: Honor Level 0
I have the exact same problem :) Cause of 1 game I dropped to honor lvl 0 and it has also been over a month. I wouldn't really care about honor rewards, but I hope I receive my rewards for my league rank such as border and icon.
Grism (EUW)
: I don't hate being honor level 0 because I don't get rewards, but because I feel "dishonored" which I guess is the point. I never thought a positive person like me would get a ban, but it was late and I had enough from that guy. Being honor level 0 just feels wrong... I was honor 5 before and never flamed. This is my first time flaming and I got a ban for it. But as I said... I deserved it.
You didn´t. How is it fair to drop from 5 to 0 for one bad game ? You should drop to 4 or smthing like that. This is just dumb
: This is so annoying, I've played so much games always getting honored, and yet Im still honor 3. I've showed so much positivity and kindness and now that I get upset at my team for ONE GAME I get punished?!?!?! This is really upsetting especially that more and more people are getting honor 5 UGH idk what to do anymore
Yea right ? I feel you dude, 1 bad game and I´m beiing punished.


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