Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 21
Hey Meddler. Thank you for taking the time to post this and discuss with the community. Do you have any plans for changing midlane? Right now It's farming for tear/lost chapter then waveclear asap and roam botlane. I'd love to see more interaction between midlaners after the first back and maybe more windows for players to fight eachother and not the minion wave. Practically a bloodier midlane.
Meddler (NA)
: Ninja Tabi - we're looking at them this patch. Goals there include probably bringing them down in power but also ensuring there's some nuance to when you build them that's harder to assess (not just 'do they have more than X auto attackers' or 'does my lane opponent basic attack'). Don't have a specific approach ready to share yet, will mention once we do. Varus wise lowering the AS ratio on the passive, at least for minion kills, has been on my mind as a likely candidate if we need to pull power from him. Would depend though on which situations he was too strong in if he's still too strong post Rageblade changes (e.g. lane versus late game, which builds, against which types of opponent etc)
Wouldn't it be easier to revert crit items price reduction? Nerf ad, nerf supports, nerf 4 man dives botlane and the game would be in a much better spot imo.
: Yea, balance may be a mess
With Poppy being Goliath and Sion David.
McKeifus (NA)
: Nether Grasp vs Last Breath
Something similar happened yesterday while playing Lux: Zed comes from his base, i throw a Q at him, he W's right at that time and gets to teleport to his clone AFTER i snared him. So basically there must be a window of some sort(maybe there is not enough update rate), a few miliseconds that won't recognize his state(snared) if he also commanded something so he ends up executing the command even if he got hit first. TL:DR Playing Lux, snare Zed while he casts first W, Zed gets snared but right after that teleports to shadow clone(still snared).
: Which champs aren't allowed to be good?
Yorick, because Rito is reworking him like a pearl; that's why it will take more than a decade for him to be ready. Seriously now, he's like the dead person(Another reference(anime)) in League: Rito thinks that if they ignore him well enough nothing bad will happen. Also Veigar, just a little buff and he'll go boom.
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Swerzz (NA)
: My problem with the whole "AP mids vs Assassins" issue is this.
Then get an AP assasin like LeBitch or Katarina.
: What the hell she looks like she's possessed or something but still has the cute eyes.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Nah it's the Howling Abyss. She likes feeding poros there.
Not everyone will get this.
: What is Sejuani's favorite vacation spot?
Nah it's the Howling Abyss. She likes feeding poros there.
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: Petition for one of Zyra's Quotes be do it for the Vine.
GankLord (NA)
: How about one of her quotes be "Actually fix my plant AI because it still doesn't work and give me a worthwhile passive"
Wut. You're not up to date with news.
Castman (NA)
: I'm so {{champion:8}} it's friday guys...
It's caturday here. Ok I'll go.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: I'm really shocked that matern English speakers can do that mistake.
Or was it "native" English speakers?
: Its not that we don't know the difference, its that who gives a shit. I'm not typing a paper, im typing an online message as quickly as possible. If your so interested in grammer go read a book.
It's nothing personal, it's just so annoying reading wrong grammar. Something in our genes. We can't control it.
TBakes (NA)
: Your terrible at League
I'm really shocked that matern English speakers can do that mistake.
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: {{champion:429}} {{champion:29}} E
>you can't just compare 2 abilities of 2 totally different champions with totally different kits.
UberAffe (NA)
: It's not that she has damage, its that it is true damage, I think true damage is one of the worst things about this game. And did you really mean her tumble? or her knockback? Because the tumble on its own isn't all that strong of an ability, its her ult and w that make tumble so strong.
You obviously don't understand the power of a 2 second cd repositioning ability. Her kit is fine(just fine), she's strong now because the current meta is countered by kiting. Let's look back to season 4 assasin's meta and see how Vayne was bad(just bad).
: I like this idea.. It might be buggy though... Isn't enter used to start a lot of things?
In-client? It's not used.
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UberAffe (NA)
: Twitch's ult also gives him the longest range in the game and can pierce targets ... Personally I would say that her silver bolts are the real problem, they should deal more damage but not as true damage.
Vayne is not strong because of her W, she's strog because of her Q along with her vampiric scepter rush. Add a support like Thresh, Alistar or Soraka to that and Vayne can farm up to her BORK. Complaining about an ADC's damage is as dumb as complaining about an assasin's burst.
: I was just comparing it to another champion that gains AD with their ult. The AD she gets in general is incredibly high. I did the math, and she gains 2500 gold worth of AD.
Then why not compare with Riven, Nasus or Renekton? Oh, they're different. Same with Twitch,
: Vayne's Ult Provides Too Much AD
Twitch's ult also boosts his attack range and makes his autos pierce through enemies. Plus you can't just compare 2 abilities of 2 totally different champions with totally different kits.
Ônyx (NA)
: (A) Accept (D) Decline
Surrender vote appears. Press D. flashes. Teammate: "kata wtf" Smashes keyboard in rage Announcer: PENTAKILL "LOL easy" **EDIT**: Wait, were you talking about accepting/declining a match? In this case a simple Enter for accept would do.
: Report Garen regen in healed stat and nerf his healing back to what it was before. It's OP.
: Blegh, sorry you've been having that experience :< I'm not on the team that works on this stuff so I don't know details but: We're hoping the (upcoming) Team Builder Draft will take care of lots of issues, including this one -- It'll be a new system where players choose 2 positions, queue up for matchmaking, and then get sent into champ select with the other positions filled in. We generally don't see players go into a game with the specific intent of trolling (they just act like pricks when they don't get their position), so if players can guarantee their position in a match, we _should_ see less of this stuff.
Hey, will TB Draft Ranked be pushed to live in the preseason?
Mirross (NA)
: It's going to be an adc. We need an adc! What do you guys think of Urgot?
Yeah if he's shooting confetti or champagne with his Q.
: Draven doesn't need a skin to be Victorious. ;P
Nah you didn't get it. The victorious skin becomes Dravened.
: Can we get a pair of support boots
Gubaguy (NA)
: Can we talk abotu how useless blinds are?
I agree that Blinds don't seem very natural but they ARE op in most situations. And there are 2 champs with Blind.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Average of 750 damage. Not gonna one shot anything.
Sheen - ~200 dmg AD - ~120 Stacks - 1000 Base Q damage - 110 **Total** - 1430 A squishy would eat around 1k dmg from a Q.
Crett (NA)
: {{champion:238}} Hahaha... {{champion:238}} _An ally has been slain_ {{champion:45}}
{{champion:105}} U mad? {{champion:56}} Shh... {{champion:15}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:12}} that tickled {{champion:157}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:78}} lol stop it
Divewing (OCE)
: It is helpful though when I find out the ADC has no armour. {{champion:91}} {{item:3141}} FeelsGoodMan
This. I use to see my enemy laner's runes and masteries so I can decide better on my starting item. I also use it to see who's good in my team and who's bad in the enemy team so I know who I camp if I'm the jungler.
Bergk (NA)
: Valor is considered a champion during Quinn's ult and consume cannot be used on her. :/
Try telling that to a hungry Yeti.
551202 (NA)
: **He is not the only 1... here is the list of the 6 years old champs that still need a Visual update: ** {{champion:32}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:26}}{{champion:13}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} . **You think they are fine but THEY ARE NOT, their models are VERY OUTDATED and are the SAME since 6 YEARS (don't even talk about the mass Texture Rebalance last years... THAT WAS NOT VISUAL UPDATE like {{champion:14}} ) , They got 9 lines quotes, those champs will probably NEVER GET A VISUAL UPDATE, why? Because their prices IP/RP are too low to worth a visual update.**
DeusVult (NA)
: Fiora has Quinns passive
Quinn would suck with Fiora's passive tho. You can't compare 2 completely different champs.
: It's hilarious how QSS only counters abilities from AD champions. (other than cc) There isn't a single thing worth QSSing (again, besides cc) from AP champions, but there are for AD ones. Death Mark, Grand Challenge, Silver bolts...
{{champion:69}} poison {{champion:63}} passive {{champion:245}} passive stacks {{champion:131}} Q {{champion:105}} ult {{champion:17}} E {{champion:8}} ult {{champion:90}} E {{champion:82}} Ult {{champion:7}} Q/R
: Everyone knows you can QSS Fiora's ult, right?
It's intended and it should be.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=tombdragon,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oUOEjrgX,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-09-12T15:09:34.791+0000) > > He didn't fall *that* easily! > > And he died a good guy in the end, albeit with much, much blood on his hands ;~;, that is bullshit, you don't get to kill literally billions and just get to be a good guy after FINALLY doing the right thing XD Killed billions, murdered children, killed his own wife, NO.
Been there, done that. Don't let the past haunt you.
XeroKimo (NA)
: afk or feed, no one can oppose you
: yes i do. i mained blanka and zangief in street fighter too.
You keep using that word... I don't think it means what you think it means.
: FILL OR FEED M8 Kappa I basically say fill or feed, all caps, in 3 lines when i'm 4-5th pick.
FILL OR FEED. Fills. Feeds.
: I main support adc and top
You keep using that word... I don't think it means what you think it means.
darkdill (NA)
: So... Darius is able heal upwards of 1k health with ONE Q, but Renekton's heal is capped?
: How many games do you play per day? I don't think it is possible to generate enough IP in that amount of time.
IP Boost? This is also probably the main reason Rito doesn't want to increase IP gains. And I think it's possible without that. When I was playing frequently I would gain 1-1500 IP per day.
TDubH (NA)
: I've been playing since s4... i have over 100 champs....... Edit: i joined mid s4, i have spent 260 RP out of the 400 free rp on a skin
Well I used to play a lot but now I'm lagging so I barely play a match/day for a couple of months. Anyway, still got some catching up to do. :D Edit: I've started playing a little before Sion's rework.
: I don't see why abilites have to be ultimates to be strong, ultimate just refers to the Champions main ability that enhances their kit the most. Can't really compare ultimates or abilitys
{{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:55}} They all do nothing without ult. And there are more.
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