: > i reached gold Great! > every two or three games i have rage quit afk players or troll players No you did not have this every "two or three games." The exaggeration in all of these posts is truly epic.
no its not,in last 5 games i had 2 afk guys and 1 guy who played very bad at bot lane and said open bot,and just run around base so he don leave game and dont get leaverbuster,my english is not so great sorry,and btw i rly dont know but in mostly game that i lose bot lane play very bad,mid,top lane just farm geting stronger play smart but bot lane fiesta loca,70 procent of lost games start with hard losing bot lane and than stsrt flaming adc on supp,supp and adc on jg and flame start spreading,is that bot lane to play very hard to master or its just because this is silver gold elo ?
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