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: Being Bad or needing improvement
BastiHil (EUW)
: no champion capsule
Try to restart the client and then if it persists, bug report? You can always write a ticket
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: So are login screens offically dead?
God I hate this. So much. The themes added so much personality and it was legitimately great music
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: Didn't connect. Idk what to do anymore
Upgradw gotten. For other reasons, but god. Playinf without lpw spec mode. *chefs kiss* we'll see how this goes, so far so good!
BonBoi (EUNE)
: new login screen is ass
Yeah, like, why aren't they making login screens anymore? They were legit one of my favourite things about this game and something I always returned to. Also hi another Yuuto icon
: not a better feeling
Yeah I lost a rank once just because their Jax made it to the late game. I was 16/4. Our midlaner and me had full builds way before the Jax. Still destroyed us.
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bad skillshots

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