: Yup just got the message to type I Agree to, maybe riot should be checking this help and support forum page over all the social pages cause here people have legit problems the riot just hand picks like 1 or 2 to fix out of the probably 50 a day at least
Not only that, I was placed in the "lower priority queue" i.e. have to wait 5 mins before I get into matchmaking for 5 matches. For something I was not responsible for. ~~Are you saying that's not a problem that Riot should take care of?~~ * Players getting punished - who knows, maybe banned - for "leaving games" that was in actuality just the game not connecting for whatever reason (Riot servers inaccessible?) *) Sorry, I think I misread that. Your lack of interpunction didn't help, but still, I get what you meant now. ;)
: Game wont reconnect
I was just punished with putting me at the bottom of the matchmaking, or whatever... Am I going to be banned because of something completely out of my control? It's not like I left the game - I chose my character and the game just didn't load properly. I tried reconnecting a number of times - only to get "The game has crashed, try to reconnect" message. It was a third time now. I mean, come on, I had to write "I agree" to something I didn't agree with too - I do not agree that I left games - I never joined them in the first place! Gah. So yeah, now I have to wait 5 minutes before matchmaking happens. Thanks Riot. Good to know you punish your players for things they didn't have any control over. Seriously.


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