: Well...I have to say 2 things about this. 1. Your idea is really cool, i've been waiting for a while for a new ingame cursor, the current one is cringy and difficult to work with if you have a high scrolling sensitivity like I do, but I cant play with low sensitivity at all so thats a problem for me. 2. If I do recall correctly, there were previous posts asking about using custom designs for cursors before, and as far as I know, until it is enabled for everyone it is pretty much forbidden because creating Custom Cursors for better navigation means you get to do something nobody else does, and hence create an advantage through programming it, which would be flagged under cheating with 3rd party programs. Reason I say this is because if I read correctly, you've been using one for a while now, and I wanted to warn you beforehand that it's not allowed until a global OK is given >_>
Well, I appreciate your concern, however I directly told this to riot support and they didn't seem to have a problem with it. I don't think it is any different from custom skins either.
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: He doesn't need. He's already a balanced champion. Vel'Koz main, since he was under the attention (but mid season 4, when i started), Mastery level 7 (duh). The last thing i need is a buff, then he will be gutted down. Build your items properly, and enjoy the great one shot on the squishees with just Ulti. Trust me. :) Would you like to see the build i often use? Plus runes?
+1 D3 eune Vel'Koz only player here, he is pretty balanced i think. I just hope that now that he gets attention in the LCS, they won't nerf it.
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: Wow, that's actually quite cool. I've never found a problem with the cursor myself, but if this helps you then I don't see why it shouldn't be an option. Upvoted :)
Thanks dude!
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