: This is a refreshing change from the troglodytes that make youtube videos blaming people for being stuck in their elo and asserting that elo hell does NOT exist. Thanks for coming forth with the truth! KUDOS, BRAVO! +1 INTERNETS!!
Here is the problem tho 90% of the guys stuck in elo hell say the same thing"my team sucks" And they are decent .I wonder is there only one of these guys only in the losing team or what am i missing
: I believe in having fun, but I cant stand it when someone on my team feeds or is just unskilled in ranked.
The last part is just soo fake.95% of your team is in the same division as you cuz they play at the same level.They might just have a bad game you know?
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: I mean, there is no difference between ranked and normals right now. So....
There is(at least for me)In normals there are a lot of toxic ppl that "play to win" while in rank i usualy find alright ppl that still "play to win"
: Not defending the trolls, but if you treat it like a game at all times, and are less serious in general, you will play better, even in ranked. The trick to ranking up is to just play ranked with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.
Can totaly agree.being to serious will actualy lower your chance to win cuz you will enter tilt a lot faster.
Jaysoon (NA)
: omg same, im in silver 5 and i try to give advice for a build or somethin and all of a sudden they go all out rage mode on me telling me to shut up LUL.
Don't give adivce in bronz or silver.For them adivce="you are a shit player listen to what I say"
: LFG, Help me out of this elo hell :( ADC/Mid/Top
Add me so I can show you some stuff and things.I won't get you out of B5 but I will help you get yourself out of b5.I have a friend whit the same problem and he is preaty good(for B5) but when I play whit him i literaly cringe to death cuz he does mistakes that are not punished by the enemy so he thinks he is good.Im gold 1 soon plat and I think I can help you


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