: Dude. I am a support OTP. Do you get that CS is NOT SOMETHING A SUPPORT NEEDS OR WANTS? Want me to improve my CS? You'll need to convince EVERY PERSON who bitches at me because I, AS A SUPPORT, CS. I don't think someone of my skill lies in a place where I'm communicating with my team and telling them not to do something that they do and then die or cause the rest of us to suffer for. All. The. Time. "Don't go in on Kat." "Stick near tower." "Build Banshee's Veil." "Don't try to poke without minions, he'll hook you." Basic shit like that. You know their response? 99% of the time, they ignore me. Then they die. Then they flame. Then they feed. 1% of the time isn't enough to climb. If this is my 'true ranking', it also shouldn't be so frustrating. I should feel like I learn things here and not in ranks that're only, exclusively, _above it_ or with smurfs. I cannot emphasize this any more; **_THERE ARE MANY, MANY PEOPLE SAYING THE GAME FORCES A 50% WINRATE... and Riot has presented no proof -- no source code, nothing -- to prove it wrong._** There could be something to the 'rumor', you know. Riot still refuses to let people see the code for the matchmaking themselves. They give people vague responses in regards to how it functions. They update how MMR functions in Korea for no known reason. They continue to be evasive and suspicious.
> I cannot emphasize this any more; THERE ARE MANY, MANY PEOPLE SAYING THE GAME FORCES A 50% WINRATE... and Riot has presented no proof -- no source code, nothing -- to prove it wrong. Congrats, you just used a logical fallacy - burden of proof https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof - -- But, to dispute the point of the OP, while we cant say with certainty that the game does or doesn't force a 50% win rate, ultimately win rates only matter as a indicator of seeing if you are climbing the ladder or are not. As the earlier post said, your account currently holds a 43% win rate across the board in the 23 ranked games you played so far. While that is a somewhat small sample size of games, 43% win rate means you are in about the elo you should be in. Tying that back in with what i said earlier it also means you are, at this very moment, not climbing the ladder. Let's take this one step further. Assuming your MMR is normal for the elo you play in you should be gaining slightly more LP per win than you lose LP per a game loss, which should translate to having above ~48 % win rate would mean you are still actually climbing the ladder even tho it may not appear so just looking at the numbers. However, at the same time, if you claim the game is FORCING a 50 % win rate, it would do so for everyone, at all times... so then why is your win rate so low currently? - -- Over the years i played this game i learned not to judge win rates, elos, and all the rest of that jazz until i at least have a sample size of 100 games in total so while i cannot claim anything with certainty, my personal advice to get you back on track to climbing that painful ladder is for you to simply find **_2 - 3_** champs you truly enjoy playing (Since you said you only play supports, focus on champs in that particular role) and sticking to only alternating between playing them in ranked. Looking at your account it seems that you play all kinds of champions in support role - Shaco, Blitz, Leona, Aatrox, Ahri, Gnar, Zoe, Ornn etc. - playing this many champions with such vastly different playstyles (_not to mention the lot of those actually have kits ill suited for supporting_) is actually hurting your ability to win games since you are constantly subconsciously forcing yourself to learn champion kits, instead of learning the game fundamentals which are _FAR_ more important when it comes to actually winning games. And lastly, a bit of a advice from playing on my many, many low elo smurfs... when you are playing in these elos (Iron - low Gold), it is generally a bad idea to constantly look at the mistakes other people make , or even attempt to communicate with them about it no matter how basic or trivial it may seem to you, as there is nothing you can do about that and chances are doing so will only further hamper your chances of winning since people that play in those elos tend to be rather... Difficult to cooperate with and function in as a team... Instead you should focus on what YOU are doing and what you can DO BETTER from each and every game. - -- Sorry for the long rant, i didn't post on these boards in quite the long time and i had a lot on my mind about this topic.
Add92 (NA)
: Lulu and Janna main crying feelsgoodman . Now they'll actually have to play the game instead of drooling on themselves being shield bots. I respect so much more aggressive supports like blitz brand , pyke or thresh than these passive coward shielding champs . Regards , an assassin main .
Looks like someone forgot to bring their reading glasses...
Azeranth (NA)
: Looking at this last patch, you guys did a great job. Somethings just seem a *little* over tuned, but I think they need just that, tuning. I'm excited to see what's coming up soon, especially now that botlane will be A.) More skill oriented and B.) More diverse in strategy, and distinct champion identities. Keep it up, but please don't be afraid to let the dust settle a bit first, except new ER. It look broken af. As someone who plays Alistar, Blitz, Brand, Leona, when you go to address "early game snowball" can you please go at it from the angle of providing opportunities to stem the hemorrhage for the losing team, rather than handicapping the winning team. I've started getting back my taste for being rewarded for good play, especially in lane. I would rather the enemy have more chances to outskill me, than just blunting my skill. Thanks Riot, you've been really on the ball of late. Keep up the good work, and if you're looking for inspiration going forward, watch out for (especially supports) who are essentially scaling carries, because they multiply damage, and extend carry life times. I notice a lot of these types, such as Morgana, Janna, and Rakancan be both exceedingly safe in lane, as well as have an arsenal of tools to punish the enemy for attempting to apply pressure. If Morgana lands nothing all lane, she still comes out on top in the break even, but if you try to take over vs Morgana, she can easily prevent or even punish this. Just like powerful lane bullies aren't good by themselves with a lead (Darius) and must extend it to others, champions who do well with a lead should have a much more blunted toolkit to either gain that lead, or not fall behind, and thus require aid to get going. Some levers here can be Mana costs for abilities that are high impact, in either safety or in control. Morgana Bind, Trust rocket jump, Janna Tornado, Rakan Knock up. Also, maybe giving a few of them some minigame to aquire back their CDs and resources. Give them really steep costs, and their own little game to play with getting that back. Like how Bard pays a lot to roam and get chimes, but his chimes give those resources back. Also, please fix Tristana jump not being interruptible during cast. It's not a skill expression for the champ, it's frustrating and unfair to combo based champs like Ali, Blitz, Thresh, Leona, who must layer their CC, and their abilities are on a longer CD than that jump. Love you man, keep it up
Janna's Mana costs can already be pretty damn crippling on max ability ranks (140 nado, 110 shield)... of course early on this isnt the case but as long as Janna is as she is (waiting on a full proper VGU) people will always be irked by her. That kit is just made to grind people's gears... What the current problem is the fact that folks bitched and moaned about how Janna is uninteractive in lane so Rito proceded to give her more damage (passive auto damage from MS, W bonus damage from MS) and forced her into more aggression, that on top of all the runes that give her more damage (Scorch, Celerity, Aery and heck if you want to be extra spicy, Cheap Shot) and now suddenly all those people who cried about her being uninteractive are still bitching and moaning except now it's something along the lines of "_WTF why does janna do actual damage to me._" Morgana is a bit stupid atm, ill give you that one... But that mostly just boils down to the insane amount of CC she can lay down and how oppressively powerful proper use of Black Shield can be... Not to mention, Black Shield can proc Ardent Censer, so there you have that... As far as Rakan goes, i hate that guy from the depth of my soul... Hell i hate him more than some people hate Yasuo xD But that too can be boiled down to a single pain point in the champ... His bullsh*t R-W combo and how reliable, powerful and impossible to counter it is. (unless you have korean tier reflexes with your flash, and even then you can sometimes get cheese charmed if you're late by a split second...)
GigglesO (NA)
: I just had a bunch of S1 Vets in a premade 5...
As a season 1 vet, this resonates so much with what i have been thinking about the current direction of the game.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Generally true. Normals is the place where people mess around and troll and try out things. If you can't carry the clown fiesta, then how are you gonna carry the real thing?
Implying that ranked isn't a clown fiesta on pretty much any elo below master. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: You do realize that people say this about literally any decent team comp Sona can be picked into, right? Assassin? Bad time. Tanks? Bad time. Divers? Bad time. Mage supports? Bad time. Literally anything? Bad time. Maybe just maybe we can stop making excuses?
I read this comment while listening to a remix of Undertale's Megalovania and i nearly fell outta my chair :D
: Why are no supports considered for large-scale game play work?
I see you ditched Sona alltogether this season... It's kinda sad that i have to say that i'm not at all surprised considering the state she's in right now... Also > {{champion:16}} : Unless she's freaking bonkers, she feels like she's hardly able to do anything, period. You can't stop anything from happening or start anything up. You just heal, and healing kills you while people kill you. That's pretty much what i feel like in 95% of the games i play her in, and while i'd love for my main to be able to do more than just healing while slowly commiting suicide and throwing down a occasional silence aoe... Something tells me that if that were the case all the aggressive playmaking support mains (Not gonna name names, but y'all know who you are) would raise their collective pitchforks against it. xD
Rezlac (NA)
: Two parts of wukongs kit I don't really find all the interesting. 1) being his decoy due to how buggy and unreliable it is. It is easy to see when a wukong goes into stealth because you no longer target him, it also drops all debuffs that should probably still be on him. It's similar to how bad shaco clone can be if you have PTA on you ect. 2) being his passive which is very boring. A couple of changes I would like to see that would also be fitting from his short story go as follows. From the following quote taken out of his short story I think would make a very interesting passive: > Whenever I get the drop on somebody, I usually get about a two to three second window as they try to make sense of me. Most people have never seen a vastaya, much less a Shimon. They stand there slack-jawed, which typically gives me a chance to hit ‘em before they realize what’s going on. I think that based on that he should if he hits someone from a bush/stealth get a short stun. If he doesnt keep his stun(admittedly no one seems to like stealth mechanics in league) then engages out of bushes would be sufficient Then for his W I think the smoke poppies out of the short story would also be cool. Following quote for reference: > “Completely!” I shouted as I tossed a handful of smokepoppies to the ground. (I always keep a few on me. They’re useful in combat, and even more useful for irritating Yi when I’m bored.) > > Then I beat the hell outta the rest of them. I won’t trouble you with the details– > > –Wait, yes I will, because they’re great. > > I held my staff out and twirled around, aiming high so as to avoid the prone old man. My arms shuddered with every impact of wood against skull. I dodged blows, parried strikes, and only got punched in the face, like, twice. > > By the time the smoke cleared, I was the only one still standing. Well, me and the old man, once I got him to his feet. From this I think it would be interesting/fun to give him a smoke screen type ability. I know graves has one but my idea involves a smoke screen that reduces someones chance to hit anyone in the screen(Both teams included). This would be a much more fair blind and add lot's of counterplay to his kit instead of being super binary. Should he drop the screen when his teams kennen jumps in to ult that would be very inappropriate, but using it when he gets ganked could help him survive. Since he does receive blows whilst in the screen I think it should be a percentage reduction to be hit as oppose to full on blindness. I suppose Wukong should also have an immunity to it, but that might be much too strong. Both of these points being said i'm not specifically asking for these changes and no nerfs to his damage. If he gets a stun passive ofcourse he'd have to have lower damage to prevent him feeling overbearing and impossible to fight. If he has immunity to his W ofcourse he would have to have his numbers reduced significantly and perhaps just being a fighter entirely instead of a combo diver.
> I think it should be a **percentage reduction** to be hit as oppose to full on blindness. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} GOD PLEASE NO! Do not, and i repeat, DO NOT bring Dodge back into the game in any way, shape or form. It's bad enough we have one RNG mechanic that can completely ruin your day on a whim (Crit)
Funkynút (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dead flag blues,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MjXs9mEE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-21T11:13:06.336+0000) > > Reminder than a marksman should never have this commented towards him : "He's too tanky" > > {{item:3046}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3812}} these items should either be melee only or gutted to oblivion. deaths dance as melee only actually sounds like a good idea SINCE IT IS A FUCKING SWORD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Going by that logic 70% of ADC itemization should be melee only lul...
: Rengar is severely UP
"And guess what? Assassins are meant to be squishy" vs. "6) His W now also grants him health and protections" I find this contradiction really funny! Also, on topic... I don't think it's so much of a Rengar being UP, rather than the fact that Kha'zix is just a superior version of him at any stage when compared as Assassins... Rengar just feels like Riot tried really hard (almost too hard) to make him a Assassin that fights like a Bruiser... which was ofc doomed to fail... Anyways, playing against a fed Rengar is still a hellish experience if you're the ADC in low and mid elos...
Nhifu (NA)
: League feels kinda slow nowadays?
I was really, truly willing to go along with all the stuff you said, but then you just had to drop the ball. "Game times are too long, no one wants to watch a 40 minute game, nor do they want to play them." - -- I Would! I would both like to watch some 40 min games, and play them, cos... IDK what game you're playing but all i keep getting are these boring asf 15 min onesided stomps all the damn time (Compliments of autofill in 90% of the time), where the games are usually actually decided at around the 5 - 10 min mark. It's honestly gotten so bad recently, that i don't even play on this account anymore (Main, Dia 4) and instead resort to playing on my silver and gold smurfs just to spice things up a bit and have games with some actual duration and substance to them. I honestly don't understand this whole notion of "games need to end quicker" NO, they do not! Games need to not be decided at super early stages of the actual game. Back in early seasons, it was the norm and was expected of the players who queue up to have at least 30 - 40 minutes of their time to dedicate to the game or not queue at all...
Mannny (NA)
: Kai'Sa is broken
"She has mobility, range, damage, hell even sufficient magic damage. She has no downside." No CC. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. Not even a slow, which is so common nowadays i even stopped counting it as a CC effect. There's your downside.
: who the fuck goes hurricane bork?
Hurricane Botrk Shiv to be exact... L M A O seems like the op just made up some nonsense build to try and force his "point"
Greyrick (NA)
: So I've seen complaints about ADC being too powerful right now on the Boards
No, imho it would cause even more issues than right now since capping it out at 50% would basically equate to saying "Hey you, yeah you ADC... We want you to take a gamble each time you throw a auto lol GLHF" Im not saying that the current iteration of crit is good either... It's a major source of issues for the entire ADC balance, but if you do invest into 100% CRC (4 items) that leaves very little room for anything else in your build... Also consider this bastard {{champion:157}} If this change were to go through, no matter how you'd tweak him around it, it would end up seemingly stupid for one side or the other... If you limit him to 50% CRC as well, you're screwing with his balance big time If on the other hand, you make a exception for him, allowing him to reach 100% with two items (As he does right now anyways) he'd be pretty bonkers and stupid to play against since -> _"He can get 100% crit and i cant fml, rito nerf plz"_
: Why does Corki's magic damage benefit from lifesteal but conqueror's true damage doesn't?
So you'd want to have the best of both worlds eh?... Tank shredding true damage that life steal applies to fully... (You know, just by saying that i've realized how disgustingly broken asf that sounds)
Foucz (EUNE)
: @Meddler Please fix Soraka
Yeah, had this happen all too frequently... and it's frustrating as heck... But i guess if you're not a annoying vocal streamer screaming "kys riot" whenever a bug happens on your champion, getting it fixed won't be happening lol Now i'm no game designer but my assumption of why this happens is that Equinox probably applies it's silence in intervals, and because the target in stasis isn't affected by it they can effectively "dodge" the interval of application of the silence even if they're right in the middle of it, allowing them to buffer in escape skills which will be cast once the stasis wears off...
: ADCs
Oh sure... And Kayn soooo doesn't have any potential to be a "run-at-you not fun to play against braindead right clicker" ... *Laughs In Lethality*
: Melee supports are there for reliable defenses or reliable all ins. They tend to be super dangerous if allowed to get close; Leona applies a burst debuff and runs a CC train which can cripple anyone trying to do anything. Melee supports poke in two ways: 1: Going all in. This is.. pretty simple. Leona lands her Zenith and goes ham, with her adc, forcing the enemy to retreat or die. 2: Posturing. Melee supports, due to the danger they represent, tend to exert a 'zone of danger' which others must respect. You can position yourself to force your enemies into this dangerous area, which gives them the option of either adjusting to less than ideal positions (usually losing CC / giving up brush) or face an all-in they cannot win. Melee supports are, at a base line, positioning heavy. It's a skill which those playing them need to understand far more than than ranged supporty types.
> Melee supports are, at a base line, positioning heavy. It's a skill which those playing them need to understand far more than than ranged supporty types. So wait... Ranged supports then aren't? Cos last time i checked ranged supports (Not named Lulu or Janna) tend to pop like balloons if you misposition with them, especially so in teamfights... Now understandably they play by different rules and work towards different goals but you need to know how to position with ranged supports just as well as you need it with melees...
: Hmm... I thought one of the purposes of {{item:3001}} was as a supportive item to help supports provide utility to the APC so that supports can help more than just the ADC on the team... It seems like it should definitely be viable on supportive wardens in that case. APCs probably shouldn't be building it, but maybe what they actually need is harder scaling multiplicative AP itemization so that the mere 10% bonus from {{item:3001}} doesn't feel worth the item slot for a true APC. Maybe {{item:3001}} deserves some minor nerfs as well - perhaps its aura could fade-out with distance, increasing magic damage by 1% at the current maximum aura range and scaling to 10% at the new PBE range as an aura "epicenter". This nerf will mess up my AP support {{champion:35}} build that I play for fun, but I am trying to view this change with an unbiased perspective. Edit: I posted another alternative idea on this new thread: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/WeAU7rqO-abyssal-mask-pbe-nerf-alternative [Recreated the thread to add a poll.]
Sounds like a good idea... Imagine, the Live range is where you'd get the minimum bonus of 1% and the PBE range is where the max value of (newly increased) 15% bonus would kick in...
Bilizver (EUNE)
: Im tired of hard stuck in gold 3 whole year
You think that's bad? LOL, try getting hardstuck in Low Diamond... Maybe im just trash and should do as everone's telling me - uninstall :D {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Those Abysal changes seem a bit uh, harsh
Glad i wasn't the only one to think this way... While yes, it's Live range is a bit excessive and needs to be cut down, what's on PBE is too damn harsh EDIT: Here's to hoping Rito listens to us and instead finds a middle ground solution... Something that mid carry mages wont be able to abuse easily but will still have a decent range so you dont have to sit directly on top of people (Which is a suicide in the current state of the game) to get its effect...
Rosilius (EUNE)
: Well..
Hitboxes in 2k18 lul! This is nothing new, and it's also not a "Rakan only" issue either, i've seen plenty of posts with dubious Blitz, Thresh, Lux... etc. hitbox shenanigans
: Bone Plating vs Overgrowth
If you're going for Resolve secondary, personally i'd go with Bone Plating + Second Wind... That on top of a DShield start is basically equal to saying "Stop damaging me you troll" every time someone tries to hit you in lane... Of course, both those runes are sort of early game runes and they drop off drastically come late game so... if you're looking for scaling, Conditioning + Overgrowth would probably be the better choice (Not sure, im not a tank main... so take all this with a grain of salt)
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Yes, because it's easier to catch them by surprise…
I was reffering to when YOU are the one who's "behind" in the vision game...
: With all the revert going on, can you revert Soraka old Q !!!!
I want the old Q back too... BUT, not the one you're thinking of... I want the old "Increased damage hot-spot" mechanic on her Q back, THAT was at least some form of skill expression... And then they just had to go and ruin it...
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Glath Wiermind,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZIXwwJiJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-02T08:18:15.419+0000) > > Oh E-Sports. How could I forget, that's the reason for everything. Don't worry about the health of the game, just as long as it's entertaining so we can still make them E-Sports buckaroos. Wasn't exactly healthy for the game either, people whined about how long games went on and how impossible it was to make a comeback because you couldn't jump on them.
And making comebacks now, with this decimated vision system is somehow... possible?
: Considering their track record, I'm incredibly thankful that Riot stopped class updates before moving onto enchanters, to be honest. Personally, I don't think Sona is that hard to balance, she's got basically the most clearly defined and exploitable weaknesses out of just about any other enchanter.
> Considering their track record, I'm incredibly thankful that Riot stopped class updates before moving onto enchanters, to be honest. Yeah you may have a good point there :D > Personally, I don't think Sona is that hard to balance, she's got basically the most clearly defined and exploitable weaknesses out of just about any other enchanter. True... but for some reason, it just seems like whatever work is done on her, is done by people with no understanding of either the champion's fantasy or the gameplay.
: Back to asking for buffs to Sona
Honestly speaking, i used to play Sona back during my climb through low Plat... At this point i think only a full rework could address all the issues that have piled on top of her outdated kit (And no, the 4.13 atrocity of a "rework" doesn't count, that only introduced more and more problems to her kit over the years than it solved) The problem with buffing her, is that due to her simplistic nature of gameplay, sheer numbers buffs can easily push her over the top (just as sheer number nerfs easily put her down into garbage tier) so yeah... Too bad we don't get anymore Class Reworks, i'd love to see one for the Enchanter class since it's been so historically problematic...
Way to promote discussion... Everybody, take notes! ... And somehow this gets upvoted... No wonder gameplay boards are a meme by this point...
Oelyk (NA)
: This needs to be an option!
Options - Interface - Minimap - tick off "Allow Minimap movement" Should take care of minimap casting as well as far as i know...
: Except Rakan has to dive in and is squishy as hell. Without Xayah, he can't do it from a screen away without flash. He's kinda like Blitz or Fiddle too, having vision in more areas means you can see when he's coming and prepare for him.
> having vision in more areas Yeah, about that... With all the changes to vision systems (Sightstone active moved to support quests, Tracker's Knife removal... etc.) it's progressively getting harder and harder to get vision down in your average YoloQ game... Sometimes i truly don't understand Riot's stance on the vision game
GothicV2 (NA)
: Riot I know you guys are currently making a new support champion
Implying that {{champion:497}} is Interactive L U L Yeah boi, sure is "interactive" getting chain-CC'd from a entire screen away by his R-W combo with no counterplay. As far as Thresh and Ali go, yeah alright those two are fine in my book...
nelogis (EUW)
: I hope it stacks so 3 ppl can get this and give the entire team 105% DMG reduction, that sounds like fun.
If the locket does end up going through to live in this state, you know i'm gonna abuse if for some F R E E L O
Leylania (EUW)
: Is there any information on how big the field is?
From what i can tell looking at the image on S@20 seems about the size of Ekko's W zone... Maybe a tad little bit larger...
Rioter Comments
: I'll take ardent meta over this cycle of oneshot adcs any day
"I'll take ardent meta over this cycle of oneshot adcs any day" That's what they all say... UNTIL...
: > [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=scTiccoM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-18T07:48:29.341+0000) > > Don't you think that a melee ad carry should have some form of protection? Yea but some abilities like the exampled braum ult it should go through as its a "fissure" not a projectile same thing with vel's w where it creats a tear in the ground it also does NOT block naut's ult enev though it travels "projectile like"
I think most of the frustration here stems from how the Windwall is coded... Basically, it blocks anything that acts as a "line" projectile (Hence Braum and Vel'koz abilities get blocked) But since Naut's ult basically acts as a series of AoE effects that home-in on the target it isn't blocked... Let's not get into how he can even screw up and cast Windwall in a completely opposite direction at the last moment and still block your stuff because it originates from behind him... That's some real tilting sh1t... But what do i know, i didn't code the Windwall... This just my assumption...
: Limit your gameplay to 3-7 times per day. Play only during times you know that bad players don't play. Adopt a proactive play style. You won't win games sitting around hoping that something will happen.
Really good advice right here, both parts apply well. Especially that second part. Regardless of your champion choice for Support, sitting around in lane and not looking for opportunities to be proactive and push your leads is the single easiest way to get stuck in a climb as a support player. I'd say you should focus on improving your early game play first and foremost, as that's what got me unstuck from Plat 2 / 1 back last season when i struggled with it.
: Nerf soraka please
> you cant engage on her Let me just stop you right there... If you can't engage on a Soraka of all the things, you're doing something horribly wrong mate...
: Riot doesn't want people to be able to solo carry, that's their entire pitch the last two years. They want this to be a team game, that was the purpose of Dynamic Queue, the purpose of showing club tags in the game screen, the purpose of getting boxes when your premade gets an S, they want everyone to be playing together and coordinating as a team.
You make it sound as if that's a inherently bad thing... "HOW DARE THEY MAKE CHANGES THAT REWARD PEOPLE PLAYING AS A TEAM IN A TEAM GAME..."
Verxint (NA)
: In theory, they should have one of two weaknesses 1. They're early game focused and give up lategame damage for that saftey 2. They're lategame focused and can't do damage until 35 minutes Neither of those weaknesses are a thing anymore, especially the latter
> They're lategame focused and can't do damage **until 35 minutes** > Neither of those weaknesses are a thing anymore, **especially the latter** No surprises there, heh... Since a huge portion of games nowadays tends to either end before 35 minutes, or is well enough decided at that point that even if they do start to do damage at that point it would be of no relevance to the outcome...
: With these sightstone changes everyone will just build coin
Yeah, they seriously need to tone down the amount of $$$ that Coin and its respective upgrades chrun out or else the support with the Coin WILL get their quest done first 99% of the time, with Spellthief coming 2nd and Targon's dead last... Maybe there's a reason for it?... i mean, Coin line's stats are SERIOUSLY lacking in the combat department (CDR is maybe the only Combat useful stat there) and Spellthief only makes you deal more damage, doesn't really help you survive any longer since you're still going to be just as squishy as the guy with the Coin...
: I appreciate the sentiment in that concept, however I think it might actually be detrimental to the current gameplay we're seeing. If I as a support can ignore sight and rush an item to boost myself or my adc, the impact will be MORE SNOWBALLING. Something the game needs like a hole in the head. Right now if I want to rush an item for quick power boost, then I have to ignore vision needs to some extent which leaves our lane more open to ganks. That to me feels like a fair trade for rushing power. The only real problem with the vision game right now is that no one participated expect support and jungle (usually). I support main, but when I go to other roles I find myself getting higher vision scores than most because I bother to spend a few seconds putting wards down. Everyone could and should do it, but many people don't because it's "not their job". That's the attitude we need to address. And maybe that means adding extra incentive to wards. It was brought up that if the whole map is warded then junglers will be at a disadvantage, but honestly so many people are running duskblade that I think it would be ok. And if too much vision becomes an issue one day (we can dream), then it opens more doors for other items that shut down vision. Ok now I've gotten too far ahead of myself. =p Tldr; I appreciate the sentiment but it's approaching a current non-issue, and has potential to backfire hard.
> It was brought up that if the whole map is warded then junglers will be at a disadvantage, but honestly so many people are running duskblade that I think it would be ok. Yeah, it's gotten to the point where i legit get shocked if i get a game where there isn't at least 1 Duskblade per team (Had a game where 3 ppl on my team and 2 on the enemy team had it... You can imagine what a clown fiesta that was...) While im sure dealing with a single duskblade user (Vision wise mind you, im talking about the passive vision denial here since thats the topic) is fine and balanced, the moment there are 2 or more on the opposing team, it can legit feel like any wards you place are just gold/xp fodder for the enemy team...
: This honestly just seems like such a frustrating change for actual support mains. As a Sona main it's going to suck to completely lose out on the Queen's Tribute speed boost on proc. Not to mention the tier 3 actives going away. Honestly I don't like these changes at all, these feel so targetted toward autofilled support players without really considering how it will affect actual support mains.
Ayyy, glad to see someone gets it... While im not much into the Active items as i usually ALWAYS go for the Eye line of items for slot efficiency, the loss of the speed boost on proc of Queen's Tribute stinks... A LOT I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they add a item back with that proc...
Xinyuo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azure Northwing,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xeAEIL6M,comment-id=000d00000001000100000001,timestamp=2018-01-11T13:49:41.808+0000) > > IDK what game you're playing but... > > All i keep seeing in my ranked games are {{champion:44}} {{champion:12}} with maybe a occasional {{champion:201}} {{champion:53}} (Built as tank) or {{champion:412}} (Built as tank) > > Haven't seen a lot of mages (A few Xerath supports who... erm... didn't really know how to play him lel) and not a single Leona cos she's on my permaban list until the next patch Aftershock rebalancing (And may even stay there depending on how those changes shape out) You'd almost think that soraka 1 tricks face people that can kill soraka.
Except that more often than not i end up picking AFTER their support... so... Where is your god now?
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: i mean yeah....okay i should have said it in a PERFECT world where not only the support uses their wards... :D
> in a PERFECT world ...But this is NOT A PERFECT WORLD https://gyazo.com/8a1adcf8bb4fda144b2103547b4c30ea.png ( I AM SO SORRI, I COULDN'T RESIST )
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: just imagine every1 having 3 trinkets and getting that refilled upon backing. You would literally have ALL the map warded ALL the time. Junglers would not be able to gank, at all, since all the laners would have vision everywhere. really bad idea
Nice meme bruh... I can barely get my "Diamond" ADC's to use their trinkets during early game after furiously pinging that they are sitting on 2 charges for over 5 minutes and feeling like a total asswad while pinging them like that...
: If the Active Item CDR doesn't come back, enchanters are going to get hit so bad. _And what are enchanters supposed to buy first now?_ You can't buy Redemption or Ardent since their garbage early and Mikaels Crucible gives no good stats for an active that's only useful in some situations, and the 2-minute cooldown is too long to even justify buying the item.
I've been having a lot of success with {{item:3174}} into {{item:2301}} and then a choice of either {{item:3504}} or {{item:3107}} depending on the situation. It depends tho on what sort of enchanters you're talking about... It's good on both heal and shield based ones but... IMHO a bit better on heal based ones...
: But it wasnt a problem before the runes were reworked, so it is not on the support items, but rather the adc runes...
I think Riot's just ridding themselves of FoTM because it's "too similar" to Locket... I mean, both items provide a hefty shield for both the owner and its targets to mitigate damage (Specifically burst damage), and with how vocal the community was with the whole Anti-Shield stuff just a bit recently... Yeah... IDK tho, i could just as easily be full of hot air, but that's my guess...
: > [{quoted}](name=Azure Northwing,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xeAEIL6M,comment-id=000d000000010001,timestamp=2018-01-09T22:17:38.774+0000) > > I think you've sort of answered your own question... Stacking {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} with the items being so synergistic and built on tank supports (You know... the folks with a lot of health to feed into BOTH FotM and Locket's %Max HP scaling shields) coupled with the current Overheal + Targons ADC meta and one can see how the shield stacking irks so many people and i guess this is Riot's "sort-of response" to that... Problem with that statement, is that Tank supports, the ones that use the two items you are talking about, aren't being impactful at all in the current meta if you exclude Leona. So that wasn't much of a problem in my opinion. Support is just going to become "mid laner 2" they are just going to make things easier for those who pick AP poke dealers, which are currently being picked almost every game and are currently making playing adc more unfun that it as ever been (I moved from main ADC to main Top two seasons ago, but play a bit every role)
IDK what game you're playing but... All i keep seeing in my ranked games are {{champion:44}} {{champion:12}} with maybe a occasional {{champion:201}} {{champion:53}} (Built as tank) or {{champion:412}} (Built as tank) Haven't seen a lot of mages (A few Xerath supports who... erm... didn't really know how to play him lel) and not a single Leona cos she's on my permaban list until the next patch Aftershock rebalancing (And may even stay there depending on how those changes shape out)
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