: Is Riot trying a "Last Jedi"?
If you check some of my posts you can see that I created similiar thread exactly 1 year ago, a lot of people agreed with me there, but ofc, nothing has changed. League is now targeting asian market, the game will stay colorful, dynamic, one-shot fiesta - this is what Asian people prefer. Miss you League.
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: You are gold 3
I was plat and then diamond s1--s4.. does it allow me to post here now? Maybe if I liked the changes I'd still grind elo whenever I had time.. {{champion:32}}
: Edit: You know, I have to admit, I was wrong here. While it might not be racist, there were some odd chords struck to me, especially that last line. I talked with a couple friends about it, and I can see why I could see it racist, but at the same time, why it isn't either. Sorry bout that ^^
Sorry if you perceive it this way.. my post was not intented to be offensive for asian people, what I meant was the fact that their game market and culture is very much diffrent from what we as an Europeans/Americans prefer. Vast majority of MMO games I've played in my life have always had chinesse clients that varied from EU/NA ones.
Leetri (EUW)
: If Tencent really was behind this, don't you think this would've happened back in 2011 when Tencent bought 93% of Riot?
Its happening gradually like I've mentioned.. buisness-wise it's not smart to quickly change the product that lots of people fell in love with. Compare 2012 gameplay to now, it didn't happen instantly but step by step this game has really changed..
Rαy (EUW)
: Yep, Tencent started forcing twenty-minute oneshot fiestas down our throat, because the average game time was too high for the Chinese internet café scene. Less people in China own decent computers it seems, so internet cafés aren't as unpopular and useless over there. When they pay for an hour, they get two or even three games for their money instead of one. I mean, the game quality is utter trash, but hey, mOrE gAmEs! So yeah, they murdered what League used to be for the sake of money. I mean, they will lose a lot more money in the long run, but nice try guys, keep it up.
Wow, spot-on! The internet café argument really makes sense, as I've seen a documentary about internet cafés and their popularity in China. Looks like my post about Riot's targeting strategy was kinda accurate as well.
: Tencent has had a majority holding in Riot for many years before now. Your dislike of the game does not mean it is ruined. Riot is not obligated to make the game how you want it.
I understand all of that, however I am not the only one whining from what I've seen.. Why ruin something that works flawlessly? Riot could make a League of Legends: Asian Edition or smth like that, just like there was Counter Strike Nexon and regular one for the rest of the world. {{summoner:14}}
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: Does Tencent have anything to do with how shitty this game is?
Yes it has, league is now targeting chinesse/korean players only, thats why there are so many childish champions coming out, lots of mobility and the game is no more fun tbh, except for slant-eyed guys that fap to hentais/anime stuff and love epileptic sh1t. I miss old but gold, american Riot Games.
d0riyah (NA)
: Y'all should just stop trying to give Riot helpful information
Riot's korean/chinesse now, that's why they care only about slanted eyed players. All has to be funky, dynamic, mobile and 2much-shit-going-onthescreen overall. Miss old American Riot Games. RIP
Madjack01 (EUW)
: I played Lol when it just released. I severely dislike that...
All changes op mentioned are due to riot's new owner, which is Chinesse and not American. They make changes for korean/chinesse players, they don't care about us anymore. They like it all funky, dynamic, tons-of-shit going on the screen.


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