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: Or you could go Hurricane/Sorcerer/Bloodthirster I've also Yordled her. That's fun when you own all the Wilds.
But then kai'sa doesnt kill anyone and just jumps target to target.
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: ya last night I played a game for the first time in a week or so, just building 4 knights and I think blademasters. Was in top 3 before dragon, and top 2 before I even realized how many people were out. Barely even had my build together, really made me go "what the fuck?"
Ofc they are out your playing knights probobly in a casual game where ppl like to expiriment and test...
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: 2 star shyvana in Stage 2-1
Meh seen ppl with level 3 draven at 2-3/2-4.
: So build Wild..... and they die before Gnar can even transform. Wild + Assassin = 3 second Yordle wipe.
Wild is so trash yorld/sorcs just destroy it lmao. A stacked Kennen or Vaygar level 3 + lulu constantly giving them hp is absuted. Like noting beats yorlds the momen they popup with a level 3 vaygar that has a an item to help him ult fasters like tear stacking or sojin.. I just don't get why sorc that can dodge 60-90% then gets sojin, dragon claw, and gunblade to heal him to max hp, spamm ults and be immortal not to mention the power to one shot 83% magic resist units.. On top of that he gets lulu CC + utility, Kennen for CC, poppy for CC and Gnar for CC as team mates 100% of the time. Imho Yorlds can really use a nerf.. This patch really feels like ppl just want to spamm Yorlds and Knights i really hope they get nerfd. Yorlds without items to bypass the dodge are dumb, stiff that hard hard force you to play stuff you dont want to is broken and unfun.
: Still loading in to TFT so late that I'm fighting minions
Maybe insted of complaing about preformance issuse you get a job and buy a better pc? Im sick of whaiting like 15 min for ppl to load, its not Riots problem its your set ups.
0367 (NA)
: thats alot of recurves to be getting your hands on, just to combat a phantom dancer
RFC is THE BEST ITEM FOR ASSASSINS... Like its only bad on akali. If you don't have RFC and BT you don't go for assassins.
0367 (NA)
: When is TFT phantom dancer getting CHANGED?
You have Rapidfire Cannon that will help you hit true Phantom Dancer even if your critting. Next patch we are getting Last Wisper and the new Wild buff (4 wild = all your team can't miss) that will help vs PD, in fact it will make it a useless item. Because you'll have like 3 ways to counter PD, New dodge item and Yordls with 4 wild, last wisper and rfc. Not to mention assassins are getting Kai,sa. PD is a easy to counter items, Its better to go for GA like 80% of the time and next patch it will be GA 100% of the time. All in all you'll cry for an assassin counter soon.
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Pog, strongest Shyvana team comp?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Pog, strongest Shyvana team comp?
I did this team comp like 4 times in a roll lol new spach/item drop system is so good.
: [Edit: Some of] Those items are oof but otherwise seems pretty good. I'll chalk it up to bad item RNG. Knight is extremely strong and with Dragon it makes all spells deal basically 0 damage. PD means no crits + even more armor with the 3 guardians. Seems nuts.
Other then the 3 items on shyv and the knights item on braum the rest are random and totally unneeded and unwhanted, tgey are indeed random drops. I like hurricane on shyv for the aoe healing/burn/healing reduction but ill be going rfc or what ever item has the cant miss text instead of hurricane next patch. I use to build rage blade or cant miss on her but burning and healing for 3 targets is just to good. The PD and gun blade are a must. Next comes hurricabe or rfc/cant miss. And last is knights or force of nature for 6th knight. The new item drop system works really nice as it gives a lot of spachs or spach items. Imho after shyv and braum have there items its best to try to rageblade sojin the kayle or just spamm zekes to give shyv more attack speed. Imho ideal looks like this: Force of nature with mord or knights on braum. After that its w.e.
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: i hope they do something with it. The reason knights dont work is because guardians give a better buff. Plus the constant evelyn and veigar comps rolling threw are such bs when you get a 6 knight comp and throw warmogs, thornmail, tooth on them and it doesnt matter they still die instantly. Its my biggest pet peeve. You get 6 knights thinking they will make your team tanky. Only problem is the enemy team when trist, gnar and veigar. Veigar has spear. They have a shyv and a sol and 1 other sorceres and shapeshifter and the shapeshifters are actaully tankier then your 6 knights. Just a super frustrating team comp to attempt for fun.
Its not better. Knights buff loses vs burst and works on magic damage! Armor just words vs phys dmg.
: Pantheon already dead. Level 2 panth with 2 dead caps looks good xD. 92% of there max hp. Even beated the shyvana palyer.
: I mean daisy will always show in hex around an elementalist. If no space is open she will jump over.
Its kinda hard to give her guardian buff and be a little stread out.
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: I don't understand how some champs can not EVER show up in my card slot.
When they are fewer player in the match the champion pull is heavily incressed thats to the fact that fewer ppl own units. Meaning they are a lot of champs for you to roll and not get the the spesific one you need. When they are a lot of players in the match the units they take decrease your chance of taking that same unit because all the units players roll for are from 1 pool. + the % for getting a spesific tier units changes as you level up. + Buying units from the same rarety as the one you look for then selling them to get income back when you see your unit will help you, because the chance to get a tier 3 hero is the same but not the chance to get that spesific hero, buying other units from the same tier helps. For example i was looking for poppy in the late game, no one had her, the chance of rolling a tier 3 unit was 35% yes i fail'd to levle 2 her even when i bouth out every tier 3 units i saw because the game only had 2-3 player including me.
: 200/300/400 damage, crits at 65% hp for 3x/5x/7x damage. The damage is huge but it literally shouldn't do the crit unless there's some damage. Jinx HP at 2 star is 990, so unless the Eve had a bunch of deathcaps it's probably a bug. The crit would definitely finish her (1500 damage) but without a crit 300 won't be enough for an insta.
NAh eves dont build death caps from what ic, she had a gunblade + negatron clock. im guessing my jinx got clipd on the edge of lissandra ults aoe jjust befor getting eve ult'd.
: I also sse a lvl 2 eve with gunblade one shotting multiple units at full hp with her ult and basically 1v5'ed my team earlier today. Agree that she is really strong with the right gear. But so are several other units in the game.
Yes but just the fact that shes rare makes it so easy to level 3 and she shows up so early in to the game.
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: Im only for it if the new comps actually work, im gonna make a new post about this but in ranked for the last 3 days ive tried some different comps and i feel that wild with X and Knights with X are just trash. Like this earlier game in ranked i had 6 knights with a 3 star garen, 3 star darius, 2 star poppy, 2 star mord, 1 star sej and a 1 star kayle, with a kindred and vayne. I came in last place and it wasnt even close.
I feel like Knights is one of the best things to pick up. They offer a class buff that legit makes carries from other classes harder to kill. Knights, guardians are the only team deffence classes. Nobiles are the only team full deff oragin buff. Wild is getting a really good buff soon. They are removing the "can't miss" from RFC and giving it to wilds (4). If you have 4 wilds everyone on your team can't miss, this is coming next patch.
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: How about Kayn on TFT ?
Nah kayn needs to be: Assassin Brawler Devil or he can have 3 casses and no oragin. then he can be Assassin Brawler Shapeshifter I just dont like how we are ignoring red kayn in this, where his a brawler. Or maybe he can be a demon shapesifter that is a brawler if placed on the front line and an assassin at the back lines. or at worst just a demon shapeshifter with a random transform ult.
: So go Jinx but leave out Vi. Guardian buff has been massively nerfed to compensate for the fact there are 3. Now it's only 35 Armor, not 50 or what it was before 50 (think it used to stack on the guardians as well) Also, all three guardians do prime things for Noble: Braum is a stronger tank than anyone in Nobles. Leona is a 5-8 second stun and slowing aoe. Pantheon applies global Grievous wounds and a burn, which counters OTHER Noble comps.
Yeah the nerfs did hit but still nobile armor + guardian armor x3 + knights 2 is stil really good. I use to spamm nobile a lot but i got bored of stressing over getting kayle to level 2 atm i prefer the legendaries that start working at level one like panth <3 at worst his just free frievous wounds and that much better then kayle level 1. TBH the game atm feels like the only damage in it are Gravous wounds damage and EVE. Nothing else hurts. The stuff i see in diamon is Heavy AOE CC comps, Eve comps, Nobiles, Brawlers, Guardians and most end up going for Draven, jinx, Eve, or a legendary for the carry unit to item stack. I do think that ppl like going tanky atm because of hextech as well. Since libing until the effect and is its sure counter.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: My favorite team is full nobles + Jinx and Vi for the hextech buff And today i even added Pantheon to it, so i got the guardian buff
I don't lik vi/hextech if it was me ill just slap braum aswell for 3 guardians.
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: Pantheon already dead.
I did a 3 guardian 6 knights 2 dragons 3 nobile team comps focus'd on panth my panth was level 2 with PD, Gun blade, shojin and dragon synergy non the less he lost to a level 2 eve with GA, Dragon skin, and morello... And i just don't know how a level 2 even killed me... i have drake buff.. i have 6 knights and 250+ armor from guardian (with a chance to get nobile) after that game i just stop'd wasting items on panth.. for me his just a really good support type hero giving you healing debuff, armor and dragon buff for shivana for shyana. Since 3 Guardians is 150 armor its ok i guess but i think panth is really weak.. I was like this when i lost to the eve.. : Now i got for this: and its much better because shyvana does mix'd damage she just needs DP and Gun blade last item can be Rage blade or RFC panth really good for adding the anti-healing debuff for free its like a free item and its AOE. This comp for me is the best atm because it feels like im immune to all damage (exept eve execute for some reason even PD can't stop its crit and even dragon buff can't lower its dmg idk if that's intended..) But the way this comp works is that you lower the attack damage with your massive armor from guardinas then you and then the little AD dmg they have left gets block'd by 6 knighs if they crit you have PD to counter that crit dmg and it works the same for Magic damage as well. Your dragon buff reduces the magic damage and what little damage is left gets blocked by knights. Kayle isn't a must in this team nor does she need items but in the late game do sell mord for her because shes just much better even at level 1.
: Enjoy it while it lasts. When they keep adding even more champions, you will never see anything coherent. The game will become who randomly even got a half reasonable comp at the end. Just with the addition of 4 champions the pool has become "busted feeling" as you describe, but it is just because there are more champions no one is taking filling up the pool and you keep "low rolling" the ones you don't wanna see.
Personally im up for them adding more Champs at lest the game will get hard on ppl who legit just want to spamm/rush the same team comp and ignor income. im sick of ppl souly existing to spamm levels and rolls just ot snach the units i want and still lose late game because they dont go dot income... at lest with more champs more comps can open.
Porglit (NA)
: Do you mean "strat"?
Ah yeah i did indeed mean that.
: Talks about "best start yet" Shows end of game. okay?
You think i lost this? Vaygar oneshots everyone and has wall of brawlers + braum for voli glacial. You know vaygar oneshots everyone who's lower level then himself, right? As a start this one is good but its hard to get 3 seraph's embrace on a level 3 Veygar consistantly and thats when the start starts working. Veygar will spamm ults that one shot. But its pointless if his not level 3 so use a different sorc/demon who needs 75 mana to ult until veygar is level 3. This game i had Atroxx 2 with a random demon until i got Veygar to 3. You start looking/rolling for Veygars at level 7(33%) and 8(35% max chance to get a rank 3 unit) untill then hold on to 50 gold for income. On the item picking stages take only tears. Vaygar legit only does 1 auto and an ult that oneshots.
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Senamz13 (NA)
: 6 Brawlers and Jinx
6 Brawlers is still broken beyond believe... Only loses to 6 nobiles... Even after nerfs.... best team comps are.. 6 Brawlers, GP, Draven, jinx with bork... (Brawler(6), Blademaster(3), Gunslinger(2), Hextech(2)) Or 6 Brawlers, Kassadin, Karthus, Lulu (Or Ahri).. (Brawler(6), Void(3), Sorcerer(3), (Wild(2) not needed)) and 6 Nobles Bork Kayle with Rage Blade or Shojin + Draven + Braum + Ashe ... (Nobile(6), Knight(2), Blademaster(3), Guardian(2), Glacial(2), Ranger(2)) or 6 Nobles + Braum + Camille + Jinx, with Bork on jinx or Kayle (Shojin or Rage blade aways on Kayle)... (Nobile(6), Knight(2), Blademaster(3), Guardian(2), Gunslinger(2), Hextech (2)) This team comps are just to dumb, hard to kill frontline and insane late game carries at the back... interupts/cc .. one team has a ton of hp other has armor/magic resist and healing on hit.
BloB3rt (EUW)
: The first 'merry-go-round of chance' is TOO SHORT!
Its the same for the last curosel is they are only 2 players summoned for it. You legit don't have enough time to do a full spin you bearly have enough time to go to the other side and take your item. So if your oponen sits next to the item and takes it the last sec before you (bating you) you legit get a random item or the one next to it.. I do agree we need more time on the 1st and last once.
Dignitis (EUNE)
: Why? RIOT, WHY?
LoL has ranked since like 2011-2-3 i believe and yet it still has a tons of bugs, whats your point?
BigIdea (NA)
: Hextech units are strong enough, they don't need an OP synergy to be effective
The only thing i hate about Hextehc is the effing RNG. So riot games wants a sinergy that stop item stacking on one champ... yet this sintery can miss that champ and land on a one item champ making it totally pointless.. Over all i hate how hextech works. IMHO 2 hextech needs to disable your champ with the most items with 4 the 2 champs with most items. This way it will legit do its job with less rng elements and it won't make you place units in a way that will make assassins destroy them or melee champs gliching. That AOE to the hextech is just dumb no othet way to say it. Sure remove the items from my carry/s just dont remove items from 4-5 champs or make me legit spread my team like a idiot that hopes that RNG will faver him...
Coins (NA)
: Max attack speed in TFT
Only Blademasters go beyond the attack speed cap. Take the new jayce his ult lets him attack 3-7 times with max attack speed (2.5) Give him Bork (make him a blademaster) and he will go beyond that speed when he procs the blademaster passive. This happens because if you have 2.5 (max attack speed) with a blademaster his passive will be useless/inactive so to make it active the blade master has to attack faster then the cap. To make this easy to get you do 2.5 attacks per sec (normal attacks) your BM procs happen between your normal attacks and cant proc more BM attacks. Its made in this way so that MB's don't lose there passives or miss on attacks. That said attack speed cap for BM's is 5.0. if you go 9 blademasters + rage blade on lets say draven you'll see it.
: This dude completely destroyed my team. Please explain how?
Brawlers are BROKEN AS FUCK. All you need is 6 brawlers to be huge broken meat tanks and 2-3 carry champs behind them to win. No matter what you go with 6 brawlers you can't lose and its a fact at this point. 6 Brawlers 3 sorcs, 2 gunslingers + random, Demons, Elementals, Kayle + Sej + what ever even Wild and 3 assassins can do the job.. it doesn't matter. they beat Glacials Demons Hextech probobly only lose to Gunslingers or Blademasters that have the best luck in the world and keep procing extra attacks non stop.. BS comp and everyone who runs brawlers needs to feels like an abuser... At best 6 nobles can beat them but good luck getting 6 nobles every game its x100 times more easy to get 6 brawlers every game because they don't depends on a legendary unit. Btw off topic don't go for level 3 units its pointless. Go for level 8-9 and synergies. focus on level 2ing champs not level 1 or 3. and on a 2n side note Brawlers with void and sorc is busted. True dmg from hydra on warmog void brawler or ionic spark stacking is dumb because all that dmg does gets converted to true.. Swapping sorcs until you 3 item a kart is dumb as well. On top of that they are flexable with Spac items.. Brawlers needs a huge nerf. Imho 6 brawlers + kass + kart + Lulu = best team comp.
: Fuck your dumb item drop system Riot
Preach. Might as well flame the stuped item crusel.
: How do you guys feel about permanent Grievous Wounds?
I think the only healing char that will make it will be 6 glash 4 braw or 6 braw 4 glash voli with Gunso BT for 3d item RFC, deffence or on hit effects.
: Sion and Kled ought to be units
I think Imperial Yordle Blademaster will be op because imperials have a blade master at the moment and its draven. One of Draves best comps is 6 blade masters 4 imperials this will just make that comp have a one extra unit spot. And this will make Imperial supper easy to hit something thats made intentionally hard with swain beeing the last imperial and a legendary unit. If this units come to the game they need to rework imperial buff like that did to shape sifters and blade masters and still i think it will be op to add a 2n blademaster imperial that will just be way to good.
tires (NA)
: I don’t understand what the point of it was. I’m happy to see the heal reduction go from 100% to 80% sure, but at the same time they also announce nerfs to a large number of healing mechanics (the only ones I can currently think of that aren’t listed are Nidalee’s and Warwick’s)? Seems counterintuitive to what they’re trying to achieve. In an attempt to break it down more, I’m gonna do a lil math (pray for me this isn’t my best subject). Let’s assume you have a Vayne with 1000hp (just for an example). She also has a bloodthirster. Now if she gets hit with a grievious wound from either item, she’d be taking 60% of her hp (600) in damage over 45 seconds (coming to 13.33 damage per second). Now just for the sake of simplicity, let’s assume her attack speed is a flat 1.00, or one attack per second. With bloodthirster equipped, she’d heal for 40% of attack damage, and then that amount is reduced to 20% due to grievious. Meaning just to negate the damage from the burn alone, she would have to hit at minimum 166.67 per attack every second for 45 seconds. This is solely to keep her health even from the burn, not heal up any additional damage from any other source whatsoever.... I appreciate the direction they were trying to take on the oppression of grievious but I don’t really think this will be the best way to go about it. If they do end up implementing it, I’m assuming the best way to counter would be running 3 star lulu and hope extra hp from lulu ability + the small amount of hp regen that gets through the grievious would be enough to survive.
: so red buff means no more knights/guardian/brawler comps? cause 60% health DoT from 1 proc is gonna do that..
It means no more life steal or hp regen items as well since just one hit will screw you for that rund even if you kill the champ that hitted you with the grevious wounds... and i find that dumb. For knights and brawlers it will hurt them ofc but in the end of the day they are ment to be big meat shields for the carries so it really doesn't matter, this change won't delete them. The only thing that worries me is that Gunslinger random procs are going to be extream and if it hits your life steal/healing carry you just lose the game there. IMHO if that item is going penra it needs to be like 50% healing reduction. Not to mention that they are nerfing healing.. I think this will feel bad.
Rioter Comments
: "Draws shouldn't happen too often now... unless both teams have Kayles with Rageblade + Shojin"
Just did a game with 9 blade masters kayle + Bork + Shojin + RB and Jinx with Bork + Any on hit effect items. Try that comp for maximum kayle bm if you get 2 spachs.
tires (NA)
: What comp are you running for 9.16
Spamming Brawlers Gunslinger Hextech mix with sometimes adding wild or just abusing broken units like level 2 Leona/Kayle/Cho'gath/Sejuani/Shen/Kindred/Braum. So far the 2 comps i run the most are. Warwick, Nidalee, Ahri, Gran, Jinx + random Gunslinger, Cho'gath, Vi, Rexai or Random Brawler. The sinergys i get with this are: Wild(4), Brawlers(4), Gunslingers (2), Hextech (2). But most of the time i flex between having 4 or 6 brawlers or removing wildfor more Gunslingers or broken units or removing gunslingers for something i can itemised better. And the 2n team is just spamming Broken units that have game changing ults and trying to finish some synergys. Leona, Kayle, Cho'gath, Sejuani, Shen, Kindred, Mord, Braum. (Random Ranger, Spach item like Blade master + Blade Of The Ruined King or Knight + Knight Vow or Glacial + Frozen Mallet or Garen + knights vow or just Random noble) You end up with a core of Guardinas(2), Phantoms(2), Knights(2), Glacials(2) as a core and you can add Ranges with Ashe and 2-3 item her. With spach you can flex Draven + Kayle blademaster(3)(and focus on setting them up with items), you can add Garen + Knights vow on someone for Noble(3) and Knight(4), You can add Voli + Frozen maller on Kayle or Kindred and Swap Shen for a Brawler and you'll get Brawler(4) and Glacial(4). In this team you can feel free to swap Shen and change the Team comp a little like adding Hextech or Gunslingers to it if you get better items for it. In general this team comp is a hell to play vs you eather can't kill the other champs or you are in a CC that last for ages because 8 sec Leona stun is Balanced.
: Yordels buff
PD + Dragon claw makes any yordle unkillable.
: Hextech is really bad for this game:
But guys don't you love RNG mechanics -riot games.
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