: well i mean... g2 isnt out yet. neither is fnc or splyce.
I know but I already know how is the tournament going to play out, Korea wins again or IG, and trust me this will age well as all previous years.
: I mean, I see where you're coming from in terms of like eastern teams being on top yet again. Having said that, my impression I've gotten from the internets tells me that the majority of people, even here in NA, prefer the more calculated eastern style of play over the more chaotic style of EU teams.
I don't care about styles, all I want since season 2 is to watch a competitive Worlds once, I don't care if Asians win it at the end again, I just want to see Finals where both teams have a chance and it is all decided on game 5 on 1 fight, I stopped playing this game 4 years ago and all I do is follow the competitive scene hoping to one day see what M5 almost did, I don't care if it is going to be NA or EU team, I love TSM, TL, C9, G2, FNC, I want to see these org succeed, it seems like Asians look at as like somekind of dumf##ks that can't even be competitive in their own game, after 9 years, after so many millions of cash invested in both EU and NA scene, and still we look fu##ing trash.
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: Format change for the 2018 NA LCS
All RIOT does it changing the game so that they can earn more money, they could have easily got more viewers this year with all the changes to the scene, they can strive to make a competitive region and win WORLDS so that all the highlights come to NA, they didn't had to ruin the competitive part. Now NA teams will go to international events with no "best of3/5" experience, and they will get trashed while they had a better chance this year with the new structure, but we will never know if it did actually improve the region. Skill of players and talent doesn't matter anymore since you can get cheezed by a team of 5 challengers (exm: Albus nox luna at worlds 2016, or Gigabite Marines), I am not interested of seeing that if they don't make all events and worlds a bo1 as well.
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