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: Hottest champions (males included)
btw i'm a girl if u can't tell, for the females I listed the ones I think are pretty, but males hot as fuck
: where is my bae {{champion:76}} ??.. and if u left off {{champion:103}} you have serious issues i mean BOTH of them are hotter than ANY champ you listed {{champion:498}} and {{champion:21}} i would put after nid and ahri the rest can be up for interpretation.
I just think that ahri's voice is attractive, not her tho
Cocho (NA)
: I gotta give it to my baby girl {{champion:421}}- Edit: Elise and Vlad? you like exploring dont you
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: How long did it take to get your first pentakill?
I got one recently with {{champion:141}} <3 love that champ
: Finally a Hot Male Champ
{{champion:141}} IS SO FUCKING HOT and {{champion:157}}
: I'm too nervous to play
Hello, I know that this is a 3 year old post and you probably don't play anymore, but I want you to know.. this is just for fun. The whole game is about having fun and making friends, basically ...there no need to be nervous. I'm level 15 and I've been playing with bots since I didn't have that many champions. If you think that you're bad, ask someone who is a 'pro' and ask for advice. I can't give you any at the time, i'm only level 15. You can get better if you work hard.


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