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: Let's Discuss: Pre-Season 2017 - Runes Reforged
Hi I have a issue that concerns the whole game but the new runes add to it a lot; These visual representation of the procs and projectiles of the new runes are good and helpful, but with everything else that is going on in the game we have to much visual cues overlapping and it comes to the point where they start to block each other. In laining it is probably fine, but as a mainly ARAM player it does not look good in team fights. Team fights turn in to a kaleidoscope blobs. It is some what manageable while playing and focusing on one target, but when i try to watch my games I need to go to .25 and I still cant figure out what is going on in a team-fight : Runes indicators/projectiles, shields, passive proc counters, item auras, random poros walking in farting hearts and trow in a couple new skins and it looks like bunch of glitch Mundos have a fireworks party. I think you need to get all of the indicators more organized and with more specialized placement around models and defined z-index priority. Maybe even prioritizing with a new conditions like "Current target under aggression", "Closest targeted/non-targeted aggressor ". Or maybe get runes and item indicators in a wheel combined around the feet like a red buff halo just with indicator colored icons... Or maybe not it might end up looking like a fortune wheel. I am not sure about the solution but I am seeing a problem in gameplay with visual feedback that might have even bigger impact on spectating than playing. Cant even imagine new players trying to figure $#!^ out.
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Jbels (NA)
: Wait what? They didn't remove it, did they? I don't see anything about it being removed
Howling Abyss
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Cause they added the Ancient Coin line for everyone lol.
Oh... That's nice.... How the hell do i get {{item:3401}} then smartypants?
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: Now that the next class update is tanks...
> {{item:3025}} Rework or remove this item. Hardly any tanks build it and Ezreal has become the most annoying piece of shit using it. Yep! Better yet, not just remove it, but make it Taric's passive. So Ezraels can taste it from time to time.
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: Hrrm. Is Singed necessarily all that fast to begin with? Post-6 I think I can see it but before that... But bigger issue I think is the idea that whoever has the most movement speed just takes it, or if someone has a movespeed booster innate to their kit (Eve, Singed, Quinn) Seems like they'd win no contest. Then again I guess you could go for kills and move ahead while your opponent resets but...I dunno about the balance. All you need is a few champs who are slow/bad duelists... I dunno. I don't think this mode works out if only because SR does enough to glorify champs that move fast, and burst hard, which this one seems like it would also do.
I really want to try and see this, the number of strategies are inconceivable. Currently we have at least 10 items with slow... And they can make special just for this mode, like {{item:3107}} but instead dealing with health it deals with speed. I'm not worried that some will be too fast, I am worried that the race will be too slow; Bard, Anivia wall, Troll pillar...
: I feel for this to not be a Quinn race, the Checkpoints would need to be channeled like the altars to register you as passing it. That way, it provides a bit of competitive counterplay for the race. And you can prevent someone from staying ahead if you could. And if you die you respawn at the previous checkpoint instead of on the spot.
AA deactivates the activated and activates the next one. Quinn will need too AA them and she does not instantly starts to fly. You can send 2 to pass the jungle and cut her of and kill her. This is what i want to see, some strategy. Having channels for checkpoints... does not fix the problem every one will need to stop. There are also 6 bans... And both teams can have a Quinn... And I dont know how good of an idea is to go a full circle around your enemies :D But the most important fix for a "Quinn Race": ALL 5 need to finish 20 circles, we have a saying here "_One Swallow does not make it spring_" :D
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: kaceytron is bad and makes a satirical stream around that fact, and is bronze 5, its a little different than running down mid in rage mode.
The toxicity has nothing to do with Leagues! The hell is wrong with you! Bronze, Normals, ARAM, Master - it does not matter, its still not ok if she is bronze!
Slythion (NA)
: Thanks man ^-^ I'm actually really disappointed that the majority of the comments are *defending* Tyler1. The post has over 1K downvotes ffs xD Whatever, that toxic player is done-for thank goodness
>I'm actually really disappointed that the majority of the comments are defending Tyler1 I am not. Because he is not a special case. There are many, many more like him and many, many more worse than him that are not getting any attention by Riot. And his is the one publicly ridiculed by Riot? Dont get me wrong, I dont like him, he is very rude and toxic. But if Riot did this for him: they better have a long list of other people that will be banned and shamed by them.
: Its suppose to be them coming out of a picture painted on a wall
It is not a wall, it is some kind of script. But as soon I saw it: SET AS WALLPAPER!
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: What if you ult a Mordekaiser that ulted a Mordekaiser that ulted a Mordekaiser that ulted a Mordekaiser that ulted ANOTHER Mordekaiser which ulted the Dragon? Mordception.
Sounds like a job for calbel
Jambulija (EUNE)
: Ok, so basically she has a "Chase mode" and "Back Off mode" depending if she is carrying the clunky extension or not. Which reminded me of Lulu except sometimes you don't know if Lulu is going to **hex **you and **E **damage you or if she is going to **shield **and **speed up** your target, or any other combo of those two. Which leaves more space for playing around CeeCee and is probably good balance wise. What I dont get is why would you set up the **E** to have more range for melee champions? I really like the traps "counter-play" part though! And the true damage trade from the shield! That projectile course alteration and time warp seem a bit to strong to have them in one kit. But the course alteration has that "disable" counter so I am curious to see how the pros would play around it. And when i think about it, regular ADCs cant remember to grab a lantern that you trow in their face... So some might even die trying to "hide" behind the box :D Overall I really like this kit and I think it fits the concept sketch really well.
Thank you. I was thinking for a possible kit for CeeCee ever since I heard of her. And the first ability i thought of was some kind of a time and space warping gate that she projects or shoots out like Azir's R. I thought of that dash trough the gate in the early stages but it felt to OP since a lot of Marksmen have some kind of gap closer... Then I watched a video by Jeremy "Gaming Curios" about future possible champions suggesting off-meta combo roles and compositions and I got the idea that the E can work different depending on the champion. - With the idea that this can shake up the meta a little bit; She can be the champion that will bring assassins and fighters bot and give them a better laning phase conditions against a ranged marksman with a heavy cc support.
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: Another Mundo Pick
Dude that is great!
: I second the agree on disagreeing.
: I second the agree on disagreeing.
Tyrakz (EUW)
: Cassiopeia Skin.
: Kog'Meow
: #The Argument for the stop of Traditional Skins It would take too much resources and time for something that Riot wont make a profit off of. It's a business not a charity. ________________________________________________________________________________ #The argument against it It is just laziness on Riot's part. They make no profit off of it, so they don't do it anymore. Some argue that while they might have to use up resources for an unprofitable thing, quality supercedes quantity. You don't need 150 voice lines if only 20 sounds good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #My Opinion & Thoughts I think that it was more of a behind the scenes decision (from deep within the economic sector of the company, rather than from the Skins, Art, and Lore Team). Personally, this could be changed by simply **placing Traditional skins for purchase** (at a reduced special price; **550 RP? 650 RP?**) That way **you'd make money off of them**. It would make sense to add attention to a champion that you're reworking by giving them a skin that highlights their past. It might take a bit more time and resources added to a rework but at the end of the day, Riot's reworking skills are not the best and people are always in discontent at the reworked content, so if they took the time to actually sit down and fix all of these problems, they wouldn't need Traditional skins in the first place. With that being said, it is very difficult to get everyone to agree on the same thing, but the community should at least have a say in what goes in or out the kit.
I didn't meant a traditional skin like Sejuani's. I dont like the pizza feet :D I dont mean for them just to slap the old hammer in his hand. A skin based on the new model but with the ornaments and color from the default old one. It is the new Taric but instead of a V-neck he has a metal armor and chainmail - Not the old ones! New that just resemble the old ones. The shield can even be made smaller in comparison with the old one. He would carry a hammer instead of mace, a new one but with crystal sprouts at the ends like the old one. We rarely get this much visual change in a rework: Poppy still has the same stuff, so for poppy... or Shen, or Twitch, or Fiora I agree, it is pointless. But Taric's is a lot more different, Not even Sion had so much visual change (he still has an axe and a metal jaw :D ). Visualy he is a completely new champion. Reworking the ornaments of the old model in to a new skin will be a good skin, a very, very tanky looking Taric.
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: I've gotten 10 in last couple of weeks I've been playing alot of support and jg this month so maybe Support has higher D rate? Idk
nope, support main, got 3 chests over the weekend, haven't gotten a key in weeks.
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: I do not usually post on forums, but this issue I feel strongly about and wanted to say my piece. I began playing at the end of season 2. My wife and I have a group of friends we play with almost nightly. Back then, I had time to play 6 to seven games a day if I chose. Since then, the time we have to invest in this game has dwindled to where we only have time to play 1 to 2 games a day. I used to play a lot of solo que and I enjoyed it. However, as the time we have to play the game we has dwindled, we found ourselves running into the problem where the group of people we play with would be torn between playing a normal as a group of 4 or playing as 2 duo questions in ranked. With the dwindling time we have to play, this resulted in us drifting away from league. Not to mention the mid or feed mentality in the old draft system was enraging. When dynamic que came out (as yes I know the difference between new champ select and dynamic que) we were able to play with our friends and generally get the lanes we love. For this thank you riot. I like playing this game and you solved many problems me and my friends were faced when playing: do we pay ranked and not with friends, do we deal with toxic solo players who won't let us play the lanes we want, ect. This new champ select seems to have solved the "mid or feed" mentality I ran into in solo que and dynamic slows me to play ranked with my friends (and have them carry me). Thank you! Also, my experience in the old solo que compared to what I see in dynamic que us a greater focus on team play. I see teams grouping and fighting in a more coordinated style than in the old system. I guess some old solo que players could abuse the lack of team play to get wins and climb the ranked ladder, but I am happy to see more coordination because I think it makes for a more competitive environment. I still get paired with jarvin IV s who rush zzrot and are useless, but thus is still much less than I saw in the old solo que. I would like to thank riot for listening to what my problems were and providing me with more enjoyable games with my friends.
Ranked is competitive play. Not a picnic. My wife plays to, we go to ranked together. We have friends and couples for playing all mods and fun stuff... But ranked is ranked, my wife is enough frustrated carrying me. We dont need other people.
: Socrates, I do not envy the position you are in, however, I wanted to speak a bit on how I perceive this whole ordeal. **Dynamic Queue is already a dishonest endeavor.** It has been since inception. From the time it was announced it was very clear that the project goals were not to improve the quality of games, the accuracy of matchmaking, or the competitiveness of ranked play. It is something that was pushed for business reasons alone (improved player retention via community tie-in, increased social purchasing revenue) and every post from Riot discussing it makes it very clear that you are struggling to keep a straight face. However, lies of omission are really not much better than outright lies and it feels like there is a bit of both going on. **Outright Lies** I will speak plainly: most of the community believed that you were dishonest from day one. That the plan was to announce Dynamic Queue, make a false promise about Solo Queue (to quell the initial outrage), and try to stall until Dynamic Queue became the norm. That is what much of the community feared. Riot's actions match up to the explanation that Riot is dishonest rather than the explanation that "unforeseen things happened" or "lol we learned queues r 2 hard". If you intended to make Solo Queue a reality, you would need to have a team working on it, for quite awhile, including awhile before Dynamic Queue launched. You would have encountered all these problems earlier. Tell us, Socrates, what happened to the team working on Solo Queue? Just when were they pulled? How many labor hours were actually spent on this? If Riot actually spent considerable resources on a Solo Queue, you would not be able to say things like "we're concerned about the impact solo queue will have on matchmaking as a whole, and we’re assessing how to best proceed" because it already would have been a business priority. Like what, are we supposed to believe that you treated this initiative seriously? Or that if you had wanted it done that it wouldn't be ready and launched? Do you think we sincerely believe that features "accidentally" do not make it? It is not an accident. This is theater and a farce. Riot never had the intention of implementing Solo Queue. It is not a mistake or a miscalculation. It is a lie. It is dishonest. **Lies of Omission** The numbers you do not say speak much louder than the numbers you do. You say meaningless things like "the number of people playing in premades is the highest we’ve seen in League’s history" as if it was a positive metric. It is not a positive metric. It is an admission that the system handicaps solo players and achieves what you intended-- forcing people into group play. The attempt to present this as a positive statistic is dishonest. Premades are not some inherent good, in fact, I think that outside of a full team, they have no place in ranked play (this includes duo queues). But, premades have risen, because solo players cannot afford to queue solo if they want to be competitive. "Match quality has improved slightly"? Really? You're going to argue MMR benefit? I am absolutely positive that there are many documents at Riot which you have read where it is clear that MMR differentials and match quality in Dynamic Queue would NEVER equal what could be achieved with independent queues of 1,1,1,1,1 vs 1,1,1,1,1. You have to be aware that the match quality has already been sacrificed and that group queues lower match quality. So why try to present this stat? It makes no sense. "We’ve seen the frequency at which ranked players encounter language serious enough to result in a chat restriction has dropped by nearly 40%." Wow. If Toxicity had actually been lowered, you would have said that pretty plainly. However, it has not lowered and you also cite a specific punishment (chat restriction) rather than all punishments, further making this statistic meaningless. It's easy to see why you pick this one-- because now a lot of chat with premades, even with randoms, moves to voice chat, so less is typed to warrant a chat restriction. Griefing and toxicity are worse because **GROUPS ARE TOXIC**. They inherently create divisions. Riot has tried to sugar coat this one, to pretend it's a perception problem, etc-- but we're pretty well aware that groups are not good for those not in them and lower the play experience. You have also admitted that 4 queues are extremely toxic, but have withheld numbers. There are all kinds of other weasel statistics we are given. But other than the dodge stat, you're with-holding information to try to create a false impression that Dynamic Queue is a good thing for the player base, when it has not been and will not be. Unfortunately, your ability to withhold numbers makes it difficult for the player base to see just how Dynamic Queue is harming the game. **Conclusion** I am pretty sure that other than massive PR backlash, Solo Queue will not be implemented. It is not something we can trust Riot to naturally do-- it will only be done in response to backlash (I am positive that Riot's plans are basically "Dynamic Queue only unless it provokes outrage". A necessary condition for Solo Queue is outrage or a decrease in profitability attributed to lack of a Solo Queue. On this front, I think you'll find that solo queue players will leave and this will impact your revenue. We will see if that matters, but there's just no point to playing League for me without a Solo Queue option and I don't feel I am alone on that.
We need to boycott Ranked for couple of hours at least.
Draqone (EUW)
: You know... 90% of the food market is owned by 10 corporations.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/794701813831831470.jpg Being owned by another company just changes who you share your profits with. Tencent for example could have pushed the Hextech crafting forward, but yeah... does it mean that the Tencent CEOs storm an office to say: _"I don't like the base damage on Darius Q! Change it to 50!"_ No, not really. **The Tencent CEO doesn't care if the game is called League of Legends, if it has a champion called Darius, if he has an ability and if it is or is not triggered by pressing Q. ** And as long as Riot's actual profits are equal to or higher than "Expected profits" in the Excel spreadsheet prepared by his assistant he probably won't ever care. tldr: Tencent owns Riot but it's still the same people that are in charge of the game.
They said that they bought it for research of the western digital market, fact being that Chinese games fail badly on the western market. Which means they jumped in to get the "Success Formula", but then they went all in. They might not interfere with game decisions. But they can if they want. It is theirs.
: Is Riot Games really Riot Games?
We just dont know. It is an internal mater. They can say what ever they want, but they can also run the company how ever they want. They say that they dont interfere with game decisions, but they dont have to be honest about it. But keep in mind that this is a Tencent product : Witch is really scary! No mater if you play league or not. And Yes. they do own riot 100%. And they don't have to own it all to do what ever they want to do with it. they just need 51% of the shares.
: No. Tencent has had a majority hold of Riot for a long time, but even when they have 100%, Tencent doesn't do a single thing at Riot. And the quality of the changes is entirely subjective.
YES! They do have 100%!
: I love playing support....but i'm done.
Picked up another roles for the same reasons(mid and jungle).... The supports I got... O man! 1 decent out of 10. Picked up my gems again after month of torture. U cant win a game as a support, but you certainly cant win one with both the support and the ADC being very bad.
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Azeranth (NA)
: I want it so badly!!!!! I love thresh so much now that I have been playing him lately its so good
He is very very fun to play.... The only thing that bugs me, the thing that i pick leona over him is: The ADC and the stupid lantern.... Like... right click man! :D
Azeranth (NA)
: Quote for Thresh
As a support main I would pick up Tresh just for that!
: You're right, I prefer the Bar/Pub Example: Trying to argue that if you purchased drinks, you deserve a refund if you're thrown out or cut off from another drink by the owner/security for being rude, obnoxious, trying to start fights with other customers or clearly had too much. The promised service was provided, so you owe the money for the drinks still, just the bar staff has chosen that they no longer want to deal with your attitude and have chosen to cut you off from further service
You all missed it: You don't simply buy skins - You buy **the right to use** a **skin on a specific profile**. So you buy it per profile not per person. There is no discussion about it, it is in the "Terms of Service" on witch we all Agree. Basically You Agree with Riot games that they have to right to forbid you to use a profile and not refund you for any spent money. --------- However, that doesn't mean that they should not show a good will and implement a refunds in a some-kind of special reform program.
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D rok (NA)
: Is this whole season just an experiment in change?
I realy need the next season to be a "Zen" or "Cool off and Balance" Season. I seriously cant caught up with all the changes. I track everything but I dont play enough games to adapt my gameplay to them.
: Oh noooo, the splash art that only appears on the loading screen has been changed, now the model in-game will- Oh wait. No it won't, the skin itself is still the same. Huh. Isn't that weird?
I have just 6 skins, I liked them when i saw the splash arts. The splash art for me is as valuable as the skin itself. When I see Program Soraka on the loading screen: "Uuu! The new cool Soraka skin". Five minutes in the game it is just Soraka to me, I dont notice the skin and I dont care until the next time I see the skin in the loading screen and go "Uuuu!" again. I dont care when I see "Definitely not Blitzcrank" on SR. But he cracks me up on every loading screen, I go "Best skin ever!".
: I know, Riot's not necessarily using just Chinese splashes(I heard someone say one of Shaco's is actually from deviantart), they're all just placeholders until the actual globalization Splashes come in. You could say it's in the alpha(or would this be beta?) stages.
I read that. This is what i dont get: Why would you edit the existing, before you change for a different one? The explanation they gave is so shady!
: Goth Annie Splash Art "Update"
Happy f&%^^ Goth! I'm refunding it!
: I don't give a shit if the dude is 0 and 5, DON'T RAGE AT HIM
Yes, not just pointless but very destructive, I agree! The amount of times when a flamer lost map pressure, gave up an objective, left a team-mate to die or even died himself because it was more important to write offences in chat.... I believe my most used reply in this game is : _less chat - MORE PLAY!!_ ...And some times I recommend this song :
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: Paper towers.
Stay tuned for next season: Butter Towers! They melt themselves! After the third minion wave they start to loose 1HP per second and the melting rate keeps increasing for 1 for every released wave!
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