Zed genius (EUNE)
: that's not what I said, he said that yasuo is super weak with the new runes and thus he needs to be nerfed, which makes no sense whatsoever
> [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jhqq5bJw,comment-id=000000000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-10T07:06:44.714+0000) > > that's not what I said, he said that yasuo is super weak with the new runes and thus he needs to be nerfed, which makes no sense whatsoever Now i am fairly certain we are not talking about the OP here, or you are just not capable of reading the english language. The very first sentence in his post said that Yasuo is NOT weak. Never in the post did he say or even imply that Yasuo is weak, instead he more implies that Yasuo is strong regardless if the new runes do not fit him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fisher No Chains,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PgoplJkI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-09T18:40:22.341+0000) > > How many AP champions got armor though? > > Like not a single mage got armor compensation. > > Also, the reason Yasuo’s winrate in midlane is lower is because imo it’s kinda easier to gank him in midlane and/or shove the wave and roam from there. He’s never been weak against mages, at least not against ones with skillshots. AD champions all got a damage buff. AP champions only basically received an armor buff. If AD gets an MR buff, AP will need a damage buff.
> [{quoted}](name=Colton147,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PgoplJkI,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-12-09T20:05:34.600+0000) > > AP champions only basically received an armor buff. > and not even all APs got armor buffs
Zed genius (EUNE)
: using statements like "every rune lacks something for yasuo so that doesn't mean he has an unfair disadvantage compared to others but it means he is overpowered with no counterplay" kind of stuff is valid?
Did he ever say Yasuo is overpowered with the current runes? No, he said Yasuo WAS overpowered BEFORE the runes reforged, and Yasuo deserved the nerf that came with the runes reforged not having excellent choices for Yasuo
Mita3003 (EUNE)
: When you say it like that of course it seems broken lets see ekko He has a dash a slow a stun a ult that is a free get out of jail free card a massive shield late game.or cammile she has a 2 auto resets with one that can be a true damage proc high mobility a stun a shiled that scales with her hp lane sustain and a ult that you cant escape and when you are in the ult zone she does magic damage to you. See everything is broken when you say it like that but nobody is talking about these champs beacuse you didnt get shit on enough when playing agaist them.
Ekko is the definition of overloaded.
: She need, But really a little, do something about his W
I am an Ahri main and I do not think that her W needs change at all right now.
: {{champion:268}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:4}} ? they are champions that wouldn't mind a bit extra AS
yeah but none of the keystones are good for them compared to sorcery/domination.
: His kit isnt overloaded. U can't say this now.
Yeah I can. He has 2 passives, one of them being defensive and one offensive, one ability being an extra damn auto attack with multiple functionalities, he has another defensive on another skill and one the games highest mobility. One knockup with Ult extending it. And armor pen in ult for the sake of lolz
Aeszarck (NA)
: They just scaled up the mastery prices because historically, you'd get much less BE per month, even if you spent all of your IP on BE. Think about it: Before, you got IP from matches and you got your BE from Honor Capsules and Hextech Chests. If you wanted to, you had the option to turn your IP into BE via Hextech Mystery Champion Shards. Now, you get your BE from leveling (which is supposed to be the same amount as the IP you got from matches) and still from Honor Capsules and Hextech Chests. So basically, you're getting a lot more BE than before, because now the entirety of your previous IP income is now your BE income. Even if you converted your IP into BE, it wasn't a 1:1 conversion. You spent 1700 IP to get something like 250 BE. **1 BE was worth much more than 1 IP in the old system**, now it is basically a 1:1 conversion between the two currencies. Riot determined that 1 BE was worth 6.5 IP (presumably because the average user got 6.5 times the IP as he or she did BE), so they scaled Mastery Prices based on that.
Yes, but the fact that they are now the one same currency, makes it function differently. If you have tried to buy champions and upgrade mastery levels at the same time, you will notice how much harder it is to do now than what it was before. Before, the occasional champion shards I got from loot boxes and honor capsules were enough to give me enough essence to activate mastery levels whenever I wanted to while also collecting IP for a new champ. Now it is practically impossible to do it like before, and you have to sacrifice champion purchases in order to upgrade mastery levels, unless you get VERY lucky and always get the champion shards you need from boxes.
: blitzcrank consumes nearly 50% of his mana pool with a single ability at level 1 he should get like 3 tears when he starts the game
> [{quoted}](name=flibitydoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lkL8mvzw,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-12-06T01:24:49.802+0000) > > blitzcrank consumes nearly 50% of his mana pool with a single ability at level 1 > > he should get like 3 tears when he starts the game but you do realise how much more impactful blitz' Q is?
: Still not even half as bad as Zoe support, with the recent changes it doesn't really matter anymore what you play as support considering the majority of bandwagoners will be playing mage supports for now on. RIOT you blow dicks, fuck off, I hope your game dies.
I dunno, Zoe support is pretty darn fun and effective is player properly.
: Lux is a pubstomper. It's not a viable tactic above Gold IV, but before that go ahead. It does a decent enough job and enables you to carry in Low Elo while playing support.
Lux support is viable in higher elo. You see high level supports like Aphromoo play her occasionally. Lux support, while having even higher pickrate in low elo, still has a higher pickrate in plat+ than half the supports.
: I seriously hate lux supports with a passion.
Honestly, I love playing Lux support. Not that I like it over mid Lux, but i like to play Lux and I am a support main. I always buy a sightstone. It kills me inside when any support ever does not buy it. I play Lux support basically the same way you play any other AP support. I poke, I pick, I peel. And the secondary purpose is to be the AP carry if your team does not have one, or your main AP carry falls behind too much. Why i would pick her over Zyra, Vel'koz or Brand? Because I feel like it, or Lux has advantages over those particular champions. None of those have a shield and none of them have as much range as Lux. Lux has the biggest burst out of those. What they have over Lux is different forms of cc, poke and more teamfight potential damage with less pick and burst potential. Lux has many ways of protecting their ADC, if the ADC does not overextend or misposition on their own (which is not to be blamed on the support). These Lux "supports" you speak of are not supports. They don't like the role so they take up role of the AP carry but in the botlane, and Lux is a good champion to do that with. They don't care about the ADC because they don't want to support. Lux support itself ispowerful as a support, so don't speak like she isn't because you saw some ignorant trolls.
Vad Nova (NA)
: lol no she doesnt. In lane this skill does literally nothing to the enemy laner unless you hit a W on them, and even then it doesnt do much damage till much later in the game. Harrasing with it will burn mana and do negligable damage to the enemy laner. It also wont heal you anything significant harrass wise. This will in no way change her lane pattern. Not in the slightest.
Except her mana regen in the laning phase was increased so she has more mana to actually harrass with. Auto attacks matter more in the laning phase and with increased healing off champions, she has an incentive to make trades.
: Already being looked into. Already announced that it was being looked into.
I've missed that then. Thanks for informing me. I still have heavy doubts that they'll actually make a satisfying change.
Rioter Comments
kile147 (NA)
: Sorry if it wasn't clear, I meant that Lethal Tempo should be buffed in a way that helps melees more than ranged without it just offering more stats. An interesting way to do it could be to make it so that the activation time starts at 0.5 seconds and scales up based on max auto range, and make it only proc of auto attacks. It would benefit melees a ton because they would always get the close to 0.5 second activation time while ADCs at max range would have to wait just as long as live, if not longer. Math could be as simple as Activation Time=0.5+((Range-125)*.0025). This would result in the majority of melee champs getting 0.5-.0.7 second activation times, while the majority of ranged champs would have about 1.45-1.55 seconds before activation, with some of the longest ones getting up above 1.8 seconds.
I love seeing people in the boards who know about things like these maths because I definitely don't. Makes it way nicer to read and makes you think why riot hasn't actually done this
: I don’t recall Mastery ever being much about skill in the first place. It was to show how well you know that champion/shiny banner to show your main(s). Correlation usually dictates you will be also decent on that champion the more you play them, as shown by higher winrates (think 57-60%) with 125+ games on those champs. It doesn’t mean I still won’t feed my ass off if I’m having a bad game.
That's what I don't like. The badges SHOULD indicate your skill on the champion. Personally, I have activated M7 badges only for the champions i really enjoy and believe I am skilled at them. And unlock new M7 badges only when I believe I am skilled enough and I enjoy the champion a lot. But unfortunately they do not indicate skill at all.
Leetri (EUW)
: The Overwatch AFK system is basically exactly the same as League's, the only difference is that if you get reported for leaving if someone else has left the game it won't count.
The difference is that when someone has left the game in Overwatch, you will not be punished at all if you leave the game after.
Hibeki (NA)
: Its better than literally nothing
not necessarily when the bot actually starts feeding kills. In a game like league it's way harder for players to take control of another champion than in hots
: Riot, you cannot ignore this preseason. Bruisers are a joke.
: She's a massive speed boost on her W with every summoner and despite it not really being an escape her ults on a 4 second cd allowing her to blink all over the place. She's no riven/yasuo who just dash all over the place nonstop but she is mobile
She is mobile but only late into the game. The movespeed bonus from W is miniscule at lvl 1 and it is most likely the skill you are leveling last. Her ult is kinda "pseudo-mobility" because it can be used to juke, but it gives you nothing in terms of reaching and sticking to your target or escaping. It shows exactly where you land so you are extremely susceptible to CC. Nowhere near Riven/Yasuo mobility like you said, but she isn't even Ahri, Ezreal or even Gnar level mobility.
Santozed (EUW)
: I like it but I think a chainsaw is a little bit too... "brutal" for Diana :X Why not a smoother weapon like Leona's?
I understand the point of a smoother weapon but I don't think brutal is the word you are looking for. Diana is very brutal herself in her lore.
: Zoes CC
I've experienced it to be one of the most accurate zone hitboxes in the game so far. around 30-40 games as Zoe and against Zoe atm.
AuugisLTU (EUNE)
: What the fuck do you expect its a new champion, impossible to snowball her, she has that insane fucking range, insane cc and insane mobility which directly translates into ''Riot is fucking retarded''. I honestly think that champions have to start being useless as shit (ornn) and then get buffed as it gets the response from community. Not the other way around...
" I honestly think that champions have to start being useless as shit (ornn) and then get buffed as it gets the response from community. Not the other way around..." Wrong. It is way easier to balance a champion by nerfing if it starts out as overpowered, instead of buffing champions the players don't know how to play properly yet (see ornn or taliyah).
: But why wouldn't {{item:3222}} cleanse the sleep?
: Zoe's RNG "W" is way too unreliable
In my opinion her W is extremely fun and is what makes playing her a new experience every game, but I still have to agree with your post that it is too much of a deciding factor on whether you win or lose. Getting a gunblade from a minion at level 3 is basically a free win in lane, since it's a 150+ damage basic ability at level 3, but getting a TP in a teamfight is 90% of the time useless and handicaps from using an ability until you can pick up a new one, or even worse, not getting any items/summoners during laning phase for mutilple waves.
: They could give it a moderately long cd or do less damage.
It already deals very little damage.
Fargo79 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swittz,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ORlilLgq,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-11-24T09:26:06.382+0000) > > oh you having trouble with Zoe ? "Git good"... wait... you can't "git good"? then get {{champion:201}} on your team. Can't do that? get {{item:3156}} and {{item:3053}} . Can't do that either? Get {{item:3140}}. Unlike most champions her combo is hard and you can counter it. Fking hell even minions can block her combo. Just get a {{champion:90}} vs her and press R Malz ulti doesnt stop her ulti though.. she will still jump back and out of range.. her damage and CDs are a problem. 7 sec ulti or something like that?? q is at 4 secs? and her sleep if she misses it stays in trap form far too long.. it stays out for about 5 secs..
Malzahar ulti says on her and does not interrupt even if her ulti takes her out of range. Minions can block her Q and E, she has a one ability handicap most of the game in the for of her W, he ult does literally nothing else other than teleport forward and back. And it is telegraphed and she, herself can't move so she's an easy target to CC. Has no other form of mobility other than mobility summoners.
: They're still using Aery though, it's not uncommon to have 4-6 people running Aery dependant on the champions. It just does less damage now. It is true mages do need a better tune though.
Of course they run Aery because they have to still use something.
k wìx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tortunga,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RZETkEQE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-11-19T17:29:12.913+0000) > > While this would be amazing, I think it's extremely hard to create a fool proof system. > > Somebody can be 10/2 for example, but if he refuses to group and just runs around the map trying to get more kills, he might be a weakness to your team. > > While somebody that is 0/5 but groups up and be what the team needs might be a very valuable teammember, even if his score says otherwise. Yea, i totally agree - there is no really good way to do it. I think the way league handles 'Grading' Might be a good start. Players who get an S get a bit extra, players who get C's get a bit less, so to speak - something along those lines. and I think the mechanics need to be vague and somewhat hidden, otherwise player behavior will move to exploit the system. It also undermines players who sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, which would be a huge problem.
Otherwise a good idea, but how the grading system itself functions is not fitting for determining ranked gain.
: The "Zone" - Where you synchronize with your champion and nothing can stop you
Yes. With all champions I've won my lane with during this preseason.
: "KYS"=Ban
I got banned for it once and I admit my mistake, but I have yet to see my reports on people saying "kys" or even worse things, to actually punish them. The system is still as broken as ever. The very game I got banned for, had the enemy players also say "kys" and not get banned.
: Sorry but I don't think so. Diana was the first one I leveled to mastery 5 when it came available last year. I know her ins and outs pretty well. Her burst is a bit slower than the regular assassins, even if its just a tiny micro faction, its still slower. Yes, she is tankier than assassins. Her shield is her main point with that. Fizz? He only has his E, which is his "survivability" tool, but it's not used for that, mostly engage and blocking skills. I've seen him die faster than I could blink while Diana takes a bit to kill. Like I said, all those assassins have the means for escapes. They aren't meant for surviving much. When it all comes down to it, sustain like Akali won't get you much when you are fighting all in. It's mostly used to get your health back after the engage is done (like going back to farming after doing a trade). Ekko is a skirmirsher that has the tools of a mage, and therefore he has burst, but he's not an assassin. Come on. I can kill a squishy in 5 seconds with Lux. Ekko does the same thing, he's just like some of the divers as he has more mobility, but he's not an assassin. Diana does not function like an assassin at all. Her shield helps her survive in dives and I think she's an excellent one at that, just up there with all the others. You can't argue with Riot here. They put her in the right classification, so stop arguing about it.
Comparing bursts speeds with tiny fractions of a second doesn't make sense since the time isn't noticeable by any person. In a vacuum, and some games, she can kill a squishy so fast as if it was a single one-shot ability thrown at an enemy, which is an instant. Every champ classified as an assassin also have differences in their burst speeds. I do understand your points but I will still stand by my point that she does not compare enough to real Divers. She just performs way worse as a Diver compared to other Divers and is more fitting as an assassin. I have been consistently playing Diana as one of my mains since halfway season 4 so I have enough experience.
: On a single ability? Whom else that can fire and forget with substantial range?
Some examples of strong level one abilities; Ahri double hit is 80 base damage, often having enough AP at level one to push that to 100 AOE. Anivia Q can double hit for 120 base damage at level one (AoE) and includes a stun, an experienced Anivia player often hits them. Annie Q has 80 base damage with always enough AP to push that to 100, and it is point and click with a short cooldown. Even more obnoxious than Annie Q is Pantheon Q with even shorter cooldown and even more potential damage. I don't know if Azir counts but soldiers have a 60 base damage so even without AP that is 120 damage with 2 hits, technically AOE. Caitlyn Q has a 30 base damage with 130% total AD scaling so that is almost always over 100. Darius Q is the same way as Cait Q with base AD alone taking it to over 100 damage AOE, with healing. If we count auto attack based abilities like Azir soldiers, Draven Q can take his auto attacks to over 100 at level one. Auto attacks are not dodgeable like Ez Q, and have "less cooldown" obviously. Ekko Q double hit is 100 base damage AOE. These were only some examples of easy ways to land over 100 damage at level one, and do not account the new runes which add even more damage, and do not account abilities like Miss Fortune Q bonus damage which can go to 150 or more and Fiddlesticks drain which has a base damage of 400 damage at level one over the full duration.
: You are wrong in one point- she doesn't die as fast. She has a shield that helps her be able to dive and stay alive long enough to get that kill. Divers have abilities to keep them alive in short fights and dives. And her burst takes a tiny bit longer to get out than an assassin unless she's mega fed.
I play enough Diana to tell you that no, her burst takes as little time as some of the fastest assassins, even if she is not fed. And no, she isn't much at all tankier than some assassins. Some examples on survivability, Fizz is a notorious assassin and can stay alive for longer than Diana. Akali bursts as quickly as Diana but also has means to survive and get a way with her smoke screen, and also having sustain. Ekko(though also talked in this thread, functions more like a skirmisher, he is classified as an assassin) is able to burst almost as quickly as any other assassin, while also having an AOE stun, a shield, a heal and mobility. Though Diana might be classified as a diver, I don't see there being any point in it because she functions exactly like an assassin and has close to no means of actually being an efficient diver like Aatrox, Camille, Olaf, Hecarim, or even Rengar or Kayn.
: Does it bother anyone else how the secondary tree rune tree selection works?
Might be because of my native language not being English but i didn't understand the problem. I haven't personally had any issues with changing the runes.
ProjecL (EUW)
: He deals 100 damage with Qs at level 1 without Muramana, so either Ezreal has too much damage now that armor and MR runes don't exist anymore (except for tanks) or his Q is bugged in more ways than that.
easy 100 damage at lvl 1 isn't very uncommon though.
MrKyng (NA)
: You are always... now I am wondering at the 50/100/150 and such levels if you do not... going to get at least 810 BE worth of shards. That might come in 1 or 2 or 3 shards but if you need less than that amount, you can be confident you will have enough after the next level. An annoyance I have seen is for people who get a shard they want to keep and use, but they were also hoping to use the BE to get a different champ and then you have to make a choice. Thanks for filling me in about how many games it takes to get to another level on average, I have been curious. Cactopus showed the toughest levels take 3600ish xp to level up.
Yeah it's about 10 games in easy levels and possibly double that at toughest levels
Mortdog (NA)
: Blue Essence Earn Rates - Learning the Numbers with Carl and Henrietta
One of the most important questions in my opinion is, Why on earth would you relate the amount of currency gained, to RNG? IP gain was 100% based on your and your teams performance, there is no reason to change it to RNG, especially if there is any chance to get LESS than before.
Muzét (EUW)
: > Kayns E gives him massive mobility, especially if paired with Mobility boots(and some healing too cuz why not). Close to no one can escape that movement speed. This is why: You can see from really far the place where he is going to "land". As I stated earlier: > he tells you that he'll come from a certain angle - when he uses his E - so you should be ready to **welcome him.** > Talons R is either used as an engage, or a finisher. It deals A LOT of damage as a finisher. The way you phrased it it feels like Talon's got an execute (or some kind of dmg bonus on lower health targets) but that's not the case. I tried it by itself. And it deals way less dmg than I expected. The damage feeling might come from Electrocute + Q + Duskblade rather than the ult.
Like i said, close to no one can escape Kayn movement speed. The distance he goes through any wall isn't much so you do not have much more time to react than any other assassin. I didn't say talon has execute damage on it. It's high damage as a finisher comes from it's both blade hits. As an engage, you only hit the second hit, but as a finisher in melee range you hit both instances of damage.
: Diana isn't an assassin. She's a diver. Assassins have escapes, Diana doesn't.
But what is the difference? She kills as fast as an assassin and dies as fast as an assassin, but can't escape the death while assassins can't. Whats the point of a diver then?
realnoob (NA)
: You are just bias. fiora mains know that she is not fair, so do zed mains and anyone that mains veigar, nasus and other braindead champs but u don't see them say that their main is unfair.
I play Ahri and I honestly think she is 100% fair to play against. I love to play the champion (one of the few sources of fun i get from the game), and I also love playing against her more than almost any other midlaner.
MrKyng (NA)
: A couple thoughts that Riot peeps have said elsewhere: If you get the champ shard for a champ that you want to enchant you only have to pay 60% of the BE cost. So just released champs (7800) could be 4680... if you are super lucky. Cactopus showed lots of charts about how you end up getting more BE than you would get IP (if you do lots of math that probably makes sense =) ) for anyone who is playing 8 games or less per day on average. (I saw them through Surrender@20). I could probably find the link if you are curious and need help in the jungle of the internet. [https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments] At least once a year, they will bring back random champion unlocks which use less than 4000 BE but you get a 4800+ champ, so if you want to wait and stockpile BE you could do that. Mortdog shared that "A Leveling Capsule contains champ shards with a BE value of either ~~720~~(changed to 810), 900, 960, or 1,240. A Milestone Capsule (every 10 levels) contains champ shards valued at 1,980, 2,160, or 2,220. (The average value is 2,120 based on drop rates)" [(https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/Jh3Mtzu6-board-post-title-blue-essence-earn-rates-learning-the-numbers-with-carl-and-henrietta)] Sorry for bringing content into this complaining, but the system I think will be satisfying. It just takes a little longer to feel like you are making progress sometimes.
Your very last comment already tells why it is not satisfying. It takes longer to feel progress. If they kept the current amount of average BE but you get BE after every game, it would be more satisfying. Think of having like 6200 IP in the old system and you want a new champ. You go and play 1 or 2 games and get the missing IP to buy the champ right away. With the new system if you have 6200 BE but you are at the beginning of your level, you need to play an average of 12 games to get the missing BE from a capsule or even worse, you get only one 90 BE shard from it, you don't even get the missing 100 BE and you need another 12 games to surely get it. This system is worse in every way to every single player.
Salson (EUNE)
: But he is shit. 80% of old Fervor users are shit. The only reason anyone ever bans him is the high number of assholes in his player base. I mean come on, is whatever you main awesome and fair to the enemy team?
Lovesick (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=VulDread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WYYM5Gag,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-11-16T06:44:21.830+0000) > > Zed has always been sorta slow. > Talon's burst is wayyy slower and conditional than he was before the rework. > Kayn yeah but you get to see him coming with E; he has to flank you, and can't just use his abilities in the middle of the teamfight > Fizz too much power to ulti > LB became a mage, Riot recognized that they messed up with her > Eve has permastealth, that's a REALLY powerful ganking tool. And she's a jungler for ease of roam. > Kat got faster burst, but a higher skill floor > Akali got better burst, and a much better laning phase, though idk if the speed changed > Ekko... has always been a bad assassin. I think he's a skirmisher still? > Zix just varies based on how fed he is > Rengar as well > Kass can kill really fast but needs ramp-up > Pseudo assassins can burst really fast too, such as lethality J4, Panth, Wuk, Jayce, and Noc, some of them even faster than actual assassins Kat did not get faster burst, that is a flat out lie. Akali got better burst for the cost of speed in casting her ultimate. Ekko is NOT a bad assassin at all, he deals a LOT of damage once he completes 1-2 items. K6 does not vary on how fed he is, he just needs level 6+1 lethality item to start rolling. Talon's burst is honestly the same if you combo properly Zed's is hardly slow when fed.
And, Fizz is one of the most predictable assassins. The Pseudo-assassins mentioned are still all AD, which further proves this threads point. Your point on Rengar and kha'zix applies to literally every damage dealer in the game.
Anonagon (NA)
: visual reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnawWhGL6ro
Seems like eve was WAAAY ahead of others and the only helping tool on Yasuo was GA instead of MR. A Maw of Malmortius would have helped more against Eve than a Zhonyas or even Thornmail helps against Yasuo or AD assassins
Frøsted (EUNE)
: AP Assassins can also erase someone under 3 seconds, heck most burst mages can as well. Don't see the problem there.
Literally only Diana, and she has no escape.
Muzét (EUW)
: >My point is there is no reaction time. There is reaction time before he gets on you simple because he doesn't have mobility as other assassins do. His mobility is tied to his damage (Q) and to a long cd (E). Whereas other (at least most assassins) got their mobility on a peculiar ability. > If you have ever been 1 shot by w,q in that rotation with maybe 1 aa. Maybe if most generous 1 level behind. Then you would understand why it is bullshit. People cried and cried about how s,a needed buffs and now he is broke. FFS blade's reach is 120% bonus ad. like do you even understand that? I have been one shot and I've done one shot. I saw both side. And by the way. **Did you know?** The only damage buff he received was on his R because playing SA didn't give any feeling on ult. > His r does a ton of damage but ok His R still deals less damage than Zed, Talon's on the other hand after checking his kit on practice tool damage are concentrated on his Q and passive. His R is mostly giving him survivability too. But yeah, Kayn will deal more damage than talon with taking into account ult only. Yet, as I stated it's for survivability more than damage. Why? Simply because as Kayn you won't go R-in R-Out straight away. You usually wait your cooldowns. This is why it isn't there to deal damage. Survivability is the key there. If you ever need to nerf SA I'll agree to nerf a bit his ratio on ult (but not revert back to release value just reduce it a bit)
Kayns E gives him massive mobility, especially if paired with Mobility boots(and some healing too cuz why not). Close to no one can escape that movement speed. Also Kayn R is used on his damage rotation against slightly tankier opponets because of it's decent damage, and passive + duskblade reset. Talons R is either used as an engage, or a finisher. It deals A LOT of damage as a finisher.
Gubaguy (NA)
: People play shadow assassin kayn? Also i must be building my kayns wrong becuase i dont burst anyone, played a game today where i landed my W+double Q on a vayne below half health, she responded by slamming me into a wall and killing me in less then a second.
Yeah people do play Shadow Assassin Kayn. He can one-shot any squishy and some bruisers when he has Warrior + Duskblade.
Paroe (NA)
: @thread "AP champions and itemization are so much better than AD!" - reddit. AD assassins and AP assassins are balanced differently. AD assassins are instant and designed to go in, pop the carry, and get out. AP assassins are delayed damage and designed to go in and out and damage or pop high priority targets. Basaically AP assassins are held to the ekko standard; skirmishers.
Also, close to no AP assassin with escape, deals as much reliable burst damage as the AD assassins with escape. Basically the only AP assassin who is capable of popping a target as quickly and reliably as an AD assassin is Diana, but she has no escape and dies with the target too.
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