: Yasuo is a very overbearing opponent.
I don't feel outplayed when I lose to a Yasuo. I feel angry... I feel cheated... I feel tilted... But worst of all is the complete obnoxiousness of Yasuo players in general. How most normal iq players feel vs adc for years but nah.. buff em.
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: I am assuming your talking about bruisers. In current meta on bruisers, ninja tabi + randuins is your best survival option, thornmail is decent too since it gives damage and denies lifesteal. Stay away from deadmans, and sunfire, they are too expensive and too weak in current meta.
sunfire is an item? LUL
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: upvote if you think animals have emotions, downvote if you dont
: are you acting as if i'm not worth your advice? how the fuck do you outplay NOTHING BUT TARGETED SPELLS?
same way you outplay adcs and irelia. wait for riot to gut them.
Tworie (NA)
: So how exactly are you supposed to counter Twitch?
You end before 10minutes, it's that simple duh?
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Hotfix list: {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:498}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3076}} Decent effort by the balance team overall this season.
Kha is garbage lol. I used to pick him into every comp and maintained 65+wr now i dont even bother picking him over Rhaast Kayne or Olaf,
Penns (EUW)
: but lucian mid is garbage because he has low win rate in plat lel
Garen is broken cause he has high w/r in gold LUL ( ik he is better than darius accross the board currently ;p )
Weedbro (NA)
: Kled! What do you think of Kled?
Garbage stat checking design. One of THE worst releases imo.
XPtoken (EUW)
: Lets discuss balance and counterplay
Nah mate we can't have the glorious mousebutton 2 role have counterplay. It would mean that it would take skill and we all know adc players are garbage and they would bitch afterwards like they always do and riot will nerf everything else to doing 1 dmg per spell so adc wont die to them. I miss lethality adcs tbh at least the way they weaved autos and spells made for counterplay if you had the reaction times.
{{champion:429}} Elegigle
Jogge502 (EUNE)
: Been gone for 6 months, what has changed?
Pick ADC rightclick your way to high diamond. Pick Support with shields/healing buy ardent heal your adc into challenger. Pick Tank do nothing and be your adcs bitch into master tier.
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: Oh jesus christ don't get me started with fiora oh my god..
Fiora isnt busted. All toplaners should be able to 1v4 as long as they dont royally fuck up. Kappa
: Twitch don't buld duskblade
Éve (NA)
: Udyr is going to Boom outplay with trinity really hard now
you can give him 300 base ad. His only viable option is to flash ontop of something then he is a moving high speed ward for 5mins.
: "we don't know how to balance melee vs ranged so we're just gonna make it so melees oneshot ranged champions and see how it plays out ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯"
> [{quoted}](name=flibitydoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=BE2U5kAw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-13T17:04:10.549+0000) > > "we don't know how to balance melee vs ranged so we're just gonna make it so melees oneshot ranged champions and see how it plays out ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯" you mean what ranged champs have been doing for years?
: Dude, Duskblade is good, it does what it was designed for, did you see how duskblade was at first? Be glad it's like this now. Plus, the only adc's that can actually benefit from that item are mostly those that are ability based rather than crit/attack speed based and they still can't one shot you, yes, they can kill you if you're low hp with one shot, but the question is why are you placing yourself in that situation in the first place?
1k dmg from an invisible twitch is low hp i guess.
: Have you tried playing top laners that aren't so vulnerable to kiting? The 6/0 Jaxes and Rivens I see seem to do just fine.
The 6-0 Riven and *Jaxes* i see just get raped once the tank that is 0-6 presses a cc ability on them. Then they procced to get oneshot.
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: "Easy" is an abstract concept.
Tip one: Don't suck Tip two: DONT suck Tip three: Play tanks and adcs.
: I honestly don't see how boosting isn't considered cheating. You're *paying someone to do your work for you*. It's the same thing as someone who was to take a test for you who has better knowledge of the subject. It's one thing to have someone help you with promos but it's another to get a rank you don't deserve. Especially when you decide you can play at that rank and end up going 0/10/0.
I dont see how playing meta picks isnt considered cheating. You litterally let your champion play for you. LUL ARDENT MAINS LUL SEJU MAINS LUL ADC MAINS. Rather let boosting be a thing than fucktarded forced meta.
: Can we please ban boosters/customers
: Boosted.
Kiss Your Sister .
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: Righteous glory and cleaver and you should be able to do your job
: Zac Main/One Trick: Creating a name that connects to Zac
Zex (NA)
: This thread went from "holy shit adc and support so broken!! fix pls riot" to "na better than eu or eu better than na because of this and this" What a shit show.
they mad cause they get shit on by KR every year mate LOL
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XDaelin1 (NA)
: See, there is no for sure way to say this was your account, I can also look up, and or link past accounts of friends, and or current players. Regardless, I can't help but notice that u said it was banned, and something or another it was mentioned ur highest elo was p5, so was it banned for getting boosted to dia? I think thats a likely story.
All my accs in EUNE are banned for toxicity. And the EUW accs for inting during late season 6. i Remember every single ban i've had.
XDaelin1 (NA)
: Interesting. So your opinion has been made irrelevant because the only accounts you are like to borrow are low silver as people tend to keep their higher up smurfs to themselves.
lul any silver acc i got my hands on this year is already diamond. I'd list em but rather not get them banned. I could list one tho that is banned anyway Arcaadian. Good ol j4 days. Also yeh i've mained kha and people have heard about me playing kha around so you cant say i brought a random acc. http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Arcaadian
Maelstromer (EUNE)
: Assassin mains are the most respected people in this game.
NO adc mains are the best. They sit back and do burst per second without ever carrying about cooldowns and resources. They are also never toxic and flame their jungler and support.
XDaelin1 (NA)
: Then why do u care about current meta if u dont play.
I still play on various accounts but they are not mine. And riot doesnt *promote account sharing* LUL
XDaelin1 (NA)
: They only do that in low elos. Riven is irrelevant after diamond
I see it on YT in LCS highlights how adcs stand still and shit on everything in sight. Please. get lost.
YaRossy (NA)
: Why are you talking when the best you ever got was Plat 5?
The acc is banned Dip--- no shit it went inactive since it got banned last year during August.
: Typical peE yoU player not wanting the most demanding role in the game to not reign supreme. OP is probably a bruiser main.
DEMANDING -RIGHTCLICKING PEOPLE TO DEATH . You probably think Riven is broken too and cry when you get your balls chopped off in SQ by Riven OTP's that's what most NA player have been doing if you wanna bring servers into it damn.
XDaelin1 (NA)
: My boy, if you are using op.gg the API for that is so inaccurate its unbelieveable, I had plat 3 mmr not even two days ago and it was saying i had 1,540 mmr, which is lower then the avg for gold, and it still gave me the plat portrait. <3
Oh cause plat or diamond is any better *myboy*? Considering you abuse Tw as you mentioned not beeing at least d2 is a disgrace.Garbage players LUL what would you expect from a community where as low as plat is top 9%
XDaelin1 (NA)
: EU LUL. In NA we have learned how to kill adcs. Besides the point a new patch released tonight. So while you are busy BabyRaging. I am gonna keep on climbing that ladder.{{champion:29}}
Trash talk when you are not gold for 600 games with negative MMR mr.NA.
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YuGiHo (NA)
: but the ward skins!!!
i'm getting my lvl 3 honnor one. Would go for the lvl 5 one but 3 matches the other 2 i have. S3 and S4 ones.
: Camille, what happened to her?
She is still a disgusting champion but she is pointless in competitive. I mean yeh go ahead isolate the enemy adc with ult it's gonna oneshot you before you kill it LOL.
: Why I think we need universal MMR
People still bother with ranked after season 6 and 7? LUL. Rigged system no skill expression only meta picks and a few hidden strong champs that abuse something to win. Go troll in every que and piss people off. That's league has come to.
: My LoL stats are bedder than stats əv any other player.
Average league player. Tra... i mean a perfect 100iq individual.
Rockman (NA)
: .
Bob he takes no physical dmg.
: After long and careful thought I believe you should be able to honor enemies again.
We don't need honnors we need suspencions on duches that Int instead.
Kimuto (NA)
: Congrats. This year is my first time to reach to gold and platinum too! Welcome to the top 9% of the player base in NA.
just reading this makes me sad.. plat top 9% LMFAO.
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: When Yorick wins a game, he has made quite a lot Victorious Graves.
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