Vilifier (NA)
: Darius Broken
Well maybe you dont 1v1 a guy that i meant to destroy tanks as a no dmg utility tank?.
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: Why Has Riot Done Nothing To Draven Yet?
or you could nerf the real issue called DeathDance instead of nerfing a fine champion. You guys probably cant even play Draven stick to an adc of your skill caliber like caitlyn.
: Whats the point of vayne when twitch exists?
Once you get on top of twitch unless hyperfed or unless he has 3 items he is dead. Once you get on top of Vayne YOU are dead cause you know. balanced kit.
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Die4U (NA)
: I see you made a mistake here Bronze 5 silver 14-1 plat 8-1 Diamond 2 Master Wanna Be's Actually Master Challenger in name only Actual Best in NA - EU Korean Bronze 4 (Korea doesn't have a bronze 5, if you hit that rank the mafia comes to execute you and your family)
the Yakuza you mean.
: "I'm diamond on my main account"
the fun part is that diamond at least below d2 is completely irrelevant.
: Actually, you weren't building shiv on the new Rengar, that's just a bait, it's never as good as raw AD when you get the garanteed crit. And also, if i'm even in terms of levels and gold with an ennemy squishy champion, i can delete him in like 0.3 seconds with the new Rengar, which i couldn't do with the old one. I even oneshot people who were 2 levels ahead of me with the new Rengar
shiv was for the lulz. I've never played full ad rengar this year when i played to win. Yhe couple of game where i went 4-0 in the early game then yeh but other than that always BC into one lethality item and tank. I played him top tho almost never jungle unless it was to counterpick he is not fun in the jungle.
: Actually, since the Rengar rework is out, i've done more oneshots than i ever did with the old Rengar. I even managed to get 0.00 second kills and also, a bunch of kills with just one auto attack because of the free crit on the ult that allows Rengar to build full AD and kethality but still get a garanteed crit, which results in 2.5k crits
yh lethality into shiv IE was enough to instantly delete someone with a single touch. good times adcs got what they deserved at the time. Now everything needs to be fed to deal with them otherwhise they statcheck em.
: The problem with draven and what needs to get nerfed
An item made a champ strong lets nerf said champ! why not. Meanwhile shit like Twitch and Ori run rampant in soloque and pro play as off late. Glad af i dont play ranked LUL.
: Wait, so, you have to understand one thing first. New Rengar does 0.01 second kills too, even more than before, and in an easier way. The second thing is, the ult was what made old Rengar so unhealthy, but now it's fixed, when people say revert, it's a partial revert, there's no way we're getting to the old ult again. And also, don't think we, Rengar mains, live for oneshots, we just want a satisfying champion to come back, we just want to have fun, nor having to press 2 buttons to get a kill. And btw, Domingo admitted later on that Rengar was a high skippcap champ. Also, this is a video of prenerf Rengar, because he was in a very stable state after the 6.2 nerfs he got. He could only oneshot you when he was like 3 levels ahead and you were a squishy champion. But ofc, there's only for Rengar that people complain, getting instantkilled by any other champion doesn't matter
Orianna can oneshot you faster than rengar atm. She is balanced because she is a mage ya know. Then we got twitch who oneshots your entire team in 2 seconds. But he is an adc its balanced tho. Glad i quit this game and the shitty community tbh.
: Vayne is the absolute epiphany of cancer
Vayne can *outplay* you but there is no actual way of outplaying Vayne. Nothing in her kit is dodgeable she is like ranged Tryndamere. But trynda can at least miss his E and get kited. The only way to deal with her is to point and click nuke her. Sadly she can stealth like 3-4 times per fight to reposition and dodge shit easily while amping her dmg. Oh well Trynda is toxic tho he rightclicks you and doesnt die. kek.
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: Half naked girls get thousands of upvotes
they will get a like once they stop getting excuted from half hp when i try to last hit them in the early levels.
: [Champion Concept] Karrek, the Poorly Fated
An Asura Rip off. I like it. Btw that Picture is Asura from Asuras wrath a demi god hybrid beeing that is fueled by anger and he can power up infinitely till his very power erases his existance.
: There is no arguing with this salty person he doesnt see reason at all
7 years in this game. Fizz has never been a balanced or fair champ since his releae. crawl back to your hole.
Flyerbek (NA)
: Elementalist Lux on Sale -0.24% Off! LUL
time to get my wallet out cant lose out on this.
: ok, that's your opinion and I cant change it. Even then, you have to agree this thread is absolute trash. Nerfing fizz's W reset only nerfs mid lane fizz who has to farm vs ranged, and does almost nothing for top lane fizz who farms vs melee. They need to nerf the base damage on his W, which is exactly whats happening.
the only change fizz needs is a full rework or to be deleted. He is Like akali and Irelia no matter how you tweak numbers they are either broken or useless.
: if they are hardstuck gold and silver, doesn't that mean they are NOT climbing? Does that mean fizz is balanced? You just played yourself
means they are trash at the game thus they dont get to climb before he gets gutted. Most fizz mains are absolute trash anyway with only afew exceptions.
: I'd be careful Some people are calling Fizz perfectly balanced and down vote anyone who says he's overpowered. I do agree with you though, it is bull crap.
thats them fizz mains who are hardstuck silver and gold for years and wanna abuse him to climb. Sucks for them the champ always gets rightfully gutted as soon as it pops up since his kit is even more toxic than Irelia's kit.
: bring back tank {{champion:245}} and {{champion:84}} to make it fair :P muahahahahahah
: Draven
it's bugged. Happens way too often too. You can see it in vincent's videos aswell I personally thought i fucked up but axes do really dissapear it took me 4 games in a row to realise.
: Riot announced that they'll be re-doing the coding on TLD, so one can't proc it with just one spell.
months ago. and we all know they gonan forget about and probably buff some adc again cause its *strugling*
: Gangplank is fine right where he is.
If only they coded tld to not proc on his R so he can snipe easy kills while he fists his oranges next to his towers i'd be more than fine considering the amount of skills his barrels take.
: Darius or Renekton
Darius and buy DunkMaster. It increases your dmg by 1337%.
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IDaNoob1 (NA)
: Why was Riven Buffed?!?
she is useless. litterally. i dont even bother touching her and i used to be a main couple of years ago. She is the epitome of noob stomper. Even her onetricks have moved to other champs in soloque.
DrSloob (NA)
: Why isn't smurfing a bannable offense?
same reason why beeing bad isnt a banable offence.
: I really hate how botlane is still THE major key of this meta.
I just want one season where botlane is irelevant. No early season adcs werent irrelevant jsut because some people overextended as usual and got punished for it because for once adcs werent the strongest class in the fucking game and made a meme out of this does not mean the class was weak. I play Draven the single most high skillcap adc in the game and i've never felt weak outside me beeing a retard and playing poorly.
: Whenever you use all of your abilities as Evelynn and you're still fighting...
: So what's the counterplay to darius.
: Can we get balanced blind pick matchmaking please?
Oh i have 2000 normal games and i happened to play vs a master tier once. Matchmaking must be unbalanced. I quit ranked a while ago and i started stomping normals ofc the mmr climbed and now i get at least 5 high diamond player per game. Mmr is fine just because one game is off doesnt mean * your mmr is fucked up*
: The next time you rage in a game, watch the replay afterwards.
I realise what my 0-4 Vayne did wrong. I didnt dodge que. hue
: Lmao Katarina OP good joke. She's fucking garbage right now
wouldnt say garbage tbh. but not op nonetheless
: my MMR is 1890 so its about gold 1 with the real old season 1 MMR elo when i am at plat 1 with that my MMR would be 2100 then i would be real plat.. But keep trying to feel special...because that what riot does all this years try to make kids special when this game first came out and the ranked system was added they knew what real Skill and elo mean but then kids start complain that they stay in silver and bronze for riot make the system based on tier so kids like you to feel special saying "i am gold" with mmr 1340...which translate to silver 4 which translate to bronze in old MMR so gtfo...
lil guy is mad cause he is stuck in plat 4 and tries to bash other players lul.
: I am gold 5 i am not longer a silver scrub or i am plat 5 i am not longer gold...~! NO you still are
: is there a way to bring back the woman voice back?
: Lvl 7 mastery champions should be prohibited in normal blind pick
spell it with me for our below 10 years old playerbase. c-h-a-m-p-i-o-n m-a-s-t-e-r-y m-e-a-n-s n-o-t-h-i-n-g.
: > [{quoted}](name=dominusx,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VrJAqq1X,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-12T13:22:46.797+0000) > > If a footbal player can leave the pitch for racist remarks towards him. a league player can sit afk if he doesnt want to deal with racism ( YOU CAN MUTE YES and i'm one of the first people to argue that cause i'm thick skinned ) but i dont have much tolerance to racism. I have made racist jokes but never had i the intent of offending someone. Racist jokes are offensive. The 9 other people you are playing with are all of unknown race. If you make a racist joke, there is a good chance of offending someone. Riot has a zero tolerance policy for racism, so it's not smart to risk it. Beyond that racist jokes are simply not a nice thing to do if you really think about it, so try to be a better person and avoid them in the future.
no i dont mean IN game. I mean in comms with other people and irl. I'm not stupid to get instabanned lul
: Spent the last 24 hours wrinkling my brain trying to remember how i usually deal vs skilled Fiora's
Vs fiora i do the old special. Pick Rene rush excutioners shit on her life in lane procced to snowball. When she scales i simply ignore her and try to force big objectives if that deosnt happen i just rely on my team to blow her up while i keep her backline busy. ( Yes fiora counter rene but i'm a really strong renekton player so it doesnt matter how good she is i WILL make her fall behind unless camped.) She is like Vayne no matter how shit the player is the champ will find a way to become obnoxius due to their kits and the true dmg.
Ralanr (NA)
: He really is. Stonewall008 said it best, "Big dick ultimate."
sw008 <3 i fucking love him was watching his stream the other day. His voice just makes me happy. Even tho he had dropped a lot in terms of ranking he is still on my top 5 list of players since beta.
: Shaco syndrome. Godlike on enemy. 0/15 on your team.
both champs are useless both on my team and on the enemy so i dunno.
: Bringing this to riots attention may actually get yourself banned. Seems like you was also 'toxic' during this game.
If a footbal player can leave the pitch for racist remarks towards him. a league player can sit afk if he doesnt want to deal with racism ( YOU CAN MUTE YES and i'm one of the first people to argue that cause i'm thick skinned ) but i dont have much tolerance to racism. I have made racist jokes but never had i the intent of offending someone.
Ralanr (NA)
: Hey! Galio technically also fulfills those requirements.
galio is also a great rework and above all he is FUN AS FUCK.
: well they kinda ruined him... he use to be the op jungler cuz you coudnt escape his ganks and he was so damn tanky he could just turret dive and it wouldnt matter
moscow 5 alistar jungle diving from wraith camps. i will never forget that GOOD TIMES LADS.
Ralanr (NA)
: I dislike considering Alistar as the poster child of tanks because you can't actually avoid the combo. If he was a top laner, he'd be the most annoying thing ever.
he was a toplane for a while.
Brascus (NA)
: I always thought of {{champion:12}}{{champion:89}} as the poster children of tanky tanks. The part where sion hurts people makes him more of a juggernaut than a tank to me.
No counterplay to any part of alistars kit unless you have a blink or a really strong instant dash ( {{champion:236}} ) Leona is meh she isnt abad champ and has counterplay she is a decent tank but can feel fustrating when she flash Q E R and perma lock you. Sion isnt a juggernoot he doesnt have enough dmg to be that even if you build him jugg build. Instead as a tank he makes up with cc. Tank: Durable tons of cc. Jugg: Durable tons of dmg.
Brascus (NA)
: What are tanks supposed to be exactly?
{{champion:14}} this is a tank. The best designed tank in league. Actually the only well designed tank in league. Durable draws attention and WILL hurt you if you dont dodge his shit. But eveyrthing he does is outplayable and has windup times.
: Riotatta banned me unjustly >:((((((((((((((
You probably sai gg ez at the end aswell you monster.
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