: I mean... I don't think they ripped off Marvel but comparing nickname he gets no money from to someone releasing an artwork product they get money from one way or another is a bit poor. Also Nebula isn't just the character yknow.
: Thanos had it in his infinity gauntlet before Riot decided to rip off Marvel yet again.
...Seeing how your summoner name contains the name Nebula, should you really be the one to talk about ripping off Marvel? LUL
: I don't think Ornn would ever use a magical tool, since "magic always makes sturdy things weaker".
Maybe that was the reason he stopped using them? Besides, if the Runes we saw are actually the runes we see in-game, then that means that the Red Rune is Domination, and what kind of weaponsmite would not use a magical Rune that enhances fighting powers, just by engraving some letters on the weapon? Seems like a waste of resources, and Ornn ain't about that. At least, he wasn't, until his followers got killed by it.
Veraska (NA)
: {{champion:240}} maybe i wonder how many world runes there are, the cinematic makes me think 5 but that could just be the bunker
There are more, look how many containment cells there are and are still empty. There are at least 10 more around, that the survivors of the Rune wars knew about.
Rioter Comments
: Xano ships sona x ahri. He's obsessed with that ship. He's upset that ahri has wukong as a friend on her page and keeps spamming posts like this to get downvoted intentionally with the hope that riot removes them as friends. I wish this guy would be banned from the boards already
: > [{quoted}](name=calibergunsaint,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dOa5RN4n,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-26T18:38:34.472+0000) > > Although it makes sense, since you can't tell if something is dead or not, like your ship. I don't think that's the issue. I think the issue is that they are obsessive. They need to seek help but either they aren't or it's not working because obviously they keep doing this.
That's what I was saying, he's just keeps beating the dead horse, it's not healthy. He needs to move on from this obsession.
: Rioter confirmed that it was not a watcher, it was a voidborn. They said watchers are much bigger and scarier and hinted that we will be seeing them soon.
Ah, well then. That actually explains how Ryze beat it.
Xano501 (NA)
: Will see cinematic where Wukong and Ahri together?
Dude, again, it was rumored, then it died. Let it go, because you're ruinning people's experience in this board, I saw this post and all the hype I got from the new cinematic got downgraded. You're literlly a fun killer with this posts. Although it makes sense, since you can't tell if something is dead or not, like your ship.
: This particular shipper is what I call "diehard".
: > [{quoted}](name=calibergunsaint,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Rj0NwHkG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-26T17:34:44.906+0000) > > Don't worry, someone is probably making an "Infinity War" trailer version of the new cinematic. Give it a day, it'll come. *sigh* okay I'll do it
: Questions about World Runes
The power they hold is the power of the runes we see in-game, the red Rune is Domination, etc etc. That's why Kala was tempted by the green Rune in the comic, since her sons are dead and she can bring them back to life with that Rune, Resolve- which affects your living. We don't know the other things, since we don't have true examples, we don't know what happend to the Rune held by Brand and we don't know the origins, Ryze might but he's not telling.
: If you think about it, World Runes are like Infinity Stones
Don't worry, someone is probably making an "Infinity War" trailer version of the new cinematic. Give it a day, it'll come.
: That's a watcher? Thought it was Vel'Koz?
Nope, that's a Watcher. It, however, begs the question of "is Vel'koz a similar kind of creature to the Watchers?"
: That's why I said "**at least** 11 more". But do we know if the vault has been created by Demacians? The depiction on the vault doesn't seem to match with the usual mistrust Demacians have towards magic.
It was built by Demacians, just not ones that knew they were Demacians, since the nation wasn't created yet. Those early Demacian probably also had a good vision of magic in their minds, since some of them were magicians, like we see in the engraving, which has a very similar art to the statues and buildings in Demacia's art-work. And again, the depection doesn't seem to match because they still liked magic at the time, but the reasons I explained in the last comment made them hate magic over the years. And I didn't notice the "at least" part, sorry I'm just really happy.
Ikerus (NA)
: Are the World Runes a fixed set?
It could be that there are more Runes that weren't found or known at the time of the Rune wars, so the people who created the vault (probably the survivors of the wars) didn't make any containment cells for them.
Leyruh (EUW)
: {{champion:202}} would certainly use it to make the most impressive and devastating performances. Something he'll certainly find to be "beyond perfection", seeing the power they hold.
I agree, he's already mad so the Rune won't have an effect on him. Maybe make him a bit madder, he'll go drunk with power and start just shooting and killing people with no thought or reason, and have an epic and beautiful fight with all the Kinkou order and Order of Shadows. Maybe it'll make him reload faster. Now that is a terrifying thought.
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot's world building is actually pretty damn great.
And yet, people say that a LoL MMO would be a bad idea. To that I say LOL
: I've rewatched the cinematic and noticed something. Assuming the vault is built symmetrical there are about 16 "slots" for world rune fragments. 8 in an inner ring, 8 in an outer ring. I doubt the vault has been created specifically for world runes, but if we assume it has, there are at least 11 more world rune fragments out there (and one Brand). Sorry for making so many comments on this post, but I'm super exited about this stuff.
DUDE NP ON MY SIDE, COMMENT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE Although I have to disagree on your doubt, since we know that Demacia was created after the Rune wars, by the survivors who found the land, and found that it also can make magic weaker. With that fact, we can also know that the survivors planned for this, they planned for the attackers of the other nations to chase them, to fight, but since the land is magic nullifying, the survivors could fight them on an even situation, and capturing the Runes while locking them away. Sure, it can hold other magic items, but they can be locked away in a different, less powerful place. Also, interasting thought I had now: it could be why Demacia hates magic so much. The trauma from the Rune wars, the nullifying of magic and the expectation of enemies wielding those powerful Runes combined into a deadly fear of magic. We can see that once they used to have mages, as seen in the engraving in the vault enternce, but years of fear made them scarce in Demacia. Also no.2: We still don't know the exact number of Runes, since we don't know if the survivors knew about ALL of the Runes and Fragments. Food for thought.
: Shuriman Golems?
It's explained in the map, it's the guardian of a forgotten and destroyed archive, although we don't know what it guarded there, it got pissed when Ryze and Nasus tried to enter. We also don't know how this thing works, which I personally would love to be explained if they ever make this Golem into a champion, CAUSE GODDAMN THIS IS ONE BADASS DESIGN
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot probably planned this from the second they re-re-(re?)worked Ryze.
Let's hope this one is the combo breaker. And yes, they did plan this long. Look at Ryze's splash art, it's the scene with the Watcher.
: Hey OP, if you look at the map and click the story books that just showed up it says a short tidbit about Ryze and each of his interactions. Including Sona
I did see the map books, that's why I asked- Mf is pretty simple, no need for explantion What was that guardian keeping safe in that Archive? AND WHAT IS THAT GUARDIAN? We need answers Ah, didn't see the Sona interaction, thanks We still don't know if that Watcher is imprisoned, why does it look like Vel'koz, or why did it try to learn/ take over Ryze?
: What I'm most interested in: Did whoever built the Demacian vault ever possess all those world runes? If yes, what caused him/them to lose the runes? Is the petricite enough to prevent Brand from finding them? How many world runes are there? How many world rune fragments are there? (Ryze's comic mentioned that Ryze has been hiding fragments) And most importantly, wtf happened with that Watcher?
1. Probably not, WAY too much power to be held in one place while the whole world is fighting over them and with them. Ryze is only able to seek and collect them now since nearly everyone forgot about them/ are too afraid to look for them since it'll start another war. 2. They probably died in the wars, losing the stones every nation held to time. 3. Probably yes, and remember, this is Demacia. The moment Brand even sets foot in the land, someone will try to stop him. 4. There were a lot probably, but due to time, wars and over-usage, we may only ever see the five (Four, with one missing) that we're seeing now. 5. Probably a lot. 6. I DON'T KNOW BUT THAT WAS AWESOME AND THEY ACTUALLY PLANNED FOR IT FOR A LONG TIME, LOOK AT THE RYZE SPLASH ART IT'S THAT WATCHER
: We finally know what Ryze's splash art is supposed to show! https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Ryze_0.jpg
OMG they planned this... FOR SO LONG THIS IS AMAZING
Infernape (EUW)
: Those runes are the runes we use in game. They are all there apart from the Inspiration rune.
...WHICH EZREAL FOUND AND HOLDS, IN THE PICTURE OF THE NEW RUNES RELEASE!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG So the Runes do hold some sort of different power depending on the color! AND THAT'S WHY PEOPLE GET MAD FOR HOLDING THEM, THEY'RE LITERLLY SEEING THE WHOLE RUNE PAGE AND THINK "WOW THIS IS SERIOUSLY OP" And if you think about it, it makes sense, Kala holds the green Rune, Resolve, and mentions how she could use this to bring her sons BACK TO LIFE BECAUSE IT'S THE RUNE THAT CONTROLS LIFE AND MAKING IT LONGER OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Infernape (EUW)
: Ezreal and the new cinematic.
It doesn't, actually. That's actually a good design idea, to hide the last Infinity Ston- I mean, World Rune in plain sight. Look of how the magic ball is supposed to be protected by those steel boards, it's to keep it safe and sound. The outer blue layer is another layer of magic protection, and maybe Ezreal's gauntlet can actually unlock it, meaning this picture is set in either Shurima or Targon. The question is, what will Ezreal do with it? Will it corrupt him in the future?
Rioter Comments
: Also, I just looked, and the locations and encounters Ryze had with {{champion:21}}, {{champion:37}}, {{champion:48}}, and {{champion:75}} in the short that comes today, appeared in the map before the short itself.
Yes, it's quite thrilling. Also, HOLY CRAP WE ACTUALLY GET TO SEE A WATCHER
Psyrix (NA)
: The World Rune Ryze rehid
Look at the map now, it's actually in a vault beneath Demacia, which makes sense, who would look for the most powerful magic items ever known in a land that's full of people who hate magic?
Rioter Comments
OniSeiji (NA)
: Compared to Noxus, Demacia isn't actually racist. On the League Wiki, Noxus is defined as an extremely xenophobic empire, while Demacia is just prejudicial to magic and its users. Azir didn't directly lead to Shurima's downfall. Xerath was. Azir just didn't see the betrayal coming.
"Prejudicial" is a nice word, considering they kick out everyone that uses magic, even a daugther of the Crownsgaurd family. And tbh, if Azir didn't decide to Ascend himself, Shurima would still be alive all this time since Xerath would have probably killed or sent an assassin to kill Azir. The fact is, Xerath would have killed Azir no matter what, but the fact that Azir thought so highly of himself that he wanted to Ascend before the time was right is the reason that made Shurima fall.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: What about Bandle City?
I would have stepped in 50 Teemo mushrooms before I would even get to see the gate to the city
: Most citizens are happy about the return of Azir tho
Most, but not all. Taliyah for example.
: Noxus is basically the opposite of Communist. You don't help the weak and share with them, you crush them for your own benefit. That doesn't really sound like Communism to me. They're more like Rome.
The fact that they don't share things is one thing, the fact they keep saying every man should be strong and work ( like the posters and whole preaching of labors) for the sake of Noxus (the mother land) is another. And they took over from a one man ruling system with benefectors of rich and popular families and made it into a multi part ruling system with no help from the families. Sure, they crush the weak for their benefit, but the end goal is to make everyone stronger and equal. Plus memes of Swain being Stalin and all of that crap with the theme song being seriously similar to the Russain one.
Loborcs (EUW)
: Ryze Comic just appeared
: Where would YOU choose to live in Runeterra?
To be honest, None. Noxus is basically Communist Russia Demacia is a racist and bordered nation Shurima is led by the same guy who made it fall, plus not all citizens listen to him so expect a coup soon and miss me with that desert crap, no thank you, I'm not a heat and summer guy Targon is the playground to some menafistions of concepts and ideals taking form within extra strong humans on top of a really freaking tall mountain Frejlord is about to be engulfed in a tribal war plus Lissandra planning to bring back the Watchers and the Iceborn, so... not cool. Piltover is run by some rich oligarchs and if you aren't part of a royal family/ genius, gtfo cause you can't do crap Zaun is poor, filthy and full of hextech weapons carrying criminals, plus toxic waste all around Ionia is a bunch of hipies and monks all round, probably some animal will try to eat me and no one will stop it, plus the whole vastaya situation Bilgewater is full of criminals and pirates, plus some strange creatures down below. And do I really need to explain the reason against the Shadow Isles?
beany (NA)
: "Fashioned under the guidance of the Targonians, the great Sun Disc brought the favor of divine, celestial powers to Shurima. Once it was complete, it is said the waters of life flowed through the canyons surrounding the city, bringing life to the desert." The recent darkin lore revealed that Ascension and Targonians were related, but it seems that the Targonians directly gave this power to Shurima.
: I would 100% be happy with rito lore team writing books/hiring authors to write books in the Runeterraverse
So would everyone, but since the lore keeps changing, it might not be the best idea. If they do plan to write a book, it'll probably be on a champion with a recent and updated lore, and will be a side story they see on their own journey, not the actual story that involves all of the champions.
  Rioter Comments
dogehkiin (EUW)
: He isn't, at first you think he is because the triple cast Q but when you unconciously try to do the antimation cancels and go into full melee range like Riven would a couple times you realize that Aatrox is nowhere close to Riven. Riven fights so close to her enemy that she goes from his front to his back constantly with the Q, Aatrox only gets close to land passive/3rd Q and then goes back to 1st Q range.
Yet still, they share the same theme of using abillities and skill combos rather then just AA's, so I wanted to know if new Aatrox players can learn Riven better and faster, and Vice Versa.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: What?
Since a lot of people accused Aatrox of being a rip-off of Riven, I wanted to know if they actually checked it out by making players who main new Aatrox and players who didn't to play Riven, that way checking if the skill that takes to play Aatrox is similar to the one that takes to play Riven.
Rioter Comments
Raoul (EUW)
: Akalis Clothes are still an Insult to Ninjas...
That's kind of the whole thing, to be an insult, some sort of sign of rebellion against her order. While most of the Ninjas wear the robes, she wears her own style, while still wearing the mask, as the ultimate "fuck you I can do this thing better" saying. Btw, you also forgot that Ninjas wore different costumes for missions, not the darkish Blue and Black robes, so Riot got that right. You're right, it's an insult to Ninjas, a really direct one. That's the point.
: She really likes overwatch and mains hanzo so she got a dragon tattoo
I actually had to spit the water I had in my mouth when I read this. GODDAMNIT THOSE HANZO MAINS
Rioter Comments
: Why is Akali's VO so short and lacking compared to other VGU's?
Well, she's young and impatient, leaving her place where she spend her youth for her own ideals. It's teen spirit to the fullest, so a lot of short and kind of shallow answers are kind of fitting. Although I do believe it's a bit too much teen spirit.
Eggbread (NA)
: Summoner's Rift isn't even a "what if" arena dude. It's just characters in the lore facing off. The problem is you think Summoner's Rift needs any justification to happen lore wise. It doesn't. That's what non-canon means. It needs no justification and is completely random. Plus, if you do really need a "what if" scenario, how about "what if" Kusho faked his own death?
From Zed's lore: "Mysteriously, he emerged unscathed, and threw the severed head of the master at Shen's feet. " ...So unless Zed and Kusho conspired together, made a full doll that mimics Kusho fully and somehow made Kusho escape the closed chamber they were in, Kusho is dead.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Jhin has complicated mind and a personality hard to understand. But his alignment is directly evil. No question. Syndra is probably more a shade of grey and not vantablack like Jhin.
True, her shades are far lighter then Jhin's.
Deneviel (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=calibergunsaint,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KrUI0TI0,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-07-17T18:24:57.093+0000) > > I would agree, but since the players actually asked and begged for a new skin for her, since they liked her and her looks so much, and they actually got it and helped create that skin, your argument is invalid. > She got the attention and the skin. Y after the comunity stormed out cause she was forgotten... plz tell me in the meantime how many Syndra, Ahri, etc... skins we got ? :/
Oh yes, compare the lesser "money making" skins of the poster girls of league to the one that was actually intresting, and was brought back because the players stormed out for her being forgotten.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: The Dark Sovereign is her title. Scatter the Weak is the name of one of her skills. "A whole world to toy with." is one of her quotes. She is a villain since the beginning. And tbh, Ionia needs another villain anyway. Zed and Jhin are not enough. And I can't think a better option than Syndra. Villain doesn't necessarily mean evil btw. Even if she is evil, I believe she will be more complicated than straight up Jhin.
> I believe she will more complicated than straight up Jhin. I agree, she would make an excallent villian, since her motive of "showing the world who's the strongest" can easily be one of a hero, making her whole charcter more grey in the morales area. I mean, she was held back for no purpose, by the fear of people, which turned out to be true because of what they did. BUT MORE COMLICATED THEN KHADA JHIN, THE GREATEST VILLIAN OF IONIA???? BLASPHEMY!
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