: League enables and allows trash talk. Tilting opponents is a tried and true method of winning matches. Just mute chat and you've given yourself the legendary tilt-resistant armor.
I mainly focused on the endgame discussion. Otherwise, your last sentence is so worthy i would have given you Thor's hammer if i could
: The "coward" taunt is no more than someone running around going "1v1 me!" to the enemy team while he's playing Darius. Trolls who up every match. Also, players understand what "play def" means. The problem is that "ego fights" is often more tempting and that's what makes them to not play tactically and defensively when needed to, as they're too busy trying to reclaim their lost ego from being killed last time.
i agree with you. the thing is what i wrote was mainly focused on the player actually playing defensive as he should together with the enemy player's seem-to-be-clever-but-actually-not comments regarding his defensive play style. if a player doesn't play safe when he needs and just rushes in for a 1v1 then fine, go ahead, but the thing that bothers me is that people say random stuff to a player who actually plays safe, thinking they are winning the argument while really just being ridiculous.
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