: By all means. Let me just emphasize that all I'm able to do is fwd this to the right people. That doesn't mean that the issues will be solved immediately.
QA classics > see a problem on the internet > asks about the problem > reports the problem Design: https://media.tenor.com/images/9fe7af2ce63170d549d28e5812624657/raw
: Emotes should cost IP...
1) emotes are stupid and should not be in the game 2) if you want to look stupid, pay I am satisfied
: When you lose, but you still win
>Was totally unplanned ofc it was, otherwise you!d have level 11 not friggin noobish 16! This is damn amateur meme, you scrub.
: @Riot - I Understand Businesses Exist to Make a Profit, However....
>players who'd like a bit of diversity in the number of champions who get skins ho damn son, you played the "diversity card", be careful how you wield this weapon.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain
I wonder how does Ornn function with sightstone? When he buys it from lane, is it fully stacked? Or does it need to be filled at shop? I suppose that Ornn support is not exactly great idea as his advantage of buying items from lane does not help him when refilling the sightstone. What a damn shame though, I'd love a support with similar mechanics. Still, maybe his build path could be altered to go better with his passive? like not buying sightstone first but buying bit of damage asap to gain advantage and after getting your lane one two kills getting back for the sitghtstone?
: not how it works, if you get someone on your team that ints for a fact 5 games in a row its your fault you get upset?
well yes. I am not saying that it's not understandable, I am saying that you can't just blame others.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: I Still Do Not Understand Why Banning Trolls Is So Dificult For Riot.
> he tilted me I'd like to remind you that no one can tilt you against your will. If you get tilted, only person you can blame is you yourself.
: Pentakill Kayle Splash Art
is it me or the microphone in the game model does not look like microphone?
Eunson (NA)
: Baron gains health while fighting. Just unlucky timing be my guess.
oh damn, our Jarvan got so much shit for failing his smite :( If you can't trust the numbers, what can you trust?
Rioter Comments
de ke c (NA)
: "Stop penalizing us for dodging in ARAM"
Oh the olden days of ARAMs in custom games
Reav3 (NA)
: Well she does like to put a lot of effort into her work
yes, stealth in heels seems like an awful lot of work.
: Nah, I think it's just a neutral them, to not say he or she.
i think its more of them as them Vanguards
Squey (NA)
: people still do it. Maybe they dont know
Yep i do it too. And I know its useless. But honestly I've had several games in row in solo/duo when I just could not honor anyone else. Those three random teammates where often arguing or not playing exactly in a way so that I'd honor them.
what? enemies are useless, they cheat and have luck all the time. That's why they always win. They do not deserve any honor
: this the reaction the top laner has when he sees the feeding fest bot
I know what feeding fest bot looks like. I've been there several times. But the reality the top laner does not see is that there is enemy mid an jungle at the bot too. srsly i dont enjoy playing 2v4
: That would be fair indeed. The rat is out of place isn't he? Almost like he doesn't belong...
Teemo also looks quite scared on the Twitch splash art. As if he wanted to stop Twitch from doing something...
Veraska (NA)
: What's the best 1 trick name you've ever seen
Meddler (NA)
: I think it's pretty likely that it, or a very similar spell, ends up on a kit at some point. Completely agree it's a sweet ability, just gotta get it onto the right champ.
Support with a big slab of a rock which will have a primitive face drawn on it. ultimate: the support will switch enemy hero for the slab of rock. How i see is that you have a ADC in your team and suddenly there is a big rock with a smiley face on it. tadaa
: As I understand it Perxie is passive, it attacks enemies or shields allies as you affect them as far as I know. Essentially buffing your next shield or AA while its available, and allowing champs that can target allies but not shield like Nunu or Zilean to finally shield their allies.
oh, you are probably right, I was too focusing on that part "when you send her out" which sounds like actively using perxie. But it seems that she just enhances your spells and AAs. thanks for the comment otherwise I'd be living in that awful lie :D
: Runes Corner: Runes Content Development Peek
> The Inspiration Path, a path focusing on indirect power and rule twisting I just got a boner ------------------------------------------------------ Also in the [honor and runes update video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY67yCaGdno) there can be seen a keystone rune with an active skill (Perxie) Wont this just become another skill to forget to use in teamfight like every other active item ability? That would lead to players on the lower skill spectrum being flamed for not using ther runes. Wans't the point of runes and masteries that they were passive power?
: "Sorry, we don't serve time travelers in here"
"we don't take kindly to your time around here" http://imgur.com/a/6PCH2
: EU is a pain to watch
I completely agree. Even though Fnatic won, it was really hard to watch. Getting caught all the time and winning the game just because of one bad initiation from P1. It brakes my heart so write this this but so far NA definitely > EU
: Feels good to be a support. Top feeds, jungle is incompetent, midlane can't even ping MIA if their life depended on it, ADC can't last hit. And there you are with a sightstone and a support item thinking how can I kill myself IRL as your screen turns black because you turned your computer off.
*And there you are with a sightstone wondering why there is a cap on wards and where did your philosopher stone go....
Anl0rian (NA)
: Does anyone else miss the old wards?
i want my two slot stacks of 5 green wards and unlimited number of them that can be placed in map BACK! muh philosopher's stone muh heart of gold
: Remember when Riot changed Zed's W which made him feel clunky and then fixed it the next patch?
: A Message to My Fellow ADC Mains and to My Dearest Supports
As support main, I am mostly the one flaming my ADC (just in private not in chat).
Forever (NA)
: "Lulu go ward"
: I feel bad for RiotRepertoir
RiotReportoir wrote a topic to get answers. He got them. Of course different people have different ideas, I dont know why you are pitying him. He has opinion of the comunity and if he finds something interesting there then it is win for him. It seems like you expected homogenus opinion from hundreds of people. And thats silly.
Andrionar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wullf,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=6T2pr5V6,comment-id=00020003,timestamp=2016-01-17T12:08:34.914+0000) > > Sorry to break it to you, but playing Blitz requires no skill. > You can screw up everything and then land one hook in late and its win. > > Blitz is an abomination and offence to any other support (maybe except Morgana) You made laugh. For example, You can grab malphite instead of cary in to your team and gg. Actualy, if I'm adc, I don't realy like having support blitzcrank, becouse more then half blitz's I met were nearly usuless, at least in lane. P.S. I don't want to be a dic*, but you're probably not higher then gold..? I'm not that good with blitz, so if I'm playing against +high diamond, making a good grab is very dificult.
I am higher than gold, but thats beside the point. And that point is that he requires less skill for grater outcome than many other champions.
Andrionar (EUNE)
: Everytime I grab someone as a blitz and my adc kills that guy, someone says: "gj twitch, keep destroying bot lane"....
Sorry to break it to you, but playing Blitz requires no skill. You can screw up everything and then land one hook in late and its win. Blitz is an abomination and offence to any other support (maybe except Morgana)
Rioter Comments
: Hey guys, we've tracked down a cause of this bug and are working like mad to get it hotfixed out as soon as possible. We are testing a fix and doing our best to kill this bug with fire. This is a super sucky bug, I'm sorry that this went out {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} EDIT: We've patched out a fix for the bug, please update if you're still running into it!
It is harsh and unforgiving road to fight off the shpagetti code
: You know what counters Kat harder than CC?
I guess you are one of those who does not know that there are two players in bot. But who cares that only one of them is an idiot, the other one is also noob.... for not flaming the other one?
: I am really fucking sick and tired of seeing Zed and Lee every fucking game
did you try Draft pick? It is much more fun than blind pick. Generally mirror champs are bad thing and it is not fun to play.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Supp main here, so I will jump to Taric right away. How much mage/tank he is on scale from Lulu to Braum His healing power, I hope it wont be point and click spell as is now. And I also hope that it will have some interesting element like slowing allies or something like that. So you will be put before trade off choices. "Will he survive without my heal? Will I kill him by slowing him?" Choices, choices, choices.
: > Riot Repertoir (mispelled sorry): Why is Kog'Maw still been basically shafted? It can be difficult to have meaningful conversation with people when their opening statements toward you are immediately negative, accusatory, or passive aggressive. I go in and out of spending a good amount of time on Boards when I'm not crunching hard on projects (as I am currently with Taric and immobile mages), but even when I'm looking for meaningful conversation to have, a large number of threads are quickly filtered because they come off as hostile. I personally am not looking for sugar coated questions, but I do think a topic like "Hey RiotRepertoir, Kog'Maw seems to be performing poorly in xyz category. What are your plans with Kog'Maw moving forward?" probably has a more meaningful conversation behind it than "Why is Kog'Maw still basically shafted?" The latter is pretty passive aggressive and doesn't really even begin to describe the conversation you want to have about Kog'Maw. Questions like these usually just come off as someone being angry and not actually seeking discussion. I'm off to work. I can try to pop back later if I get a few minutes.
>as I am currently with Taric and immobile mages One thing I know, I will have sweet dreams today.
: WARNING: Monster post contained within @*AnyRed*
>I want to be told that my ideas are bad, why they are wrong, what you guys are planning on doing. It takes 30 seconds-15 minutes to make a decent informed post (probably even shorter for you guys, you have all the information at your fingertips). That's almost nothing, even in the middle of a workday. Because it should be part of your work. It IS part of your job. You see, telling you why your ideas are bad is not part of a job of anyone in Riot. It does not take 30 second and not even 15 minutes. You have to realize that when Rioter wants to write informative explanation he has to be 100% shure of what he is writing, which can be really difficult if the topic goes out of the filed of his/her knowledge. But ok, lets say that making an informative respose takes 15 minutes. Boards are full of people who wants to be heard. If you have 20 people who wants answers you get 5 hours of replying. That is 5 hours of an emploee not balancing a game, but helping some guy on the internet educate himself. Of course more communication is possible, but is it really worth it? Yea, guys who are on boards will be feeling bit better but that is all, and you have to keep in mind that only little part of comunity is hre on Boards. But the fact is that it is NOT part of their work. also this: > but you're being paid from OUR wallet's I am not really sure that is true. A lot of money is comming from advertisement. I dont really believe that selling skins and other stuff is what keeps Riot alive.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Can we hear teemo laugh when we step on a mushroom ?
Can we make any other champion laugh when Teemo dies?
: Honestly, his lack of mobility is the only thing that keeps him balanced. His mid-lategame and teamfight is so strong, that people should be rewarded for getting to him.
not saying he should get some mobility. Only that i feel restricted from all sides. Velkoz is like a tower
SSJTribe (NA)
: You should've seen one for all Vel. It was a terrifying light show for the other team.
Meddler (NA)
: We feel Vel'Koz is pretty balanced, generally feels fair to play against and has some solid points of mastery for the Vel'Koz player. Only real issue with him is that what he does isn't sufficiently differentiated from other mages/poke champs, so we'd like to find him a unique strength or aspect at some point.
I always feel restricted by his immobility, i feel that i am not allowed to use his full potential because he is mostly taken out of the fight before he gets to the real bussines. When I look at his quotes. He always talks about learning and examining "humans". Yet he lacks terror of Veigar stacking his damage or the utility of Fiora finding weak point in defence. He just does not learn anything. Also by his quotes he appears to be terrifying, emotionless and cruel. But in game he is just little laser octopusp poking bit by bit. I truly believe that he should be a big terrifying space monster which will disect you just by its stare. I think he should generate the feeling "shit, i dont want to get close to it"... just imagine what this kind of monster would do with its tentacles to you if got too close. I think his passive could provide the "learning" feel, by scaling its true damage into late game, or something like that. And if he were to increase his size by amout of AP/Kills/Time would be friggin cool. -------------------------- simply put I dont believe that Velkoz represents Sapce sicentist monster at all. Shouldnt he be able to rip his enemies apart? Not just poke them from afar?
: create boots with the passive to walk through minions
and in season 7 it will be on every boots from 20 min mark.
cluvie (NA)
: Security Reminder: Beware of scams this Snowdown!
Slowly a snow falls on the battlefiled and around hagglers shout thier prices some the thruth others the lies wield so beware around your devices
: Mortdecai
I love Johnny PP
Smithney (EUNE)
: Sure, because support doesn't do jackshit in lane, right? _/kappa_ But after all, you're kinda right, except that a proper introduction to support role would need more than just telling you to ward. :P
Agree. There should be also mention of KSing :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Wullf,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1BNyoJMs,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-12-01T13:44:27.576+0000) > > You should call this topic: "Introduction into Support role" > Because this is basically what support does, except he also participates in fights. Warding is everyone's job
try to tell that to my jungler. "Why the hell was not the dragon warded!!"
: If you play {{champion:89}} like this, then you're doing her an injustice lol. She's probably the definition of a tank, and I won multiple ranked matches using her. Probably the only support I know (apart from Braum) to jump the frontlines, get hit by fed ADC / Jungler / Top laner and laugh it off. She can dive into enemy towers and secure a kill for the ADC while getting out alive. I main her, and she is by no means a sit-back character to let everyone fight for her. Heck I accidentally steal kills at times with her Eclipse spell. If you're ahead, just build with Sunfire Cape, Dead Man's Plate, Spirit Visage and Thornmail. You will likely never die, regardless of what unless you allow all 5 enemy members to gank you- but even then they'll have to waste a large amount of abilities to off you lol. Also OP, nice guide. If I do fall behind badly, i'll remember this strategy lol.
yes Leona is fucking beast. But I dont like to pick her. Simply because on lane your life depends on your ADC to cooparate with you. And I dont like that risk. Braum is more safe bu has similar risk. But when duoing on bot Braum na Leona are much better choices.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wullf,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1BNyoJMs,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-12-01T13:44:27.576+0000) > > You should call this topic: "Introduction into Support role" > Because this is basically what support does, except he also participates in fights. No, supports build Sweepers, because wards are the only thing in the game we can kill without getting yelled at.
: If this describes how you play support, you're doing it wrong.
yea i dont play support like that. ut I iagine that it could work pretty well, at least in lower tiers.
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