced. And I think it is much better to need to balance 1 champion in exchange for the game now feeling unpolished and unfair at times. And Brand might not stick for long but, I assure you, people surviving spell in the air will happen all the time long after Brand is not included in a new set. Also would level 3 Brand with 20/40 guaranteed bounces be stronger than level 3 Olaf with 6 berserker buff??
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: I demand a rework of leaver burster. It s just unacceptable.
Hi, I have encountered the same problem. For some reason, the match decides to start even though not all players are loaded into the game. I have also been "punished" with leaver buster for the game starting about a minute or two before I left the loading screen. This happend several times. And for me, it is not a rare problem. It's about every 2nd-3rd game I get to experience joining the game late. Sometimes it's just 45 seconds, but usually, I joint the game into the remake. This leads to me losing a lot of time I just don't want to spend waiting around not mentioning about 60LP I lost because of remakes. I am getting tired of this. For about 2 years now the game doesn't meet my expectation of technical stability. It used to be me spending 2hours redownloading the game because your patch system did not work and now this.
: Huh riot really screwed up this time, for new players who reach level 30 they won't be able to play rank since the minimum requirement is 16 champions which would equate to about 30-45 level ups. On average if you're lucky you can get a champ shard which disenchants for around 1200 (6300 Blue Essence Champion) I think but if you're not lucky you'll get a 450 champion shard (which disenchants for around 50-90 Blue Essence). The Level Capsules you'll get will mainly award you a 450 BE shard much more commonly than any other champ shard. I only leveled 4 times past 30, With only 1 or 2 capsules rewarding 3-4 champion shards with most of them being 450, with the remaining 2-3 being another 450 and the last one being a 6300= BE gained after disenchanting around 1500-1800. The current gains of getting BE is below par, since the only actual way is to buy champions with rp for newer players, which means More more more money for riot, or increasing the amount of games the new leaguer would have to play to 20+ per day.
Not 16 anymore, with new system it's 20.

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