: Personality Profiling: Amumu Mains
i just play him cuze he's cute
: thank you very cool
you're very welcome
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: I guess high elo players cant have fun with their friends in norms anymore :/
that's not what's happening and you do know so
: Maybe because you're acting quite rude and frankly annoying. Maybe if you could say something without throwing in a unnecessary comment people would be nicer.
no. and those players are always arrogant as fuck in my games. also if u think this is rude ur fucking weak.
late (EUNE)
: scum
yikes, ur all so hostile, now i get why the game is so dead
Koiyaki (NA)
: I just have alot of low elo friends that i love to death...i have a smurf but i never really play on it (since smurfing is boring af to me ans it was made by accident anyeay). And i perfer to play on my main cuz it has all my skina. But like...its a normal game...If i lose lane people ask where i bought my acc. If i win people call me a tryhard. Like...i just wanna spend my cash on trash and monkey around with my bros man...
cool i dont care
: > [{quoted}](name=late,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vTxU4X26,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-24T13:25:20.390+0000) > > maybe you dont, but the people i play against really do. well for him to get an S in your eyes he would have been tryharding but for some they can play half asleep in a low ranked game and still vastly outperform their opponents small things that are automatic for them might seem like traharding to you
: > [{quoted}](name=late,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vTxU4X26,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-24T12:38:47.533+0000) > > duh, > check my history, this isn't a new player. they just wanna get an easy S for a chest or something. > stop making up impossible scenarios. > and on the 0.000000000001% chance this might happen, they should play against other elitist diamond players. ? i have friends that are fairly inept in the game and i have low level accounts just to play with them in those accounts im definitely not looking to get an S even if im playing on my main with them i am playing champions i don't play at all and since im getting my chest on CDs from ranked i hardly care about stomping normals when im playing with inexperienced friends now i can't speak for everyone but im guaranteeing you that if a person is challenger he sure as hell doesn't need an "EASY" S from a normal game im pretty sure he doesn't give a fuck about it even if he gets it
maybe you dont, but the people i play against really do.
: you think those players play these games for easy wins? lol what if they got a friend who they want to play with and they aren't high level yet or ranked? should they queue for vs ai instead?
duh, check my history, this isn't a new player. they just wanna get an easy S for a chest or something. stop making up impossible scenarios. and on the 0.000000000001% chance this might happen, they should play against other elitist diamond players.
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Zelnick (NA)
: Okay, well why would they have a randomly haphazard schedule? And where do you find that information?
https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event read the "Event Shop and Loot" section
: Gold + in 2 and 3 queue's?
yes u need to be gold in 2 queues for chroma b and 3 queues for chroma b and c and i don't think bumping works on the boards
Zelnick (NA)
: Uh, what happened to those chromas I was saving up for??????
: But yasuo isn't a meta champion, I dont think he was picked at all this worlds and he's definitely not a priority pick in the professional scene. Is he frustrating to play against? I hands down agree, but hes definitely not meta. Thresh can also be frustrating to play against but I dont think hes meta at the moment either. I think you might have an issue with specific champs because of the try-hard nature and popularity of these champs instead of being crapped on by the meta (most effective tactic avaliable). Huge difference here.
it's not about that...the "win a pvp game" missions draw out all the tryhards, one tricks and the yasuo mains. idk...i mean u ARE right. im probably just over-analyzing this and trying to make sense of my huge lose streaks and loss of passion for the game and life. im just gonna quit until the missions are gone and check if blind normals are any different then.thanks.
: The missions are more than doable, and if you don't want to complete them they're completely optional. No one's forcing you to anything here I don't see the issue. If you think playing the game to win is ruining it then don't play? I mean what are the odds you get 5 random people on your team that all don't wanna win and would rather mess around all game. I wouldn't really want you as a teammate if you're not trying to win it. Why waste other people's time? I'm not trying to be an ass here I'm asking this seriously. Unless you're premade with 5, don't troll your games, and try your best to win. It doesn't have to the FOTM champions, as the meta doesn't dictate who really wins until maybe like Platish, just because people have no idea what their champion strengths and weaknesses are even if they are trying to abuse said "meta" champs. Thats why some champs have a really stupid win rate in say like bronze but are non-existent in Challenger. Even if you try to mess around and lose the game for your teammates, eventually those losses add up and you will be matched with people who aren't good or are just apathetic to winning. It's really rare to see people with less than 40% win rate even my own is like 47% in SILVER most people "including myself" would consider me to be straight up terrible at the game but I play enough to breeze through all the missions anyways. Idk thats just my 2 cents. You can be horrible at the game, you don't even have to win your lane. You just need to understand how to make yourself easy to carry for your teammates. Buy wards, don't get caught out, don't feed to oblivion, learn your champion strengths. You're level 141 at the moment you've played enough games to learn the basics.
i don't care about the missions really..and i didn't mean i troll..i'm just sick of playing with 2 yasuos in every game with exactly the same build. sick of always having to be so tense to dodge the fucking madlife hooks from the thresh against me every game because he's a meta champ..sick of being flamed cause i'm down 20 cs against a fucking draven thresh lane both doing the optimal builds they found online.Sick of playing against the same shit.it gets really tedious
: i mean i win enough matches to not worry about a mission outcome idunno about you but like.. I'm not scared of that sort of stuff and even if I were i'd never make a push to remove a feature of the game because of my subjective reality
well i don't. and it's not subjective.. and i don't care that i don't finish the missions. the state of the game caused by the missions is just toxic.
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: please stop making "win pvp games" missions
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